Deities & Demons: Freyja - The Norse Goddess of Love

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freyja goddess: the norse love goddess

Freyja and the Necklace by James Doyle Penrose, 1890

 Deities & Demons


Norse Goddess of love, beauty, fertility, war, wealth, divination and magick


Among the pantheon of Norse gods and goddesses, one figure stands out due to her beauty, power, and multifaceted nature. She is Freyja, the Norse Love Goddess. She is not just about love and beauty, but a warrior, sorceress, and a symbol of wealth and fertility.


Symbols of Freyja

The most famous of Freyja’s powerful symbols is the Brísingamen necklace, a dazzling piece of jewelry that she went to great lengths to acquire. Two large cats draw her chariot, symbolizing her authority and power. And her falcon cloak which she uses to transform into a falcon and fly between worlds. Each symbol tells her story and the powers she wields.


Fehu Ruin | The Freyja Rune

The Freyja Rune

In the runic alphabet, the Fehu rune represents Freyja's wealth, prosperity, and power. This rune reflects Freyja's status as a goddess of wealth and her association with gold. The rune holds power for use in divination and magic, much like Freyja does.


Freyja's Family and Lineage

She is the daughter of Njord, the sea god, and the sister of Freyr, the god of fertility. She is also married to the mysterious god Odr, with whom she has two daughters, Hnoss and Gersemi. Her family ties link her to both the Aesir and the Vanir, two groups of gods in Norse mythology, making her a bridge between these two worlds.


Freyja's Role and Powers

One should not underestimate Freyja, for she embodies the roles of a warrior, a sorceress, and a shapeshifter. She taught the chief of the Aesir, Odin, the magical art of seiðr, showing her mastery over magic. She also has the power to choose half of the warriors slain in battle to reside in her hall, Sessrúmnir, showing her connection to death and the afterlife.


Freya or Freyja?

Both are correct, but they come from different linguistic traditions. 'Freyja' is the Old Norse spelling of her name, used in the original sagas and Eddas. It's the spelling you'll find in academic works and texts that adhere closely to Old Norse mythology.

On the other hand, 'Freya' is an anglicized version of her name. As Norse mythology spread beyond the Nordic countries, some names underwent changes to fit the phonetic rules of other languages. That's how 'Freyja' became 'Freya' in English-speaking contexts.

Freyja Offerings and Correspondences

  • Crystals for Freya: Amber, Rose quartz, Ruby, Citrine, Pink Tourmaline, Emerald, Red Jasper, Jade, Malachite, Moonstone
  • Metals: Silver, Gold, Copper 
  • Animals: Geese, cats, pigs, falcons, cuckoos, sparrows, and horses.
  • Herbs & Plant Materials: Apple, alder, birch, bramble, cypress, elder, feverfew, mint, mistletoe, mugwort, rose, strawberries, tansy, thyme, vervain, yarrow, and valerian
  • Dates: Celebrated on Beltane and Lughnasadh 
  • Zodiac: Capricorn and Leo 
  • Planets: Moon
  • Candle colors: White, Red, Black, Silver, Green,



A word of caution. If you are trying to work with this deity, it is wise to be aware that Freyja does not live by human standards of morality. She lives to her own accord and will go by any means to obtain what she wants, as she is viewed as a Goddess of the untamed forces of nature. Freyja may appear to you and either gently motivate you in a direction or outright demand it!!

How she might appear to someone, especially in a dream or vision, would depend on the context, the individual's beliefs, and the cultural interpretations of her character. However, based on her attributes and descriptions in Norse myths Freyja might manifest as a cat, a beautiful woman adorned with jewelry, a flacon, or even a fierce warrior.


Freja (1905) by John Bauer (1882–1918)Image: Freja (1905) by John Bauer (1882–1918)

Goddess Gossip

The fierce and powerful Freyja was the Norse goddess of many dueling aspects! While she was the goddess of love, sexuality, fertility and beauty, she was also a warrior goddess of death, strength, lust, and war itself. Freyja is also viewed as the Goddess of magick because she was believed to be magick itself!! 

She was a force of untamed nature and desires. If there was something that Freya wanted, she was above no moral standard to obtain her desires. One of Freya’s most notable correspondences is a beautiful necklace forged by 4 Dwarven brothers, known as the Brising Brothers. It is said that Freyja set her eyes upon this necklace and offered to trade anything for this piece of jewelry.

The Brising Brothers asked Freyja if they could each have a night in bed with her that they would trade the necklace to her. Freyja agrees to their terms and in return is presented with the “Brisingamen.”

While many interpretations have listed this as a time of infidelity to her then-husband Odr, citing that Odr then leaves Freyja so that she may travel the earth lonely, I don’t see this as having any relation to each other.

Still haters are going to hate on ANY woman being powerful and fierce in her sexuality. While Freyja was the godess of sex, she also taught those who she engaged with in self-love, beauty and acceptance. I’d like to think she did a solid for the insinuated “hideous” Brising Brothers.


What I love about Freya

In my research, reading, and working with Freyja I have really loved finding all these powerful multi-layered aspects about her. She sought to teach self-confidence, strength, and pride, not just the aspect of war itself, but what it takes to win the battle.


Freyja Altar Decor

  • Weaponry or shields to symbolize battle. Get creative with it! If the battle you have ahead you is a writing deadline, use a utensil of that medium as your significators, such as a pen, pencil, paper, etc.
  • An Athame, or ceremonial knife.
  • Awards or trophies. If you don’t have a physical representation of winning something, or are someone who “never wins” write out a letter of your goals!
  • Statues of Valkyries or Lions. Cat statutes can work, too.
  • Gold, Red, or White Candles. We have many choices of colored candles!
  • Amber, Citrine, or Malachite stones.
  • Herbs associated with Freya include plants like Bramble (blackberry), Cyrpress, and Birch. These all have associations with willpower, success, and protection.

Working With Freyja

A Simple Ritual - Overcoming adversities with the goddess Freya

For those drawn to Freyja, working with her can be a rewarding experience. Honoring Freyja can bring a sense of love and power into your life through rituals, offerings, or prayers. Remember to approach her with respect and sincerity as she is also a goddess of war and death.

  • Begin the ritual by drawing your magickal circle around you and your altar with the Athame, sealing off all energies that are opposing you

  • Take the candle and light while focusing on the battle ahead you have to overcome

  • Ask Freyja, the goddess of war to please join you, and aid you with the self-confidence and knowledge of overcoming obstacles, and battles

  • Place next to the candle your weapons for battle, now asking Freya to bless these items with her power

  • Meditate with Freyja, visualizing how she wants you to go about fighting this adversity

  • Leave for her, crystals of manifestation and success such as citrine, malachite, and amber as an offering. Amber was Freyja’s most sacred as it was said to have formed from her tears. Visit our crystal shop if you need!

  • Give thanks to the Goddess, for her insight and strength as she will watch over your obstacles to come

  • Close your magickal circle again with your athame and take with you the tool you have asked Freyja to bless, feeling her power flow through the instrument into you

  • You may want to leave Freyja a little something extra and memorable. She loves jewelry and things of luxury. You might perhaps leave her beauty products of high quality to show your gratitude, but it’s not necessary.




    Freyja, the Norse Love Goddess, presents a complex figure that one should not underestimate. Whether you're drawn to her as a figure of love and beauty, a powerful sorceress, or a warrior goddess, Freyja's allure is undeniable.



    Who is Freyja in Norse mythology?

    Freyja is a major goddess in Norse mythology associated with love, beauty, fertility, gold, seiðr, war, and death.

    What are some symbols associated with Freyja?

    Freyja often appears with her Brísingamen necklace, rides a chariot pulled by cats, and wears a falcon cloak.

    How to Pronounce Freyja

    Freyja Pronunciation is "FRAY-uh".

    What does the name 'Freyja' mean?

    ‘Freyja’ name meaning translates to 'The Lady' in Old Norse, reflecting her high status among the gods. People associate her name with love, beauty, and fertility, reflecting her diverse roles and powers.

    What is Freyja's role in the afterlife?

    Freyja has the power to choose half of the warriors who die in battle to reside in her hall, Sessrúmnir.

    How can one work with Freyja in modern pagan practices?

    Working with Freyja can involve a ritual, offerings, and prayers that honor her. Make sure to approach her with respect and sincerity due to her multifaceted nature.



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