Offering Bowls + Offering Trays

Discover Magic with Our Offering Bowl and Offering Tray Collection

Explore our enchanting collection of offering bowls and trays, where the spiritual meets the aesthetic. Each piece in this collection is a gateway to a deeper connection with the universe. Our selenite charging bowl is a great way to cleanse and charge your crystals. Our altar offering bowl collection caters to all your spiritual needs while holding your sacred items.

The Vibrational Energy of Selenite

Selenite carries powerful energy and is known for its cleansing and charging properties. Our selenite bowls are perfect for keeping your crystals, tumbled stones, amulets, and jewelry at their highest vibration. Just place your items in your ritual offering bowl and let the selenite cleanse and recharge.

Offering Trays to Recharge Your Crystals

Our unique offering trays are more than just functional; they are a statement of style. Crafted from polished brass, these trays are perfect for holding offerings, crystals, incense, smudge sticks, and jewelry. Add a sparkle of magick to any altar or sacred space with our unique Crescent Moon and Triple Moon offering bowl. 

Altar Bowls for Your Sacred Space

Altar bowls are the perfect size to hold your offerings and sacred items. Our offering bowls for altars provide you with the tools for the divine. Cleanse negative energy while setting up a crystal grid, simply store your spiritual tools, or use them to burn incense. 

The Versatility of Offering Jars

Our collection also includes offering jars, perfect for holding anything from incense to dried herbs. These jars are not just practical; they are also a beautiful addition to your altar or sacred space.

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