July 2020 Horoscopes

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July 2020 Horoscopes

July 2020 Horoscopes

Monthly horoscopes by Candace Looft, of Beyond the Veil Tarot  / Collage by Janeva Zentz 


Welcome to your July 2020 astrological overview!

Get your sparklers ready; things are reaching some impressive heights this month. There will be moments where you can feel the energy swell to overwhelming proportions. I think everyone can benefit from keeping this in mind, focus on yourself and YOUR actions, not others. You want to be an actor, not a reactor. I liken this to not giving a toddler throwing a tantrum your attention. Anger and frustration is a funny thing. Some people handle it better than others. Some meditate. Others let it simmer until they explode. We want to watch out for any hidden intense emotions this month. The full moon lunar eclipse in Capricorn is a doozy, coming in on July 4th and 5th. I expect this to be a turning point, where the world becomes acutely aware of Saturn's tight grip. Being so close to Americas's birthday, and conjunct the USA's natal Sun, important things will be coming in the weeks ahead. From New York to Washington, I expect to see more issues with those in positions of authority.

Saturn turns back into its home sign, Capricorn, on the 1st. This will give us a few months ahead to wrap up chapters we've been writing since 2017. Reflect on the last three years. Ask yourself where you grew stronger, or better committed. For others, it was a real coming of age period. The number of planets in Capricorn can create a rather dark and stormy backdrop with the Sun moving through Cancer. Mid-month, the Sun will form oppositions to Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn conjunct in the icy sign of Capricorn. This may bring on mood swings and bits of depression. Don't worry; it will begin to fade by the third week of July. Just note any limitations as they're likely to show themselves in your life this month. Mercury moves direct on the 12th, allowing communications to come back to life. Electronics, phones, and contract issues should all clear up.  

On the 23rd of the month, the Sun enters Leo, and things heat up. It will be a nice change coming out of all of these watery transits. Unlike water, fire moves quickly. It makes things heated and excited. The Sun will play nicely with Mars in Aries and the south node in Sagittarius. Likely from now into August, we will see another release point of tensions. I expect art and creativity to flourish. Those across the globe will connect to figure out how to navigate these changing times and justice systems better. We will see some similar transits from the previous months. Venus is now direct, moving into her third and final square with misty Neptune. Avoid these days when discussing financial matters, as all may not be as it seems. The same goes for significant relationship conversations and addressing matters of the heart. Mercury in Cancer will not be playing well with other cardinal placements this month. Watch out for getting tongue-tied, or lashing out at someone due to suppressed emotions. When in doubt, think it through. This will be thoroughly flushed out in early August. With Mercury's trine to Neptune, one thing is for sure; we are all empathically connecting more than usual. It can be hard to separate someone's feelings from your own sometimes.  

The new moon on the 20th seems to be the real hot topic this month. This will be yet another new moon in Cancer, at nearly 29 degrees. In June, we saw a 0-degree eclipse, which cleared the slate. Now with this new lucky extra moon, I encourage you to manifest from a place of better understanding. Understanding how you genuinely feel, where you want to be, what you wish to protect or preserve. Saturn will stand in the way, creating tense oppositions. This suggests the collective will experience limitations, delays, or literal walls. Proceed with caution. It's best to find the way out by going through the storm itself. Do not drag your feet or delay the inevitable. Saturn can be one grim teacher if we don't submit. Try to see the bigger picture by the end of July. Handing situations head-on will lessen the blow down the line. 


Notable dates and transits:

  • July 1- Saturn retrograde in Capricorn
  • July 4/ 5- Full Moon lunar eclipse in Capricorn
  • July 12- Mercury direct in Cancer
  • July 14- Sun in Cancer oppose Jupiter in Capricorn 
  • July 15- Sun in Cancer oppose Pluto in Capricorn
  • July 20- New Moon in Cancer, Blue Moon 
  • July 20- Sun in Cancer oppose Saturn in Capricorn
  • July 23- Sun enters Leo
  • July 27- Mercury in Cancer square Mars in Aries
  • July 27- Venus in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces
  • July 30- Mercury in Cancer oppose Jupiter in Capricorn
  • July 30- Mercury in Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces

Note: Five planets are retrograde this month: Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto. 

** To make the most of my astrological horoscopes, please read your ASCENDANT sign, followed by your SUN and MOON sign. This will give you the best advice and be the most appropriate timing-wise. Don't know your personal astrology? Check out this free astrological calculator, or book a session with me on my website!



Tarot Card: Two of Coins- weighing options, juggling, overwhelmed.

This month you've got a full moon lunar eclipse taking place in your career sector. Now is the time to make bold career moves and presentations. Bosses likely have an eye on you. If you’re self employed, this is a good omen for moving forward with stability. Venus has finished up her retrograde in your house of communication. Contracts, short-distance trips, and vehicles should all run more smoothly now. Be mindful that we are still in the shadow until August, so read the fine print twice. You've got another new moon taking place in your home sector. Here is a second chance to re-establish your roots, or possibly find the perfect home. With Mercury moving retrograde through this area, it's essential to communicate thoroughly with loved ones before making significant moves. Mars is now in your home sign, so you're likely to be a bit more intense than usual. Burn off some excess steam with getting physically active. We don't need you picking fights this month. 



Tarot Card: Page of Pentacles- A new financial idea or opportunity, a young earth sign.  

The full moon lunar eclipse is taking place in your ninth house of foreign travel and beliefs. Some of you may have to scramble with scheduling immediate educational or travel plans. You may opt for an alternate form of transportation if the plane is a no go. Educational goals can be met this month, such as completing a program or signing up for a new area of study. Your beliefs are being tested this month. Venus is finishing her retrograde in your house of finance. This is excellent news! More abundance should flow freely to you now, and you'll find your way out of finance stalls. You can also go back to splurging a little more for yourself! Hair done, nails done, everything done! The new moon is taking place in your house of communications and vehicles. Take extra precautions here! There will be a new moon here, and Mercury is going retrograde through these waters as well. I often see clients have significant issues with contracts and buying or seeking of vehicles. If you can help it, hold off until the end of July or beginning of August in these areas. Watch out for some family drama, or a sibling needing your help. 



Tarot Card: The Lovers- options, temptation, the rules of love.  

The full moon eclipse is taking place in your house of joint partnerships and sexuality. Insurance, inheritance, or taxes seem to be a huge theme this month. Put your head together with a partner and figure out the best way to strengthen your finances. Coincidentally, the new moon taking place at the end of the month will be in your second house of income. I suggest that there's a significant emphasis on building your self-worth and setting big financial goals. Some of you were focusing on being able to save money to start a family; others are wanting to expand their home. Communicate what's most important with your family. Venus has ended her retrograde in your sign. This means you have a better understanding of self-love, and can now move forward with cosmetic or aesthetic changes. If you've been taking space from a partner, things should get more manageable now. You will definitely be feeling the love by the end of the month. 



Tarot Card: 8 of Cups- Walking away and not looking back, moving on.  

Buckle up Cancer; this is going to be one colorful month for you. Big things are happening with the full moon taking place in your house of marriage. It's likely in the weeks ahead you're not going to see eye to eye with a spouse or business partner. Opt to defuse arguments whenever possible. It's possible to have a constructive conversation and not agree, necessary even. The new moon has you setting intentions for yourself, and I want you to focus on that. It's essential to nurture and care for your physical and emotional body this month. Venus has ended her retrograde in your hidden house, so if there had been any secrets or wrongdoings in love, they're likely to get flushed out. Pay close attention to your dreams. The first several weeks of the month, Mercury is going retrograde in your sign. It means you're likely to have a challenging time expressing how you feel. This month will often have you feeling tongue-tied, and caught between your head and your heart. When in doubt, sleep on it, don't rush to any decisions. Truths are still coming out. 



Tarot Card: 8 of Swords- stuck in a challenging situation, fear. 

The full moon eclipse is taking place in your house of health and routine. Keep a close eye on any health issues or any problems with pets. Health issues or exhaustion can be a theme. Schedule check-ups of you feel off. If anything comes up, it should be addressed immediately! The new moon is taking place in your hidden realms. Your dreams or intuitions may be on overdrive. Psychic visions and overwhelming emotions can surface from out of the blue. Take some time to rest up and recuperate. This is the time of the year where some things come to an end right before your birthday. Sometimes anxiety comes with this aspect. Consider this your restart. If you've been dreaming about traveling, hold off on booking things until at least the end of the month. Travel looks more so likely for you at the end of 2020. Venus is now finishing her retrograde in your friendship sector, likely bringing about reunions in time for your birthday. Enjoy time spent with these people; you're becoming aware of who your real friends are. 



Tarot Card: The High Priestess- Waiting and tuning into your intuition. Visions or dreams. 

The full moon eclipse is lighting up matters of the heart. Big news can come about regarding your children or personal projects. This is a time to pour yourself into anything that helps express your feelings. If you've been struggling with a love or relationship dilemma, expect things to peak very soon. The passion is either there, or it's not. You're not one to rush into romantic entanglements. Sometimes you have a habit of overthinking love and connecting to others. Remember, to have the happily ever after, sometimes it means jumping into uncharted territory. Neptune is making connections to partners hazy. Consider interactions as lessons in the spiritual side of love and togetherness. Venus is waking up in your career house, so you should see movement here soon. Bosses may be requesting you to do more work, or some may return to work. Those still looking are likely to see interviews and new professional seeds sprouting. Watch out for miscommunications and misunderstandings with friends until the 15th of the month. A conflict may be brewing with a friend. Don't get caught on the wrong side of a conversation. 



Tarot Card: 6 of Wands- Celebrating a victory.  

Pay close attention to the work-life balance this month, dear Libra. Do not underestimate how quickly your scales can tip in either direction. This is a great month to get right with your clan and come up with a solid plan. Your home space may be overrun with work, with things bleeding into your personal space. It won't take much to get overwhelmed. The full moon eclipse will be taking place in your home zone. Some of you are in the final stages of saving money for a home, a move, or a big relocation. Family members may have strife as well, so be careful how much you want to get involved. Venus, your ruling planet, is now direct shining a light on your new outlook on love and beliefs. Many of you were meant to focus more on your self-love and devotion. Likely, any partnerships that couldn't step up have now fallen away. Mercury is going retrograde in your career zone and a second new moon in Cancer comes later in the month. Take your time in July; don't rush things. To make the physical and professional shifts you want, you must let your emotions catch up first. The change you're craving is coming soon enough. 



Tarot Card: The Tower- situations fall apart, unexpected chaos. 

Communication is critical this month. You may find yourself having to have difficult conversations that just may create a domino effect. Be that intentionally or not. It's come the time for you to be extra clear about what your boundaries are. Verbalize what you need. The Full moon will emphasize this, along with vehicle or contract issues. You may get a significant letter or email. An extended family member may be having a challenging situation going on with their job. In the love department, it's a little cheerier. Venus is waking up in your sexuality zone, allowing you to focus more on security with someone special. Perhaps you've spent the last few weeks working out a budget, or insurance agreement. Whatever that's lacked, will move forward. The New Moon is shining a light on your higher self. Opportunities for travel and expanded education will come about. If you've meant to take up a new study or visit a faraway place, this will move forward in the weeks ahead. If you can hold off on any travel booking until the end of the month, do so. Mercury can still let a few details fall between the cracks prior to going direct.  



Tarot Card: The Empress- Motherhood or figures, pregnant with new ideas or business. 

This full moon is quite the doozy for your financial life. You may sign a big client, receive a check or lump sum. Some of you may get some financial assistance after a bit of a wait. You deserve it! Perhaps you'll do something beautiful for yourself. Pamper yourself with a mud mask or beauty treatment. Now you see exactly what you've been working so hard for. Venus is waking up in your house of marriage. Likely if there have been any disputes or disagreements, they will be hashed out and finalized now. Some of you are in relationship limbo, and I expect the answer to come in the weeks ahead. You must put your self and your goals first right now. If partners can't meet you there, then you will see the writing on the wall. In the midst of this, your professional life is beginning to pick up speed. Be sure to be very clear on expenses and any transactions. Mercury is turning tricks in your house of shared resources. The new moon may have you parting with the past in some way. Helping you shake all the skeletons out from the closet. Uncomfortable can be a good thing; it means you're growing. 



Tarot Card: 10 of Coins- financial completion or success. 

Look at you! Another month of you coming out on top. I joke that your sign is most likely to survive the apocalypse. I know it's been a rough one, but this Full Moon Is excellent for bringing the wind back into your sails. Expect to get a boost of positive energy. Pay attention to the physical body as it can be easily overwhelmed. This is an excellent time to make changes to your wardrobe or physical appearance. Venus is now moving forward in your home of routine. Health may be improving, along with diet. If you've taken up a new physical workout routine, you'll begin to see the results of staying on track. You may be back to work or changing offices now. Both Mercury and the new moon are emphasizing your opposite sign, Cancer. Be mindful that how you relate to others will come up a lot this month. There will be some things that are not negotiable when it comes to the relationship department. Some of you are letting partners go, while others are finally getting back on the dating horse. Regardless of where you're at, take it easy on yourself. When things are in flow, the body moves differently. Take note of any feelings of tension or strain. 



Tarot Card: 5 of Swords- Learning not to resist change.

This is going to be a month of some deep psychological or whimsical feels. It could go either way. The full moon taking place will be in your unseen sector. Unexpected dreams, emotions, and fear can surface here. Take it easy on yourself. Manage your sleep schedule and meditate to release any inner anxiety. Film may be something of interest to you now. Mysticism and religion may be topics that fascinate you. Venus is moving through your creative zone, and the final touches can be put on a personal project. Children or dating may be emphasized here too. Mercury is going through your house of daily routine, shining a light on where you need some help. Updates on gadgets or the kitchen could come about. This can also be reorganizing your home or helping a family member with health issues. Regardless, do your best to be helpful. Don't spread yourself too thin taking care of anyone. Do your best to keep on track with your health and wellness also. The New Moon will give you a second shot at rearranging a home office, or just getting healthy. 



Tarot Card: 3 of Coins- Preparing yourself for action.

There's a theme to the full moon for you, and it's learning what friends you can lean on when in need. Pay attention to who shows up for you when you're navigating some big decisions this month. Vibes are very much a thing. Those who vibrate together hang together. Mercury is still working through your house of true love. Likely you're hashing out matters of the heart; This could be deciding if you move forward in a romantic connection or talks of babies. You're incredibly fertile in many ways. New inspiration may arrive to help you dive deep into a creative endeavor. Performing or sharing your talents with the world could feel extra important now. Lean into that. Venus is now direct in your home sector. If you've found yourself looking for making changes to your home, hold off on that until the end of July. This includes significant alterations or purchasing furniture. Purchases, leases and home agreements should be thoroughly looked over. Read the fine print.




Candace Marie of Beyond the Veil Tarot has her degree in Cultural Anthropology with a minor in Theology, and studied at the School of Evolutionary Astrology. She is also a graduate of Sacred Crossings Death Midwifery School, and a root worker and herbalist. Read her bio here, and catch more of her work on Beyond the Veil Tarot.


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with. Friendships may be at a crossroads. If you feel the need to expand socially, look into joining a group or association. Networking can bring in powerful new friendships and business contacts. 

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