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New Moon in Taurus: May 15, 2018

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New Moon in Taurus, May 2018 

Earth Intimacy & Intentions

by Rebecca Farrar of Wild Witch of the West
Collage by Janeva Zentz


  •  4:48 a.m. PT/ 7:48 a.m. ET/ 11:48 a.m. UTC
  • Conjunct Sedna


Earth activism, sensuality, Earth awakening, connection, preventive health, action, energy, creativity, value, pleasure 

Collective Energies: 

The Taurus new moon on May 15 activates our desire for connection to ourselves, others, but also Earth itself. The Earthly, second sign of the zodiac reminds us to stop and smell the roses and appreciate the finer things in life while also honoring productivity. Taurus, like the Earth, continually leans into the creative process. The shadow side can be indulgence, materialistic, or bull-headedness. All things to notice during this new lunar phase. A key aspect of Taurus energies is understanding our relationship to intimacy itself and this new moon offers the perfect impetus to explore whether through tantric practices or a personal deep dive into the watery realms of our unconscious.


Conjunct Sedna, the dwarf planet named after Inuit goddess of the ocean, the new moon links us to bodies of water and the symbolism of our own depths. I often call it the mermaid planet in sessions as people with strong Sedna in their natal chart tend to value or live near water, particularly protecting it. This goddess has a traumatic past, though her legacy reminds us of the gems often only found in our ability to go deeper metaphorically and literally.


This new moon cycle begins on the same day Uranus moves into Taurus, awakening Earth consciousness and activism, both concerns of Taurus and Sedna. Things could get a little weird (“weird” is Uranus’ middle name) as a seven-year cycle of Uranus in Aries ends and we move into a long-term phase of major shifts perhaps with the environment, financial structures, or collective values.


Everyday ritual recommendations:

//Mind// Read books by Earth activists such as Joanna Macy, Thomas Berry, or Rachel Carson

//Body// Pleasure is the name of the game…massages, eating yummy food or shopping for beautiful things

//Spirit// Meditation or walking in nature, preferably near water

//Soul// Art therapy session or perhaps some sexy time alone or with a partner


Questions to consider for intention setting:

  • What is my role in caring for Earth and how do I feel called to protect it?
  • Where and how do I experience the most pleasure in my life and how can I amplify it?
  • What does intimacy mean to me? Is it something I focus more on with myself or others?
  • Am I more comfortable giving or receiving pleasure?

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