Magick: An Introduction to Magick Tools and Alternative Spirituality

What is Magick?

Magick is the practice of using one's will and intention to influence the world around them. This is often through the use of rituals, symbols, and natural elements. With roots in ancient cultures and belief systems, magick has evolved into diverse forms catering to individual spiritual paths.

Our intro to magick will encourage you to explore basic principles and delve into some of the most popular practices, witchcraft tools, and materials used in alternative spirituality. To dive deeper into various types of magick, read An Introduction to Alternative Belief Systems.

Ritual Kits

A ritual kit is a curated collection of ritual magick tools, materials, and instructions designed to guide you through a specific magickal practice or intention-setting process. These kits contain magickal tools that can help jumpstart a new practice of magick for beginners,  and can help experienced practitioners inspire and streamline their rituals to maximize the potency of their intentions. Learn more about our ritual kits and how to use them with our Ritual Kits: A How-To Guide.

When selecting a ritual kit, consider your goals, personal beliefs, and the energetic properties of the included materials. Some popular ritual kits include intentions for love, abundance, protection, and spiritual growth. Browse our curated collection of handmade Ritual Kits to find the perfect one for your practice!

fertility kit


Apothecary and Candles

An apothecary is a place where you can find herbs, oils, and other natural materials for use in magickal practices and self-care rituals. Candles also play a significant role in magick, as they can represent elements, deities, or specific intentions. The act of lighting a candle can help focus the practitioner's energy and amplify their intentions. For a deeper exploration of apothecary items and candles in magick, read up on engaging the elements

Choose candles and apothecary items that align with your intentions and resonate with your spiritual practice. Enhance your rituals and self-care routines with our selection of high-quality Apothecary and Candles.

Each of our classic apothecary and candle collections, such as Roses, Lavender, Palo Santo Cedar, Citrus, Patchouli, and Pine, can be used as individual ingredients, so a combination of two or more can equate to a more powerful ritual. For example, to gain abundance and luck combine Patchouli & Pine with Citrus or Palo Cedar. For maximum love and lust, combine Roses with Honeysuckle & Jasmine. 

apothecary and candles

Herbs and Incense

Herbs and incense play a vital role in magick, as they harness the energy of plants to manifest intentions and create sacred spaces. Different herbs possess unique properties that can be harnessed for various purposes, such as protection, love, or prosperity. The history of plants and herbs in medicine and spirituality is a great article to get you acquainted with the use of herbs and incense in your practice.

Select herbs and incense that align with your intentions and incorporate them into your rituals and daily life. Our Herbs and Incense offer a wide range of ethically sourced and sustainably harvested options to support your magickal practice.



Crystals are powerful allies in magick, with each type carrying its own unique energetic properties. Crystals and minerals can be used for a variety of intentions including healing, protection, manifestation, and spiritual growth. Discover more about crystals and how to incorporate them into your practice with Crystals 101.

Choose crystals that resonate with your goals and spiritual path, and integrate them into your rituals, meditation, or daily life. Explore our Crystals and Minerals to find the perfect gemstones for your journey.


Altar and Home

A sacred space, such as an altar, can help anchor your spiritual practice and infuse your surroundings with magickal energy. An altar serves as a focal point for your intentions and rituals, allowing you to connect more deeply with your spiritual path. Paying gratitude to your ancestors is a great way to get started on setting up an altar. 

Setting up your altar involves selecting meaningful items, symbols, and witch tools that resonate with your practice. Explore our Altar and Home collection to find wiccan tools, storage, and other accessories to assist in creating a sacred space that reflects your unique spiritual journey. 


Alternative Spirituality and the Types of Magick Tools

Your exploration into the world of magick and alternative spirituality is unique. Magick empowers you to cultivate a practice that aligns with your beliefs, desires, and aspirations. With countless types of magick to explore, there are no boundaries to the spiritual heights you can reach.

Embrace curiosity and follow your intuition to guide you! We encourage you to experiment with different techniques, rituals, and witch tools, discovering which ones resonate most with your spirit. Your practice will evolve and grow reflecting the deepening connection between you and the magickal energies that surround us.

The journey is as important as the destination, with more to learn and uncover, so be gentle with yourself as you navigate the complexities of magick. Open yourself up to new experiences and forge connections with like-minded individuals. Let the transformative power of magick and tools for witchcraft guide you toward self-discovery, personal growth, and limitless potential!