May 2023 Tarotscopes

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May 2023 Tarotscopes

Astrology by Sera Timms
Tarot by Kerstin Hern of The Mirrored Lantern
Original art for J. Southern Studio by Spirited Animals

May 2023 Tarotscopes

May greetings to all, and happy solar return wishes to Taurus and early Gemini folks! Below are your intuitive tarot readings by me, coupled with insightful astro snapshots by Sera. Both tarot and astro horoscopes are per sign for the month ahead. There is also a card for the Collective, which you can use in conjunction with your personal tarot card to create a more robust narrative around what is calling your attention during this monthly cycle, or as a clarifier to your zodiac’s card.

To get the most out of these Horoscopes, please read them based off of your Ascendant/ Rising sign, as these are the signs that are the basis of our monthly breakdowns. Your Ascendant sign is the sign of the Zodiac which was rising on the eastern horizon at the time, date & location of our birth, and it provides us with a much more individualized view of our personal astrology. If you do not yet know your Rising Sign, feel free to find it here: Chart Drawing, Ascendant. All you will need is the closest possible time, date & location of your birth. For those not able to find an accurate Rising Sign, you can secondarily read these horoscopes by your Sun sign and thirdly by your Moon sign.

We will be taking the month of May off from our Celestial Insights blog to revamp it! Until it returns, here are your tarot + astro messages. I suggest reading your rising and sun signs.

Tarot Highlights:

May 1 is Beltane, a fire element festival celebrating life force, creativity, fertility, and all things sacral chakra. Similarly, most of the pulls were Wands, the fire element that connects us to home and family, as well as our inner passions that may manifest as work we do in the world by way of art or community involvement. For me, Wands keywords are power, will, creativity, the ego/personality, and spirituality. 



Deck Used: Rider Waite Colman Smith
Card: Justice

The overall energetic message for this month that you can use to expand and clarify your personal card reading is: Justice

The guiding card and clarifying card for the month of May for all is Justice, the Libra card. Libra themes are relationships, balance, compassionate communication, peace, and all things Venus, its ruler. Justice has air sign energy indicated by the upright sword, advising to be truthful and seek the truth, honesty, communication, decisions, and clarity. It is dealing with very present themes and facts right here, right now. As a collective card, there may be something we all will be dealing with in some way regarding law and the legal system, as this card is about actual justice in a court of law where there is a decision/judgment made that is just and fair. 

There is a karmic vibe to it, too, as choices from your past/the Collective’s past, will come into play when a huge deliberation is occurring. Expect choices and decisions getting finalized this month on macro and micro levels.

As a clarifier for all the personal readings, color in truth and integrity to all your communications and choices you are confronted with or create this month. Think about how your relationships will be affected, or how you can take responsibility and bring balance to your relationships through being humble and diplomatic, but without fawning and people-pleasing.

Without feeling like a threat, just remember that shittalking (and worse) and/or lies catch up with you sometime! May has a lot of fire energy with Beltane and tons of Wands cards, so engage your sacred fire with sparks of truth, honesty, and balance of power to maximize abundance and peace for all.

Keywords: truth, fairness, integrity, relationships, balance, clear communication, Libra energy, peaceful communication, diplomacy, choices, and final decisions 


The month begins with the Taurean Bull of Heaven digging his cosmic hooves deep into the Earth, refusing to lunge towards the red Muleta, or to entertain the crowd in any way shape or form. Mercury is deep in his retrograde motion, and remember Mercury is also a Psychopomp who travels between worlds. With a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio on 05/05 we see the stubborn planted hoof of the bull pawing the Earth so deeply that he reaches underworld waters…Desafio. We become internally charged with the inertia to launch towards the target being dangled before us…the passion, the desire, the goal. But Mercury holds us in suspended trance until we at last will observe that hidden reflection in the black mirror of Scorpio Water which contains the secrets of our inner beast. The beast is revered when it works or performs for, or feeds us…but when it is wild, unruly, or compulsive we cast it out as a fragment of our psycho spiritual wholeness. Cue Venus in Cancer on 05/07 to heal the wounds with nurturing motherly love…the kind that has compassion for even the most reptilian cold blooded beasts. Time to give and receive care and shelter. Sigh of relief on 05/14 when Mercury goes direct in Taurus and money matters, property, and creative flow start to gain forward momentum again. The Bull returns to the spotlight as Jupiter enters Taurus on 05/16 when we find our Longhorn pride and revel in our deep connection to sensual pleasure, accumulated wealth, and perhaps even a bit of luxury. New Moon floats in the black bull’s eye in Taurus on 05/19 and we may sense where we need to plant our focus for cultivating abundance, and solidifying our assets. Mars enters the Leo spotlight on 05/20 lighting a creative fire of passion and new vision. This is the Primal Masculine connecting with the chivalrous heart of the Sun…prepare to see the strength of your masculine partners or friends on display. Say goodbye to the sturdy bull and hello to the butterfly twins as the Sun enters Gemini on 5/21 and we’re catapulted out of our Earthbound work ethic into the realm of mind and voice. New perspectives will be found as the fluttering Gemini likes to see things from all sides, and conversation, communication, and curiosity will open new doors.  


  • 05/01/23 Pluto Retrograde in Aquarius
  • 05/05/23 Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio
  • 05/07/23 Venus enters Cancer
  • 05/14/23 Mercury direct in Taurus
  • 05/16/23 Jupiter enters Taurus
  • 05/19/23 New Moon Taurus
  • 05/20/23 Mars enters Leo
  • 05/21/23 Sun enters Gemini


  • Sun: Taurus-Gemini
  • Moon: Leo-Virgo
  • Mercury: Aries-Taurus
  • Venus: Taurus-Gemini
  • Mars: Cancer
  • Jupiter: Aries
  • Saturn: Pisces
  • Uranus: Taurus
  • Neptune: Pisces
  • Pluto: Aquarius
  • North/ South Nodes: Taurus & Scorpio



    Tarot Card: 6 of Wands

    After a couple months of King energy (follow through, leadership, mastery, and/or guidance or assistance from a masculine energy person), May reflects energy of being seen for the work you do, being awarded/acknowledged for something—likely at work, in your community, or within our family. Overall, the 6 of Wands speaks of success. You may be a mediator this month (or were last month) and are now being supported and cheered on by family or community. Sixes are also cards of service, to holding in mind how you can be in service as part of a larger role that connects you to your heart space, creativity, and power.

    Astro Snapshot:
    May is a time for you to dig your feet into the ground and feel the strength of the foundations you’ve built, Aries. If you’ve been juggling too many balls in the air, you may need to slow down, and enjoy the treasures you’ve worked so hard to earn. This could be as simple as gratitude for your health, taking a moment to actually relax in your home, or simply taking stock of what you have achieved in your career. It will feel more natural for you to take time and savor your sensual experiences this month. The Lunar Eclipse on 05/05 reveals repressed emotions you’ve hidden below the surface which need to be felt and released. If you need to grieve, get angry, write a letter to an x and burn it, then do so! This will clear away stagnation which will get your energy level back to the Energizer Bunny status which you need to accomplish your many goals. The New Moon in Taurus on 05/19 says to plant new seeds of creative abundance, art, self expression, or sensual self care. Your ruler Mars moves into Leo on the 20th opening your big heart to romance and play. Sun in Gemini on 05/21 invites you back into the action you so love with social engagements, eager learning, and inspired communication.



    Tarot Card: Page of Pentacles

    If you have been feeling trapped mentally, ruminating about your life, or any other heady space carrying over from last month, May brings fresh flowing and grounded earth energy to you—your domicile. Many of you are having solar returns this month, so it is a perfect time to be reflective and also present in your heart space of how you may want to grow and evolve related to vocation, your body, or your home. Page of Pentacles often signifies an opportunity or message about learning something new, going back to school, or I want to say for this reading, working with children in some capacity. I would suggest journaling about what your biggest dreams are right now in your life, the steps it will take to get there, and then see which of those steps is feasible now, especially if it deals with taking a workshop, doing a retreat, going back to school, or brushing up on an old skill you used to cherish.

    Astro Snapshot:

    Happy Birthday dear Taurus!! You’ll surely celebrate with some luxurious earthly delights which are indeed well deserved. May offers a bit less work and a bit more play. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio on 05/05 is all about partnership, and balance. If someone caring wined you and dined you for your birthday, there may be nothing that this Eclipse illuminates except perhaps that you are blessed. But if your partner was not present, or you’re unpartnered at this time, you will find that you may be reconsidering your solitude, despite the freedom it offers you. Your need for physical affection and closeness may necessitate that you have someone close to cuddle and spoon with. When your ruler Venus moves into Cancer on 05/07 this will be the perfect time to communicate your needs, or your gratitude for an attentive partner. This is a great time to show a bit more vulnerability in relationships, try a new love language or fine tune yours, or simply start dating if you are single. Blast off on 05/14 when Mercury goes direct in Taurus…momentum is back! On 05/16 Jupiter enters Taurus and brings you luck, and maybe a bit of a travel bug. 05/19 presents the New Moon in your sign and the world is your oyster. Dare to dream impossible things.



    Tarot Card: Justice (jumper 8 of Wands)

    Oh Geminis, I will try not to put too much of myself in this reading, but from personal experience and other Gems I know, we have been going through major transitions, endings, beginnings, and transformations since the April solar eclipse and last month’s 3 of Swords card. There are blessings abound, but when you are in the thick of the change, they are harder to access. This month, the medicine is in the Justice card, bringing in sacred balance and recalibration, especially around relationships and/or legal issues. This is a major arcana card that indicates longer term personal or relationship cycles and patterns in your life. Clarity, truth, honesty, and communication radiate from the upright sword as both nuggets of advice and warnings. Balance and Libra energy are the associations, as well, so relationships and 7th house dealings are the major themes. 8 of Wands jumped out, and I landed on it a couple times while shuffling, so travel, movement, things speeding up, and themes around passionate work and/or family are also part of this reading. Some of you may be traveling this month, others may be wondering if they should “make the move”—this reading says go for it with all your heart.

    Astro Snapshot:

    So sorry Gemini…you have 2 more weeks of your ruler Mercury in retrograde! But here’s the gift…perspective shift. It’s like being forced to stand in front of a mirror and find a new angle of your face you’ve never seen before. You’ve mastered the flattering ones, but maybe there’s something to learn from the unusual ones…maybe try “The Thinker” with Pluto retrograde in Aquarius on 05/01, you’re sure to venture deeper into contemplating reality as well. The 05/05 Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio is a game changer for your mental and emotional health…there are some hanger oners in your life that may be bringing you down, and keeping you suspended in old painful emotional patterns. Back away slowly when you see their vampire fangs…you need all your energy to swim through some very deep currents of oceanic proportion. The Sun in Taurus sends you into the deep sea where boundaries dissolve, and bioluminescent creatures become your only source of light….there is magic in these depths but there can also be fear for an intellect such as yours. You like to know where the light switch is, but this is a test of trust. Take good care, and you may want to pick up meditation, yoga, breathwork, and walks in nature if that’s not part of your routine. By 5/21 your buoyancy returns as you float back to the shimmery surface when the sun enters your sign!



    Tarot Card: The Empress

    Cancers, I saw this card throughout shuffling, and also landed on the Page of Cups almost every split… I strongly feel some of you are going to get surprise pregnancies in May—be it literal pregnancy for people with uteruses, or metaphorical gestation and eventual birth for anyone. Page of Cups is one of the sweetest and most delightful cards… It brings with it hope, encouraging you to always expect the unexpected in the best way, and has a magickal optimism to it. Pages are connected to childlike energy of the Fool; the Empress is the sacred Mother emanating Venus goddess energy. She is very Taurean, powerful, loves the natural world and all its inhabitants, and exudes a sense of luxury, richness, and I want to say fruit (?) like juicy, bright, sweet, delicious fruit. So that’s that, Cancers... The mother archetype sign will be leaning into sacred creatrix mother energy in May while all the flowers are blooming, and Beltane brings in a wave of fertility. It’s beautiful for you.

    Astro Snapshot:

    Eclipse season can be a doozy for the sensitive lunar ruled crab…change is not your very favorite thing, and it could be tempting to crawl into your shell. Fortunately Taurus season brings a wealth of support from community and friends, and you’re feeling extra charitable which will keep you occupied as some massive psycho-spiritual shifts get under way. The Scorpio Lunar Eclipse on 05/05 brings a dose of intense creativity, drama or romance. It’s like the universe is asking you to dance under the spotlight of the moon…but when she goes dark you find yourself wondering who you can trust. This is momentary, and the answer is given when Venus moves into your sign on 05/07 and the ride or die’s show up whether you ask them to or not. On 05/19 when the New Moon is in your sign, you may find that a new project or group is started with shared goals and aspirations. These are your people. By 05/21 when the Sun enters Gemini you shift from future goals with friends to inner focus and dreams. The next month will require extra rest, and self care as the deepest hidden regions of your psyche are activated and reality starts to feel like a bunch of floating puzzle pieces. This is all part of the process, and will open you to deep healing and expanded consciousness.



    Tarot Card: 10 of Cups

    Leos, the message I have for you is that the inner work, relationships work, home/family work you have been doing has been noted and acknowledged. Bringing awareness to your fire and tempering it so you may work with it consciously has also been a theme for many. May brings maximum abundance in your relationships, especially with any paramours and/or family you have created. There is a very powerful healing that is threaded through you and your relationships… The 10 of Cups is about culmination of emotional journeys and relationships that reach abundance, fullness, deep love and are healing with the Chiron Rainbow arching over the happy family. The keywords are happy family, happy home, and even transgenerational healing. Some folks may be reuniting with a love of some kind, others are finally making a commitment. There is peace, bliss, and joy on your horizon, Leos! Your beautiful Lion hearts are full.

    Astro Snapshot:

    You’re a lion in the May flowers, and each bloom is a career accolade, promotion, or boon for your achievements and talents! While there may be some delays in progress and growth until Mercury stations direct on 05/14, rest assured your mythos is growing in a good way, and your crown is getting a new jewel. The 05/05 Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio brings swift change in your home or relationship with parents. You could also find yourself looking back at your childhood home, how you were raised, and what emotional healing may still be needed in that department. 05/16 should be a particularly good day in terms of career opportunity, or to take a risk…luck is on your side. By 05/21 The Sun in Gemini calls you out of the spotlight and into the center of your community, or forming a new group with shared interests, likely around the theme of helping to improve society, or charity. This is when you get to share the bounty and pay it forward!



    Tarot Card: 9 of Cups

    After much mental and physical “work” of some kind recently, May brings in the rich waters of the 9 of Cups: The wishes coming true and fulfillment card. You are not quite at the peak of the mountain in some relationship or emotional journey, but you are at (or soon will be at) a place of presence, satisfaction, and joy in your emotional body and external relationships. Dream big this month, Virgo, wishes are coming true, especially if you have been participating in your wishes by doing the work you can do, within your power. I would pay special attention to what changes occur around the Scorpio full moon lunar eclipse (a big detoxing lunation) on the 5th and then send your updated goals and manifestation list (particularly, work and romance and other Venusian-themed goals) out to the living sky on the new Taurus moon on the 19th. Guides and angels are listening.

    Astro Snapshot:

    The hermit is definitely getting out of the cave this month! Far reaching vision carries your attention to foreign lands, cultures, spiritual traditions, and ideas. The sky is the limit, and you will likely feel the need to experience these things in 3D with a trip, a visit to a rare book library, or a new Yoga practice. The Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio on 05/05 may bring issues to light with siblings or neighbors, and your calm, pragmatic nature will put you in the diplomat seat. Honestly you hardly have time for petty disagreements and squabbles with your far reaching eagle eye vision getting even higher in the sky when Jupiter enters Taurus on 05/16 and new horizons are discovered. By 05/19 you should have the details sorted and be ready to book your flight, your class, or just take a spur of the moment road trip. By 05/21 you’ll be brought back down to Earth with career and professional opportunities. Your hard work will be recognized at last, and you will feel valued and seen and may even receive a promotion or new job offer.



    Tarot Card: Queen of Cups

    The themes of relationships and emotional energy are still centered for you into this month, Libras. In May, my “therapist” card emerged for you… The Queen of Cups. This can indicate a compassionate, warm, nurturing femme water sign is coming into your life, or back into your life, to bring you some intuitive and empathetic insights. I often say this card is a sign to connect with someone holding that energy, which I identify with as a femme relational therapist. If it is not an external relationship, you may be being called to go within and find this nourishing and nurturing energy in your own personal water. Step down from air space you live in most of the time and drop into the ocean of your feelings. Explore this space with nonjudgment and curiosity. Notice what you feel. I want to tell you to explore reparenting work and attachment wound repair, if that is meaningful for you. 

    Astro Snapshot:

    Get ready for some deep transformation this month Libra…your new butterfly design is processing for most of May, and the deep currents of emotion you feel this month will eventually turn into the black spots on your new wings. The black spots on butterfly wings often look like eyes to predators, and it’s true that what we perceive as danger often makes us recoil. This applies to what may come up in the shadow mirror of May’s flowers…an old wilted bouquet may be lingering in your psycho-spirtual storehouse, and it’s time to grind it all down into a pigment to paint your next form. Rebirth is imminent. On 05/05 The Scorpio Lunar Eclipse brings change to your possessions, assets, and income which will align your material wealth with your inner core values. Your ruler Venus enters Cancer on 05/07 which should feel like an etheric blanket placed over your personal and love relationships. Take shelter here as the deep waves of change in awareness can be tiring. Financial shifts are sure to come, and remember that any perceived loss is only an adjustment to get your inner and outer lives in balance. By 05/21 when the sun enters Gemini you’re lifted out the deep waters and back up into the higher mind where new opportunities and inspiration glow.



    Tarot Card: The Emperor

    First, I need to say I landed on the Magician every single split. Scorpios are in a portal of major personal power and manifestation this month… USE IT. The Emperor is not much different. He is the King of Kings. This is all very yang/masculine/solar energy that is available to you this month, regardless of your gender. This kind of energy is about action, taking up space, power, and magick. The Emperor has an association with the Father archetype, as well, so that may be a particularly meaningful theme for some. The Emperor is also the Aries card, so an association of rebirth of identity into a position of power yet peacefulness and claiming the role and responsibility of taking care of others. This card also underlines, rules, laws, systems, and order to create wealth and stability. This is very powerful energy that can create a leveling up of some fame if you lean into it, Scorpios. 

    Astro Snapshot:

    It’s a good thing you like intensity, Scorpio. The month starts with your ruler Pluto turning retrograde in Aquarius bringing a few days of mellow processing time for the changes you’ve undergone over the last 2 months. On 05/05 the Lunar Eclipse in your sign will jolt you into the deep currents of your own body, self image, and expression.

    Is your current presentation in alignment with who you are now? You are the master of transformation, and your body, and your style are important parts of those phases to adjust and ornament. The Taurus sun puts the spotlight on partnership and balance this month. Your needs may have shifted over the last couple of months, and the New Moon in Taurus on 05/19 is a perfect time to check in with your heart, and body and to become clearly aware of what those parts of you are wanting. This will touch on your sexuality, and how it can be both physically and emotionally nourishing. 05/21 Sun entering Gemini gives you permission to delve into the world of taboo, and perhaps to mix business with pleasure. Can you play with fire while retaining a sense of protection for yourself and other?



    Tarot Card: 4 of Wands

    Sag folks, some of you may be moving homes, moving in with someone, or celebrating at home. 4 of Wands is always my “happy home” card that indicates stability of home or family in some way. But this month feels like very fresh and peaceful energy in your physical space. There is a sense of harmony, getting along, flow, and a sanctuary. Some people may be thinking about working from home, too, in which case this card really feels like a peaceful place do be creative or really work on anything. There is also a vibe of marriage or union of some sort and celebrating on a homestead, but even if you are not engaging in that kind of celebration, there will be a sense of joy and planting roots into a grounded and peaceful environment.

    Astro Snapshot:

    Spotlight on health and routine this month Sagittarius. The archer is gifted with copious amounts of energy and sometimes that can be challenging to manage in a largely chair based work world. Are you getting sufficient outdoor and nature time, or regular trips to the gym or yoga? Take a look at your daily, weekly, and monthly routines and evaluate what kind of results are being produced. Consider cutting out excess sugar, or quick food/drink energy fixes in exchange for natural unprocessed alternatives like nuts, whole grains, and adaptogenic mushrooms. The Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio on 05/05 will require extra rest and sleep for you…take it easy on yourself for the 3 days before and after, and pay attention to your dreams as they have helpful info to show you now. Your ruler Jupiter heads into Taurus on 05/16 placing focus on details. You may also feel like taking a back seat, and serving as a helper for someone else's goals at this time. The 05/21 Sun moving into Gemini brings focus and opportunity in the realm of partnerships..The Lovers Card is a good one to meditate on through the rest of May and June.



    Tarot Card: 7 of Wands

    There is still a bit of a sticky situation for many of you carrying over from last month. This card is advising to notice when there are disagreements in familial spaces, be it FOO or work. It’s like when everyone is talking over each other, trying to be heard and get their point across, and everyone thinks they have the best solution or they need the most attention, and no one is being actually heard and there is no solution. The advice is to engage collaboration and patience. Dismantle the hierarchy of power in a workspace or home space and give everyone equal time and energy to say their piece. More generally, however, this card does indicate that facing challenges head-on and pushing through with perseverance will bring the movement and change of the 8 of Wands. Keep trusting yourself and what your heart believes in, as Wands are fire energy. You still have your power.

    Astro Snapshot:

    Set your pragmatic nature aside this month, Capricorn. It’s time to light a fire and play in the realms of creativity, romance, and self expression. Allow the muses to provide inertia, and trust in the flow. Flow is the key to your growth and success this month, which means taking time to do whatever it is that gets you into the blissful nearly effortless state flow that pushes your logical mind to the back burner. The 05/05 Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio brings future leaning thoughts of innovation, freedom, and for some, revolution. You will be jolted out of old conservative status quo programming, and into the grass roots communal think tank of innovation for the good of all. By 05/14 when Mercury stations direct some of these new ideas will begin to sprout, and by 05/19 the New Moon in Taurus presents a perfect time to begin building strong foundations with a supportive network of allies to start building the new dream. The Sun in Gemini on 05/21 brings your focus to the fine details, and the new daily routine which will stabilize the dream into reality.



    Tarot Card: The Fool

    Aquarius, I also slightly pulled the High Priestess, so I want to mention part of your May guidance is to lean into and trust your intuition to make decisions about new ventures and challenges. Use logic and planning, but really allow yourself to listen to the softer voices coming from your heart and dream material. Also, this card can bring up the theme of secrets, so that is highlighted in some way for some of you. The Fool, we know, is the card of readying for a brand-new journey and chapter in your life. There is definitely a calling to make a change in some part of your life, and this card is encouraging you to take the leap. Trust that following your heart and your gut will get you where you need to be, while knowing that no journey is safe from challenge or friction, and that it is in those places that you learn and grow the most. However, the childlike optimism and carefree vibe of The Fool will set you up for expecting the best, which you totally deserve. Take a leap of faith this month, no matter how small, as it will catalyze wonderful growth and changes for you.

    Astro Snapshot:

    The focus is on Home this month, Aquarius. With your progressive future thinking tendencies it can sometimes feel like you’re a stranger in a strange land here in this Earth based reality where everything takes so much time to evolve and change. So, it’s more important for you than most to have a home base which is deeply in alignment with who you are. Your home is also your spaceship. Take a look around and see what needs updating, as well as considering how your parents and ancestors play a part in your home. These are your roots whether you like them or not, and any healing or releasing of those relationships should be done so that you can feel gratitude for your bloodlines, and incorporate the positive aspects of your family into your home. Perhaps this is an ancestor altar, or simply a painting hung on the wall which you inherited from a parent or grandparent. The 05/05 Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio gives you a career boost…a likely raise, promotion, or new job offer pops up, or simply some much needed recognition for your hard work. When the sun enters Gemini on 05/21 you’ll be ushered into a month of play, creativity, and perhaps some sizzling romance.



    Tarot Card: 9 of Pentacles

    This card is a beautiful earth sign card indicating self-made abundance, stability, financial and earth-related independence. There is also a similar Empress vibe of luxury and treating yourself to indulge and experience pleasure. You may feel more in tune with the cycles of the earth and nature and all her creatures, which brings a grounded, rooted energy that encourages you to stay put and spread out where you are. Overall, this is a card of prosperity and sustainable financial security and abundance that leads to health and wealth in all of the physical spaces you occupy. Very lovely and nourishing, Pisces! 

    Astro Snapshot:

    Dear Piscean Dreamer, you have an infinite number of dreams, and a finite number of years to realize them! May brings a bit of help which can be seen like the Lady in the Lake rising up out of the deep waters with her sword in hand. The sword is the intellectual mind which is required to create solid architecture, blue prints, and plans to turn your dreams into reality. Opportunities will likely come through mentally stimulating connections with an innovative flare. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio on 05/05 sends even more energy to the higher mind, stimulating travel, multi cultural experience, and philosophy. You may realize that you need to learn something new to get this next project off the ground, and now is the perfect time to do so. The 05/16 Jupiter Taurus transit brings luck in learning, and it’s time to take a risk, and harness that adventurous spirit into a plan of action. On 05/20 when Mars moves into Leo you may meet an ally with some leadership qualities that will help fuel the fire of your dream, and bring strength and action. You will be happy to take a helpful role in their trajectory, at least for the initial stages of the relationship. The 05/21 Sun moving into Gemini settles you back into your roots, where you can let all of May’s unused brainstorms dissolve back into your Piscean Sea for later use if needed.










    Check out The Mirrored Lantern on Instagram for magick, tarot, and astro insights! If you are in Los Angeles and are interested in seeking professional psychotherapy services, DM Kerstin @themirrroredlantern to connect about seeking sliding scale Telehealth psychotherapy sessions with her as a pre-licensed integrative psychotherapist, focusing on Depth & Jungian Psychology.

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