May Tarotscopes 2021

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May Tarotscopes 2021

Horoscopes by Kerstin Hern from The Mirrored Lantern  / Original art for J. Southern Studio by Spirited Animals


May 2021 Tarotscopes

Greetings! Here are your May Tarotscopes, offering you both celestial and energetic archetypal insights to navigate the month of May!
Please read your Rising (Ascendent), Sun, and Moon, and if you are experiencing major life shifts, I recommend checking out your North Node, as well. If you don’t know your personal signs, you can generate your natal chart for free at Astrodienst!
Stay tuned for May’s Celestial Insights blog for a deep dive on this month’s lunations, symbols, and ritual and altar inspiration, too!



Tarot Card- 10 of Pentacles (plus you got a jumper-The Devil): 
There is a culmination of resources and financial abundance coming in for you, Aries friends, and this can look like a financial windfall from family, inheritance, family helping you get a dream job, or other material support and abundance. This makes so much sense with the new moon lighting up your 2nd house! With The Devil jumping out, that is just reminding you to be aware of addictive, obsessive, or low-vibe behaviors that make you feel powerless. Stay in your power and self-dependency and you will reap the rewards!

New Moon in Taurus: Lighting up your 2nd House of financial and personal value, you have an opportunity this month to start very stable new ways of earning financially or emotionally, as this new moon in Taurus is ruled by Venus—the planet of abundance, money, and love. All this takes place in a fixed sign that likes stability and comfort. Plant seeds of intention to manifest new ways to increase value where you need it most, whether that looks like a new job, starting a passion project, launching that Etsy store, or more compassionate self-talk. Then put words into action leading up to May 19th with Saturn brings a “lock-it-in-place” energy.

Super Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius: Lighting up your 9th House of higher learning, travel, and spirituality, this super full moon/total lunar eclipse is getting up close and personal with where you need to clear out blockages or do releases with people/situations that prevent your expansion. Sag rules the 9th house (and loves “the truth”) so this is an opportune time to connect with your inner truth, your inner fire, your outward community, and thirst for more knowledge. Eclipses tend to remove things for our highest good, so collaborate with this fated energy and ask yourself, “Where am I being held back, held down, less free?” Sit with those truths and start to chip away at the shackles keeping you down and dimming your fire.

Look out for: As Mercury stations retrograde at the end of the month, be sure to sign contracts and have detailed, important conversations a few days before the 29th, if possible. If not—no worries, just have a back-up plan in place, all computer docs backed up, and let “flexibility” be your mantra!


Tarot Card- Queen of Pentacles: 
This card is a great foretelling of manifesting earthly delights on the new moon in your sign, as the Queen of Pentacles is full of abundance of every kind, taking care of her loved ones, herself, and basically doing it all with ease and grace. She’s a very Taurean card, engaging comforts, self-care, luxury while being generous and giving to others. Be open to people like this coming in to help you, or take on this role for others to embody the highest vibrations of Taurus.

New Moon In Taurus: This new moon in your sign, earthy Taureans! That means your 1st house of “self” is being activated. Reinventing yourself or updating your look—a new haircut, new tattoo, redecorating your house—whatever self-expression feels both comforting and empowering right now is a beautiful thing. This new moon is also a perfect time to set intentions around doing things you haven’t done before that maybe you’ve been fearful to try… Put yourself out there where it feels safe, especially with Ceres entering your sign right before this new moon, being a cheerleader for you, bringing comforting mama vibes.

Super Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius: This full moon falls in your 8th house of death/rebirth and transformation. Sag loves exploration, truth, and connection, so with these themes in mind, think about where you may need to let something symbolically “die” so it can be reborn in a more expansive way that connects you to your inner truth. Intimacy is a keyword in the 8th house, too, so check in with your romantic/sexual relationships, check in with your money/joint finances/inheritance and be sure all is in balance on all sides. Let this lunation help you release anything keeping your love and money off balance.

Look out for: Uranus is in your sign with the new moon, so expect the unexpected and work with that energy to start much-needed transformation through the full moon lunar eclipse on the 26th. Mercury stations retrograde in Gemini at the very end of this month, too, so double-check before hitting send, back up your files, and be thoughtful with your words.



Tarot Card- Queen of Cups
: The Queen of Cups may show up for you as another person or as an archetype you will embody this month… She is the tender, empathetic, nurturing healer who is a shoulder to cry on as well as the wisdom-giver. Think “celestial therapist” energy. If you need it, call in and be open to someone being this support for you, or hear the beckoning of others and give your empathy to and hold space for someone who needs it. Giving and receiving compassion this month will be your talisman for healing. 

New Moon In Taurus: The Taurus new moon visits your 12th house of the unconscious, the hidden, and the deepest parts of your soul. This particular new moon is very ripe for manifestation, but since it is also in your 12th house, it is a meaningful time to go inward, reflect, and begin to think about where you may need to let go and release for the full moon. This will help you recalibrate and recharge, so spending extra time alone may be your medicine this month. Search your soul and send yourself love where you need it most, take pleasure in creature comforts, good food, sex, and self-care. Peace is the place to be, dear Gems! Be gentle with yourselves.

Super Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius: After going within and soul-searching, this full moon and total lunar eclipse in your 7th house of relationships and partnerships asks you to acknowledge where you may need compromise in intimate relationships (romantic, friend, business, anything personal). Likewise, there be an ending of sorts in some type of relationship that you or they have outgrown, so try to center, ground, and accept, knowing that whatever/whoever leaves that is out of our control is time to go, according to their journey. Similarly, what has stayed through the storm is even stronger.

Look out for: Your ruling planet, Mercury stations their trusty retrograde on the 29th. This isn’t your first rodeo, so you know what to expect! Proofread, practice important conversations before having them, be patient, and use the blessing of Mercury Rx to review, revise, revisit all relationships that are meaningful to you.



Tarot Card- 6 of Swords: 
This card is a sigh of relief, letting you know that turbulence is winding down and you are moving away from mental and emotional overwhelm. This is also one of two cards about travel and movement, but I deeply connect with this card as a turning point between leaving something or someone behind that is painful, including internal thought patterns and dialogue, and using the lessons learned and wisdom gained to move forward slowly but surely. If you have experienced a painful parting, give thanks, breathe, and allow others to assist you in rowing toward smoother, clearer waters. 

New Moon In Taurus: This abundant new moon brings fresh energy to your 11th house of friendships and social groups, giving you lots of opportunity to network, make connections, new friends, and new business associates. In Taurus, this is extra potent for connections that bring you money, love, or material abundance—I’m feeling insights especially for people who are chefs, visual artists, and folks that work with their hands. Plant manifesting seeds for new connections, visualizing what your ideal work and friend environments look like, then take action steps to make it happen. If you are an artist or creative of any sort, Jupiter moving into Pisces on the 13th will be extra helpful for connections!

Super Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius: Full moons are already major, and adding a total lunar eclipse brings in even more release energy. This lunation energizes your 6th house of health, pets, and daily tasks. Sag loves to roam and explore, so tap into that and explore where you feel like something is missing or out of balance… This is the time to purge what doesn’t serve. If there are releases that are out of your control like saying goodbye to your sweet fur kiddo, lean on loved ones for support and know that life is a cycle and nothing truly ends. If your physical body is out of balance, shift your perspective to see where you can bring better health and wellness into your life… This health upgrade could trickle out into other parts of your life for the better, too.

Look out for: Mars is in your sign this month, so you will have an extra boost of action-oriented energy, passion, and motivation to get things done. With passion and motivation comes the heat with fore, so temper your temper and drive carefully to avoid accidents. Mercury retrogrades at the very end of the month, as well, so be sure to look over every communication transmission twice before putting it out there!



Tarot Card- Queen of Pentacles: Taurus friends also got this card for May! With a new moon in a sign ruled by Venus, the planet of love and money, this card is giving you Leos the green light to make moves in your career and public image, encouraging you to ask for what you deserve or making a change in your work life, becoming your own boss. This lunation and tarot energy are all about taking charge, making money, receiving abundance, and enjoying Earthly pleasures… You should reward yourself for your hard work and taking care of others! 

New Moon In Taurus: This fertile new moon expands your 10th house of career and public honors… Given the powerful manifestation energy here, this is a favorable time to send out your resume, email a contact, have a meeting with your boss, or spread the word about seeking bigger and better work opportunities. If you are comfy in your work life, think about ways you can expand in your role that are more fulfilling, and even asking for a raise. Overall, this house spotlights your skills and how the public sees you, so setting intentions for a new skill you want to master or be known for publicly is auspicious.

Super Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius: This super full moon, and also total lunar eclipse, is shining in your 5th house of pleasure, creativity, and children. This the house your sign  generally rules, so there’s extra power here. You work hard, and probably love to play hard with your fun, energetic nature, but you may have felt bogged down with responsibilities… Use this full moon and lunar eclipse as a wake-up call to chop out the baggage or emotional weight that is keeping your creativity tamped down. Removing obstacles, shifting time management, and restructuring your schedule to make room for pleasure (whether it’s painting, making music, a romantic getaway, or hanging with kiddos) you are being called to engage with creativity and childlike joy. With the Queen of Pentacles and the new moon in your 10th, there may be a link here with creativity and career… It’s up to you what you do with it! 

Look out for: The moon enters Leo on the 17th and 18th, a great in-between time after setting your new moon intentions and before the full moon’s abundance starts to show up and eclipse releases begin to occur… Tap into your lion heart and ask yourself what fills it up. Take center stage at work or in your creative pursuits on these 2 days. Mercury goes Rx on the 29th, so if you are seeking new career and/or creative opportunities, get your emails and calls made a couple days before to ensure smooth communication.



Tarot Card- The Empress: This beautiful major arcana card is the epitome of Venus and abundance. This goddess, comfortable in every way, sits on her soft throne wearing her celestial crown signifying guidance from the cosmos, with a Venus talisman at her feet. This card is a gentle but powerful reminder to engage in self-care, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Find comforts that make your body, mind, and soul feel nourished, satiated, and loved. This is a 3 card, symbolizing creation, so this could be you expressing yourself creatively, healing through art, launching a passion project, or even physical pregnancy. If you have been feeling burned out, try to find a way to retreat in nature, even just getting your feet in some dirt and earthing or in some natural water for cleansing. Connect with Gaia to awaken your Divine Feminine. We all have DF within us, and she is calling you right now.

New Moon In Taurus: As an earth sign, this new moon in a fellow earth sign and the very Venusian Empress card are all pointing to planting seeds of intention and manifesting earthly and material abundance and wellness. This lunation lights up your 9th house of spirituality, higher learning, and getting out of the mundane, so with the material meeting the spiritual, you have ample energy to grow and transform your life and being, sweet Virgos. What routines can you change up or expand to bring in more adventure or diversity? What stimulates your mind and soul? Start there and you will find as above, so below will your reality change. 

Super Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius: This Sag super full moon and lunar eclipse is highlighting the 4th house of family and home life for you this month. This could involve actual change of residence, a family member or housemate leaving/moving, or a deeper more symbolic shift in where you feel the most at home. Ending and releases are they keywords here, so be open to change for your highest good, or engage with actively making change and moves around home and family for your highest good. I intuitively feel like for some of you there may be conflict energy around clashing ideas about what’s best for something/someone involving home or family, so try to bring the organization and collaboration you are loved for into the mix to help corral everyone. If the issue is heavy, like old wounds from the past around family come up, try to acknowledge them, name them, and process them to completion, or at least sit with them and journal your feelings. The intensity of emotion matches the intensity and power of healing if you are ready. If you are not, that’s ok, too.

Look out for: Mercury enters retrograde on the 29th, your ruling planet, so get organized and send out all communications a few days before or a few days after this date, if possible. Knowing what to expect alleviates some tension, so just double check your texts, emails, and clear out files and docs you don’t need anymore to make room for the new around the end of the month. Mercury Rx doesn’t always mean disaster! Sometimes it looks like someone from our past hitting us up out of nowhere. I’m feeling this for you, Virgos! Be ready for a message or send one out yourself if your heart tells you to. It could bring lots of comfort.



Tarot Card- Queen of Cups: I meditate on and shuffle these bad boys like crazy, but sometimes certain cards have messages for multiple signs! Your fellow air sign, Gemini also got the Queen of Cups message, and I’m feeling like this Gemini/Sagittarius eclipse axis and upcoming Mercury Rx are really telling air signs to engage in emotional care this month. You will be more activated than other signs, so calling in or seeking out an empathetic, motherly, nurturing person that feels like a mentor, mama, or therapist will do you lots of good this month. Even if things are moving along steadily, leaning on someone to work out deeper thoughts and emotions could bring some long-needed healing around certain issues because you are ready. Likewise, if you are the one who embodies this archetype in May, check in on friends (especially fellow air signs) and be the empathetic shoulder they may need right now. Creating these emotional cords are deeply nourishing for all parties involved, and it may give you a needed sense of purpose.

New Moon In Taurus: This earthy new moon is happening in your 8th house death and rebirth and transformation. This house also governs other people’s money, inheritance, and taxes. To sum it up, power is the key word here. The 8th house is ruled by Scorpio, who loves to get deep, so doing inner work/shadow work on this new moon will be very healing and unlock where transforming your relationship to power and/or money needs attention. Once the moon starts to wax a day or 2 after its peak, ask yourself where you may not have agency or were you may not feel empowered and manifest empowerment where you need it most.

Super Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius: This super full moon and eclipse will be affecting your 3rd house of community, communication, and siblings. Keep your schedule on track and gas up for running errands or mini-trips. If you did shadow work or soul-searching around the new moon, notice what came up around transformation… Is there something you can do in your community around learning/teaching, sharing that could make you feel empowered and helpful? Similarly, releasing and letting go of old patterns and calcified blockages around feeling seen and empowered are asking to be released right now. Engage with siblings, chosen family, and your community to lift you up by helping them out. If it felt safe, get out there and socialize. However, try to steer clear of drama and getting tangled in trying to please everyone. Just speak your truth and do you!

Look out for: Looking for an extra boost of luck? See what house Pisces rules in your chart and take note of May 13—Jupiter moves into this sign and its universally a healing energy day for all, but will give you an extra boost of luck and expansion in your personal Pisces house! End of the month, Mercury enters retrograde, so as an air sign, you may feel the rumbles more… Just do the usual: backup your computer, proofread all communications, check in with people you sent important info to, and maybe don’t book any flights or travel a few days on either side of this Rx, just to be safe!



Tarot Card- Queen of Swords
: This Queen is all about keeping it real, to the point, and crystal clear when it comes to communication. This is a great reminder in a month where we have Mercury stationing retrograde, and also a super full moon lunar eclipse… Scorpio friends, you are deep AF, and it’s amazing how you can feel all the feels, so this card is a boost of encouragement to balance your deep waters with light breezes to bring clear, direct, and confident communication to the forefront, wherever you need it. Queens can sometimes be people in our lives, so if you have a no BS femme energy person coming in, they may be bringing you a truth you need to hear, or have a constructive, albeit chilly, criticism that will benefit you in the long run. Do your best to listen to them. This Queen also looks to the future, so she is ready to leave old thought patterns and conversations that are worn out behind. Goal-oriented and collective-oriented, this person or energy is shedding light on TRUTH for everyone’s highest good.

New Moon In Taurus: This new Venus-y moon in Taurus engages your 7th house of relationships and partnerships. If you have been chatting with someone you’re vibing with, this new moon is a perfect lunation to set intentions around long-term romance. If you want to bring some love in, write your intentions as specifically as you can on paper in the present tense, describing your ideal love. New relationships and partnerships of every kind are promising. Having talks and getting clear (hellooooo, Queen of Swords!) around existing intimate relationships are also highlighted and encouraged right now to bring clarity and growth.

Super Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius: This lunation spotlights your 2nd house of personal financial value. It’s also the way you value yourself, and recognize your self-worth. Regarding relationships, what comes up for you around lacking agency and value? What blockages are keeping you from your rightful empowerment? Thank and release them if you are ready to let them go. The new moon has your back for fresh starts around partnership. On a practical level, it may be time to get finances organized and cleaned up. Either way, culling the courage to release long-held comforts that do not actually serve you will be greatly rewarded in divine timing. Otherwise, the universe may come in and lunar eclipse them out for you!

Look out for: Saturn stations Rx on May 23, where karmic debts are being collected and we are asked to take responsibility for our actions. The following day the moon is in your sign, where there is availability to go deep emotionally… This could be someone who hurt you being called on to take responsibility (or it could be you), but there is room for understanding and intuitive insights when the moon is in your sign. Scorpios have psychic gifts if they choose to tap in, so you could gain insight around a certain relationship that has deep meaning but a lot of layers through dreams or intuitive messages. Use this time to also acknowledge cycles that are ending and where you may need to cut energetic cords in your life. Check the house Sag rules in your chart to see where the universe is urging you to cleanse and release. Side note: I’m also getting an intuitive feeler that some of you are not sleeping well or having bad dreams… Try to meditate, ground, take a calming bath, drink calming tea, or do spellwork with mugwort, black tourmaline, and lavender under or around your pillow to help sleep and astral travel. If possible, keep a dream journal to chart what your unconscious is communicating—there may be medicine in there.



Tarot Card- Knight of Pentacles: 
Sag buds, you have a lot of energy in your sign this month! This card is a message to take it slow and steady, whatever kind of work you are doing, especially if it is around school/teaching/learning. It also indicates that any goals you have in the works may not happen as fast as you would like, but you will be grateful for the sturdy foundation in the end. This is also a card about commitment and material and financial gains, so you may be receiving an offer of commitment around work/job offer or a new way to earn money or personal value. Hell yeah, congrats!

New Moon In Taurus: If you haven’t been engaged in a good wellness routine for your body, this new moon is a shiny opportunity to set goals and plans to commit to a new daily routine around your health. The 6th house also rules jobs (versus career) and pets, so set intentions around new ways to make money (also helped out by that Knight of Pentacles) and take slow and steady steps to make it happen. Even more fun—maybe you’re adopting a furry (or scaly) friend!! New moon in Taurus in your house of pets? A blessing for everyone with lots of love. 

Super Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius: This is a biggie, Sag. The 1st house of self, how we portray ourselves to the world, and how the world sees us, is being beckoned into the light. Let the super full moon light up every nook and cranny of your being to both recognize your abundance and value and see where outdated and old energy needs releasing. This could be a very physical change to your appearance that boosts your confidence or it could be a more internal shift around how you show up in the world. It could also be a relationship release that may be painful but necessary. Let your assertive self take the spotlight and use your wanderlust energy to explore your inner domain with self-love. Make the necessary shifts that will support your soul growth spurts. Growing pains are real, but so are growing gains, y’all.

Look out for: Your ruling planet enters Pisces on the 13th, so this is a very lucky day for you! Whatever you’ve been mustering the courage to do, the 13th is the day to do it. Also, check what house Pisces rules in your personal chart to see where the universe is sprinkling lucky dust, too. This lunar eclipse is a major release point for you, and you also have the south node in your sign trining Chiron at the end of the month. This is another portal for major releases, past life karma, ancestral trauma, all the heaviest, rotted deep roots to get some light. Be gentle with yourself this month and with others. I feel compelled to also say: Respond don’t react.



Tarot Card- 6 of Wands
: Success! Literally… SUCCESS. After some clunky communication, possible clashing of ideas, all is smooth and everyone is seen and heard, and you are probably right in the middle of this collaboration and achievement. Wherever your passion has been pouring, Caps, you reached a pinnacle of success, or are about to. Praise and recognition by peers and collaborators are coming your way, so take pride in your accomplishments!

New Moon In Taurus: This new moon is bringing a lot of abundance energy and is heeding calls for manifestation… For you, the 5th house of creativity, pleasure, and children is lit up. If you are planning a family, this is a sweet new moon to set that intention once it starts to wax (at least a day after the peak). Fridays are Venus day, a great day for ritual around pregnancy and childbirth. Similarly, if you are looking to birth creative ideas, use the same days and energies of Venus to manifest creative dreams and activate your inner inspiration and creative voice. With your tarot card this month, it looks like celebration is in store!

Super Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius: With all the celebrating and love and creativity flowing, it is important to balance the outer with the inner… This full moon eclipse is happening in your 12th house of the hidden, unconscious, and where we may feel confined. Pay attention to your dreams and inner compass and follow your guide down into the darkness to see what may need releasing and recycling. This may also be a time at the end of the month when you need to be alone to meditate on life and recent events. Give gratitude where you find abundance in your life, as well as whatever you are letting go, and enjoy some alone time to recalibrate. Getting spiritual is also deeply nourishing and healing right now for you!

Look out for: Pluto is in your sign throughout the month, the planet of death/rebirth and transformation. Using the highest vibrations of Pluto, working with him and not against him, can give you deep insights into where transformation is ready in your life. See how that plays out especially around the full moon lunar eclipse on the 26th. When one door closes, another one always opens. That is the cycle of life. Also check what house is ruled by Scorpio in your chart to pinpoint that transformation energy a bit more, as Pluto and Scorpio are mates. Going deep will serve you well this month, Caps!



Tarot Card- 7 of Swords
: There are 2 sides to this card for me… One is that you or someone you know are trying to get away with something—nothing too crazy, but maybe manipulating a truth or leaving something out regarding information in a group. That is not going to end well! The second feeling I get with 7 of Swords is that you need to muster up some scrappy energy to get something done. In no way does this mean be unethical or try to get away with something in an immoral way, but rather use your resources and be extra strategic to get the job done.

New Moon In Taurus: This new moon in homey, comfy Taurus is landing in your 4th house of home and family. This is a lovely spot for the new moon, as this could mean a refresh around beautifying your space, moving into a new place you’re stoked about, or even bigger—welcoming someone into the family. There will be activity around home and family that will be long-lasting, as Taurus is a stubborn root-planter that doesn’t like to budge. So setting intentions around long-lasting home and family wishes will be blessed!

Super Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius: Super full moon plus lunar eclipse usually equals some sort of ending or release (sometimes with a rebirth soon after), and this parting energy is happening in your 11th house of friendships and social groups. There may have been a bad vibe or recent rift that was one of many, Aquarius friends, and the writing is on the wall. Any endings in and around your social space and friend groups have probably been a long time coming. If you have been hanging into someone or some group that you feel you’ve outgrown, this lunation is supporting you in following your heart and your gut in walking away. If there’s not a break, there may be a test, and that’s ok, too. Sometimes we need these to pause and reflect on where we are at with certain people.

Look out for: Jupiter and Saturn are both in your sign for the first half of this month, so there may be a push/pull energy… Just go with the flow and use the new moon to manifest change to pull you out of the ebb and more into flow. Separately, though, these signs collectively bring luck, expansion, structure and commitment. Tap into that where you need it most—it’s available to you!



Tarot Card- Ace of Pentacles (and you got a jumper- 7 of Swords): Overall, there is new beginning and new offer energy around work and money, Pisces friends! The timing is right for a new job or project, so be open to messages and contacts that want to have conversations about the work you do or want to do. The caveat here is: Don’t do anything even remotely shady to get it… Having the 7 of Swords jump out is a reminder to not try to get away with anything, be sneaky, or be overly strategic to your detriment. Just play by the rules, be as honest and transparent as possible, and when the timing is right, the offer will come. Pentacles are also our bodies, so if there is some new physical work you are doing, don’t take any shortcuts! Be healthy and kind to your bods. 

New Moon In Taurus: The new Taurus moon is bringing loving and beautifying Venusian energy into all of our lives, and for you, it is highlighting your 3rd house of communication, community, and siblings. If you are a teacher of younger kids, this also brings a message. Wherever you need to do shadow work, spelunking into your unconscious and dream states to see where there may be fractures, the new moon is a great time to do it. Then as she waxes, all of that Venus abundance comes in… Balance the shadow and light around what beauty means to you in your community, classroom, or with sibling relationships and how you can both give and receive abundance from these spaces. 

Super Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius: The super full moon and lunar eclipse combo is bringing in major release and ending energy, mostly around long-standing cycles and patterns. This big moon and major eclipse is affecting your 10th house of career and public honors. Whether you are leaving a job, get let go, or have some sort of shift in your career goals, accept what is happening because something brighter and more fulfilling is waiting for you on the other side. If work is chill, this could manifest in public spaces, so could look like stepping into the spotlight to “perform” in some way. I feel like although this is big release energy, the big brightness of the full moon is asking you to receive some attention. There may be important messages and transformations there that will benefit you for a long time.

Look out for: Neptune and Jupiter are in your sign the first half of the month, so double check all info coming in, since not everything may be what it seems. The other side of the Jupiter and Neptune duo in your sign (with Neptune at home here) is that floods of inspiration and creativity will be coming in, whether it’s creating actual art or creatively thinking about your life and changes you want to make to consciously choose to access those deep wells of creativity. You are amazing at that, and it is always your medicine, Pisces friends.




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Kerstin from The Mirrored Lantern has practiced right hand path magick and tarot for over 28 years and has been a lover and learner of astrology for just as long… She is currently in graduate school for Clinical Psychology with a specialization in Spiritual & Depth Psychology. Follow her on instagram @themirroredlantern for witch tips, occulture, and depth psych tidbits!


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