Ritual Candles

Spell Candles & Ritual Candle Accessories

Set the mood and illuminate your spiritual practice with our enchanting spell candles and candle accessories. Our collection offers practical tools such as mini candles, spell candle holders, ritual candle holders,  love spell candles, and wick trimmers. Add some whimsical fun with our rainbow candle holder and colored candles, or enhance your magic with our spell candle holder. 

We also offer our Elements Collection, ingredient-based Ritual Candles that help embody the powerful forces of Earth, Fire, Water, and Air. Each element holds transformative properties that can align you with your inner truth and the wisdom of the universe. Burn them pre-, during, and post-meditation to help set and carry out your intention. Perfect for your home, office, altar, or any other sacred space. 

Harness the potent power of the lunar cycle. Manifest your deepest desires with our full moon candle and utilize our new moon candle to release what no longer serves you. Attract prosperity, love, and wealth to experience powerful shifts by utilizing our Ingredient-based Ritual Candles in your practice. If you like our classic Ritual Kits, you love these spell candles! 

Our magic candles and apothecary candles are inspired by crystal healing, candle magic(k) philosophies, and aromatherapy principles with the intention of encouraging a connection to one's personal spirituality through ceremony and ritual with the natural world. The components are thoughtfully, sustainably, and respectfully sourced from their place or people of origin. 

Read about J Southern Studio and how we source our materials on our FAQ page.

Embark on a luminous journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth. Browse our collection and let the magic of J. Southern Studio spell candles and Ritual Candles light the way. For more magic browse our Ritual Mists and Ritual Oils collections here!