Frequently Asked Questions!

Please see our answers to some frequently asked questions below, or visit our Shop Policies Page for further details.



How do I follow you on social media?

Find us below!

Instagram: @jsouthernstudio

Facebook: facebook.com/jsouthernstudio

Pinterest: J. Southern Studio


How do I sign up to your email blast?

Please scroll down to the bottom of any page on our website, where you will see an area to fill out your email!


I signed up for your email blast, but never received a discount code!

Please check your spam folders, and refresh any inboxes. Sometimes it takes a few minutes! You should receive a double opt in message to confirm your account before being able to get our emails. If a problem persists, email info@jsouthernstudio.com for your discount code.


What are your office hours?

Typically we are at the shop Monday – Friday, 10 am – 5 pm. During Holiday season we may work longer. We take national bank holidays off, and obey any laws our city and state have regarding COVID 19.


Where can I learn more about alternative spirituality and the philosophies surrounding your products?

Please read our Suggested Reading and Learn More page here, and visit our blog, Esoteric Insights, for more information on these topics and systems! Thank you for your interest!



Is everything you carry made in America?

Yes all our products are handmade in Los Angeles, California! Our soy wax is manufactured domestically, as are all other carrier oils. Please note that essential oils, some plant materials and crystals come from natural sources that, in many cases, are only found in certain parts of the world, so those ingredients are imported. Our packaging and few other components in our products are imported.


Why do you use amber bottles?

Amber bottles are used to lengthen the life of our product. Essential oils are often light and heat sensitive, and using a darker colored bottle prevents light and heat from penetrating the container's surface, reducing the risk of the product expiring too quickly.


What is the shelf life of your apothecary?

With the above being mentioned, the shelf life of our products will depend on how it is stored. If stored in a room temperature or cool environment and away from direct light, your product should last about 12 months or more. If stored in warmer, brighter conditions, the shelf life may be less than 12 months. If you are unsure if your product has expired, simply give it a sniff and if it smells foul, it might be! If you are not sure if your product has gone sour, please email us at info@jsouthernstudio.com.


Is the Ritual Kit packaging recyclable?

Yes! Our Ritual Kit packaging is made of PET and PVC plastic, which is recyclable in most cities. We are currently working on a non- plastic package for our products, too!


Are Ritual Kits meant for one time use?

Many of the items in our Ritual Kits can be used more than once, including our herb wands ("smudge sticks"), bouquets, essential oils, palo santo, and crystals. The candles provided should be used in full at the time of your ritual, but you can always use other candles, particularly white ones, to substitute if you'd like to perform your ritual again. Email us at info@jsouthernstudio.com should you have further questions.


Are all your ingredients natural?

Most are, yes! We use natural ingredients like soy and beeswax, floral waters, vegetable- based oils, essential oils, and natural oil blends. Some candles use high quality phthalate free fragrances to enhance and safe guard the burning experience.


Where does your dried wood and plant material come from?

White Sage: Our sage comes from two places: an organic white sage farm here in Southern California, and from a Chumash friend who wild gathers according to their belief system.

Palo Santo: Our palo santo is sustainably harvested from Ecuador, where our supplier reforests with their local government and provides income to their community.

Other Herbal Wands: All other products- cedar, juniper, grey sage, and yerba santa are wildcrafted legally and sustainably in SoCal in accordance to California State Law.

Lavender: Our lavender comes from small farms in the Central Coast of California and in Oregon.

Dried flowers/ herbs for teas and incense: Most of these are grown organically in the USA, but some are imported from France. All, except lavender blossoms, are organic and food grade! 

Roses and other flowers: These are sourced locally in Los Angeles.


How well do your products work for my spiritual or magickal intentions?

Our products are intended to aid the practitioner with their intentions through their own spiritual quest, whatever the belief system it may fall under. The amount of effort put into your ritual or prayer will be directly related to what you receive from it, therefore we cannot guarantee the accuracy or efficiency of our products based on your own individual practice. Please note our products are NOT to be used in- leu of medicine or treatment recommended by your doctor.


Are your products Vegan and Cruelty free?

With the exception of our Ritual Kits witch contain a feather, yes all our products are vegan and cruelty free! Our feathers are sourced as a bi-product of a farm, where otherwise these feathers would be discarded. But don't fret- you can VEGANIZE your kit by choosing “Palm Leaf” as your substitute! Please note only our Classic Ritual Kits are available to be “veganized” as-is with a palm leaf insdie instead of a feather. Should you need a palm leaf for your Deluxe Kit, simply email info@jsouthernstudio.com and we can add one separately to your order for you :)


Are your ingredients safe for pregnant women?

Please speak to your doctor about specific questions you have regarding our products being safe if you are pregnant. We are not medical professionals and therefore cannot give medical advice.


How do I care for my candles and jewelry?

Please see our Care page here for details! 



When can I expect my order to arrive?

Typically we ship every 1-5 business days. During holiday season, or if your order is large with many items, it may take longer to ship. Also, if we are out of stock of your item and need to make it, we may notify you of the delay if it exceeds 5 working days, but please allow up to 5 business days to pack and ship. Please see more details here.


It says my order has been delivered but I cannot find it, what now?

Unfortunately we are not responsible for any package once it leaves our shop. Please contact the shipping carrier to open a claim with your tracking number. You can always email info@jsouthernstudio.com so we can try to help as well! Please see more details here.


Do you ship outside of the USA?

Currently we ship to the UK, France, China, Germany, Hong Kong, Iceland, Mexico, and Canada. If you’d like us to ship to your country please email info@jsouthernstudio.com so we may try and help. Please note that due to the nature of our products, many countries will not allow the importing of dried plant material.


How is shipping cost calculated?

Shipping is automatically calculated at checkout based on item weight and size.



What is your return policy?

Please see our full return policy here


I have an issue with an order I just placed, HALP!

Please email info@jsouthernstudio.com immediately and provide us your order number along with your issue. Please note we cannot guarantee we can accommodate every request.




I am a retailer that would like to carry your products in my store. How do I go about that?

Thank you for loving our products, we look forward to working with you! Please visit our Wholesale information page here!



Should you have any other questions, please visit our full Shop Policies Page here, or email info@jsouthernstudio.com. Likewise, please visit our About Us page for more info.