September 2022 Tarotscopes

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September 2022 Tarotscopes

Astrology by Sera Timms
Tarot by Kerstin Hern of The Mirrored Lantern
Original art for J. Southern Studio by Spirited Animals

September 2022 Tarotscopes

September greetings to all, and happy solar return wishes to Virgo and early Libra folks! Below are your intuitive tarot readings coupled with insightful astro snapshots by our new astrologer (but seasoned JSS contributing mystical writer), Sera Timms (welcome back, Sera!). Tarot and astro horoscopes are per sign for the month ahead. I also pulled a card for the Collective, which you can use in conjunction with your personal tarot card to create a more robust narrative around what is calling your attention during this monthly cycle, or as a clarifier to your zodiac’s card.

Tarot Highlights

The Nine of Swords and Page of Pentacles were landed on several times while shuffling for all 12 readings… This is bringing everyone’s attention to pausing and gaining awareness around our thoughts when we are in a space of uncomfortable stillness. Ask yourself and identify:

What is keeping me up at night?
What am I ruminating about when I’m not distracting myself?
What are the last things I think about before sleep?
What significant bits of information are my dreams/nightmares offering me in the astral while my body rests and my psyche is expressing itself?

Nine of Swords can speak to intrusive thoughts, cognitive distortions, and/or unhealthy communication. I also pull this card when a client is having sleep issues and is being called to tend to sleep hygiene (no doom scrolling in bed, no tv in bed, having calming tea, stretching) as well as tracking dreams that can bring some awareness to unconscious material butting up against your consciousness. 

The medicine to this 9 card may be the Page… Pages are messengers, like Hermes expressed through their element, who brings information and news at the time we need it most. Hermes is also the Trickster that guides us through illusion to see our reality more clearly. The Page of Pentacles can bring insight and info around money, health, or other material/resources themes through actual messages obtained in dreams, by others (likely an earth sign), or through some Trickster events that help us shift our perspective and not take our thoughts so seriously.

I also pulled the Page of Pentacles to speak to learning something new and entering a “student” mindset. So, whether it’s signing up for workshops to build a skill that is connected to some mental stress (it feels like imposter syndrome for some) or more broadly entering a student mindset of being in a space of “not knowing” and learning to befriend that and get more comfortable with uncertainty, the Page is a harbinger of groundedness and security… How you achieve that is part of your individual journey. Use the Collective Universe card reflecting “cycle closing” after powerful integration and harmony in conjunction with your personal zodiac card below to flesh out a narrative that is most meaningful to you!

To get the most out of these Horoscopes, please read them based off of your Ascendant/ Rising sign, as these are the signs that are the basis of our monthly breakdowns. Your Ascendant sign is the sign of the Zodiac which was rising on the eastern horizon at the time, date & location of our birth, and it provides us with a much more individualized view of our personal astrology. If you do not yet know your Rising Sign, feel free to find it here: Chart Drawing, Ascendant. All you will need is the closest possible time, date & location of your birth. For those not able to find an accurate Rising Sign, you can secondarily read these horoscopes by your Sun sign and thirdly by your Moon sign.

Stay tuned for the Celestial Insights blog to see what the stars have to say, along with lunar magick offerings…

Here are your tarot + astro messages. I suggest reading your rising and sun signs: 



Deck Used: Thoth Deck
Card: The Universe

The overall energetic message for this month that you can use to expand and clarify your personal card reading is: THE UNIVERSE (The Path of Tau)

This feels especially meaningful, since The Universe was the jumper card last month as The Sun card’s energetic partner. Also, having multiple major arcana cards stepping forward recently indicates the Collective is traversing major cycles and patterns that have been in place for some time, since these cards highlight larger themes, both individually and collectively.

In the Thoth deck, The Universe is Key or Atu 21, and in all decks, it is the final card. Therefore, it relates to The Fool card, as The Universe is the Whole Self that has accumulated experience, pain and joy, connection and disconnection, and everything in between in order to find one’s “true” Self, and return to that inner home before rebirth into a new journey and life cycle (The Fool).

The snake—a symbol of power, Divine Feminine, and transformation, can be harkened to the Ophion snake that wraps its body around the egg of the world. Also, the ouroboros snake that is a reflection of never-ending cycles. This indicates a major cycle closing, but unlike Death or other cards that are still on their journey to wholeness, this is the completion of the alchemical Great Work. This is the alchemization of lead into gold. In Jungian terms, we would call this individuation; the integration of the Shadow to complete the wholeness of Self. This is an apex energy that also portends a rebirth and new beginning coming in as this more fully developed, Whole Self has transcended. With wholeness comes peace and joy as defenses have been dissolved and harmony permeates one’s inner and external environments.

The four Cherubim in the corners represent the four fixed signs of the zodiac in their Divine angelic animal form, and are guardians in this realm. They connect humanity to the Divine, reminding us that we all have the entire Universe and Divinity within us. This card also connects to the planet Saturn, which represents Father Time, karma, structure, rules, commitment, tradition, among other concepts. Transformation through work and experience. 

Lastly, this card is about an ego-less knowing, where one does not need to intellectualize and/or box up ideas in order to “understand”. This card is about transcending lower vibrational and dense ways of being by understanding from the heart with integrity and humility. This, to me, also indicates, being in a flow state of reciprocity with the World(s) around you to maintain this harmony.

Keywords: completion, success/attainment, one door closes/another opens, long-term cycles closing, unification, awakening, ascension, enlightenment, integration, consciousness, end of a journey, alchemical gold, return to Self, self-realization



September ushers us into the season of Harvest and the Fall Equinox on 9/22 when the Sun moves from Virgo taskmaster, to Libra lovesongs. The month begins with Venus charming her way in studious Virgo’s office, where she proceeds to spill the finest French wine upon all of his plans, and Mercury is at her side as he travels backwards in Libra on 9/9. We most certainly have a push and pull between indulgence and the intellect. The 9/10 Full Moon in Pisces has us all leaving squables behind and marveling at the moonlight. The Sun gracefully moves into the Venusian throne of Libra on 9/22 just before Mercury trips us up again moving into Virgo…we can all forget about the details then as they will only create confusion. Quality and simplicity are key.

New Moon in Libra on 9/25 brings renewed vows with loved ones, and idealized partnerships, and Venus kicks it up a notch moving into her native Libra on 9/29.


  • 9/5 Venus enters Virgo
  • 9/9 Mercury Retrograde in Libra
  • 9/10 Full Moon in Pisces
  • 9/22 Sun enters Libra
  • 9/23 Mercury Retrograde enters Virgo
  • 9/25 New Moon in Libra
  • 9/29 Venus enters Libra
  • Sun: Virgo- Libra
  • Moon: Scorpio- Scorpio
  • Mercury: Libra- Virgo
  • Venus: Leo- Libra
  • Mars: Gemini
  • Jupiter: Aries
  • Saturn: Aquarius
  • Uranus: Taurus
  • Neptune: Pisces
  • Pluto: Capricorn
  • North/ South Nodes: Taurus & Scorpio




Tarot Card: Ace of Pentacles

Aries, using the Collective card as your clarifier, it seems you have a grand cycle is closing—one that has been threaded through your life for some time. This may be in relation to work/job themes (including scarcity mindsets), physical health, money, or other tangible resources, because the Ace of Pentacles is your monthly card. This speaks to a new possibility or opportunity to engage a fresh start around money (this could look like paying off a loan, getting a new job offer/starting new work, receiving a windfall or financial support with ease) and/or a clean slate or positive bill of health regarding your physical body. Again, Aces aren’t guarantees, they are seeds of possibility… However it’s being offered by a Divine hand, indicating good timing/serendipity, and is on fertile green land, indicating richness and growth potential. In general, this may also reflect receiving a gift, something in the ethereal materializing in the mundane world, and/or security and sustainability in your daily life. Caps also got this card, so you may working with or in relationship with Capricorn energy this month.

Astro Snapshot:

You tend to think about your warrior stamina more than your overall health, but September will have you analyzing your body fat, counting your steps, and tracking your sleep. You will find that you are like your own best Doctor, decoding your lethargy and re-coding with energy enhancing health routines. Total body wellness and its link to your mind and heart will provide keys for you to level up in your work and play. You will find ways to work smarter, not harder, as they say.

Venus moving into Virgo on 9/5 will harness your impulsiveness in the arena of love, and you will take a bit more time to observe and evaluate before taking action. If in a commitment it’s likely that you will be called to serve your partner more, rather than always being their number one star in the action movie that is your life! 

The 9/9 Mercury retrograde in Libra will bring revelations about why old flames did not stay lit, as well as re-animating your outworn patterns in relationships, so that you may catch yourself in the act, and re-write your story.

The end of the month brings you a deep desire to harmonize relationships, play matchmaker, and maybe even to slow down to stop and smell the flowers with that dear friend or lover.



Tarot Card: Wheel of Fortune

Taurus folks are really at a threshold of change with The Wheel of Fortune (the Jupiter card that relates to Sagittarius) indicating a cycle shift and palpable movement, possibly a “change in luck” for the better, coupled with The Universe, which is the final card of the tarot, indicating completion through integration. The Wheel is offering you breakthrough energy that can move you toward prosperity quite swiftly; it feels like a powerful gust of wind on the back. It also reminds you that no energy is stagnant, and all facets of life are cycles—for better or “worse,” however the “worse” feels can be more properly reframed as necessary growth spurts. So, where you may have been suffering or stagnant, this is a shift coming in to get your out of that zone. If things have been moving along swimmingly, it’s the reminder to never get too comfortable (hard to say to a Taurus!) because that is not how life works, or should work! Fulfillment comes from action fueled by inner fire. Fulfillment comes from change that gets us out of monotony. This does not mean if things have been going well, expect a downturn—that is binary thinking! There is so much in the middle, and complacency is death. So wherever you are on your journey, claim the excitement of a sacred shift. Seek it out, embrace it, and move with the tide. It’s all a blessing!

Astro Snapshot:

With the Sun gracing your 5th house this month, you will surely have your calendar packed with social events, movie screenings, playdates, etc! Sophistication takes a back seat to playful affection and flirtation. Venus catches up with the sun in your 5th house of passion on 9/5 and will bring some serious romance into the picture. Practical matters in love will be eclipsed by generous displays of adoration and friendship. You may feel called to wine and dine a lover or friend. What typically might play out as a candlelight dinner turns into a night of fire eating at the Cirque du Soleil, or flamenco dance lessons to add a spark of romance to your love life. Often times you are like a housecat on your days off, luxuriating in sensual treats, but this month you are a lion prowling through a garden of Earthly Delights.

Your creative energy might hit obstacles in the outer world of career due to Mercury’s retrograde journey beginning on 9/9, so you could find yourself redecorating your bedroom, or planting an organic fall garden. This retrograde is likely to bring up issues like health routines, health insurance, and how your partnership (if in a relationship) is affecting your body. Listen closely to your body and ground into your sensory experience for the clearest intel on how you can improve health routines this month, as all forms of outer information i.e. medical diagnoses, Google searches, etc, are subject to serious error in this Mercury Retrograde cycle. 


Tarot Card: The Empress

Awesome, Geminis! Last month, you had a seedling planted in the earthly realm, which may have looked like work/money matters, physical health, or any issues pertaining to security. This month, you are applying August’s hard work and are beginning to see your seedling sprout into Venusian blessings of abundance. The Empress is the sensual Mother archetype, she is pregnant with life and new beginnings, therefore, the Ace seed offering from August is now “ingested” and a part of you this month… It may need time to gestate, which requires nurturing, as well. There is some integration you have performed around Venus themes that is now being fully embodied. The Empress is Divine Feminine security, growth, abundance, creativity, and connection back to body (I want to say trauma processing and somatic therapy for some because I literally can’t not think about psychology all the time!). She is also the great nurturer, similar to Queen of Cups, but as a major arcana archetype, is speaking to a less personal/singular person in your orbit and more of an embodied energy around you, where you are feeling, growing, and expressing beauty as a Creatrix. She is also, to me, the validator of emotions and experiencing the world emotionally that allows you to identify and experience previously hidden beauty by being in tune with nature. Really literally: If any Gems are trying to get pregnant or give birth, literally or metaphorically, September is radiating that energy!

Astro Snapshot: 

Though you are not usually the nesting type, September brings a rare urge to settle into a cozy chair, and watch a sentimental movie with a bowl of popcorn. You might find yourself digitizing old family photo albums, or even re-visiting your childhood home. Change is usually your best friend, but this Fall brings you a longing for familiarity, family, and comfort. Your inner child needs to be acknowledged and nurtured like a bird returning to its nest after a long flight. Put your fear of missing out on the back burner for now, and invite your best friend(s) over for that movie night.

Mercury is traveling backwards in your 5th house of affection, playfulness and passion. Best not to rely on your usual witty wordplay which may feel exhausting and diluted this month. Instead you’ll find satisfaction in cuddling up with a lover, friend, or even a kitten or cozy blanket. 

Questions are likely to arise in your mind about romance and partnership. Old flames may return through digital platforms, and in all likelihood they return not to be turned into new fires, but to help you find better closure when the Full Moon in Pisces arrives on 9/10. This is a month of inner reflection and care for you dear clever Gemini. Release old family traumas, anger, and pain, and cultivate your chosen family in love and care. You do still have Mars in your sign lending energy and fire to push you safely through any challenging passages. 



Tarot Card: The Chariot

September is about calculated movement for Cancers… The Chariot is the Cancer card, and speaks to being Divinely guided, forward movement, taking action but in a controlled and deliberate manner with a determined attitude. I did have a couple of pentacle cards poke out, so I feel it is of note to mention the Knight of Pentacles (slow, steady movement, cautious, protective around physical resources/work/money) and the Ace of Pentacles (a new opportunity around work/how to make money, an offering of work/money/health themes that bring stability, and/or something you’ve been dreaming about starting to materialize). With the Universe card as your clarifier, this may speak to some major part of your identity around work, vocation, how you make money coming to a close because you have fully outgrown it, and now, the person you have become who has integrated all of your previous years of experience can start a new cycle—a beginner mindset. It may feel like a calling (The Chariot) pulling you to do something new. DO it! The Chariot is one of the transportation cards, too, so a vehicle or travel are also themes. The “control” part isn’t a negative aspect; it rather speaks to knowing what you want, focusing on it, and starting to move toward it through deliberate action and your Will. Work to remain in touch with your goals, willpower, and determination so you aren’t pulled off course by challenges.

Astro Snapshot:

You’ll start the month with an exceptional ability to define, articulate, and communicate your thoughts and feelings to others. It will be a social month for you, and you’re likely to meet your neighbors, reconnect with siblings, and/or make new acquaintances which will help you to feel that you are at home, and supported in the external world at large. You’ll be inspired to explore your neck of the woods, finding new routes home, and spontaneously visiting parks or restaurants you’ve never been to.

Mercury’s retrograde begins on 9/9 in your home sector, meaning you could find a bit of difficulty communicating in the home, and may have issues with technology. Make sure to back up all of your digital storage! Best to save sensitive issues with roommates or partners to be discussed after Mercury goes direct on 10/2. The obvious tension this might create lends an opportunity for you to plan a short “mental health” getaway where disconnecting from technology and reconnecting with nature, and particularly a body of water, will reset your sensitive brainwaves, and calm your inner seas. 

Your ruler, Lady Luna will be full in Pisces on 9/10 shining light on any relations you may have been idealizing. You’ll be able to zoom out and see the big picture of any unbalanced relationships and set boundaries where they are needed. The wisdom of your inner sage will crown and guide your infinite compassion this month.



Tarot Card: Death (jumper: Page of Pentacles)

Last month may have brought in some fresh energy, a new cycle, or the beginning of a new journey after some words were had… If not, this month is offering the energy of releasing and composting what is leftover and no longer serves so you can engage your Fool’s journey and a new beginning. Death speaks to new cycles, as does the Universe card, so the themes of release and ending are big this month for Leos. Your assistance in moving through this transition could come from learning something new or a message around money/work/health with the Page jumper. There are a few cards about cycle shifting in the tarot, but Death really feels like intentional participation in the release; a choice you make versus life simply happening. This card is asking you to eliminate to expand. Think about the concept of composting… When you return something to the earth in death, it never fully “dies”—it transforms into nutrients in the soil to allow and assist something else to grow. So September is about transformation and new growth through release and allowing (and participating in) transition and change. I also want to say bringing awareness to where and when you are rigid can bring insights, and practicing flexibility is your ally this month! 

Astro Snapshot:

The Leonine native loves a new jewel in their crown, and this month your charisma will surely invite gifts and new opportunities for abundance and money! Though you may have delays in getting all the resources you need for September’s harvest, you will be provided for in a most pleasurable way. Art and music will provide deep nourishment for you this month, and you may feel inspired to craft or create those visions that have been dancing in your fiery heart. Listen to any instincts that might say to drop that risky bitcoin investment in favor of a solid three dimensional purchase which is sure to gain value over time. Slow and steady wins the race.

When your ruler, the sun moves into your third house of communication on 9/22, coupled with Mercury retrograde moving into Virgo on 9/23, you may find a need to temper any decadent habits or spending. Quality over quantity will be the best mantra for your personal harvest season.



Tarot Card: 5 of Swords

Last month was two-part for you, Virgos… One major point was around starting some new work, money, or health-related endeavors AND a strong message around patriarchal energy that could have manifested as harnessing an imbalance of yang/masculine energy that was showing up as defensiveness. This month, that swirling energy may get distilled into words with the 5 of Swords. Fives show up when we need to acknowledge or use conflict to make a change, and Swords represent communication, words, ideas, and thoughts. Similar to the 7 of Swords, this is about words spoken (or yelled) that created conflict. It may be a misunderstanding, it may be defensiveness, but whatever place the communication came from, it was not from the heart or through the veils of compassion or empathy. This card highlights reaction versus response. Unlike the seven, the five is open conflict versus sneaky, behind-the-scenes communications. This card is often noted as someone “winning at all costs” to make their point, including the cost of a relationship(s) as the other folks are walking away with their heads hanging in disappointment. This card may be showing up as advice to walk away from anyone who is emanating negative or even straight up nasty energy (shit talking, manipulation, gaslighting, etc.) and trying to get you on board with their mean vibes. You can always choose to disengage or completely walk away. If you were the one communicating from this lower vibrational space, that’s ok, too… Just own your shit. It may be an important lesson around remembering that no one is perfect, nor should they be, and everyone is at a different place in their journey toward wholeness. This “event” may come up this month after the recent retreat of the 4 of Swords. This card highlights awareness around humiliation, defeat, and lack of integrity when we speak from a place of fear. You can drop your sword and walk away if that is what your heart wants, and… So can the other person(s) if you are on operating from the other side of that coin. 

Astro Snapshot:

Spotlight on you this month, Virgo! The sun will be illuminating all those little details you painstakingly perfect, whether that means the eloquent email that gets you the new job you’ve been wanting, or the flawlessly coiffed hair that gets the attention of that crush at the coffee shop. Your ability to minimize and strip away unnecessary details will be greatly appreciated as Mercury turns Retrograde on the 9th. Your ability to zero in on the most important bits of information makes you a beacon of harmonious communication while your ruler Mercury is tangling all the superfluous words and details into a soup of trickster chaos! You’re feeling self confident and strong, refining your health routines, and sharing your brainy knowledge with others who might benefit. 

This month’s Mercury Retrograde, beginning in Libra on 9/9 and moving to Virgo on 9/23 will indeed bring glitches in the realms of money, love, and health…but keep in mind that these are all temporary obstacles which will help you to cut out any spending, excessive indulgence, unhealthy habits, and even unbalanced relationships. Taking up a meditation practice this month will up your Virgo superpowers to Eagle eye in the sky precision action.



Tarot Card: The Hierophant

Libras, this card is bringing your attention to the themes of tradition, knowledge, teaching, and spirituality. It often shows up when we are seeking knowledge and have an innate sense that there is something to learn connected to an older personal pattern. The “tradition” part can speak to upheld ancient ceremonies, such as marriage, or traditional belief systems, such as family values or religious doctrines. It can also be the energy of expressing and sharing knowledge garnered over time, as The Hierophant/Pope is the partner to the High Priestess, who is also a seeker and teacher, but primarily a keeper of wisdom and symbolizes what is still hidden. On a psychological level, this guidance disseminated by The Hierophant can be a more internal experience, where there is something repressed that needs expressing in order to bring awareness, and thus knowledge, about oneself. This card is also regarded as a non-religious counselor—a therapist, spiritual guide, or a type of healer-helper person who is in service to others. So I would say following through seeking a teacher or counselor to assist you at this time, or, bring your attention to where you are conforming to outdated ideals or values that do not personally align anymore, where you are being uncomfortably obedient, and where you may not be operating from a sense of Self and rather are on autopilot and engaging unconscious behaviors. That can lead to awareness which is the medicine for psychological distress and to increase harmony.

Astro Snapshot:

September finds you slowing down, much like during the traditional Harvest season when the leaves change and the air grows crisp and cool. The sun will grace your 12th house of solitude, dreams, the unconscious, and spirituality. You will crave solitude more than any other time of the year, especially with Mercury Retrograde in your sign from 9/9 to 9/23. You will be contemplating who you are and what your purpose is, and it’s important to remember that in this time, the ground can feel less than solid, but that is precisely what opens up hidden cracks into your imagination, and the realm of dreams. By 9/25 the New Moon will seed itself into your sign, and you can turn the revelations from your inward reflections into intentions to manifest into your 3D reality. It’s really a perfect cosmic formula for you to revamp your vision, though, as any alchemical process is, it might be a bit uncomfortable! Wear cozy soft clothes, and be sure to nurture and care for yourself. 



Tarot Card: The Sun

Ok, Scorpios! You had Strength and The Sun as the Collective card last month, and you are still in the rays of The Sun as your primary card this month. Hopefully all of this solar light served as a flashlight in the darkest of caves (we know Scorpios have so many wonderful caves and darkness is a comrade). This solar energy (masculine, ego, action parts of you) may be helping to balance you in some way. The Sun is very much a card about rebirth, so your alchemical process and transformations may be running very deep and still be in states of change… Embrace, as much as you are comfortable, being in the light, being seen, expressing yourself, and moving through cycles (forward movement, don’t pause and get stuck). I picture you yanking your feet out of really deep swampy muck, then start to walk, then pick up pace and run. This may also look like you being more collaborative in certain spaces that you are trying to grow and make successful… This also involves expressing and accepting all truths that cross your path so you can see that path clearly. Overall, The Sun also highlights vitality, creativity, inner child energy, and optimism. What do those words mean to you and with whom/here do you experience them the most? Do more of that! The Universe card is about closing out and shedding old selves so your true, authentic Self can take the helm. With that comes CLARITY. Intentionally moving toward people and places that charge your battery will bear you the most fruit.

Astro Snapshot:

Though you’re not exactly a social butterfly, when you do decide to commune with friends and acquaintances, you always make an impression. Your deep power, wisdom, and intuitive insight will be put to good use this month as you will be meeting new contacts, attending social gatherings, and possibly even spearheading your own community event. Having you rove about town is a bit like opening a waterway in a community which had experienced a drought. You will bring innovative ideas and solutions to the table like an eagle swooping down to break open a stalemate. It will however be a month of highs and lows with Mercury Retrograding in your 12th house of dreams and the unconscious. Your ideas will polish up nicely when they are at the service of others, but you may find some blurry lines, and escapist whirlpools when alone and unharnessed from a specific purpose. Take the dolphin on as a guide, or any animal which splits its time between deep waters and playful ascents into the sun.   When you encounter any blocks, find a charitable service, or way to help something outside of yourself, and your generous determination will easily pass through any fog.



Tarot Card: 8 of Pentacles (jumper: The Devil)

September’s energy revolves around work for Sag folks… This comes after a time of contemplation and assessment with the seven, as well as the burst of vitality, inspiration, and creativity from last month that is helping usher you towards this more grounded energy that can materialize your dreams. For some, this card speaks to actual work/money-making, where you will be funneling your time and energy into work as your primary priority this month. For others, it speaks to engaging prudence when it comes to all physical realm matters (money, health, resources). And also, more metaphorically, this can speak to some folks as “putting in the work” to mend, heal, or grow a relationship, a goal, or working with the Self via personal reflection. This is about applying commitment and discipline to make something grow and achieve abundance, and it is only you that can do this work. The Devil card is a gentle reminder as your jumper to not fall back into old unhealthy habits or compulsions when it comes to work/money/your body. Check in with yourself periodically to be sure you are in balance and operating from a place of fullness and love and not scarcity and fear. Overall, this feels like you are paving the way for some satisfaction towards the end of this year around big goals, Sag friends! Also of note is The Devil is the Capricorn card, so you may be in work cahoots with a Cap this month. 

Astro Snapshot:

September’s cosmic formula calls you to the pulpit…right where you belong! Whether you are leading a business meeting, a Zoom support group, or a Live Sale on Instagram, your achievements and hard work will be seen and rewarded. You may however run into some hiccups with Mercury traveling backwards in your 11th house, where we find a need for innovation, technological advance, and sometimes simply asking for help from your team. Remember that the student is the greatest teacher. When you are the teacher, which is a role you often fall into, you may need to take a timeout and listen to someone who is technically at a lower level of know-how than you are. Virgo Sun loves to sneak in a gift of humility! At the end of the month when Venus enters Libra on 9/29 you may find a new lover or crush appearing in one of your friend groups, or local gathering spots. Conversion will be witty and fun! If you are in a relationship you may become the center of a group, or find yourself serving a group which deepens your love and partnership.



Tarot Card: Ace of Pentacles

Caps, it feels like a BIG shift has occurred with quite a long lead-up throughout the year… But I hope you are feeling some movement into fresh start energy and new opportunities now—they’re around! You were in the nine energy last month, speaking to “almost there” as well as having healthy boundaries to maintain your wellness, and this month The Universe and Ace of Pentacles (also pulled for Aries) are indicating a new aligned opportunity and potential. For you, this feels like you really dropping into your body and getting into a stable, secure place that you have built within and around you through hard work. This is an opportunity or possibility coming in around money, work, or health that may have already been available or lurking in the periphery, but now you can see the full potential through a fresh perspective after recent experiences have changed you this year, especially over the past few months. I want to say, “timing is everything” and this card speaks to spiritual and body connection and your attunement to your intuitive knowing. The Universe card is closing out a cycle connected to outgrowing your old Self and starting new beginnings in all of the elements now that major integration and lessons learned have been accomplished. There is a crystallization process occurring, and you are in a space of receiving. As always, remember that Aces are not guarantees, they are possibilities, so you get to decide what you want after weighing out your options by connecting to your intuition and operating from a space of security and not scarcity.

Astro Snapshot:

The onset of Fall has you digging into all kinds of new topics to research and learn about. Your urge to explore foreign ideas and new places will be on 11, and will help you out of any ruts you may have gotten into. I’m really seeing you in Harry Potter School training dragons to be quite honest. This may not align with your tendency to take on mostly practical goals, but with Mercury the shapeshifter and psychopomp who guides us through alternate realms and realities diving into your 10th house of career and achievement…you may find that there are some fantastical hidden talents in you that are ready to be unearthed. The new moon in Libra on 9/25 will be a perfect time for you to start writing your own Grimoire, to paint colors upon your Saturnian Cloak, or hop on the soapbox to deliver your newfound philosophical treatise to the masses. Let your instincts and passion guide you, as Mercury wants to speak through your actions this month, which requires your ego intellect to take a backseat.



Tarot Card: 9 of Wands

Whereas last month you were likely in a more emotional orbit, and hopefully you found some nurturing from a compassionate Queen of Cups (or were that person), this month you can use the info from all the feels to connect to your inner fire and identify some needs, Aquarius folks. Often for me, this card emerges when energetic boundaries need to be re-examined or put in place to preserve or protect energy. You could be on either side of the energetic fence, here. This means someone may need space from you, in which case, this diffusion can be healthy and beneficial for both of you, even if it feels uncomfortable at first. Also, the 9 of Wands can be a card of encouragement if you are working hard, are drained, and ready to throw in the towel… It can be a boost of support reminding you that you are almost done with whatever work, family, or other Wands situation is at hand. The 10 is nearby, where the burden is dropped, you can reenergize, and are free. I also want to say that in any conflict or issue this month, use this apex of Wands energy (fire, spirit, oistros, creativity, will) to solve problems. The answers may be less about logical thinking and emotion (although last month’s emotions fueled this inner fire into a steady flame), and more about engaging your will, spirituality, and creativity to take meaningful action.

Astro Snapshot:

September’s astrological forecast is sure to bring about transformation, and a reassessment of priorities. The sun illuminates your 8th house of debt/inheritance, deep connections, and endings/new beginnings. If your money, long term security, or income is connected to a negative emotional experience or person, prepare for change. You are a changemaker…a rebellious lightning bolt in your own right! But even so, you can get caught in comfort traps. If you’ve already done your deep emotional homework, you may have an inheritance, or supportive boon headed your way. Mercury traveling backwards in your 9th house will demand reconciliation with your deepest philosophical views, and will insist that you align your outer life with your very unique inner philosophical values. Remember that the word philosophy comes from “philos” which means “loving”. Truly, the transformation which is called for by the cosmic bodies this month is a loving adjustment you needed some help making. By 9/22 when the sun moves into Libra and 9/29 when Venus moves into Libra you will be feeling your butterfly wings emerge and travel plans and exciting exploration will be imminent! There’s no harm in starting your “dream trips” Pinterest Board now as you process the various releases throughout the month.



Tarot Card: 9 of Cups
Wow Pisces, last month you were full of magic and luck, and this month, there is wave of emotional abundance, joy, and satisfaction available to you. This is often regarded as the “wishes coming true card” which, for you, rides the coattails of The Magician from last month. You still have a lot of powerful personal manifestation energy in your orbit, and one thing you can do to maintain that is to stay conscious in the present. The person on this card is sitting confidently (kind of man-spreading tbh, haha), taking up space in a “good” way, and facing the reader head-on, fully present. This means not dwelling on the past, worrying about the future, or getting too caught up in daydreams… It’s about working with what is in front of you, with whom you feel emotionally fulfilled, and acknowledging your existing abundance to call in even more abundance and satisfaction. This makes me think of the Japanese gratitude + self-reflection practice of Naikan, which I just learned about in my Multicultural Transpersonal Depth Psych class; I highly recommend it! It’s been useful to some of my therapy clients, as well. As I mentioned before, readers of this card often want to say all your wishes will come true and you will be satisfied when this card is pulled, but in reality, we are participants in our abundance and dreams coming true. Often, perspective shifts can highlight already-existing abundance and satisfaction! But also: Yes, your wishes can and will come true if you are participating in them in your conscious life, too!

Astro Snapshot:

You’re likely to feel you’ve met the Piscean Fish who swims in the opposite direction of you, but is perfectly balanced this month! It could be a friend, or lover, or combo…but you can be sure that the connection will be deep and transformative with the Sun in your 7th house of partnerships, Mercury Retrograde in your 8th house of transformation and secrets, and a Full Moon in Pisces on 9/10. Swirling dreamscape of idealism, and exploration. A person who makes you ask, “Are they real, or just a dream?”. The key here is healing. Psychopomp Mercury diving into the deep waters of your 8th house opens the door to soulmate type connections which bring healing through intimate conversation and physical union. But keep in mind that Mercury is a trickster and may weave people into your Piscean dreamscape that have one job to do, and then poof…I call these timeline relationships. Stay centered and grounded through this month of Magical Mystery Tour, and enjoy the ride!








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