Mini Ritual Kits

The little sisters to our Classic and Deluxe Ritual Kits. 
Let us help you find your magick, even on a budget! Our Ritual Kits Mini are perfect for those who want to practice their craft without breaking the bank. These smaller kits come in a vegan option, meaning no animal products like feathers are used. While they may have fewer components than our larger classic ritual kits or deluxe kits, they still contain everything you need to perform your ritual. Included with every kit are instructions to guide you through the process. Bonus: save the ritual kit instructions and adapt for future individualized practice. Our Ritual Kits Mini are sustainably and respectfully sourced from its place or people of origin, just like our larger kits. Connect with your personal spirituality through ceremony and ritual with the natural world, no matter your budget.

The components in our kits are thoughtfully, sustainably, and respectfully sourced from its place or people of origin.
To read more about our sourcing, please visit our About Us page, or our FAQ page