Deities & Demons: Embracing the Enchanting Autumnal Energy of the Goddess Hecate

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Deities & Demons: Embracing the Enchanting Autumnal Energy of the Goddess Hecate

Deities & Demons: Embracing the Enchanting Autumnal Energy of Hecate

As the leaves start to fall and the nights grow longer, autumn is a time of transition and transformation. Because of this liminal energy, October is the perfect month and Samhain the perfect holiday to connect with the enigmatic and powerful goddess Hecate, whos influence is particularly potent during this season making it easy to incorporate her into your life. 🍂✨


🌙Understanding the Goddess Hecate🌙

Hecate, often associated with symbolism tied to the crossroads, magic, and the moon, is one of the more popular (and darker) goddesses from Greek mythology. She is a triple goddess, representing the feminine maiden, mother, and crone archetypes, and like these archetypes, her presence in October and early November is closely tied to the temporary nature of change, visible and felt through the changing seasons and the liminal spaces that autumn brings.

As a goddess of magick, Hecate is a guardian of the mystical and the unknown. She can guide you through the transitions in your life and offer wisdom as you navigate your own crossroads. However, calling on Hecate is no small feat: she takes her magick very seriously and expects you too as well. Her specialty involves guidance through transition, but often through the difficult perspectives and shifts through shadow work. If you are not prepared to face your own darknesses and work on your faults, do not invoke Hecate as the result could be a rude and unpleasant awakening. 🌙✨


shadow demon

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🔮🗝 Connecting with Hecate 🗝🔮

To connect with Hecate’s energy this October, consider setting up a simple altar dedicated to her and doing daily meditations or breathwork that embodies her energies.

Listed below are some elements to enhance your connection to Hecate during this mystical month: 

  1. Crystals: Dark-colored stones like black tourmaline, amethyst, obsidian, and labradorite can help you attune to Hekate's energy. They are great for grounding and protection. 
  1. Essential Oils & Incense: Consider using essential oils like myrrh for divination and mysticism, patchouli for connecting to Hecate through Earth, and lavender to create a soothing atmosphere. 
  1. Candle Colors: Light candles in Hekate's honor using black (protection), silver (neutralizing), or deep purple (spirituality and third eye) colors. These colors resonate with her energy and will set intentions and the mood for your ritual.
  1. Imagery & Symbolism: You can place an image or a representation of her, such as a statue, or a drawn image of her wheel, on your altar. She is associated with symbols such as keys, crossroads, dogs, the triple moon, and mirrors.


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      🕯️A Simple Hecate Ritual & Guided Meditation 🕯️

      Rituals are highly personal, so feel free to adapt the below to your preferences.

      1. Prepare Your Space: Cleanse your space with white or gray sage. Find a quiet and comfortable spot to set up your altar, and light your chosen candles and some incense with the essential oils mentioned earlier. We recommend black, gold, or silver candles anointed with lavender oil, then burning myrrh incense to attract Hecate’s energy.
      1. Offerings: You can leave offerings of food, herbs, or wine at your altar. Some traditional offerings for Hecate include honey, garlic, and pomegranates.
      1. Meditation and Reflection: Sit quietly in front of your altar to meditate on the transformative aspects of your life this autumn. Below is a simple visualization to help embrace the energy of the season and ask Hecate for guidance or protection:

      Pro tip: Read the ritual first to get comfortable with it, then repeat it while in meditation.

        • Get comfortable and close your eyes. Try sitting cross-legged on the floor, or on a chair or couch with your feet knee- width apart and flat on the floor.
        • Once comfortable, place your hands on your knees, palm side up. This is where we begin breathwork: you will take three slow, deep, and measured breaths of air, breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth. Counting to 5 while inhaling, and again while exhaling will help pace your breathing.
        • When you’ve stabilized your breath and feel comfortable, on an inhale, visualize white healing light from the universe trickling in through your nose, filing and heaing your your body. On your exhale, visualize any negative feelings or emotions as gray smoke leaving your body, dissipating and neutralizing into the atmosphere. Do this as long as you like or until you feel comfortable, then continue below.
        • While continuing these measured breaths, imagine yourself on a path in a lush, vibrant forest. It is mid to late afternoon, and you can see the light from the sun above filtering through the leaves, enveloping you and your surroundings in its bright green glow.
        • You see dust and little creatures like bugs and butterflies in the air around you wafting through the light. Vines, mushrooms, flowers and other plant life line your path. Looking down at your side you see a black dog companion standing next to you, looking straight ahead as if waiting to guide you.
        • You slowly begin walking with your dog companion. In your walk you can hear the birds of the forest chirping, bugs buzzing, the pant of the dog, your heartbeat and breath. As the sun begins to set in the quiet glow of the late afternoon forest, you begin to reflect of the changes and difficulties you face.
        • During these reflections, consider any challenges or obstacles you face within yourself: your habits, personality flaws, or personal goals. Reflect on challenges in relationships with friends, family, or lovers. Reflect on your work or hobbies. What can you do to alleviate some pressure in these areas? How can you change and what do you have control of? What is easy, what is difficult? With what should you trust in Hecate for guidance? Your reflections and realizations continue as you go deeper into the forest with your familiar.
        • The sun sets and the light fades, making the forest grow dark and mysterious. You continue on with your dog, and soon before it grows too dark to see, you notice a subtle glow of violet light in the distance. The glow gets bigger and brighter, and you can feel its warmth and energy radiating as you get closer. This is the presence of Hecate. You continue towards Hecate’s bright purple light, breathing in and out with each step, feeling Hecate’s energy fill your lungs.
        • Suddenly you realize that you’ve arrived at a crossroads, and in the middle of the intersection is Hecate as the floating ball of warm, violet light. You can see that within the ball of light are three faces- a young girl, a woman, and an old woman- pulsating and fading in and out with each breath. The more you stare at these faces the more calm and grounded you feel as you absorb its wise, healing energy with each inhale. Continue breathing and absorbing, and when comfortable, continue below.
        • On your last few breaths, you notice the ball of light and its ghastly faces fading away into the atmosphere of the forest. Once the ball has completely dissolved into the air, you look to the ground and in the center of the crossroads notice a key. This is Hecate’s gift to you. Your pick up the key and the dog pulls you to continue on.
        • You continue down the path under a full moon’s glow, following the dog and feeling nothing but confidence, trust, and calmness in your journey. Soon you come to a secret garden hidden in the woods, and locked behind a big, wooden door. The key fits perfectly in the lock, allowing you to open the door and enter. You push open the door and…
        • When ready, open your eyes softly and stare at your candles flame to help bring you back to your sacred space.
      1. Divination: At this time you can close your ritual (see step 5), or you may continue with further divination.
      Use a tarot deck or a crystal sphere mirror to seek insights into your questions and concerns.Read about scrying with crystals here.
      Ask the tarot or crystals for guidance on your reflections, remembering the light and guidance received from the forest, Hecate’s violet ball of light, and your guide dog. Ask the tools of your choosing for guidance:
      If using the tarot:
      • Pull one card while asking the question “What surrounds the challenges I face?”, then another card while asking, “What can be done to help?”, and finally “What is the outcome?”.
      • Write your cards and interpretations down on paper or in your journal.
      If using crystals for scrying:
      • Use the “magic eye” technique to gain better visuals: staring at one focal point on the crystal, drowning out as much of your peripheral vision as possible while focusing on that singular point. For many folks, at some point you will see patterns, shapes, or shadows in the crystal revealing symbols to help answer or to your questions. Candlelight in the background often helps.
      • When you’ve found hints or answers to your questions, write them down.
        1. Closing your ritual: Thank Hecate for her presence. Leave your candles to burn on their own or extinguish with a candle snuff, and leave your offerings outside at a crossroads for Hecate.

         autum crossroads


        By incorporating Hecate’s magickal, transformative energy into your life through ritual or meditation, you can tap into her guidance and wisdom. Embrace the mystical energy of this season, and let Hecate be your guide through the crossroads of life.





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