March 2023 Tarotscopes

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March 2023 Tarotscopes

Astrology by Sera Timms
Tarot by Kerstin Hern of The Mirrored Lantern
Original art for J. Southern Studio by Spirited Animals

March 2023 Tarotscopes

March greetings to all, and happy solar return wishes to Pisces and early Aries folks! Below are your intuitive tarot readings by me, coupled with insightful astro snapshots by Sera. Both tarot and astro horoscopes are per sign for the month ahead. There is also a card for the Collective, which you can use in conjunction with your personal tarot card to create a more robust narrative around what is calling your attention during this monthly cycle, or as a clarifier to your zodiac’s card.

Tarot Highlights:

Temperance was drawn for 2 signs but feels poignant to share with all since we are moving through major celestial energy shifts this month. During any transition, it is important to allow yourself (and others) grace, pauses to recalibrate, time to reflect (and grieve, if necessary), and space to collect and process information. Temperance reminds us to be patient, take the Middle Path when we can, and bring balance to inner and outer experiences—whether those are thoughts, behaviors, or energy we put into relationships. This is a card about solar force (your Will) and personal alchemization in a transition/transformation space. Snakes don’t just explode out of their skin, that would be SO painful. They slowly grow, jimmy around, and shed it in a beautiful, slow, steady, and manageable way. The growing pains become growing gains.
Also, lots of Swords, so expect inner and outer chatter, new info coming in, and fresh ideas/perspectives. In conjunction with the Collective card, HARMONY is a major keyword in March.

To get the most out of these Horoscopes, please read them based off of your Ascendant/ Rising sign, as these are the signs that are the basis of our monthly breakdowns. Your Ascendant sign is the sign of the Zodiac which was rising on the eastern horizon at the time, date & location of our birth, and it provides us with a much more individualized view of our personal astrology. If you do not yet know your Rising Sign, feel free to find it here: Chart Drawing, Ascendant. All you will need is the closest possible time, date & location of your birth. For those not able to find an accurate Rising Sign, you can secondarily read these horoscopes by your Sun sign and thirdly by your Moon sign.

Stay tuned for the Celestial Insights blog to see what the stars have to say, along with lunar magick offerings…

Here are your tarot + astro messages. I suggest reading your rising and sun signs: 



Deck Used: Thoth Deck
Card: Adjustment

The overall energetic message for this month that you can use to expand and clarify your personal card reading is: The 8 of Trumps (major arcana), known as Adjustment in the Thoth deck.

This card is related to Judgement and Justice (depending on who you ask) in RWCS and other decks. This goddess is adorned with an Egyptian headdress, a mask over her eyes, and a regal robe of feathers. She is standing very tippy-toed, so delicately balanced, yet full of power and maintaining this composure and balance by a mighty sword she grips with two hands keeping the massive balance scales with Alpha and Omega in check.

Adjustment brings attention to the vacillation between laser focus to full scope to bring sustainable balance into your life. Harmony and peace can be mastered, versus just praying for them to happen to you. Focus, concentration, and communication are very thematic. Getting clear with others through open communication, recognizing and naming what you see, and then using discernment to move forward is the advice. These choices imply freedom, which has responsibility tied to it. Free to choose, but deliberate choice is more sustainable… Adjustment’s opposite card is The Fool, which can help you see the two poles of this energy. It is the Libra card, so focuses on relationships and all things 7th house may be thematic for all this month.

Use this card as a clarifier when you are at a stalemate or need encouragement: Take in the facts, speak the truth, identify honesty, communicate clearly, use logic over emotion, and prioritize balance. Harmony comes when we take in the whole of yin and yang energy/Magician and High Priestess archetypes.

Keywords: depth of awareness, balance, clarity about reality, strength of Will and consciousness as medicine, responsibility, structure, balance contrasting points, honesty, clear choices



We’ve got a real showstopper coming up on March 7th as our authoritative patriarch, Saturn transits into the dreamy boundary dissolving Pisces. This is like the captain of the ship falling overboard and being unwittingly rescued by a mystical mermaid. When authority becomes too rigid it suddenly switches from protective to possessive. A system built for security begins to swallow the inhabitants it was meant to protect much like Saturn swallowed his own son in the classic myth. The natural cosmic order unfolds in perfect ebb and flow despite our opinion of the actions born from the celestial clockwork. Expect a bit of a storm, and to hear the bellows of discontent from those in charge when the status quo hierarchy starts to level out under the relentless charge of Neptune’s aquatic horses.

The upside is viewed as enlightenment under duress. Time to learn to swim because the boat is sinking…but did you know you don’t even need the boat?! If you haven’t yet noticed, the Patriarchy is allergic to emotions. We will do anything to avoid feeling them including the deeply Saturnian method of categorizing them into a zillion different “mental disorders” with rigid treatment specifications. But here’s the secret that Pisces whispers into the ear of the drowning captain, “It’s not what's wrong with your brain…it’s what’s wrong with your heart.” The Western World has largely lost its way due to its inability to navigate from the heart, and has gone so far as to use the sea, which is the heart of the Earth, as a literal garbage dump. The heart of the Father is getting a wake up call on March 7th, and that alarm is not going to stop until 2026.

In your life a Dad can show up as a job, a house, a salary amount, a partner, an institution, a political party, a professional identity, a mentor, teacher, religion etc. All the Dad’s that you have in your life will begin to be weighed against the truth of your heart for the next 3 years. Is your authority one that encourages your soul's true expression, or is it one that has forsaken the infinite breath of your soul for the black box recorder of a soul in descent? Get ready to let go and let G. This is a Piscean healing gift which will not quit! The roof may spring a leak, but from that leak enters the guiding voice of an angelic choir.



  • 03/02/23 Mercury enters Pisces
  • 03/07/23 Saturn enters Pisces + Full Moon in Virgo
  • 03/16/23 Venus enters Taurus
  • 03/19/23 Mercury enters Aries
  • 03/20/23 Sun enters Aries
  • 03/21/23 New Moon Aries
  • 03/23/23 Pluto enters Aquarius
  • 03/25/23 Mars enters Cancer
  • Sun: Pisces-Aries
  • Moon: Gemini- Leo
  • Mercury: Aquarius-Aries
  • Venus: Aries-Taurus
  • Mars: Gemini-Cancer
  • Jupiter: Aries
  • Saturn: Aquarius-Pisces
  • Uranus: Taurus
  • Neptune: Pisces
  • Pluto: Capricorn-Aquarius
  • North/ South Nodes: Taurus & Scorpio



    Tarot Card: King of Wands

    This is a perfect Aries card for the spring equinox and entrance into your season! King of Wands is a card of mastery and responsibility, where a goal around creative work, community work, and/or family is getting some movement. You may be receiving help in some way from a masculine energy (also maybe a fire sign), or YOU may be stepping into a royal role, like becoming a new boss. The keywords I associate with Wands are P.A.T.H. = power, attention, transmutation, healing. Which words stick out to you? Those are your action words this month. This is masculine fire, so less feeling, more doing; less inward, more outward, you get the idea. So where the Q of W is the Creatrix and “idea guy,” this King is like, “Ok, let’s do this! You do this, you, over there—you do that,” delegating responsibility but remaining centered on the team as a whole. You are directive, but not cruel, you keep things moving, but are not impulsive. Healing/moving away from something difficult is also coming up in this reading. These are the roles to step into or at least bring your attention to this month, Aries.

    Astro Snapshot:

    Take a little breather Aries…we know you hate rest. In fact, take a bath. Maybe you can hike to a remote hot spring, or challenge yourself to a 2 hour Float Tank Session! The first 2 weeks of March are for dreaming instead of doing. Reimagining. You need down time too, and the cosmic blueprints are just turning into a big sea of blue until 3.19 when Mercury enters Aries, and then on the 20th your season begins with a bang, and the 3.21 New Moon in Aries has you planting all the the new dream seeds you discovered through your rest and reflection. Your emotions and your health are incredibly intertwined this month, so any health issues are likely related to emotional imbalance. Take some time to consider how you need to be emotionally nurtured, and how your admirable passions and conquests may sometimes eclipse the more fragile aspects of yourself. When your ruler moves into Cancer on 3.25 you will receive clear insight on how your home and family foundation may need to change in order for you to enjoy down time in your domestic nest. Cleaning out closets, inboxes, drawers, attics etc may also be very helpful for your growth and freedom this month.



    Tarot Card: Death

    ‘A beautiful ending’ is what’s coming up as I pulled the Death card… When Pisces season closes out, so will many past bits of you and your world, catalyzed by the Death card. What is ready to go? Who is ready to leave? This card encourages participating in composting the old so you can really start fresh this spring in full transformation mode, especially around 3/20, the equinox. You have some new info or insight at your disposal and now can release, Taurus. Move toward and lean into CHANGE. Your innate stubbornness can take a breather this month so you can really focus on presence and acceptance. There is much learning in those still spaces between thinking something and doing something—try to be in “there” as you move through the month, and know change is afoot for your highest good.

    Astro Snapshot:

    The month starts off with you sharing your resources and financial prowess with social, career and/or charitable groups and funds. Sharing your knowledge brings you joy, and also expands your network of relationships, which in the long term widens the scope of your abundance and opens opportunities for you to diversify your income streams. You may also feel extra charitable, and find ways to give and receive via tax write offs etc. Mid Month your ruler Venus moves into Taurus which will put the focus directly on your body, your image, style, and self expression. A makeover is likely, or at least a classy new haircut or a few new quality additions to your well crafted wardrobe. With the combo of Sun and New Moon in Aries on the 20th-21st expect a bit of retreat time and perhaps it’s time to purchase that gilded ornate dream journal that seemed like an impractical expense earlier this year. Reconnect with your depths, and remember just what it is that motivates you in the first place..what keeps the motor running? Under all of your practical moving parts there is a majestic source of mysterious Venusian inertia at your core.



    Tarot Card: Ace of Swords

    More seeds of potential with your second Ace in a row, Geminis! March will bring in new information that is useful for you, a new insight or idea, and/or some clarification. You may also be inspired to start writing something new, like planting the seed for a major writing project. DO IT. Start mapping out notes and just get some files going to get the energy flowing. This feels like plans are in motion and you are heralding in a new beginning soon. Trust your gut, as this card indicates strong instinct and clear thinking (claircognizance). This feels successful and energized, so keep doing the work you can do this is in your power, and keep communicating your ideas/mingle with people. Sticking with the facts and truths mixed in with instinct and fresh inspiration are a recipe for major success.

    Astro Snapshot:

    Your ruler Mercury moves into Pisces on 3.2 which will take your career dreams and goals to the next level via tech, how you express your ideas, and your ability to generate enthusiasm and obtain support which grounds your electric imagination into reality. You’ll be recognized for the hard work you’ve put into a project or job for quite some time. In fact I’m even sensing that you may have been living the very karmic story of Job being tested by God in biblical proportion! Well here’s where you get out of jail free at last, and your ruler moving into Aries on 3.19 brings bombastic energy and community support to getting your career moving up the next mountain. You love a birds eye view, but the theme of your ascent this month is “it takes a village!”. Keep the lines of communication open with your team as you soar upward into new inspiring goals and acquire sustainable supportive community in alignment with your highest purpose.The key is to go for the gold without flying too close to the sun.



    Tarot Card:Temperance

    You have likely had movements around work, money, physical health recently, and March is asking you to take sacred pauses to keep your momentum. Balance is key, taking the Middle Path in all activities, work, relationships… There is an alchemical process happening for you that cannot be rushed, Cancers, so flow with things as they are; focus on acceptance and awareness, then see what is missing or taking up too much space and adjust accordingly. You will calibrate beautifully if you can do these mini energy check-ins this month. You will see something you have not seen before or will be able to access something that was previously off your radar. Hilariously (to me, anyway) this is the Sag card, which is like full force fire expansion. But that fire is clean and comes from tempering actions, thoughts, and emotions. It helps you become very clear on what to blast off toward with intention. Be patient AND be excited. Work toward embodying optimum health, peace, and modesty now to make the excitement later even more enjoyable. Scorpios also got this card.

    Astro Snapshot: 

    You’ll be seeking new horizons this month Cancer. Whether you take that trip to the Pyramids, start that new class, or find a new trail in your neighborhood, you’ll be itching to get out of your comfort zone. Follow the muses to what inspires you in the first 2 weeks of March, as you need change and new scenery to keep growing and thriving. Venus in Taurus on the 16th inspires interconnection with groups and charity in alignment with making the world a more beautiful and safe place. When the sun moves into Aries on the 20th prepare for a level up in your career sector, and a helpful push out of any stagnation you’ve been having in that department. New opportunities are likely to arise like fresh green sprouts from the thawing Earth. Nurture the ones that inspire you, and they will present fertile new branches on your individual tree of life in a few months. Pluto in Aquarius on 3.23 sends you back down to your roots to suss out your hidden depths of nourishment and decay. Accept hidden aspects of what brings you pleasure and growth, and release old patterns of trauma and fear which prevent new growth and experience. Radical self acceptance and love is key.



    Tarot Card: The Fool

    Very exciting, Leos! There is a VERY fresh start opportunity coming in for you in March—perfect timing with the entry to Aries season, which is all about rebirth, personal growth, and “me first” vibes. If you have been waiting for something new to start, this is the month it can happen, or to initiate it from your end. Likewise, if you are feeling stuck, this card offers to take calculated risks, get out of your comfort zone, release some physical or metaphorical baggage, and jump into the unknown. Part of your personal myth is changing, and a huge new cycle and experience is coming in. Embrace change, let go of doubt and worry, when you can, and when you can’t just acknowledge it and say “hi” then go about your biz. Work to find that inner child optimism and fancy-free attitude we all have that cannot be destroyed. It will serve you well this month!

    Astro Snapshot: 

    You're going to want to tap into your very deep love of drama and grandeur for the coming role the cosmic directors are casting you in. What happens when you send the mighty solar lion into the deepest and darkest depths of a hidden underwater cave? This is your role for the next couple of weeks, and to some degree for the next 3 years as Saturn moves into Pisces activating your 8th House of transformation, sex, and other people's money. The Karma connection is going to be very real for you as this next scene is written, and if you have been true to your big loving heart you will surely find hidden treasure in the form of tax returns, dividends or inheritance. But if you have indulged in power plays or trickery you will likely find the tables turned as you face off with a destructive black panther who may try to steal your thunder. Keep this in mind for the next 3 years…just let your heart guide you to avoid accumulating karmic debt. Revelation of that which is hidden, whether helpful or not, is assured. Either way, you’re black mirror will give way to a glorious and guiding torch when the Sun moves into Aries on the 20th, and passion and inspiration get turned up to 11. Move back into the light by exploring uncharted creative territory, and owning all of you including your vulnerability.



    Tarot Card: 10 of Wands

    There is some weight many of you have been feeling, and for some specifically—there is a message about leaving home, someone moving out, or letting a relationship go (marriage/partnership), and it is for the best—I don’t know, I just needed to say that to someone. For all Virgos, you are at a pinnacle with work or family (even housemates) where a burden on your shoulders needs to be dropped. I would expect some sort of closure or release this month. If you have too much on your plate and are responsible for many others, ask yourself if you are giving yourself the same amount care, work, and attention as you give others… If you have actual work or family obligations, some will be wrapping this month, but some of you are invited to actually deliberately drop some of these responsibilities. There is a lesson there around meeting your needs by expressing them and being “healthy selfish” (a theme for lunar magick this month in the Celestial Insights blog). Keep your drive and ambition but be more realistic about what you can actually do. Stress does not = success, but it sure is a great messenger.

    Astro Snapshot:

    It is time for the Hermit to come out of the cave and hold hands with a partner. This could be friendship, romantic, career, or creative partnership…But one thing is for sure, and that is that you are not allowed to do it all alone anymore. That means you will be coming down from the cross if you have tendencies toward martyrdom, as the Pisces sun, and Mercury in Pisces on 3.2 demand that you speak your authentic truth. Saturn moving into Pisces on 3.7 mostly until 2023 creates structures that demand partnership in your life, and we’re talking balanced partnership. You have no problem with loyalty, but you can often carry too much weight in order to keep the peace. When the sun moves into Aries on the 20th you become acutely aware of any wounds or subconscious motivations which are keeping you from saying what you need. The caterpillar of service to others is transforming into a butterfly which requires service to self for sustainability, full colors and flight!



    Tarot Card: 7 of Swords

    This card is bringing your attention to sneaky or deceptive conversations or actions, and/or stealth/behind-the-scenes activity. I even want to say it could be someone stealing your ideas (or vice versa) of that is relevant in your line of work. It isn’t necessarily dark, but there is a vibe of “someone trying to get away with something” this month, Libra. Check in with your communications with others. Check in with your Shadow self, too! Are you unconsciously (aka behind-the-scenes) circumventing a situation or relationship? On the other less bummer-y end, this card does relate to stealthy strategy to get what you want. If you are not out of alignment with values, morals, and other important markers, especially interpersonally, then this card reflects your ability to engage communications or ideas that fly under the radar to get you where you need to go, including using mental ability, wit, and Hermes-like quick thinking. But be careful, Libra, that can get sticky! If you feel this is someone else’s energy, having a healthy confrontation to get really clear (see the Collective card) can be a healing opportunity for all, but most importantly you for speaking your truth.

    Astro Snapshot:

    It’s going to be a busy month of fine tuning the plans, the new health routines, and the calendar as you’re likely to overcommit to one or more inspiring partnerships. Balancing your time between your agile inventive mind, and getting fully present and grounded in your body should be at the top of your “to do” list this month. You will feel extra generous this month, and your friends, family and associates will be grateful for your attention to their needs. You are always one to create harmony at any cost, and this month the song is written in perfect script as you focus in on the details of relationship and energy exchange, and how to streamline those very important processes in your life. Your ruler, Venus moves into Taurus on 3.16 bringing money, taxes, or inheritance to the forefront. You’ll receive the support you need to increase your net worth, and up your gains from investments you've made include those of time and effort. When the Sun moves into Aries on the 20th any partnership that did not pass the energy audit in the first half of the month is bound to dissolve. There is no loss here…only adjustment. And when one door closes another most certainly opens. Helpful partners arrive right on time, and romantic relationships are established or reactivated…you don’t have to do this alone Libra. Try to relax and smell the flowers between your goals this month.



    Tarot Card: Temperance

    Cancers also got this card, so there is a theme for water signs working with patience, moderation, and alchemizing old energy, all within the realm of Pisces season for most of the month… March is asking you remember to take sacred pauses to keep your momentum and stay grounded at the same time. Balance is key, taking the Middle Path in all activities, work, relationships… There is an alchemical process happening for you that cannot be rushed, so flow with things as they are, and try to find peace in acceptance of anything that feels like it’s in the way; reframe it as a reason to pause, or a learning opportunity. Bring awareness to what thoughts, behaviors, emotions, person/relationship, or situation is taking up too much space. You will calibrate beautifully if you can do these mini energy check-ins this month. Hilariously (to me, anyway) this is the Sag card, which is like full force fire expansion. But that fire is clean and comes from tempering actions, thoughts, and emotions. It helps get you very clear on what to blast off toward. Be patient AND be excited.

    Astro Snapshot:

    Put your stinger away Scorpio…March brings romance, creativity, and play into your life! We know you are wise and powerful, but you also have an inner child that lends a different kind of power to your expression, which is the power of innocence. The muses will be with you, so allow yourself to wander a bit, to color outside the lines, to let the roles in a relationship be a little blurry as long as there is love. This is where innovation and vision are born. Pair that with your mighty power of manifestation and you will get the year rolling with a fertile storm of creativity which will nourish a whole year of growth. The second half of the month brings health routines, and details to the forefront. How is your body feeling, and what might it need to feel even more balanced and strong? You’re feeling charitable and generous, and have resources of loving support and inspiring ideas to share with friends and colleagues. When your ruler Pluto moves into Aquarius on 3.23 prepare for some transformation within the family and home. The basement may be getting cleaned out physically and or metaphorically, and anything that’s moldy or broken needs to go. Sometimes the whole foundation is faulty, and it may be time for an actual move, or renegotiation, letting go, or renewing vows in a relationship. You are courageous, loving, and fearless this month, Scorpio.



    Tarot Card: 4 of Swords

    Whatever you got going on this month, Sag, be sure to retreat. Take time alone, get more sleep, meditate, swim, whatever is a peaceful, centering, and restorative activity to you. Some may be very busy, and this is your call to weave in self-care on a regular basis. For others, if there is a craggy communication happening, be it a friend situation, a work back-and-forth etc., and it’s not sitting quite right, this card offers to step back, retreat, and pause. Getting into a space of more mental clarity, and even energy, will help inform next steps, what to say, or see things from a wider vista. Rest and retreat will help create mental stability this month.

    Astro Snapshot:  

    Your fire will be burning bright in the fireplace, the stove, or perhaps even under the cauldron depending on your magical expression. The home is where the heart is for the first half of the month, and your passions turn towards nurturing, and possibly even healing the ones you love with the deep Piscean flavor of the season. You may find yourself doing more inner exploration, connecting with traditions and ancestry, as well as cauterizing any familial wounds with the light of conscious understanding, and by letting go. Venus in Taurus on the 16th illuminates your 6th house of service, inspiring you to apply your creative and linguistic gifts to those who could use your help. Aries Sun on the 20th opens your 5th house activating romance, playfulness and creativity. Your home is likely to become the stage for a blooming or re-ignited romance, and/or a new creative venture conjured with collaborative friend family. Pluto in Aquarius on 3.23 streamlines your speech towards diplomacy and unity between siblings, neighbors, and divergent parties. The overall picture is one of you hosting a beautiful banquet in your home that brings people together and unites creative thinkers into a cohesive purpose.



    Tarot Card: 8 of Swords

    Work was a big topic for Caps over the past couple of months, and now this month you have another 8, which are usually cards indicating taking some kind of action or movement. In this case, the air sign of thoughts, ideas, communication, learning, understanding, is depicting this person who is loosely binded and blinded in a cage of their own making. The cage is made of swords, or thought distortions, that keep them stagnant. However, by taking the action of removing the metaphorical blindfold (acceptance, awareness), they see they have not been as helpless as they think/or are. For some, this card comes up to highlight self-deprecation, for others, it’s just a lack of awareness around how you’ve been operating mentally—what you say about yourself, to yourself, to others, etc. Work may be stressful, and other life happenings may be stressful too, but you can reframe what is happening, take the blinders off, and challenge your thoughts to claim your power back. 

    Astro Snapshot:

    I hope you’re listening closely Capricorn, because the SeaGoat is being summoned by the siren song of the deep and mysterious Piscean Sea. Your ruler Saturn moves into Pisces on 3.7 where it will be more or less until Feb 2026. Despite the “sea” aspect of your sign’s symbol, determined and authoritative Saturn is not so comfortable in the mystical arms of the sea nymphs who could care less about his rules and structures. Instead, they want to love him…love him to death perhaps? Well, losing one's solid structures can sometimes feel like death, but actually it is just part of a much needed metamorphosis. Saturn's diligent children can sometimes lose their lust for life in their plodding, diligent climb towards success. But when one is taken from the shore into the sea, there is no path, but there is endless sea…and here lies the gift. The ruler of the finite, ie Saturnian limitation, is now embraced by the ruler of the infinite, ie Piscean expansion. This transit activates your 3rd house of expression which is your voice, creativity and communication. It’s time to write your message in a bottle, Capricorn. The siren song will ignite your deepest passion, and the rapturous sea will rip your clothes into her currents, demanding that you reveal your rawest, purest, most vulnerable self. Know Thy Self. Discover your truth. This is a purification of your purpose. A deeply alchemical transit which will entangle you in delusions should you cling to the old outworn ways…but will liberate you from your own oppressive structures should you learn to ride the waves. The uptight orderly Emperor may yet transform into a Transcendent Tantric Master.



    Tarot Card: 8 of Pentacles

    March is all about work, Aquarius! You have been moving through major cycles, and this month you may be more grounded and having your material world expand, along with certain roles. The theme of the month is putting your head down and working, getting it done, making moves. It may involve a change of job, a new role with more responsibility, or for some, getting money rolling in from endeavors you have been working on behind the scenes. This is an action card! However, staying in balance is key… You may need more time and energy for money-making and/or work this month, so communicate to those whom that affects to stay clear AND be sure you take breaks, are realistic about what you can do, and have good time management. All in all, this feels exciting, like something you’ve been waiting for to finally ground after talking about it for some time!

    Astro Snapshot:

    You are solid as a rock Aquarius. You’ve come to realize that your last birthday was not about getting older, but about leveling up. You’re learning to trust yourself, accept yourself, and maybe even to be generous to yourself. Your mind does not stop, but this month instead of over analyzing every possible thing, you are articulating the crossings with presence and inner authority. Your feet are on the ground and your talents are recognized. You may acquire new property or make some hefty purchases to accentuate the environment you live in, and this will likely be evened out by a bump up in your income or some other new stream of abundance. When the sun moves into Aries on the 20th you are organizing community potlucks, carpools, and innovative support networks. This is where you shine Aquarius! Your word is gold, and people will be looking to you as they look to your tarot card, The Star. Prepare for some deep transformation when Pluto moves into your sign on the 23rd. You have a lot of unorthodox opinions which help to evolve the status quo. Get your boots on, because your ideals will be tested, and you may find yourself leading a revolution with the radical humanitarian ideas you espouse…this is after all the Age of Aquarius. 



    Tarot Card: 7 of Cups

    Pisces, you have some choices in front of you, or some about to come in! For a sign that comfortably moves around nebulous spaces, be it creativity, or sometimes boundaries, this card has that nebulous energy you are familiar with… I would say “not everything is as it seems” from one position, regarding advice to you this month. Move around a bit, collect more info, ask questions, use people’s time to get more details—you don’t have to just take what is first offered. I don’t know if this is a job or relationship, but since it’s a cups card, it is relating to emotions or some sort of relationship… If you are dating and/or job searching, this card portends many choices will come forward (yay) but get all the details (see the Collective card)! This card is excellent for creative work, as it anchors to imagination and fantasy spaces, but when you are trying to see someone for who they are or what something is, then it is useful to notice when you are wishful thinking and projecting. How do you know when you are wishful thinking?? Overall, it’s a great card about multiple options and “choose your own adventure” vibes, so just be curious and imaginative, yet practical! 

    Astro Snapshot:

    Happy Birthday to the Children of the Sea! It is easy for you to completely dissolve yourself in the service of whatever environment you find yourself in, Pisces. Bless you! This can give you great satisfaction when you are in a healthy and loving environment, but if you were raised or attuned to a toxic environment it can be detrimental to your deeply fragile inner being! This is the season where you get to swim up to the shore and look back at yourself in the surface of the water as a mirror. You as an individual. Communicative Mercury and structured Saturn move into your liminal seas from 3.2 to 3.7 bringing a bit of a storm at first…the All Father Saturn is not fond of the dissolving power of the enchanting sea. But this is an influence for you to integrate over time, as he will be in and out of your visionary sea for the next 3 years. It’s time to re-evalute who you are, and what you need to express now, Visionary Pisces. In all likelihood you've to some degree been serving an authority which was impressed upon you at a very young age. Think Father figure, societal programming, gender propaganda, fear/shame based sexual expression, status quo career path, Co-dependent relationship, etc. This/these roles have been a key part of your development, and should be fully appreciated, as you begin to see how they are now keeping you from blooming into your true self. Let your generous heart guide you slowly to create your way into a new sea which encourages you to sing your soul’s true song. With Saturn’s Fatherly support, you will be able to draw collaborators and helpers in to help you build a world in alignment with your loving inner self.










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    Magick Mixology: Rituals for Love & Honor

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    Kitchen Witch" is a term used for cunning or witchy folx whose spiritual practice is rooted within food, mealtimes, and the home. Kitchen Witches craft rituals, spells and/or potions utilizing edible items, found objects, and common household items. The kitchen is their altar; their home is their sacred space. In 2014, we created our Ritual Kits, Candles and Apothecary with the idea of mixing and matching common ritualistic ingredients like lavender, rose, or patchouli that would create a perfect combination for a unique spell or intention- setting ritual...

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    Wellness Workshop: Nonviolent Communication and Nurturing Harmony Through Daily Interactions
    Wellness Workshop: Nonviolent Communication and Nurturing Harmony Through Daily Interactions

    February 05, 2024 0 Comments

    Ever found yourself ensnared in an every- day type of conversation where what was anticipated as normal discourse became words that felt like daggers, leaving scars that lingered long after the dialogue ceased? Welcome to the realm of violent communication – a battleground where commonplace discourse stings, and outright abuse thrives!

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    Deities & Demons: Embracing the Enchanting Autumnal Energy of the Goddess Hecate
    Deities & Demons: Embracing the Enchanting Autumnal Energy of the Goddess Hecate

    October 27, 2023 0 Comments

    As the leaves start to fall and the nights grow longer, autumn is a time of transition and transformation. Because of its transformative energy, October is the perfect month and Samhain the perfect holiday to connect with the enigmatic and powerful goddess Hecate, whose influence is particularly potent during this season. In this blog, we'll explore the significance of Hecate during this time of year and offer a casual approach to incorporating her energy into your life. 🍂✨

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