Sagittarius: Season of Celebrating & Navigating Your North Star

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Sagittarius: Season of Celebrating & Navigating Your North Star


Season of Celebrating & Navigating Your North Star

November 22- December 21

by Rebecca Farrar of Wild Witch of the West / Illustration by Stacey Newmyer



  • Planetary ruler: Jupiter
  • House: 9th
  • Element: Fire
  • Mode: Mutable
  • Symbol: The constellation Sagittarius is said to be the archer centaur Chiron who is half-man and half-horse and said to point to the center of the Milky Way. In other Greek mythology, Sagittarius represents Crotus, companion of the Muses and inventor of archery.
  • Positive traits: Humorous, joyful, faithful, optimistic, expansive, adventurous
  • Negative traits: Arrogance, exaggeration, bravado, feeling of moral superiority, overindulgence
  • Compatible signs: Fellow fire signs such as Leo and Aries, as well as air signs Libra, Gemini, and Aquarius.
  • Herbs: saffron, basil, and sage
  • Crystals: black obsidian or smoky quartz for grounding, sodalite for finding your way.



This year the Sun moves through the tropical sign Sagittarius from November 22 through December 21. A season that transitions us into winter with celebrations and more darkness with contraction of Capricorn. As a mutable sign, Sagittarius helps us evolve and adapt through expanding our horizons through travel, philosophy, or extroversion and meeting new people. A sign known for its big-hearted hearted and humanitarian ways, Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius craves abundance in all its forms. It wants us to go big or go home and have our cake and eat it too.

Even if your Sun, Moon, or Rising isn’t in Sagittarius, we all have this sign in our charts and can learn from both its positive and negative expressions. Sagittarius energy connects us with the expansive side of life such as optimism, vision, and joy. It moves us towards discovering our ideals and expanding our sense of conviction and morality. Healthy Sagittarius fills us with faith and the desire for travel with wandering and adventuring as well as silliness.

Our quest for truth is the arrow of the archer guiding us towards more meaning and purpose in our lives. Philosophical pursuits and purposeful ideals contain the threads of meaning that Sagittarius can be known for. Sagittiarus has been considered a sign of good luck or fortune, though ignoring its shadow side comes with a price. However, sometimes it reveals itself as humanitarian impulses with delusions of grandeur. It rules religion and spirituality lifting us out of the heaviness of being human or making us morally righteous with messiah complexes.

Wherever this sign sits in your chart, you can find abudance, overindulgence or being optimistic to a point that ignores other perspectives and realities. However, the shadow side of it can be arrogance, exaggeration, or superiority. I also notice a tendency towards over-consumption while appreciating the abundance so often experienced with Sagittarius. This sign can also be financially irresponsible, prone to gambling as it may not take money seriously--like Capricorn--and instead sees it more of a game.

Welcome Sagittarius and this season of celebration with ritual kits Wealth & Abundance or Success & Power, or working with the crystals mentioned above to ground the cosmic connections.





Rebecca Farrar of Wild Witch of the West has her M.A. in Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness, and has worked with many renowned astrologists and cosmologists. Read her bio here, and catch more of her work on Witch of the West.


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