Classic Ritual Kits

Our best selling labors of love. Handmade tools to heighten your intentions, center yourself, and motivate your spirituality.

Let us help you find your magick! For newbies or seasoned practitioners- our classic ritual kits make practicing your craft easy! Included with every kit are instructions and all the ritual supplies you will need. No need to figure out what essential oil or what color candle is best for the ritual you want to perform! Bonus: save the ritual kit instructions and adapt for future individualized practice.

Classic Ritual Kits make a unique gift that shows thoughtfulness and connection. All classic kits are inspired by crystal healing, candle magic(k) philosophies, sacred herbal smoke traditions, and aromatherapy principles. The intention behind every Ritual Kit is to encourage a connection to one's personal spirituality through ceremony and ritual with the natural world. These kits can generally be integrated with any tradition or belief system you practice, and are designed to aid in beginning practices of alternative spirituality. 

Please note that the classic variation of ritual kits include have animal products. If you prefer an animal free option, try our Vegan Ritual Kits! 

The components in our kits are thoughtfully, sustainably, and respectfully sourced from its place or people of origin.

To read more about our sourcing, please visit our About Us page, or our FAQ page.