Cancer: Mother Nurture, Sea of Secrets

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Cancer: Mother Nurture, Sea of Secrets


Mother Nurture, Sea of Secrets
June 20- July 22
by Cody Channel / Illustration by Stacey Newmyer  

"Love, when it is a sacred quest, is a space of resurrection and repair. It does more than help us survive a soulless world; it helps us to transform.”

- Marianne Williamson


  • Planetary Ruler: Moon
  • House association: 4th House
  • Element: Water
  • Mode: Cardinal
  • Symbol: The Crab
  • Positive Traits: Caring, receptive, mystical, medium, infectious warmth, ancestral healer.
  • Negative Traits: Lunacy, mania, manipulative, secretive, fearful, living in the past.
  • Compatible Signs: Capricorn, Scorpio, Gemini.
  • Herbs: Chamomile, Fenugreek, Jasmine, Carnation
  • Crystals: Pearl, Moonstone
  • Tarot: The High Priestess, The Chariot
  • Region of the Body: Upper Respiratory, Arms and Hands
  • Color: Pink, White, Pearlescent
  • Famous Cancer: Liv Tyler, Nelson Mandela, Nikola Tesla, Marianne Williamson, Ariana Grande, Solange Knowles



On June 20th, The sun enters the fertile and mothering sign of Cancer where it will stay until July 22nd.

Cancer originates from the Latin word meaning crab. The constellation can be seen in the sky as the protective crab. The symbol for cancer was represented by two turtles and later a crayfish in Ancient Babylonia, then replaced with the Crab. In Greek mythology, Cancer was sent to to kill Hydra, the multi headed serpent, but upon pinching Hercules’ foot was squashed by Hercules and placed in the Sky by Hera, Zeus’s wife. Fortunately, there is a better story that may better depict the true nature of Cancer. According to the second myth, a giant crab named Crios guarded the sea nymphs in King Poseidon's kingdom. The crab was blessed with immortality and was tasked to make sure none of the Nymphs (Poseidon’s daughters) left the safety of their kingdom. When a few of the Nymphs got away, he enlisted the help of Vamari, or vampire squid, who ate them and told Crios they were no where to be found. Crios was aware he was being lied to which led to a full on dual between the two. Although Crios was victorious, he was crippled from the attacks. Because he was immortal, Crios was doomed to live in pain. Poseidon wanted to reward Crios for his bravery so he placed him in the sky. This story can give us some insight into the symbolism of sacrifice and protection of the feminine.

Cancer is the 4th sign in the Zodiac and is ruled by the moon. The moon is the second most influential and the fastest moving planet. The moon is our mirror, our receiver and transmission of needs. The moon creates waves of intelligent emotional musings that are received and reflected back uniquely by all facets of life on earth. The moon is celebrated all over the world as it cycles, showing us where and when we need to balance emotions, plant seeds, and release. The moon shows us how we were raised to process and receive love and the emotional blocks we may have created or brought in from our mothers. The moon describes what you need in order to feel emotional fulfillment which makes the moon a huge indicator as to what you may need in order to manifest. Emotions ripple like waves throughout our body and allow us to cleanse and release energy as well as birth and receive energy on full and new moons. The moon also rules over our our intuition and subconscious which means that we need to be supported and safe emotionally in order to unlock the magical intuition style of heart. We all want to manifest more joy, love, and abundance in our lives. In order to receive these blessings, we can take a look at what we need to be emotionally supported. When we can tend to our emotional needs, we can better receive the abundance of blessings the universe wants to give us.

The moon changes signs every two and one half days or so and has a cycle of about 28 days. There are 13 moons in a lunar calendar. The moon affects fertility, menstruation and bodies of water. The moon rules the tides and heavily influences or reflects the emotional receptivity and vitality of life on earth. The moon is associated with the mother, the matriarchy, mania, and memories. Memories are just thoughts attached to strong emotions, of which Cancer is the gate keeper. Cancers remember their past lives and childhoods with vivid colors. They symbolize the matriarch and have been assigned to record historical events and healing traditions in ancient civilizations. Many prophets speak of the return of the matriarch and I am hopeful and supportive of this much needed return. For thousands of years we have lived completely detached from the healing properties presented to us by the moon and therefore have been starved of our god given right to heal. The moon is healing because the moon is revealing our inner world and encourages self reflection.

Cancer rules over the 4th house in astrology which rules over the area of home, security, mothering, compassion, psychic development and ancestral roots. The fourth house is where we develop and learn about our emotional nature. It is here that we feel and perceive what it means to be nurtured by our mother. The 4th house is the first of the psychic houses and is most closely associated with the roots and the hidden secrets of the family ancestry. The 4th house guides us to connect with the subconscious shadow of our past lives and work through emotional blocks or fears inherited in childhood. A well aspected 4th house can bring about land ownership and can indicate luxuries surroundings later in life. Much like the moon, the 4th house connects with the aspects beyond our control and therefore requires a fluidity and self knowledge in order to navigate the ebbing and flowing of life. The 4th house can also be where you dream and collect symbolism and retrieve lost parts of your soul from early life or past lives. 

Cancers are the gate keepers of the mysteries of the ocean. They move naturally with the moon and its tides. They appear to shapeshift or become more moon like during the full moons. They will often have round eyes and moon like qualities to their appearance. They posses a very special and infectious laugh with a smile that can make you feel truly seen. It is the mission of Cancer to unlock the hidden secrets of people and their motives. Cancer is the first water sign in the zodiac and is highly empathetic and in tune with the ebb and flow of feelings. They are always studying others and keeping journals to help assist them to process the emotions of others. Cancers can be very brave during moments of crisis because they have spent their whole lives building emotional security and can be of service because of their impeccable boundaries.

The Cancer child is usually born without boundaries and can be overwhelmed by the jolt of energy earth offers them. The fast paced ways of life can often exhaust them and they will need to find safe places to retreat.They are born in a pure loving energy that needs to search for protection from their fears. Most cancer children mention having fond memories of their nightly bath time where their spirit can be safe and they can relax. Cancer children can be fearful of the dark and require more assistance and attention than usual from their mother. Because they have such finely tuned emotions, they are able to remember highly emotional events like it was yesterday. They are affected by the level of care they received from their mother and yearn to create a peaceful and stable home. They need to unpack their fears and shadows in peace and should be encouraged to do so by their caregivers. They are often connected to their past life through images and dreams but are unable to put words to their deep and lingering feelings. Storytelling is one of their strongest gifts. They love school and organized activities but have a harder time coping with the harshness of school children and their mean words. The cancer child is precious and yearns to discover safety and security so they can build their armor in a way that best serves their mission in adulthood.

The Cancer cares so much about others that they need to constantly take a break and peel away the layers of their life in solitude and safety. Cancers often are found in helper roles and are prone towards mediumship. They are natural leaders of moon circle and can hold space for the healing of many hearts. Often they can connect to past lives and peer into the emotional motives of others. In their higher sense, they are able to use their spiritual gifts to unlock the hearts and free the societal conditioning placed upon their friends and family.

Cancers are represented by the high priestess card which can highlight their receptive nature and their ability to attract their desires by learning to harness the power of their emotions. The chariot tarot card can represent their ability to charge through the ups and downs in life. They seem to be thrown many curve balls to test out their armor and their true desires. They learn how to be buoyant and flow through the harshness of life. The Cancer can manifest their dreams when they can see their connection to the depths of human emotion and how to alchemize unsettling occurrences into vehicles for self actualization.

The Cancer is a uniquely mystical and evolutionary ally to the hearts of all who come into contact with them. Because they can peer into the souls of their closest friends, there can be some issues surrounding projection that goes both ways. They can be highly suspicious and jealous of their lovers if they have a feeling that they are being lied to. They want to uncover all of the hidden truths and information surrounding those they love. They can be known to smother or be co dependent with those in need. They can see the best in people and can be blind sighted by their own limitations when it comes to giving and helping their loved ones. The Cancers love can be felt like a warm blanket that can soothe and regenerate those who may need to retreat from the harshness of the world. Cancers love close relationships and can develop into highly feminine matriarchs or leaders of their families. They can often identify with both genders and are less likely to identify with the concept of male or female but more likely will identify with energy of feminine and all its hidden power. They can feel the full spectrum of emotions and are looking for someone who can meet them in their watery depths. They do well paired with other water signs but can also be a great match with a Capricorn. Capricorn being their opposite, can provide them with a more masculine polarity that will create a strong family bond that lasts a lifetime. 

America is a Cancer born on July 4th, and couldn’t be farther removed from all things Cancerian. Perhaps the greatest kept secrets lie in the brave men and women and record keepers who are stepping up and calling out for a revolution. The feminine aspect of the moon creates the container for grieving, healing, emotional exploration and self discovery. Cancers can point us all in the direction of our inner worlds and how to properly grieve. The Cancer teaches us that healing our ancestral karma is the key to unlocking magical abilities and enhance our ability to love. A very special representation of the lunar cycle and the essence of Cancer is the sea turtle. On a turtles back there are 13 scales representing the 13 moons surrounded by a circle of 28 scales creating a lunar calendar. The turtle medicine represents protecting emotions and grounding in water by burying their eggs in the sand and allowing their babies to grow safely and protected from predators. The turtle can teach us how to provide earthly stability while navigating the waters of emotion.

The Cancer is an oceanic god or goddess that can captivate and move us all into our hearts desires. Cancers have tender hearts and are led by their flowing emotions. They specialize in processing the feelings created by the emotion and can use them to unlock subconscious blocks. The secret power of love in its purest form deserves to be honored and accepted as one of the most important mysteries of our time. Cancers are here to expand and guide are hearts back home. The Cancer doesn’t ask for attention or care about achievements, rather they care about quality and depth of their soulful work on planet earth. It is their greatest work to restore the heart of humanity.









Cody Chanel is a holistic healer, evolutionary astrologer, massage therapist, and reiki master, as well as an electronic musician and sound healer. Find her on Instagram @codychannel or her website and read more of her entries on our blog Esoteric Insights.


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