Taurus: Earthly Delights with The Sensual One

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Taurus: Earthly Delights with The Sensual One


The Sensual One & Earthly Delights
April 20- May 20
by Cody Channel



  • Planetary Ruler: Venus
  • House association: 2nd
  • Element: Earth
  • Mode: Fixed
  • Symbol: The Bull
  • Positive Traits: Sensual, artistic, peaceful or melodic voice, healing touch, grounded, financially savvy
  • Negative Traits: Stubborn, overindulgent, greedy, lazy
  • Compatible Signs: Scorpio, Virgo & Cancer
  • Herbs: Rose, Poppies, Rosemary
  • Crystals: Emerald, Rose Quartz, Diamond or Clear quartz
  • Tarot: The Hierophant, The Knight of Pentacles, The Empress
  • Region of the body: Throat and Neck
  • Color: Green and Pink
  • Famous Taurus: Salvidor Dali, Cher, Grace Jones, Liberace



On April 20th, The sun enters the Earth loving sign of Taurus where it will stay until May 20th.

The word Taurus comes from the latin word for bull, often referred to as "the bull of heaven” in ancient times. In Greek mythology, one story of Taurus can be represented by the white golden horned bull which symbolizes fertility. The King of Crete, King Minos was granted rule over the seas by the god Poisedon and tried to cheat him out of the magical white bull he promised by sending him a a look alike. In anger, Poseidon asked Aphrodite to assist in a punishment so she cast a spell on King Minos’s wife that caused her to uncontrollably lust for the magical bull and later birthed a half man (body) half bull (head) Minotaur. King Minos banished him to an inescapable Labyrinth. Minos’s Son Androgeus was a highly regarded fighter who was killed by the Athenians and because of this Minos declared war and demanded seven Athenians be sent to the Labyrinth so the Minotaur could feed each year. Theseus, won over his daughter Ariande instantly and she assisted him in helping him to defeat the Minotaur and kill him by bringing in a thread to help trace his steps back. The white bull is said to represent Zues and the Taurean age defined by fertility and ownership. The constellation of the Taurus bust represents the Minotaur and the seven sacrifices could represent the seven stars in the Pleidaes adjacent to the constellation. The brightest star Adelbaran representing a bright red eye staring directly at the Orion constellation. At its roots, the Taurus represents earthly delights, love, sacrifice, and spiritual ascension. 

Taurus, can be first seen by their beautiful eyes that usually have a strong fixed gaze on whatever they are focused on. They have pleasant and songbird like voices whether raspy or high pitched, they are beautiful speakers. They are known to have a strong and healthy body whether muscular or thin, they will be much stronger than they let on. They are ruled by the throat and have highly developed senses of which they desire to awaken. They are tactile beings that posses strong willed and large, giving hearts.

The Taurus usually becomes goal oriented at a young age and are given more responsibility from their parents. As children they are usually incredibly easy going and artistic. They generally have a strong connection to food and creature comforts such as soft blankets and scented flowers such as roses. The amount of emotional support they receive growing up will determine the type of value they place on themselves. Taureans are often the oldest child or the one who the family will rely on most in difficult times. They are great listeners and can become accidental therapists to all their friends.

Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac and is birthed into the world with an earthy and artistic energy. The second house represents values, support systems, money, and emotional support. The Taurean’s god given right is to master their material world and build a structure around their talents. They first need to learn what it is they value, then they can pick out a path that bests suits them. Taurus rising especially, are often late bloomers since they do not act impulsively and wait for the perfect moment to begin an important and meaningful project. Taurus the bull is often seen grazing, relaxing, and incubating with their creature comforts when they are not working themselves into their often very high achievements.

Taurus is ruled by Venus which gifts them with overwhelming sensual and artistic capabilities. Their taste in music will be reflective of their innate ability to connect deeply with the realm of melodies and they will often boast large collections of curated materials for every mood. Whether singing or speaking, they will be able to communicate beautiful sounds and ideas that reflect their personal values. The most important thing for them is to find their one true love and live in harmony with their family. They attract interest from many signs because of their grounded and truthful spirit which so many signs can benefit from. They love to adorn their homes with beautiful trinkets that bring harmony and tranquility. Venus will always remind them to follow their heart to lead them to true happiness.

Taurus has a need to possess ownership of things starting with their own potential, finances and homestead. They are great at making a financial plan and take their careers very seriously. They will be more resistant to change earlier in life as they wish to build security from 0-30. Their next phase which usually occurs after 30, is to fully indulge their senses and experience a higher spiritual calling where they share the fruits of their labour with the ones they love. In their higher vibration, they can be a pillar of strength for their community, revered for their creative and often earth protecting cause. In their later years they tend to have a lot of freedom to expand into many forms of communication and become vivid storytellers and mentors.

Taurus are here to bring vision, beauty, truthful words, and build long-lasting structures that will live on after they are gone. They tend to choose work that the can do unsupervised or at least in complete alignment with their values so as to avoid any conflict. Since material security is important to them, the are very serious about the work that they do. They are known to give great advice but only when asked; they should be careful to not over exert helping people who are unable to meet them halfway. They are great as managers so long as their personal space is respected. They are not big fans of small talk or distractions as they assume a lot of responsibility when in work mode. Taureans would rather save their silly moments for after the task is completed when they are in good company. They are less likely to push for the limelight and prefer to work behind the scenes. If they do become well known, they are seen as soulful, sensual, visionaries.

Love, particularly romantic, is of the upmost importance for a Taurus. They will often discover their healing gifts through lovemaking as they are the most tactile and sensual sign in the zodiac. They prefer neck and head massages and a lot of sensual touching. They generally are monogamous and fully devoted to their partner and are interested in the partnered life. Interestingly, they posses such a strong need for independence that they will need a lot of time alone when not in the mood, but they will always come around. It is best to just be patient with them, as they may need time alone to process the heaviness of their responsibilities. They will be the last sign to leave a relationship since their loyalty is unmatched. The best love match for Taurus are Virgo, Scorpio, and Cancer. The Taureans opposite Scorpio, can shine a light on their unprocessed emotions and can help them transform their negative qualities into higher love energy.

Some of the shortcomings a Taurus may come upon will include laziness, overindulgence, and avoidant attachment style. Taurus can be overly discriminating to the point of arrogance more so than any other sign in the zodiac. They can often be overcome with lust and need to learn to control their intense and primal desires. They can often procrastinate and wait until the last minute to finish a project (they do not like to be rushed on someone else’s clock). One of the major lessons for Taurus is to learn to be more flexible and leave situations or people before they cause their usually hidden anger to suddenly appear like a flash of one of the most horrific scenes you have ever seen. This seldom happens, but when it does, you will be sure that it is the end of whatever that was.

Taurus is known as the most magnetic sign as they posses a specific aura that draws in loyal, loving, important and permanent people into their lives when in a positive flow. They are very nurturing and caring to those lucky enough to be deemed inner sanctum. They do not jump into relationships quickly but when the do they will usually stay for life. Taurus posses strong sense of humor and character and may speak less often but with more importance. They are ruled by the throat chakra and can benefit from speaking truth to help avoid any ailments or maladies. They can surprise us as they can posses more staying power than any sign and can create highly spiritual connections through lovemaking and creative endeavors. Because of this they can be seen as earthly spiritual guides in their higher vibrational alignment.

Taurus reminds us that if we want to access the magical realms of life, we must dedicate ourselves to ritual and become fully immersed in our senses.







Cody Chanel is a holistic healer, evolutionary astrologer, massage therapist, and reiki master, as well as an electronic musician and sound healer. Find her on Instagram @codychannel or her website www.codychannel.com and read more of her entries on our blog Esoteric Insights.


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