Leo: The Sun Goddess & Lioness Leader

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Leo: The Sun Goddess & Lioness Leader


The Sun Goddess & Lioness Leader
July 22- August 22
by Cody Channel / Illustration by Stacey Newmyer  


“I just know that something good is going to happen. I don’t know when-but just saying it could even make it happen.”

- Kate Bush



  • Planetary Ruler: Sun
  • House association: 5th House
  • Element: Fire
  • Mode: Fixed
  • Symbol: The Lion
  • Positive Traits: Outgoing, powerful, loyal, creative, passionate
  • Negative Traits: Self centered, cannot receive criticism, overwhelming, poor sport, ego bruises easily
  • Compatible Signs: Aquarius, Aries, Sagittarius
  • Herbs: Rue, hawthorne, calendula
  • Crystals: Peridot, spinel, citrine
  • Tarot: Strength, The Sun
  • Region of the Body: The heart, upper back and spine
  • Color: Gold, yellow, green
  • Famous Leos: Amelia Earhart, Whitney Houston, Louis Armstrong, Kate Bush, Barak Obama



On July 22nd, The sun enters the solar powered sign of Leo where it will stay until August 22nd. 

The word Leo is derived from the Greek word leon meaning lion. The constellation can be seen in the sky as a Lion bearing Regulus, the royal star that is closest to the sun along the ecliptic making it one of the most powerful fixed stars in the sky. In ancient Egypt, several gods and goddesses were depicted with lions heads such as Mahees, and Sekhmet, the son and daughter of the Sun god Ra sent to attack evils and commit honorable acts of sacrifice. In Greek mythology, as part of the twelve labors to King Aristias, Heracles was tasked to procure the pelt of the Nemean lion. Heracles broke the Lions back and killed him, using the lions claws to retrieve the pelt. The Nemean lion was then placed in the night sky to commemorate the act of killing the dangerous beast to clear away fear. This story shows the triumph over evil that makes way for beauty and honor to shine through.

Leo is the 5th sign in the zodiac and is ruled by the sun. The sun is the most powerful planet/ star that also is at the center of our universe. The sun illuminates us with life force energy and is essential for life on this planet. The sun beams unto is the web of courage, passion and teaches us to take pride in our respective hides. The season of the sun represents a time where heat and desire dance together in a flame of creation energy. The sun is the most powerful and important planet in the zodiac as it represents who you are. The sun represents your human mission on earth, where you naturally shine, and can help you find where and how you can be energized. The sun is a natural and fierce leader of our solar system and that can be said about those with their sun in Leo as well. The sun is a force of highly charged fire energy that can ignite and radiate growth at the cellular level. We receive vital vitamin D from the sun making it the only planet to pour measurable vitality into our consciousness and physical body.

Leo rules over the 5th house in astrology which rules over creativity, children, the father, performing, romantic partnerships and joy. People with planets in their 5th house will be called to live like renaissance men and women and create artworks or to be leaders in their field of profession, so long as they can entertain their inner child in the process! The 5th house is where we can describe and see the type of creative projects or the personalities of the children you may have in your life. The 5th house can easily get out of hand when the romantic entanglements and projects pile up and can create burnout and resulting dramatic behaviors. To better understand the personal 5th house, it is best to look at the planets and signs on the 5th house cusp. The 5th house is arguably the most playful, fun and self centered house in the chart. It is here where you can truly cultivate joy and inspire the hearts of those around you.

Leos are the natural born leaders and directors of the zodiac. They are here to courageously dare to take charge and embrace their own creative joy. Leo is the 2nd fire sign of the zodiac building upon the trailblazing Aries archetype. They will naturally shine bright regardless of what they are doing which is why so many flock to them like moths to a flame. Because the amount of love energy they can hold can be intimidating, some may strongly reject the advances of the Leo unconsciously due to the fact that our society prizes people who stay in their lane. They are truly generous and exciting to be around and can inspire many to be more of who they wish to be as their potent sun magic empowers all who meet them. Leos love to make people laugh and draw energy from the ripple effect they can create. You can recognize a Leo by their corncob teeth, square jawlines, cat- like eyes, resting frown, and a wild mane. Leos and Leo rising, will be noticed for their powerful centers which exude confidence at levels many could never imagine. Leos have the ability to cultivate powerful energy that can draw in many people to them. Their air of royalty and importance can be remedied with dedication to a cause and or craft as they will need a strong purpose to funnel all of their energy into. Emotionally, they will expect others to be as uncomplicated as them, however they can fail to see the other person and experience a more complex range of emotions if they are feeling depressed or are in their younger years. It’s a lifelong development to claim the lion / lioness power, many will doubt it and many will be offended by the seemingly lack of emotional maturity. Leos generally have some type of heartbreak that causes them to unlock their higher heart and the higher vibration of their being. They can become very heart centered which allows them to manifest and lead with ease.

The Leo child is usually born into a more restrictive or traditional upbringing with one or both parents unable to mirror back to them the love that they require. They tend to their wounds in bouts of dramatic and teary alone time. While the Leo is alone, they begin to build the plan for their life and discover their talents. They usually have a period of feeling like an outsider when they cannot find others who radiate the their warmth back to them and can develop anxiety from lack of nurturance or reassurance. They require a lot of praise and loyalty from their family and believe that they are in charge. They have a hard time with authority and are more likely to achieve only if and when they have decided on it themselves. They will not be the type to impress their families unless it is truly in alignment with their hearts desire. Leos will naturally thrive in plays, writing, singing, politics and television. They are often seen directing and executing their ideas in grand ways throughout their childhood and into their adult years. They will be faced with many opportunities to kill off parts of their ego to make space in their hearts. Part of their challenge is to carry their childlike ways into their adulthood regardless of what may have happened to them to discourage their light.

Leo dreams larger than most dare; often intimidating those around them who are less inclined to believe in their own dreams. At the same time “taming the lion” is a large part of what the Leo must face either through trials and tribulations or reflected back in the form of responsibility. Leos are incredibly focused and broad minded when it comes to leadership and can create ripples in consciousness with their golden beams of light. They will always have the secret haters because their very existence is brighter than the stars they are made of. In our current Aquarian age, Leos will be called to embrace their ability to merge with their opposite archetype, Aquarius to create a brighter and more loving future through embracing community and humanitarian ideals. The Leo can get very philosophical and can become stagnant when they try to uphold the laws of tradition which have become increasingly outdated. Leos are currently experiencing a shift from their historical ways and are exploring deep releases surrounding old traditional philosophical principles engrained in their stories. Leos highest expression is to champion the underdog and to create safe spaces for others to merge with their higher hearts. Their ability to shine is meant to be infectious, not hierarchical.

Leos do have a dark side and it can look like silence or a roaring outburst depending on the circumstances. They wear their hearts on their sleeves and can overwhelm others during one of their fits. Leos who have been wounded or called out by someone for something they did will be less able to receive criticism and may lash out or retreat to their caves to lick their wounds. They have a core wound around pride and self respect and if someone dares to question their validity, they could let our a viscous roar if they haven’t worked out their issues. One thing they are great at is telling the truth, they have no time for lies and expect the same from their friends. They usually have many friends and are quite loyal to them. When they finally integrate the suggestions of others and can be more receptive to working through their shortcomings they will be able to embrace and reap the benefits of the sun and shine through all they do.

In relationships, Leos require the grand treatment and appreciate all of the perks love has to offer. They are highly complementary of others and expect the same in return. They have a highly developed sexual appetite and require lots of cuddling, re assurance and active lovemaking. Leos pair well with Aquarius, who are unconsciously fascinated with them (and vice versa) and can help them achieve their higher heart mission and dissolve their giant egos. Leos naturally pair well with Sagittarius who can help them expand their idealistic views into grand gestures of spiritual transmission. All fire signs will be able to handle the golden beams of light that the Leo emits, but for the Leo, it all depends on the level of consciousness. The Leo also pairs well with a Scorpio, drawing out deep wells of dedication and and healing as well as mutual respect. Leos are hopeless romantics and because of this they may struggle to stay engaged in long term relationships if they do not find a partner who can entertain their needs. Leos will pull away if they are not being met with validating energy so as to avoid leaking out their own energy and becoming exhausted.

Since Leos are royalty it can only make sense that they emanate lots of energy from their crown chakra and are associated with highly intelligent love energy that can also be known as diamond consciousness. They are able to see into situations and make practical and methodical decisions based on their intuition. They are ruled by their sacral, solar plexus and crown chakras but most importantly, together they tell a story of the development of Leo. They first gain connection to divine through creativity (sacral), then through confidence of applied creativity over time (solar plexus) they can bring that energy into the crown to radiate warmth and give clear guidance in their wiser years.

Leo can be seen in both the Strength and the Sun tarot archetypes which can further help us to understand the evolutionary cycle. In the Strength card it pictures a woman taming a lion and represents the purity of spirit that one will achieve when they tame their surrounding and inner beasts. This can be related to the earlier mythology of taming the beast and relay to the future of cosmic wisdom emanating from slaying the demons within. The Sun tarot card can help us to better understand the brightness and magnitude of the loving compassion Leos wish to see in the world.

The Leo is the royal Lion or Lioness who can share their magnetic gifts and inspire a brighter future for all. In the age of Aquarius we will need more bold and fearless leaders to step up and champion the underdog. The highest vibration can be seen as the pure light that shines through when the vessel becomes stripped of their ego. Leos warm and often comedic vibes can radiate through art and drama and can touch the depths of your heart. Leos are here to lead us and have a great responsibility to lead ethically and with the highest intent for all.









Cody Chanel is a holistic healer, evolutionary astrologer, massage therapist, and reiki master, as well as an electronic musician and sound healer. Find her on Instagram @codychannel or her website www.codychannel.com and read more of her entries on our blog Esoteric Insights.


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