April 2022 Tarotscopes

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April 2022 Tarotscopes

Astrology by Richard Contreras
Tarot by Kerstin Hern of The Mirrored Lantern
Original art for J. Southern Studio by Spirited Animals

April 2022 Tarotscopes

April greetings, and happy solar return wishes to all Aries and early Taurus folks! Below are your intuitive tarot readings coupled with insightful astro snapshots by Richard, per sign, for this month. We've pulled a card for the collective, which you can use in conjunction with your personal tarot card to create a robust narrative around what is calling your attention during this monthly cycle.

To get the most out of these Horoscopes, please read them based off of your Ascendant/ Rising sign, as these are the signs that are the basis of our monthly breakdowns. Your Ascendant sign is the sign of the Zodiac which was rising on the eastern horizon at the time, date & location of our birth, and it provides us with a much more individualized view of our personal astrology. If you do not yet know your Rising Sign, feel free to find it here: Chart Drawing, Ascendant. All you will need is the closest possible time, date & location of your birth. For those not able to find an accurate Rising Sign, you can secondarily read these horoscopes by your Sun sign and thirdly by your Moon sign.

Stay tuned for the Celestial Insights blog to see what the stars have to say, along with lunar magick offerings!



Of note this month are Page and Pentacle energies, which came up quite a bit. So whether it is you or folks you are in relationship with, childlike energy, studying, curiosity, and the security and abundance of the material realm are all in focus. Many folks may also be dealing with Earth signs this month more than usual.
Deck Used: Thoth Deck
Card: The Empress

The overall energetic message for this month that you can use to expand and clarify your personal card reading is: The Empress. In the Thoth deck, The Empress holds a blue lotus associated with Isis, representing feminine wisdom, and is sitting between waxing and waning moons, representing yin Feminine energy moving through its cycles of death and rebirth. She is surrounded by blue flames, representing her own birth and emergence from celestial water, the element of emotions, relationships, and magnetism, on which a sparrow (power and creativity) and dove (peace and purity) perch. The white bird (a pelican or swan) at her feet is feeding her young babies blood from her heart, representing the maternal nourishment energy of this card that gives us all life. On the other side rests a shield with the Alchemical two-headed eagle, representing cycles of rebirth and transformation. The Venus glyph is at the base of the card, the planet of love, relationships, how we love, value and worth. Venus rules Libra, our full moon sign this month, as well.

The Empress is the Mother of Light, the global womb of creation, manifesting and transforming ideas into the material realm. She bridges and joins the sacred masculine and feminine energies into collaborative balance that create something new and powerful as she harnesses Mother energy in all of its forms. Keywords: Anima, creativity, creation, gestation/birth, motherhood, flow of energy, abundance, nourishment, nurturing, life/death/rebirth cycles, feeling safe and having love for your body, connection to Divine and earthly realms simultaneously, Aphrodite


We start off April with a New moon in Aries in conjunction with dynamic Mercury and Chiron, the wounded healer. This month begins with strong energies of the Sun, Moon, Chiron and Mercury all coming together within a few degrees in the Sun’s sign of exaltation, ARIES. The Energy of breaking free and strongly stepping forward takes us into April. We are given access to Chrion’s ability to find profound healing, while at the same time, not pretending that our previous wounds are non-existent or have vanished. We take our experiences with us throughout this life, and while we experience major breakthroughs and heal our attachment to previous pains, Chiron reminds us that we should never fool ourselves into believing that they do not exist or that they cease to be a part of our complex experience here in this life.

As the month goes forward, we step through a Saturn/ Mars conjunction in Aquarius, a Neptune/Jupiter conjunction in Pisces and then end the month heading into eclipse season. This energy can be intense on the world stage, and when I look at the coming together of all these transits in April, I do unfortunately believe that aggressions will continue to be heightened, that reason and logic may take a backseat to impulse and instinct, and that personal ego’s can continue to be the moral compass that larger organizations/ countries a continuing to run by. As Jupiter and Neptine join forces, the breaking down of borders and/or the lack of respect of borders can become heightened.

However, while this is all going on worldwide, on a personal level the astrology of April has major themes of powershifts, forward movement & new horizons. As the sun moves into its sign of exaltation, Aries, we can feel emboldened by passions and get new insight into what we want going forward. We do however need to be aware of some of these specific transits I mentioned above, so staying grounded & tapped into compassion will be key. I really think it's important to stay aware of provable facts, as through most of this month and into the next, misinformation can be at an all-time-high, especially given Jupiter joining forces with Neptune.  



  • 4/1 New Moon in Aries

  • 4/2 Sun, Mercury Chiron Conjunction
  • 4/4 Mars Saturn Conjunction at 22 degrees Aquarius
  • 4/ 5 Venus enters Pisces
  • 4/8 Jupiter conjunct Neptune 23 degrees Pisces
  • 4/16 Full Moon in Libra
  • 4/29 Pluto stations Retrograde
  • 4/30 Solar Eclipse in Taurus (New Moon)


    • Sun: Aries & Taurus

    • Moon: Aries- Taurus
    • Mercury: Aries- Gemini
    • Venus: Aquarius-Pisces
    • Mars: Aquarius- Pisces
    • Jupiter: Pisces
    • Saturn: Aquarius
    • Uranus: Taurus
    • Neptune: Pisces
    • Pluto: Capricorn
    • North/ South Nodes: Taurus & Scorpio



      Tarot Card: Page of Pentacles
      Pentacles are still your suit of focus, Aries, and The Page of this suit is all about the future, poignant planning, and meeting your goals. This is not only your solar return month, but also the start of the zodiacal new year, so your Guides are bringing your attention to learning/teaching something new, studying up on something to refine and grow your skills, bringing enthusiasm to personal development, and/or some good news around finances or health to start this new personal cycle. Embodying childlike enthusiasm, curiosity, and optimism will serve you well this month! But remember to stay grounded and practical about matters in work, money, and health to be in balance.
      Astro Snapshot:

      This month starts off with a new moon and a stellium (4 or more placements) in you 1st house, bringing forward all the energies of new horizons, new beginnings & a call back of attention to yourself. This may be something very personal to you that few people may know about, you might find that through this month, inspiration and stimulation around this personal topic will be turned up as the Sun moves through this space of your life. April’s lunations on the axis of Self and Other will see you focusing on the relationship you have with yourself and with those you care about in your life… between you and those who you give space to (friends, loved ones or foes). As the sun moves through your 1st and 2nd house, confidence, strength, boldness and taking risks will be strong for you.



      Tarot Card: 10 of Pentacles

      This month, there is a cycle wrapping up and a new one beginning around family, family/money/inheritance, and/or sharing your (or receiving someone else’s) abundance and success. Tens close out cycles in a way that brings pride and satisfaction to the fore while setting the stage for new beginnings, as you traversed the ups and downs of that suit, earning your keep. So if you have been working on or hoping for positive news around a health-related or financial matter, this month will usher it in, along with security and stability—you love those, Taurus friends! For some, your attention will be on matters of the family home, inheritance, and even personal privilege. Use the full Libra moon to balance out any entitlement, excess, or scarcity issues around money and wealth of any fame. Overall, expect and claim your abundance, it’s yours!

      Astro Snapshot:

      April sees you saying goodbye to some unneeded baggage, especially any stuff that may have been brought up last month that no longer is suiting you. Themes of re-organizing and gathering to then redirect your energy is present in the first half of this month. Given your previous month, you are probably much clearer of what may have not been working in your favor. This month also has spiritual themes, as the new moon joins forces with Chiron, the wounded-healer, in your house of the subconscious mind and mystical experiences to grant you access to stuff that may be only accessible through spiritual experience, dreams, meditation and things of that nature. As we come to the eclipse at the end of the month in your 1st house (taurus) you will begin a few weeks of eclipse energy shifting and redirecting things in the department of your life related to the self and your committed relationships with others/ partnerships. Lastly, be clear and direct in the workplace, in the first half of this month as your house of career has a Saturn/ Mars conjunction



      Tarot Card: Page of Swords

      Your attention is being brought to childlike communication in April Geminis, which can go one of two directions… One, you are enthusiastic and eager to share really creative and interesting ideas (and will be getting hits of these inspired communications) without the burden of caring about what others think. You have energy around you that encourages sharing what you are passionate about, which can bring in some interesting work, new connections, or getting plans moving around a goal. On the other hand, this also can be a “shit talker card” in lower vibrations, so childlike as in immature, irresponsible, and gossipy. Whether it is you or someone else, this is highlighted this month, so think before you speak. Use Rumi’s 3 gates as a guide in all communications this month, asking yourself: is it true? Is it necessary? Is it kind?

      Astro Snapshot:

      This month is very strong for you around hopes, aspirations and goals! You will see this month that a desire to be more visible and interpersonal will help give you the boost you have been needing for a passion project, dating or some creative venture. This can also be about putting something out or sharing something with people in your life that is finally ready to be birthed/ shared. There can be in April a strong jolt in dating life. If you are with someone, there may be shifts and evolution, if you are single and looking, there may be movement in this area, especially in the later half of the month when your 5th house has the full moon in Libra! We end the month heading into eclipse season in your 12th and 6th house, taking you into the next month that may be a deep spiritual call inwards with revelations and evolution happening in your inner world.



      Tarot Card: Page of Pentacles

      Aries folks also got this card this month… For Cancers, the new Aries moon is auspicious for setting new and updated career goals, and The Page of Pentacles highlights the future, strategic planning, and meeting personal goals. Think about learning/teaching something new and studying up on something to refine and grow your skills to meet these career goals. Take a workshop or class that you are enthusiastic or passionate about for personal or career development. You may also expect some good news around finances or health this month. As I mentioned to Aries peeps, embodying childlike enthusiasm, curiosity and optimism will serve you well, but remember to stay grounded and practical about matters in work, money, and health to be in balance. 

      Astro Snapshot:

      The highest part of your chart, the 10th house, sees the month start off with a stellium and a new moon! This area of your chart deals with career, success, personal achievement and honors and you can see that this month brings jolts to this area of your life that can best be described through the energy or Aries the Ram! This area of your life sees the sun exalted here, bringing a sense of honor, nobility and a higher standard to the parts of your life that are public or where you have a sense of personal pride. Later in the month, you will see a focus come up that might ask you to question how you wish to sustain for the long term, changes that came up for you in the first half of april. Self care, grounding and sustenance are themes in this later half of the month.



      Tarot Card: Queen of Pentacles

      You have more awesome feminine energy coming in this month, Leos! Along with the collective’s Empress card, you are really manifesting and creating something new, or will start to get the finances or resources to complete a project, goal, or financial/health matter this month. If you are seeking or needing help, you may be receiving an offer of assistance from a femme-energy person, likely an Earth sign. For others, you are following through, mastering, or taking the reins around work, finances, home, or health. The main themes this month are security, abundance, and success, but remember to not solely focus all of your attention on material things—your relationships are important, too! 

      Astro Snapshot:

      What you believe, personal philosophy or even religious life have shifts for you this month. There is a great amount of movement for you in April, as your very active and dynamic 9th house sees a strong Aries Jolt as we start the month off. This area of your life deals with the aspect of the mind and life that moves big, thinks big and formulates plans that are bigger than the present moment. Energy this April will be bold and you may see that as this month continues to form, the pace of life can slowly get turned up. This month is preparation month for you all, as end of April and the following month of May sees eclipses in your 10th and 4th house, bringing major shifts & breakthroughs in career life, public life and family/ parental life.



      Tarot Card: The Sun
      Ya’ll, you got The Sun again! This month, the work and energy you’ve been putting into making changes, healing, and claiming your success are getting bigger and brighter. Again, this card is about illuminating your Self, being seen, and reaching your goals. You have done some shadow work, whether you liked it or not, and no—after the darkness of The Moon, you emerge into a new dawn cycle with The Sun. Last month, you did have The Hanged Man as a jumper, which may have been a caveat or delay in your plans and success. This month, there is no caveat, no need for a different perspective, no pause, and no delay… Things are now in motion. As I noted last month, the shift occurring may involve clarity in a certain interpersonal situation, whether it is at home, work, or in a friendship. This card infuses positive energy, optimism, and some childlike joy into your life, especially around the new moon at the very start of the month, which highlights your 8th house of transformation, the full moon in your 2nd house of finances and worth (self and material), and another new moon partial solar eclipse at the end of the month in your 9th house of spirituality, higher learning/teaching, and expansion. Keep putting yourself out there, reach out to folks, and approach life with confidence and optimism. The lil naked baby cruising around on the gallant horse on The Sun card is gleeful, full of vitality, not afraid of being vulnerable. Big things are coming, Virgos. You’ve earned it, go out there and get it.

      Astro Snapshot:

      April reveals a lot to you that was potentially hidden or unclear. The astrology of this month opens doors that you didn't realize were closed and can help you find what you didn't even realize you were looking for. It may do this by providing you with alternatives to your situation that is outside of what you thought was even an option. This month is all about thinking outside of a binary about your life! I’d like to think that is every month, but especially this month it is key! As we get to the last week of the month, you get ready to move into the following month of eclipses that shifts and transforms areas of your life that can pertain to relocation, movement, beliefs, education and/or business and commerce.



      Tarot Card: 8 of Cups

      Most Libras have had a bit of a rocky start to the year, but last month you likely noticed some shifts and cycles closing, hopefully getting some relief, or at least, understanding. In April, your attention is being brought to using the information and wisdom gleaned to walk away from relationships (or any situations) that are no longer in alignment with you, are not serving your highest good, or most especially, are toxic. Stay tuned for the full moon blog as a guide to do some release work, because it is in your sign, and is really honing in on severing toxic relationships. That full moon hits your 1st house, so it may also involve walking away from parts of yourself that are no longer in alignment. This can be long-held defense mechanisms, habits, or behaviors that negatively/inaccurately affect people’s perception of you (1st house)—your personality. Being in denial or using escapist techniques are just going to perpetuate any problems you can identify. Get really real with yourself this month, because you are in a transformation stage that, if you are ready, can level you up and improve important relationships with others by working on yourself. The 2nd new moon this month is in Taurus and is also a solar eclipse, hitting your 8th house of transformation. Use that time for shadow work and setting new intentions around the aforementioned themes.

      Astro Snapshot:

      The later half of the previous month saw something open up in the relationship department of your life, as we go into April, we will see this turned up and illuminated. This month can bring evolution in your relationship life and can bring new life and healing to this department if needed. Your 7th house, the house of committed relationships, sees the month start off with a strong New Moon in Aries, this area of your life acts decisively, bold & can be jolted with the textbook Aries energy of play and innocence. In the later half of the month, your 1st house, the area of self and outlook, sees a full moon in Libra which helps to activate something present for you which you have been wanting to take action on or begin. If this last month for you has been sensitive or emotional or seen stuff at home be a little tense, this month is a month which helps to move past that and take you into a much more joyful and secure time.



      Tarot Card: 5 of Swords (jumper: Hanged Man)

      There may be residual energy around an old argument or a new disappointing interaction with someone this month, Scorpio friends. If there is not an actual fallout, then you may experience some tense energy and a disagreement that can turn sour fast if everyone doesn’t stay in their lane. If you find yourself involved in some beef this month, try to take a different perspective and put yourself in the other person’s shoes, just to be sure anything you communicate is coming from a place of understanding the full picture. This is where The Hanged Man is asking you to even sacrifice the need to be right and just let this one go… Often times, this card is highlighting hurtful words or gossip that involves other people/is out in the open, but for you this month, it feels more like someone who is not doing well is just making mistakes and maybe f’d up and said something they didn’t mean, and are now trying to walk it back. Remember: Hurt people hurt people… See if that is the case, and try to extend some compassion, or just walk away and disengage. If that is not the case, still walk away ASAP, because this person lacks integrity and maturity, and they don’t care about the truth. Just know it is just a matter of time before everyone else does see the truth (and your side). I wanna say watch out for Geminis, because they got the Page of Swords, which in low vibes represents “shit talker” energy. Likewise, watch your words carefully! They can write a check your ass can’t cash if you aren’t careful! 

      Astro Snapshot:

      This month helps with getting things more solid for the coming few months, with your 6th house, the house of organization and betterment, seeing a new moon and stellium in the beginning of the month for you. This is all in preparation for the coming eclipse season next month which will help to reveal to you what the next chapter of your relationship life may look like, or what might be needed for you to help boost the next chapter of your life that has to do with other people in general. Goals, betterment, training, discipline… these are all themes of April, and while the sun moves through Aries and Taurus this month, this will feel much less like work, and way more like the steps in a new and important journey for you. This month also reminds you Scorpio Ascendants that what was let go in the previous month… leave it alone!



      Tarot Card: Ace of Cups

      Last month, you were asked to trust timing around some matter, and this month may be the timing you were waiting for, Sag pals. Caps also got this card, so you may be dealing with a Capricorn. The Ace of Cups is highlighting new possibilities and potentials around intimate relationships, healing, and/or intuitive/unconscious energy emerging into your consciousness. This overflowing water is healing, nourishing, and is carving new pathways, slowly but surely. Be patient, but definitely actively engage with new people, getting creative, flashes of insight, or intuitive hits this month, because they may be carrying you toward a new really delightful opportunity. If you’ve been going through the ringer emotionally, this card often shows up as major healing energy coming in, flushing out the energetic debris and baggage that is ready to go. Use the new moon right around the 1st to plant seeds around 5th house themes of pleasure, creativity, and for some—children, watering it with this Ace of Cups chalice. Then work with the full moon mid-month to flush out friends and/or anyone in your social spheres that are toxic so you can welcome in this fresh water energy that will sail in some better folks more aligned with you. The 2nd new moon/solar eclipse highlights your 6th house, so new energy and healing around mental/physical health, your pets, and better habits are highlighted and watered with this Ace, as well.

      Astro Snapshot:

      Be careful this month that you don’t get bombarded by too much misinformation or unwanted information as your ruling planet, Jupiter, joins forces with etheriel and watery Neptune. This time can be greatly spiritual and emotional for you, operating much more on the experiential/ emotional side of life, then the front of the brain or logistic side. Stay grounded and fact check everything, especially with stuff at home, in the family or within your inner narrative. This month gears up an eclipse season at the very end of April and through May, which sees the release of old narratives and beliefs, especially from things that were rooted in childhood or a long time ago. You feel a strong spiritual support this month as you are reminded that this time as a cululation of the personal and spiritual work you have done for yourself and those who share in this life with you. Gratitude is key, for yourself and those who stand by your side.



      Tarot Card: Ace of Cups

      Well, your neighboring sign Scorpio also got this wonderful card, so you may be in (or about to be) cahoots with a Scorpio this month, Caps! Tying in lunar energy of the month, the 1st new moon will light up your 4th house of home, ancestors, family and security. So this sparkly healing and nourishing water may be watering seeds of intention planted to heal family issues, or highlighting the cracklings of a new romantic partner or new stage with your partner, such as moving in together. I do feel like I need to say there is some energy around the folks who are trying for a baby, or thinking about having a baby, this month. Aces are new beginnings, opportunities, and possibilities that are not certain yet, but are brimming with love, creativity, and emotional connection… And the 2nd new moon in Taurus (ruled by Venus and associated with The Empress card for the collective) highlights your 5th house of children, creativity, and pleasure. There is a sense of an awakening that is guiding you to follow your intuition more than your natural practical logic this month. It will carry you into new opportunities that will be very fulfilling!

      Astro Snapshot:

      The deep and internal space of your 4th house sees a new moon at the very beginning of this month, beginning a month that reminds you of your inner compass, intuition, core values and purpose. You find that in the beginning of this month, you might be drawn a little inward, but equally motivated and impassioned. This space in your chart is that quiet space that shows truth and reminds of those things that may not be true for others, but is unmistakably true for ourselves. As the month progresses, you move forward into major pushes forward in areas of your life that are public and could deal with career and personal achievement. You will take what was brought up in the first half of this month, and use that as fuel and direction moving forward to set a new standard and push towards another level of personal achievement. If there are any tense situations at home. This month may see resolution and potentially dealing with conflict if needed



      Tarot Card: 10 of Swords

      Whew, ya’ll have been mentally busy, possibly scattered, and likely drained recently, with last month’s card putting you in a holding pattern or asking you to let something go/change your perspective on certain matters. This month, if you’ve been feeling overwhelmed and mentally drained, know that that plaguing recent cycle is closing out. It may end with utter mental exhaustion or an interpersonal situation that leaves you feeling betrayed or shafted in some way, but as difficult as it may be, it is likely the catalyst needed to finally put an end to some issue. Tens complete cycles, and in the Swords suit, are often difficult ones we may not want to let go of, but know that anything or anyone that leaves (especially around the full Libra moon highlighting toxic relationships) NEEDS to go so you can get back in your power and mental health. Any confusion, disillusionment, and even bad dreams will be released this month with intention. I’m pulling a clarifier card for you to ask how you can move through this energy…and that card is: The 3 of Swords. This seems really specific for some of you. There is definitely a theme of disappointment in some relationship around words spoken and/or your mind hijacking your heart. Both of these cards point to information coming to light that you need to accept and likely use to inform a decision around closure. Accept the truth as it emerges, accept any rejection or disappointment, and try to release attachment to closure, letting go of whatever is out of your control. Again, this is super specific for some, so check your sun and rising signs if this is not resonating! Also, I send lots of comfort to Aquarius folks walking through this prickly Swords forest right now… Aries season ushers in fresh starts, so try to lean into feeling hopeful about the possibilities in your future that are no longer blocked by this situation that will soon be behind you.

      Astro Snapshot: 

      Movement becomes way more active this month as the axis of getting things done and daily problem solving sees lunations for you this month. It's a good thing you made space last month, both in the internal and external departments of life, as this frees up space and energy to charge forward as you go strong into Aries and Taurus season. This month lays the groundwork for the coming eclipse season which will be strong for you in the areas of life of home, family, career and success. This season is kicked off with the last new moon in April, the solar eclipse, which will spend the following month revealing to you what the next chapter in these areas of life will look like. This is preparation for clearing obstacles and getting way more efficient with what may be holding you back in career and achievement, or in areas of home life and building structures in your life. Stuff around parents may also come up this coming month. The energy this month is bold, powerful, passionate and courageous!



      Tarot Card: 5 of Pentacles (jumper: Ace of Pentacles)

      Pisces season was quite a doozie, and I’m sure many of you felt it extra deep… The 5 of Pentacles can show up when we are feeling battered and broken, either physically health-wise and/or financially, or both relating to each other. You are being asked to bring your attention to finding new and better ways of self-care this month, Pisces friends. Whether that involves watching your spending so that you can prioritize health and wellbeing, or actually changing bad physical habits and putting up better boundaries around health to avoid or heal health problems, Pentacles are the primary focus in April. The Ace is a new opportunity coming in around work or money, so if you are in a job that is making you feel like absolute shit, then either start putting out some resumes this month OR take a new job offer, even for a bit, until you can get on your feet financially or start feeling physically better. It maybe a toxic work situation, getting underpaid/undervalued, or just a really draining job that is affecting your health. The New moon hits tour financial sector, which is also your house of self-worth… Set intentions and take actions around putting yourself and your wellbeing first early in the month. For others, things may not be so dire, but it is important to note that struggles with money and work are primary themes this month, so just prepare and plan accordingly. Nothing lasts forever! Pinch your pennies and keep an eye out for new opportunities that will provide some security and health with the Ace as your medicine this month.

      Astro Snapshot:

      Jupiter and Neptune join forces in your first house this April. As your ruling planet, this is a time for trying new things when it comes to you yourself. Neptune Jupiter aspects can step out of norms, flow and create new expressions… so it's a great time to apply this to your life this month. Money life sees movement this month as the new and full moons lands in houses dealing with money, material possessions and what you do with them. You may find this month that there will be a little extra focus on this area, and with typical Aries energy, you may be excited to try something new here, especially if it has to do with a job, work or even a side hustle. Friendgroups will see shifts in the later half of this month and into the next. You may see shifts, movement of people or new influx of people as the eclipse energy starts off at the end of the month and then goes on through May.





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