Sun Sign Patterns: Significance in the Stars

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Sun Sign Patterns: Significance in the Stars

Astro 101: Sun Sign Patterns & Significance in the Stars

Understanding the Nature of Sun Sign Relationships

Many beginners to astrology are familiar with their own sun signs and traits, and may have awareness that signs of like- elements are compatible (Water with Water, Earth with Earth, etc). But what about the relationship between other signs? In her comprehensive book Love Signs: A New Approach to the Human Heart, leading astrological authority Linda Goodman examines the nature of a relationship and it's potential for success by organizing the possible pairings based upon their sun signs position on the Karmic Wheel of Life (pictured above) into what she terms "Sun Sign Patterns".

Simply put, a “Sun Sign Pattern” expresses the number of houses away two signs are from each other. To figure out the Sun Sign Pattern for a specific pairing of sun signs, you would count each sun sign itself as "number one", and from there see how many houses (or placements) away the other sun sign is.

Example: to figure out a Taurus/ Virgo relationship or Sun Sign Pattern, start with Taurus as number one and count how many houses/ placements away Virgo is. You will find that Virgo is the ninth house away from Taurus, and on the flip side that Taurus is the fifth spot from Virgo, therefore they share a 5-9 pattern.

Below we'll examine the nature of different combinations of sun signs with regards to their shared Sun Sign Patterns. Use this tool to recognize patterns or traits between relationships you have with friends, family, business colleagues, and partners of the same or different sun signs! You will likely find it very significant!


Original text below paraphrased from Love Signs by Linda Goodman.

1-1 Pattern

A 1-1 pattern describes a relationship between two people of the same sign. Aries + Aries, Taurus + Taurus, Gemini + Gemini, etc. In this sun sign pattern, the strengths and weaknesses are magnified in both people as you will be tempted to magnify your own virtues and failings. This will require constant acknowledgement of the positive and negative traits of both people, using effort to curb the intensity of negative traits, and enthusiasm to enhance the positive. 


2-12 Pattern

A 2-12 pattern describes a relationship between two signs that fall right next to one another on the Karmic Wheel of Life:

Aries • Taurus Libra • Scorpio
Taurus • Gemini Scorpio • Sagittarius
Gemini • Cancer Sagittarius • Capricorn
Cancer • Leo Capricorn • Aquarius
Leo • Virgo Aquarius • Pisces
Virgo • Libra Pisces • Aries


In these combinations, one person plays the teacher, and the other the student; one of you (or both) will feel that he/ she has many lessons to learn from the other. These can be practical or spiritual life lessons, and there will be a noticeable compassion and a patient understanding for the other's differences and behaviors, of which there will be many.


3-11 Pattern

A 3-11 pattern describes a relationship between two signs that fall three or eleven spaces apart from one another on the zodiac wheel, respectively:

Aries • Gemini & Aquarius Libra • Leo & Sagittarius
Taurus • Cancer & Pisces Scorpio • Virgo & Capricorn
Gemini • Aries & Leo Sagittarius • Libra & Aquarius
Cancer • Taurus & Virgo Capricorn • Scorpio & Pisces
Leo • Gemini & Libra Aquarius • Aries & Sagittarius
Virgo • Cancer & Scorpio Pisces • Taurus & Capricorn


These combinations will often feel a strong tie or friendship, whatever the association shared between these individuals. Both will experience mutual trust, ease of communication, and shared values, back and forth. Each sign is very different but this plays no part in the overall relationship and in fact, can inspire a sense of duty or responsibility that strengthens the bond. Communication will be easy, and both will stimulate each other in various ways. This pattern will result in close friendships, and quarrels will be quickly resolved and forgiven, even though bickering or disagreements may happen frequently.  If this relationship ends, you may find something that ties you together, or a reappearance of the relationship, months or years ahead. 


4-10 Pattern

A 4-10 pattern describes a relationship between two signs that fall four or 10 spaces apart from one another:

Aries • Cancer & Capricorn Libra • Cancer & Capricorn
Taurus • Leo & Aquarius Scorpio • Leo & Aquarius
Gemini • Virgo & Pisces Sagittarius • Virgo & Pisces
Cancer • Libra & Aries Capricorn • Aries & Libra
Leo • Taurus & Scorpio Aquarius • Taurus & Scorpio
Virgo • Gemini & Sagittarius Pisces • Gemini & Sagittarius


This is one of the more tough relationships of the zodiac.  Not always but surprisingly often, you will feel a noticeable tension or conflict of personality between these signs. One or both may be disapproving of the other, or one person may grow restless because of strict disciplinary aspects of the other. There will always be some degree of mental or emotional restriction that adds to the overall energy of this relationship.


5-9 Pattern

A 5-9 pattern describes a relationship between two signs that fall five or nine spaces apart from one another on the Karmic Wheel of Life. Additionally this pattern also describes the relationship between two signs of the same element such as earth + earth, water + water, etc:

Aries • Leo & Sagittarius Libra • Gemini & Aquarius
Taurus • Virgo & Capricorn Scorpio • Cancer & Pisces
Gemini • Libra & Aquarius Sagittarius • Aries & Leo
Cancer • Scorpio & Pisces Capricorn • Taurus & Virgo
Leo • Aries & Sagittarius Aquarius • Gemini & Libra
Virgo • Taurus & Capricorn Pisces • Cancer & Scorpio


Often you will find these relationships extremely empathetic, mentally simulating, and emotionally and romantically fulfilling. There will be much sympathy, and any misunderstandings will not be severe and will typically resolve easily. Lasting chances for harmony are excellent, and permanent relationships are often achieved. Be careful though- too much of any element can create an imbalance, so, like the  1- 1 Pattern mentioned above, these will also require acknowledgement and effort to curb any negative traits, while understanding how too much of a positive trait can sometimes become negative. 


6-8 Pattern

A 6-8 pattern describes a relationship between two signs that fall six or eight spaces apart from one another:

Aries • Virgo & Scorpio Libra • Taurus & Pisces
Taurus • Libra & Sagittarius Scorpio • Aries & Gemini
Gemini • Scorpio & Capricorn Sagittarius • Taurus & Cancer
Cancer • Sagittarius & Aquarius Capricorn • Gemini & Leo
Leo • Capricorn & Pisces Aquarius • Cancer & Virgo
Virgo • Aries & Aquarius Pisces • Leo & Libra


This Pattern is one of the more interested and complex ones. These individuals will often experience communication problems, yet both will be oddly intrigued or puzzled by the charisma of the other, and powerfully drawn into their spell. If this relationship is romantic, there will often be an irresistible sexual attraction. If the relationship is one of friendship, business, or family, the participants will likely be drawn to the other through shared interest in the supernatural or spiritual worlds- death, the occult, reincarnation, adoption, rebirth, etc- OR matters involving money that does not belong to either (ie other people's money such as investments or loans). There may also be times when the other person seems unnecessarily secretive in your association or communication. Many times these individuals will want to help you, and you will also feel the same about helping them. One will serve the other willingly, with little to no restraint or resentment, and one will often protect the other from harm. There may be times when favors extended are found with resentment, but under this sign service will always be repaid in one form or another, sometimes by fascination of the association or relationship itself. Great benefit can come from this pattern, and the one who serves (sometimes both partners) will always remain loyal. 


7-7 Pattern

A 7-7 pattern describes a relationship between two signs that fall seven spaces apart from one another on the zodiac wheel, or on opposite sides. This also describes elemental relationships such as air + fire, and water + earth:

Aries • Libra Cancer • Capricorn
Taurus • Scorpio Leo • Aquarius
Gemini • Sagittarius Virgo • Pisces


Opposites attract! Frequently there will be a physical attraction to, or secret admiration or respect for those born under the opposite sun sign. This is because these individuals possess the qualities and characteristics opposite ours. Therefore, the urge to imitate will sometimes be strong, and there may be a sense of unease, envy, or competition with this relationship. Similar to the 1- 1 Pattern, it will be important to acknowledge these differences and understand how to harmonize with the other.


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