November 2021 Taroscopes

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November 2021 Taroscopes

Horoscopes by Kerstin Hern from The Mirrored Lantern  / Original art for J. Southern Studio by Spirited Animals


Novemeber 2021 Tarotscopes


November greetings, and very warm solar return wishes to all Scorpio and early Sagittarius folks! This month is deep because we are spending most of it in the energy of Scorpio season. Scorpio energy is fiercely loving, protective, and fearlessly dives into the deep end of mystery and emotion. Soul shifts and awakenings are available if we choose to jump into this watery, mystical, dark abyss hand-in-hand with Scorpio. Then, we will cap off the month by stepping out of that mystical pool and drying off with the sacred fire of Sag season, bringing adventure, exploration, and spiritual themes to the fore.

Since we are mostly in Scorpio season, the work most of this month is getting deep into soul and shadow work, and engaging with the themes of mystery, death/rebirth, ancestors, magick work, personal transformation, sexuality, power, and trust. The exploration of psychology and the craving to know and understand ourselves and others more deeply, as Scorpios are the “detectives” of the zodiac, is also underlined. The lower vibrational energy of Scorpio season can be getting out of balance with obsessions, compulsions, snooping online, checking your partner’s phone, being possessive, and being really stubborn with your feelings and emotions ( = fixed water).

However, some of the most beautiful Scorpio traits available to all within this seasonal energy are authentic commitment and loyalty, the strength and curiosity to go really deep and authentically connect on a soul level, psychic and intuitive gifts getting activated, and intense passion—Scorpios know how to live it up! I encourage you to embrace all parts of yourself this season, checking in with your relationships to these themes, and bring honesty and integrity to each so you can both learn more about your true self and the truth of others. This allows you to anchor into both the core of your essence and those of the souls with whom you share energetic cords .

Stay tuned for the Celestial Insights blog for this month’s notable transits and the two major lunations with their symbols, ritual + altar inspiration, mantras, and more.

Here are your tarot + astro messages: 



Tarot Card: The Hierophant
This Major Arcana card indicates that you may be called to bring your attention to the theme of sacred tradition, such as marriage, but for most I feel it is speaking to spiritual advising or psychological counseling. As I mentioned to Leos who got this card last month, in Crowley’s version, it represents initiation, specifically around the occult, with a huge key in the hand of the guru. So, initiation or learning/teaching about a spiritual practice is possible in order to bring balance into your life. We enter Sag season at the end of the month, and Sag rules the 9th house; perhaps toward the last week of the month there will be some spark around how you connect to spirituality. Mostly, though, I feel that there is a psychological element for Aries folks. Bring awareness to the balance of your tripartite Self: your id (unconscious instincts and what is buried), your superego (your conscious self and moral conscience that considers others) and your ego (the subconscious mediator of the other two that forms your identity) to find any imbalance, pain, or disconnect that is affecting you on a deep level. There may be unprocessed trauma or for some, addiction (which is born from trauma—if this resonates, may I recommend reading any of the work by Gabor Maté) that is starting to surface. Seeking a higher power (a tenet in Alcoholics Anonymous or engaging in Buddhist practices with Refuge Recovery, to name a couple) and/or seeking psychotherapy may help at this emotionally raw time of the year. Whatever counsel looks like for you, this is a message to put some attention there in some capacity, for you or someone you care about. I know this was specific, but I feel someone needs this message. Check your sun, rising, and moon signs to get the whole picture! 

Astro Snapshot: Chiron in your sign will be conjunct the moon on the 15th, which can be a triggering effect of old wounds, but your fierce strength can hold this space, and you will be motivated to do some healing work. This may connect with your card this month, and mid-month, you will have this motivating force putting wind in your sails. Chiron then forms an exact trine with the sun in Sagittarius on the 30th, offering you the space to challenge your core being, beliefs, and recognizing how past emotional wounds have shaped who you are. This is deep shit, and not everyone will be ready, and that’s ok, but this is a majorly transformative and healing time for Aries folks if you are! Also, remember Eris is traveling near Chiron this whole time, too, so Divine Feminine power that is truly otherworldly, as well as what I call sacred anger infuses these vulnerable moments with extremely protective ferocity to recognize, call out, and bring justice to abuse, be it personal, inter-relational, or collective.



Tarot Card: 10 of Wands

Firstly, it wasn’t a jumper, but the Death card stuck out a bit when I cut the deck, and since that is the Scorpio card and a Major Arcana card, I feel it’s of note to mention that a major cycle closing/metaphorical death is central to Taurus energy this month. Let something or someone finally go that you’ve been clutching and stubbornly resisting releasing. This could be a job or a narrative you have about yourself, or some internal pain that you are no longer giving mind to. Also, the Full Moon Eclipse on the 19th is in your sign, so November is a MAJOR shift month for Taurus… Your primary card is the 10 of wands, which is very concordant with Death, as it is noting how you are feeling a burden that has become too heavy to bear, and now, this is the message to let go. Release the weight of whatever is on your heart, whatever has disconnected you from your passion, community, or creativity. There is some blockage, be it an energy, person, or situation, that is leaving, but you must participate in its release. With intention, let go of whatever you have outgrown. There is major butterfly transformation energy for you this month, Taurus. I see a blue butterfly in my mind right now, so anytime you see one, let it be a reminder to release, allow, and flow into transformation.  

Astro Snapshot: The major full moon lunar eclipse takes place in your sign on the 19th, adding extra potency for all Taurus suns and ascendents at this time. On the external level, I suspect many of you will be making dramatic aesthetic changes to your appearance (haircuts, tattoos, new wardrobe vibe) and on the interior, big internal, and possibly sudden, shake-ups may occur, that may feel dysregulating, but are serving you in the end. Remember Uranus is in your sign (until 2026!), so sudden insights, sudden changes, and revolutionizing your Self at the core level are all available energies. This lunation starts the Taurus/Scorpio axis, so all eclipses for the next couple of years will be very personal to your growth.



Tarot Card: Knight of Pentacles

Last month, Gems got Knight of Wands, so you are still in the energy of acting around goals, but whereas last month, it centered on creativity and passion, this month is getting into more practical earthly themes, such as work, money, and your physical health. Knight of Wands in November is bringing attention to pacing yourself and conserving your energy while still taking deliberate, grounded action steps toward your goals. You may be more focused on money, work, or your health this month, but know that no matter what you are putting energy into, it is wise to move slow and steady, double-checking all your work, clarifying anything not completely understood, and being cautious—not in an anxious way, just in a logical way. Overall, though, there is either help coming in or you will encompass the role as your own helper in bringing stability into your life through patience, hard work, and practicality. 

Astro Snapshot: Late on the 9th, the North Node in your sign (at 1 degree, so “beginner energy”) will trine the moon in Aquarius. This harmonizing effect will feel like having a breakthrough in your emotional body and on the trajectory of your soul path. Healing through communication and connection to others will be strong, and you will be more sensitive empathically and intuitively to others, therefore, able to be of service in meaningful ways. This is a great day to honor and hone your natural talents and start a new chapter, no matter how small, on your life path. Perhaps you will be called to learn (Gemini) about and explore something new in order to expand your innate abilities, especially around healing and helping others in your community (or siblings). The moon trines Jupiter on the 21st (and is part of a stellium in your sign), so that breakthrough energy will get expanded and blessed, and you should be feeling v good on this day.



Tarot Card: 3 of Swords (jumper: King of Pentacles)

Ok, as always, Cancers are big energy for me. Shuffling, the cards were scattery, not falling in line easily, with a spazzy sort of energy. The King of Pentacles jumped out, indicating a person who has patriarchal/masculine energy who wields power in some way—be it with money, resources, even sexuality, and could show up as a lover, boss, parent, friend having harsh words. As always with this card, some triangulation or even a betrayal by this masc person may be where your attention is going this month, as the 3 of Swords was your primary card. This card sheds light on some third party throwing off a relationship or simply a singular person throwing off your sense of well-being. It can show up as a very Scorpio-themed secret getting discovered or harsh words that lead to grief, disappointment, or rejection; keep in mind you may be on either side of this energy. Kings and Queens, to me, are often other people, so the King of Pentacles is neutral here, meaning they may embody the person who hurt you in some way/who you hurt, OR could be someone coming in to help you or bring you information around the aforementioned themes. This doesn’t feel devastating, but there is some acute attention needed in your interpersonal communications sector.

Astro Snapshot: The moon in your sign will form a grand water trine with Neptune in Pisces and Mars in Scorpio on the 23rd. Grand trines are when 3 planets form a trine in the same element. In this celestial relationship, the trine is in water, so big harmonious energy around emotions, intuition, and creativity. Intense feelings, powerful creative inspiration, and heightened psychic abilities will be flowing, especially with the fuel from Mars and the deep mystical waters of Neptune. The moon in the mix is connecting these themes to your emotions and how you feel “at home” and secure, as well as how you can effectively express your deepest feelings to others, making connection at this time very abundant. This is a great day to work on art, music, witchcraft, magick, therapy, and finding balance—all these skills will be sharpened and fruitful.



Tarot Card: 7 of Wands

First, I saw the 4 of Cups and 7 of Cups several times as I shuffled, so I want to note to Leos that not everything is as it seems this month, so be sure to have clarity between you and all decisions you make, along with not taking for granted good opportunities or dismissing messages that are clearly for your highest good. You may have several choices or voices calling your attention this month, so just be sure to get all the details before choosing, and do not take for granted the blessing of having so many options. Your primary card is the 7 of Wands, bringing attention to standing up for your beliefs and standing your ground in the face of any challenges. You have support from many, so remember that! Likewise, there may be competition coming up, but like the 7 of Cups reminds us, not everything or everyone is as it/they seem… A competitor may actually be a comrade, so be sure to get clear on who is who. In any case, the themes in November are enacting fortitude and ambition to reach your goals while engaging your desire and creativity to make changes happen. This could involve taking a risk of some sort, but after getting all that clarity, if it still feels right, risks can bring rewards!

Astro Snapshot: On the 25th-26th, the moon in your sign in the 9th house can bring a childlike energy around exploration, and you may be craving travel and ways of experiencing enlightenment… However, on the 26th, this fiery explorative moon will oppose Jupiter, bringing some awareness (usually from others) about how you may need to reel it in a little; perhaps you have been making some rash decisions or acting impulsively? Heed what loved ones say, and adjust if you agree. At the very least, think before you act, because this moon is also squaring Mars in Scorpio, so some possessiveness and aggression may pop up. Keep livin’ it up, Leos—you are really feeling energized! Just be sure to consider your intimate relationship folks’ needs, too.



Tarot Card: 8 of Wands (jumper: Death)

Wow, Virgo, as soon as I started shuffling, there was a HUGE blast of wind outside and I could see palm trees bent over and hear the whipping outside the window… Maybe “winds of change” is a message for you, and I also hear “wind at your back," as in encouragement, for the month ahead. Your fellow earth sign, Taurus, also had the Death card poke its head out, but yours actually jumped. This is the Scorpio card, all about death and rebirth, embracing endings so new better beginnings may emerge, and transformation. Your primary card is the 8 of Wands, literally that windy, flying-through-the-air fire energy! To me, big transition is the theme of the month, and this card is encouraging you to take action and have crucial conversations, send important communications, move, travel— all things ACTION this month, be it physical or mental action to start a new chapter. If you have been waiting for a sign whether to reach out to someone to either close or initiate something, this is that sign. If you have been feeling stuck or like you’re backpedaling, this is your sign to take action to release stagnancy and follow your heart and spirit in the name of progress and freedom. Movement will help you transition into this next chapter. This can be romance, work, personal growth—whatever is meaningful to you at the time you are reading this. This felt powerful and fierce, so like fated energy that, if you fight it, you may regret it and miss a beautiful possibility awaiting you on the other side. Let yourself get swept off your feet… I’m so excited for you!

Astro Snapshot: The very beginning and very end of the month have the moon in your sign chatting with other planets… This brings awareness to emotional friction, specifically, on the 1st: The moon squares Venus in Sag and opposes Neptune in Pisces. This can bring imbalance between feeling moody and lethargic with a craving for affection and indulgence. With the opposition, there can be some misunderstandings with others, so maybe lay low and just rest up. On the 27th and 28th, you will be re-focused on emotions again, but this time your focus will be more on changes around your home and family, especially mother energy. A trine with Venus infuses love, which can bring a lovely peaceful energy to the end of this month, but the moon opposes Neptune again—so think about what you had going on in the beginning of the month around misunderstandings, and try to find a pattern. In the middle of the month, make your moves!



Tarot Card: 5 of Swords

The 5 of Swords this month is feeling like some unresolved conflict after a technical “win” (most likely won with less integrity than would be preferred, or with a “getting the last word in” kind of vibe). Either you or someone in your orbit may have experienced a defeat of some fame and are feeling particularly weak, even humiliated, right now… You may have romantically connected with someone last month and this is your first spat, or there is discord with someone you’re partnered with and your relationship flow is disrupted. With the swords, it is important to remember it is often worse in our minds than in reality, so having a clear and compassionate conversation may clear some of this negativity. If it is *that* bad, then perhaps swallowing your pride and accepting what you cannot control (or who you cannot change) is best, Libra friends. This is the season where people will show you who they really are.

Astro Snapshot: Late on the 1st and early on the 2nd, the moon in your sign will make a grand air trine (harmony in communication, ideas) with the North Node in Gemini and Saturn in Aquarius. You may get useful insights around healthy boundaries in your personal relationships with the opportunity to communicate with ease about said boundaries. The moon in your sign squares both Venus then Pluto on the 30th, so you may be feeling lethargic/foggy with work and really wanting connection and affection, especially from friends. The Pluto energy can bring some compulsion and possessiveness, though, so try to keep feelings in a controlled inner space (think about your early-month lessons with boundaries) while still expressing deep feelings and needs that may be coming up around certain relationships, especially where you feel powerless or like you’re being manipulated (or vice versa). Feel-good harmony is available, though, as the moon will trine Jupiter, so just find the balance—that’s your jam!



Tarot Card: 10 of Cups

I mentioned feeling like you were reaching a culmination last month, and perhaps this is the month that you are living in your bliss, Scorpios. Your sign is wearing the celestial crown this month, so it makes sense that you will be receiving emotional rewards, creating emotional bonds, feeling loved, and spreading all of this beautiful energy. Family is the main motif of this card, so this could be some resolution met this month within your family of origin or chosen family. Some of you may be starting a family or spending time with them… In any case, this is a card of true love bonds with others, and gratitude is the rainbow that arches overhead in this card’s imagery. Chiron is sometimes referred to as the Rainbow Bridge between Saturn (restriction) and Uranus (freedom), so perhaps November is when many Scorpios will feel a monumental shift in Chiron work around childhood pain, be it big “T” or little “t” trauma. My heart is full for you!

Astro Snapshot: This is your season, Scorps! There is a new moon in your sign on the 4th, followed by Mercury joining the Scorpio party on the 5th. You can expect realizations and communications around your identity, how you are in relationship to others, and facets of your personality getting activated. Also, you can now find the right words to passionately express yourself, which can feel very liberating, so communication is favored! There is big Scorpio energy from the 4th-21st, as you have a stellium of the sun, Mars, Mercury, and a little window with the Midheaven on the 20-21st (professional success) and the moon on the 4th-5th, so identity, action, passion, communication are all highlighted. 



Tarot Card: Page of Wands

Sag friends, the Page of Wands this month feels really connected to soul purpose and your creative expression. I also saw the 4 of Swords while shuffling several times (not a jumper, but want to note this), so retreating more than usual this month to get focused may be of service to this spark. Overall, this can be a childlike enthusiasm you are bringing to something you’re passionate about, and are therefore fearless, curious, and motivated this month to really move a dream into action. Pages may also show up as messengers, so you may have some outside help for a big goal or creative project. I see you as a Divine Seeker who, by month’s end, will have some major growth toward mastery of this new exciting endeavor!

Astro Snapshot: There are energy shifts this month bringing attention to where your inner fire and devotion exist, as Vesta enters your sign on the 16th. The sun enters your sign on the 21st (happy bday early Sag friends!), highlighting the themes of expanding cultural and spiritual essences. Mercury also ingresses your sign on the 24th, highlighting optimism and expansion of the mind (…sometimes exaggeration). The end of the month you should feel big energy, as a stellium with the sun, Mercury, Midheaven, and South Node are in your sign in the 12th-1st houses. This brings some closures and new beginnings, especially around the themes of communication, new ideas, your identity, and your profession. You may feel unsettled but know that making important decisions and pursuing goals is very auspicious right now, so focus, study, network—all that good stuff, and know you are laying groundwork for a bright new chapter.



Tarot Card: 6 of Swords

To be transparent, I felt some distracting and insecure energy while shuffling, and I NEVER put cards back, so I did a second pull just to get a clarifier for the 6 of Swords I pulled. Guess what I pulled for the clarifier? 6 of Swords. Therefore, I’m going to read the distracting/unsure energy I was feeling as what some of you may be feeling at some point this month… This card shows up to acknowledge some sort of shift or change away from mental conflict, emotional pain, or difficulty that has been alive for you. This story is coming to an end. You are at the precipice of calmer waters, perhaps being guided by a trusted person who is helping you find peace and comfort. This card (and 8 of Wands and The Chariot) may additionally indicate travel of some sort. You may not have a heavy burden, but perhaps feel bogged down with responsibility. If so, this card is a sign that your load will lighten soon! 

Astro Snapshot:
Venus is big for you this month, Caps! She enters your sign early morning on the 5th. With the planet of love, values, finances, and how we roll in relationships in your sign, you will be looking prettaaaay prettay good in the eyes of others… Use this influence all month long and the first few weeks of December (before Venus goes Rx) to express your business charm in meetings pitching a idea, going on first dates, getting serious with a lover, or any situation where charm and Venusian energy can benefit you. Then on the 7th, Venus forms an exact conjunction with the moon in Capricorn, creating a very sensual, connective, and bonding energy. In Capricorn (ruled by Saturn), this pairing reflects long-term commitments, healthy boundaries, and stability in love matters. This is like saying the “L word” for the first time or having “the talk” kinda vibe. Same with finances/work—the moon/Venus conjunction is very beneficial for you at this time. Lastly, Juno, the astroid goddess of marriage and commitment enters your sign on the 14th, so y’all really have Love with a side of Partnership on the menu this month! 



Tarot Card: King of Wands

Often, court cards feel like other people in readings, but in this reading it is YOU who is the King of Wands, Aquarius. This card reflects how you have earned your keep and are embodying (or encouraged to embody) the role of a fearless and creative leader who inspires others and is seen and appreciated for your passionate work. You will have charisma, influence, and initiative that will be hard to resist, so enlisting folks to help you get an idea of the ground feels very possible. Big themes of the month for you include taking action, elevating your unique Self (possibly stepping into a new leadership role), and having a bold attitude. For others, the aforementioned description may come in as another person who will have some impact on your life, be it romantic, career-related, or a collaborator. In either case, welcome this energy in because it is part of a bigger picture around passionate connection and success.

Astro Snapshot: Jupiter and Saturn in your sign are now both direct, bringing forward-moving action energy to your life goals, expressing your personal truth, and setting healthy boundaries. Saturn makes an exact conjunction with the moon on the morning of the 10th… This can feel draining and even lonely, but the good thing about moon transits is they move quickly. The work for this particular conjunction is to allow yourself a day for solitude and self-care and focus on identifying the tethering foundational spaces in your life: your home, where you feel at home, work, and family. Reflect on how these spaces make you feel stable and secure (or not). Then take stock of resources and blessings—we all need good check-ins like this! This duo also exact-squares Mars (ambition, passion, action) + Mercury (insights, communication, making sense of things) in Scorpio and trines Ceres (health and how we are nurtured) on the 10th, which can give you the motivation to think deeply then get your structures and foundations stabilized and healthy. This energy also encourages you to communicate your needs.



Tarot Card: Ace of Pentacles

Last month, it felt like some of you were stepping into new roles, and if you were just starting that journey, the Ace of Pentacles is a new offering or opportunity around this new cycle (work, how you make money, or your physical/sexual health). This opportunity or entry point is one that meets you and your dreams where you are at now after traversing the deep work of all those retrograde planets (Uranus, Neptune, and Chiron are still Rx, though), so think about what you’ve learned about yourself in the past ~6 months and reckon those findings with where you are at today in relation to goals. Like all Aces, this is a small seedling that needs nurturing and patience so it can grow into something fruitful. Take practical steps, pace yourself, but also enjoy the excitement of the beginning of something growing in the material plane that is aligned with your personal success and abundance! For pagan folks and witches (and pagan witches!), November 1 is the New Year, so enter November with the mindset that you are in a completely new time frame, leaving the outworn and outgrown parts of you in “last year.”

Astro Snapshot: There are a few days of note for Pisces friends to retreat and slow down, leaving important decisions and non-creative pursuits for another day, while also having the potential for elevating experiences… First, Neptune trine the Sun on the 12th will kick off this ethereal energy, but more specifically, the 18th-20th is an optimum window of occupying your subtle body space, Pisces. On the 18th, Neptune Rx in your sign trines Mercury, putting a nebulous cloud layer over your mind, so logic is not sharp right now, but your imagination, spiritual body, and creative self are all wanting some attention. Neptune then squares the moon on the 20th, a time when you may feel foggy in the mundane world, but your intuitive and creative abilities will peak. I’m mentioning this 3-day time frame because I think by slowing down, paying attention to intuition, synchronicities, and your dreams, you will get some useful insights around this Ace of Pentacles energy coming in… It feels like you are in a chrysalis stage, soon to emerge in a new way. Partaking in creativity and however you gel with spirituality could be really deep.




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Kerstin from The Mirrored Lantern has practiced right hand path magick and tarot for over 28 years and has been a lover and learner of astrology for just as long… She is currently in graduate school for Clinical Psychology with a specialization in Spiritual & Depth Psychology. Follow her on instagram @themirroredlantern for witch tips, weekly tarot, occulture, and depth psych tidbits!

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