Apothecary + Candles

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Self-Care Rituals with Luxurious Apothecary Supplies

Elevate your self-care routine with our heavenly apothecary collection! Our ritual mists and oils and Ritual Candles are perfect for boosting your day or enhancing your ritual practice. Each item is thoughtfully crafted with sustainably sourced ingredients to nourish your sweet body. 

Our popular witch apothecary supplies serve a multitude of purposes, making them essential additions to your self-care arsenal. Use them as personal fragrances, like our divine lavender room spray to envelop yourself in an aura of divine scents. Or use our essential oil room sprays to create a serene and inviting atmosphere as a home refresher.

Multipurpose mists and oils are perfect for beginners and seasoned practitioners. Whether it's your first apothecary kit or you're an experienced practitioner we have something for everyone. Our apothecary supplies are designed to complement any tradition or belief system.

From your morning skincare routine to your evening relaxation rituals, our products will enhance your self-care experience. Our Ritual Oils, Ritual Mists, and apothecary room sprays serve as powerful allies. Infuse your daily self-care and elevate your ritual practice with our apothecary goods. 

Our apothecary items are inspired by crystal healing, candle magic(k) philosophies, and aromatherapy principles, with intention to encourage a connection to one's personal spirituality through ceremony and ritual with the natural world. The components are thoughtfully, sustainably, and respectfully sourced from their place or people of origin. 

Discover the transformative power of our luxurious apothecary supplies, and experience self-care like never before. 

Read about J Southern Studio and how we source our materials on our FAQ page. For more magic browse our spell candles & candle accessories now!