September 2021 Tarotscopes

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September 2021 Tarotscopes

Horoscopes by Kerstin Hern from The Mirrored Lantern  / Original art for J. Southern Studio by Spirited Animals


September 2021 Tarotscopes


Welcome to September, and happy solar returns to all the Virgos and early Libras out there! Below is this month’s tarot message and astrology snapshot for each individual sign. Be sure to read your sun, rising, and moon signs for the full narrative… If you don’t know your signs, you can generate your natal chart for free at Cafe Astrology.

This month feels BIG for many folks… Over half of the tarot readings are Major Arcana cards, indicating very important events, major change, and/or long-term energy and influence.

Stay tuned for the Celestial Insights blog for this month’s notable transits and the two major lunations with their symbols, ritual + altar inspiration, mantras, and more.

Here are your tarot + astro messages:



Tarot Card- The Lovers: This Major Arcana card is all about intimate relationships and important choices. This could look like you being at a precipice in a certain relationship where a choice is needing to be made, or where you are deciding whether to step into a new relationship on a committed level. What are you willing to sacrifice or compromise in the name of love? The Lovers can highlight partnerships founded on reciprocity, deep love, and being honest with oneself and the other. This is the Gemini card, so you may be in or are entering into partnership with a Gemini, as well. This is the highest vibration of giving and receiving in relationship, bringing joy and empowerment, but can also be calling attention to temptation and major decisions that need to be made.

Astro Snapshot: Chiron in your sign will oppose Mercury in Libra on the 7th. This transit can make communicating deep feelings, especially wounds, more difficult. It can be especially conflicting regarding relationships. Be patient with yourself… Tough aspects are opportunities for clarity and information, and with Chiron, that clarity and info can help you heal relationships and/or personal patterns. Remember how powerful you are and that all energy keeps moving, and try to receive the higher communication coming in to move away from any lower-realm difficult thoughts and emotions.



Tarot Card- The Star: This is such an encouraging card that reminds us that hope and optimism can help us through difficult times… There is a message of celestial support by way of guides, ancestors, and your own intuition becoming more available throughout September to help you find emotional balance and connection. This Major Arcana card is sparking inspiration in you and setting you up for many blessings while putting you in a flow of healing where you need it. Getting creative and unlocking intuition can bring you insights this month, as well. Trust the universe, listen to your inner voice, and make note of inner shifts around your sense of self.

Astro Snapshot: Uranus in your sign went Rx last month and stays retrograde until January 18, 2022. This can shake up internal realizations around your personal freedom and activate some rebelliousness… You’re a fixed sign, so can be stubborn (which is great as far as perseverance goes) but this energy is adding a flexible flow needed right now for your higher mind. With the Sun trining Uranus on the 6th, this really shines light on your evolving identity and sense of self in relation to this rebellious freedom, but also an awakening on some level if you can lean into flexibility. Uranus is “The Great Awakener” and brings lightning fast change, oftentimes unexpected, so be very self-aware around this date, and see what lightning bolt insights you have around how/where you can feel more liberated and express your uniqueness. This shift can help you feel more aligned on your path. The stars are on your side!



Tarot Card- Temperance: Wow, lots of Major Arcana cards this month! For Gems, the theme is patience and balance. What is tipping your scale too far to one side? Try to remove any superfluous energy, tasks, people, situations that are throwing you off kilter. Likewise, reel in any activities or thought patterns that are draining your energy. When you get in balance, or at least set that intention, you will have clarity about goals, relationships, and a more accurate perspective that will feel more tethering if you’ve felt like you’ve been flailing. Stay patient, create balance, listen to your higher self, and you will be in a state of harmony this month that will bring some inner and outer peace. 

Astro Snapshot: On September 26, there is a stellium of the Ascendent, Ceres, Lilith, the Moon, and the North Node in your sign, also forming a couple of grand air trines. This grouping can feel like a harmonizing energetic thread looping the themes of: your purpose, emotions/how you connect, how/who you unconditionally love, how you are attached, parent/child relationships, and the Dark Feminine/shadow self together. With those themes in mind, ambition and breakthrough are possible at this time. Pay attention to these themes as they arise on this date and a few days after. Process and communicate them by journaling/writing or talking them out. This may lead to some kind of breakthrough or answers you’ve been seeking if you stay focused. In the sign of Gemini, it could be these themes appearing in twos, in regard to a sibling, or higher learning and spiritual growth (since the stellium is mostly in the 9th house).



Tarot Card-10 of Swords: Many of you have been in a long cycle of mental strife, even anguish, that could have shown up like depression or anxiety… Others may feel “good” in general, but are having some kind of cyclic or intrusive thoughts that they just can’t shake. This is the final chapter of this cycle, and I feel like there will be a major release or change around the Full Moon this month. If this has not been the case, then there may be some information or realization that comes up this month around betrayal, deceit, or resentment that needs tending to, because not doing so is going to be exhausting and weigh heavy on your mind and heart (if it isn’t subconsciously doing that already). Work with what you can control, make necessary decisions, and release the need to control what you simply cannot and never will be able to. A goodbye or forgiveness (full moon themes) may be in order around the Full Pisces Moon, a fellow water sign that is the most emotional Full Moon of the year. 

Astro Snapshot: The Sun and Mars are both in your 3rd house of communication, siblings, and writing through September 13th. This is the Mercury house, so deep thinking, conversations/communications, and expression are all themes that are getting powered up into taking action. This can be like confronting someone (Mars) and speaking up (Mercury/3rd house) for yourself (the Sun). Venus is in Libra through the 9th, her domicile, so love and heart-centered matters, especially important relationships (Libra), are highlighted, as well.



Tarot Card- 9 of Wands: This card offers a boost of motivation and encouragement to push through whatever you are working on, and I feel like for some, this is around relationships or something else very personal that may be causing you some stress and weighing you down. Getting grounded and slowing down may help you maintain your mental and physical energy, while also keeping your chin up and finding optimism and hope. Some may be feeling really guarded/defensive, and that’s ok if that’s what you need in order to retreat and rest, just be sure you are not flinging too much fire in the name of defensiveness. Get good sleep and do whatever self-care looks like for you to recharge yourself and collect your strength. You are almost at the end of some cycle, and you WILL be triumphant!

Astro Snapshot: Focusing on Venus and Mars activity this month, Mars and the Sun will be in your 2nd house of security, finance, and self-worth through the 13th, and this is the house of the Virgo New Moon for you, as well. This highlights and brings into focus money, as well as your personal value. Mars activates and energizes, which could look like having drive and putting in hard work to make money OR aggressiveness and impulsiveness around money and personal worth. Venus is very happy in Libra sitting in your 3rd house until the 10th. This brings harmony and love energy to expressing yourself, communication and socializing, and intellectual stimulation. It may be the jovial and charming vibe you need to simmer down that Martian fire!



Tarot Card- Page of Pentacles: You all had this card as a jumper last month! So perhaps whatever was brewing in August is showing up in full effect this September around school, teacher/student energy, learning a new skill, or learning more about connecting with nature or your body. This is a positive card, because it is grounded, open to new ideas, and promotes growth—all which lead to abundance. The New Moon is in your sign this month, so I would say new beginnings and successes around the themes of learning, teaching, or mastery are (literally) in the cards for you, and I would encourage you to dive in with your beautiful analytical minds to absorb all the new information you can, because learning something new could open up a new life path for you. Your manifestation strength is through the roof in September, so get clear and specific on goals. They are all yours!

Astro Snapshot: The Sun and Mars travel together in your sign for the first two weeks of September, giving an extra healthy ego boost, motivation, and drive. This is an excellent time to take care of all kinds of business and start new projects since you will be confident and energized. On the 6th with the New Moon in your sign (extra potent for your intentions), not only will this aforementioned solar energizing blast be present, but the Sun makes an exact trine to Uranus Rx in Taurus. This could be major unexpected insights and perceptions coming to light up parts of your identity that were in the shadows that want to be realized. There may also be insights as to how you can be a participant in your liberation from old beliefs about yourself. What an awesome two weeks, Virgos!



Tarot Card-The Hierophant: Libras being the sign of relationships, it should be noted that this tarot card often represents marriage and union, usually embedded in a tradition. It is also the Taurus card of the Major Arcana, so you may be in relationship with a Taurus or will have a Taurus come in this month. Less romantically but equally important, this is a spiritual teacher card, where there is a guide/counselor/teacher with lots of wisdom that can either be of assistance to you this month, or YOU will be stepping into this sort of mentorship role. To me, it does often feel spiritual or philosophical (for some, religious). Reflect on your values and beliefs, and see where you can maybe learn more about a specific topic, or impart your wisdom unto others who are open to receiving it. This could carry over to helping you make important choices around conforming to a group or sticking to something you believe in. It may show up like someone else who is influencing you in this very rooted, almost stubborn way (very Taurean).

Astro Snapshot: The Sun enters Libra on the 22nd—Happy Bday, y’all! Earlier in the month, you have a stellium on the 8-9th with Mercury, Venus, and the Moon in your sign. This is a dynamic window to communicate feelings and emotions about relationships, love, and money, albeit an extra sensitive time due to oppositions to Chiron. As always, all friction leads to change, or at least information. Getting it out is the important part. At the same time, Venus will be in a loose trine to Jupiter (expanding the love, beauty, money themes) and a loose square to Pluto (making choices via conflict around power in relation to love, money, beauty in your life OR where you are obsessing about these themes). Lots of insights are available for more deeply understanding yourself or a relationship, so long as you can vulnerably connect with your emotions and communicate them authentically. Mars also moves into your sign on the 14/15th, which can make everyone a bit fickle. But with the Pluto square, pushing through and making choices informed by your new insights from the stellium can bring awesome, empowering change.



Tarot Card- The Star: Taurus folks also got this card, and it really is a blessing card indicating that maintaining hope and optimism will carry you through the ending of some sort of cycle for you this month. With a MAJOR full water moon, I think you will feel the catharsis of releasing what no longer serves, which may be around obsession or power themes. Keeping faith in yourself and whatever you believe in that’s bigger than you will help you move through any obstacles and bring a sense of renewal at the end of that journey. You are a very intuitive sign, so using your intuition as empowerment and personal guidance will be to your benefit in getting clear on your needs, as well as connecting deeply with others this month. I feel like there is some kind of accomplishment coming in this month for some of you after a period of either hardship or weariness, as well. Keep the faith, talk to the sky, ask for messages, and you will get them! If you <3 ETs, Pleiades and Arcturus are constellations that may be beneficial to meditate on under the night sky.

Astro Snapshot: Venus is busy this month! She moves into your sign on the 10th, where she goes waaaaay deeper than she’s been used to, as your sign is all about depth and intensity. This is like carnal passion vibes at the peak, but can also touch on your relationship to power and obsession in matters of love and all things Venusian. On the 16th, Venus will square Saturn, potentially adding stress to those deep relationships, since Saturn can kind of be a wet blanket. But that may just be the wake up call you need to reality check yourself, detach, and collect your energy. Venus then opposes Uranus in Taurus, which may add some unexpected spark to your love life after that little break, or may bring some unexpected change. Then she trines Neptune on the 29th, adding harmonizing energy and even a little luck to your relationships and creativity, bringing a dreamy, romantic feel to your reality, along with some warm compassion… This is a low physical energy transit, so finding comfort in escaping to creative and connective acts will feel good. This may be as simple as binge-watching Criterion Collection all day with your loved one and having really cool dreams that night. This is a very tender and intuitive transit that all you beautifully deep Scorpios will appreciate and deserve!




Tarot Card- The Empress: Awww yeah, Sag! This is the Venus embodied card, representing fertility and creation, be it of ideas, projects, or actual human beings. This card calls in abundance of every kind with ease. Themes of luxury, fullness/pregnancy (again, literal or symbolic), and the Divine Feminine are all highlighted for you. We all have feminine/yin energy, so if you are feeling out of balance, this card could be your sign to calibrate by being creative, receiving, and immersing yourself in beauty. This is also promoting self-care and indulging, because you’ve earned it. The Empress is both nurturer and sensual goddess, so assuming these archetypes may be what you are in need of this month. Since I love and study psychology, this can also be a “reparenting” card for those who need to nurture, comfort, and treat themselves to raise their vibration out of lower frequencies of scarcity, lack, and depression. Good food, good sex, $80 flower bouquets, luxurious fragrances, bathing in the ocean or in your tub, making art, or hanging with kiddos can move you into the forcefield of love.

Astro Snapshot: Career is a strong focus this month, Sag. The New Virgo Moon on the 6th will engage your 10th house of career and public honors, so if you’ve been trying to get organized, detail-oriented, and serious about career goals, this is the moon to do it. Mars in Virgo is still in your 10th house through the 13th, adding extra fire under your bum, bringing ambition and action-oriented energy to your work life, as well. You have the passion and inspiration, as always, but the Virgo vibes will help ground you into seeing the full picture, focusing, and scrapping some old plans or ideas that are no longer in alignment with how you want to shine and what you want to be known for.



Tarot Card- 2 of Cups: The energy or theme of September for Caps is soul-connected partnership! Some of you may be getting engaged or married, others may meet someone new that sparks their soul fire, but in any case, there is some sort of deep soul contract partnering in the air for you, romantic or otherwise. I feel like you will be especially magnetic mid-month with Pluto in your sign trining the sun, so that’s a good time to go out and about and meet or connect with people if you are seeking partnership of any fame. If you aren’t feeling the connection, this card is then highlighting a partnership that does need some attention, especially one that has out-of-balance power and control (again, Pluto). Brainstorm how you can rewrite a narrative in this union to accommodate both of your needs.

Astro Snapshot: Venus trines Jupiter and makes a square to Pluto Rx in your sign on the 6th. For one, Venus trine Jupiter is REALLY auspicious for meeting someone or puttin’ a ring on it. Given your tarot card, this could be a beautiful day to make a long-lasting commitment or meet “your person.” The positives of the Pluto Rx square is that it can internally shift you into making a choice from your emotional body versus your turbo-grounded mind, letting your desires come up and be seen. It does have the capacity to have some obsessive-y vibes and really intense feelings, so pay attention to any lingering themes around power, control, and possessiveness in this relationship so you can work them out. This collaboration in balancing your partnership will lay the ground for long-term security.



Tarot Card- The Hermit: Ah Aquarius, you are having such a transformative year with many changes and shifts, and this time of the year is a great place to pause, reflect, and go within for not only answers, but also some solace. The Hermit comes up to give you the message that you have the answers you are seeking within, you just need stillness and solitude to hear what those whispers are trying to say. Sometimes it’s hard for you to change your mind about something (or someone) because you are the fixed air sign, but your wisdom well runs deep, and if you can let go of fixed ideas and be in more of an intuitive flow, you will get insights and answers. Similarly, if there is a wise elder person put onto your path, listen to their wisdom. This person may be a Virgo, and they may be guided to help you move through something. The good news is the outcome with The Hermit card is ultimate growth and enlightenment. Solo time or tuning into yourself more than outside chatter will serve you well this month! 

Astro Snapshot: Speaking of going within for your highest good, you have a 12th house stellium with Saturn, Jupiter, the moon, and Midheaven on the 16-17th. 12th house stellium is packed with energy that serves as a set of keys to unlock your unconscious and personal magick. The Hermit card is perfect for these couple of days, as retreating and going within can help highlight then excavate serious emotions that need shaking up and surfacing, expanding intuitive insights, and calling attention to work you’re doing behind the scenes. At that same time, Saturn will be making an exact square to Venus in your 9th house of spirituality, so really focusing on inner work and your spiritual journey to promote self-love and healing will be beneficial to you. Being around folks and socializing may not be as fun during this time, but this time really is all about YOU. So make time for yourself, do the work you’re called to do, and you will close out a cycle (12th house) after this energy gets transmuted and something new begins. 



Tarot Card- Queen of Wands: This is one of my favorite cards. To me, Queen of Wands is the Creative Fire Witch who is both independent and a loving leader. She has strong manifestation powers, is connected to her community, takes care of them, but also has deep passion and rich inspiration to create for herself. She has strength, courage, and confidence to move through obstacles and transmute negative issues into learning experiences. For you, Pisces, this fire may be what you need with the abundance of your water energy throughout the month, especially with the Full Moon in your sign… There are big emotions and big releases available, and once you move through those and make room, there will be so much space for new creation. As I noted with Aquarius, if someone else comes into your zone this month that checks all these boxes, that is auspicious and a synchronicity, so work with them if you can. Sacred fire is your ally in September, Pisces friends. 

Astro Snapshot: Pallas, the moon, and Neptune form a stellium in your sign on the 18-19th, all nestled in your 12th house. Aquarius also has a stellium in their last house of the zodiac around this time, so if you are buds or partners with one, y’all are in the same Jungian boat together! There is a LOT of intuitive and psychic energy here, where your unconscious lives and where your magick is potent. The moon (emotions and intuition) with Neptune (intuition and dreams) and Pallas (intuition and creativity) in the house of dreams is the most turbo-charged psychic magick situation you could possibly muster up! Use your imagination to envision your wildest dreams, set clear intentions to manifest them, and activate your intuitive powers and information from dreams to get answers, guidance, and messages about them. Tap into Queen of Wands for courage and creative solutions, as well. She’s the Fire Witch! The 12th house is ultimately a purging/closure house that processes everything to completion before a new cycle starts/something new is born in the1st house. Use the Full Moon in your sign on the 20th, right after these couple of intense days, to do that purging so something new can be reborn.




Need ritual inspiration for the month ahead? Find more of what you need for your practice below! 

home and altar     
crystals     incense and herbs







Kerstin from The Mirrored Lantern has practiced right hand path magick and tarot for over 28 years and has been a lover and learner of astrology for just as long… She is currently in graduate school for Clinical Psychology with a specialization in Spiritual & Depth Psychology. Follow her on instagram @themirroredlantern for witch tips, occulture, and depth psych tidbits!


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