About Us

J. Southern Studio is a woman owned and operated design house based in Los Angeles, creating specialized adornment and wellness objects intended to help connect, manifest, and align with the energies around us. Launched in 2010, everything JSS creates is made to order by hand and with love in our downtown Los Angeles workshop by our small but mighty team of diverse artists and artisans.

Our Wellness + Ritual collection is one that, through ceremony and ritual, celebrates our ancient past, awakens our curiosities, and reconnects us to the Earth. Inspired by crystal healing philosophies, candle magick practices, traditional herbal smoke rituals from across the globe, and the use of aromatherapy and essential oils, each Ritual Kit, Candle, Oil, and Mist are made to encourage spirituality and manifestation through meditation.

All of the components in our Ritual Kits, from the Earth born minerals to our essential oils, are thoughtfully, sustainably, and respectfully sourced from its people or place of origin. Our herbs and flowers are cultivated on local farms. Our varied sage comes from a family owned organic sage farm, as well as from private land, responsibly cultivated in the Chumash tradition by a small Indigenous company that wishes to share their healing tools with the world. Likewise, our Palo Santo is fair-trade from an association in Ecuador that works to reforest, educate, and provide income for their community.

We encourage each practitioner to explore their spiritual roots and associations, thus honoring the ethereal connections we share with each other, our ancestors, and our planet. Through this work, we are able to realize how our divine relationship intertwines with our collective human experience, and that we are all unified under a movement of spiritual awakening.


Each piece of J. Southern Studio jewelry transcends generations, carving the way for memories and stories for those who come after us. Using the lost wax casting method and traditional metal fabrication practices, each piece of jewelry is molded from natural objects or hand-sculpted from wax, then cast in various metals. In the end, the product is a sturdy, substantial piece of adornment, not for the faint of heart. Modern, mystical, unique and timeless, these are pieces that are both relevant and versatile; pieces that continuously reveal our individuality.

    Because we are a very small business, please note that many orders are made-to-order and can take some time to finish. Please see our shop policies page for more details. 

    For information on how to sell J. Southern Studio wholesale, please follow this link to apply for an account.