November 2022 Tarotscopes

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November 2022 Tarotscopes

Astrology by Sera Timms
Tarot by Kerstin Hern of The Mirrored Lantern
Original art for J. Southern Studio by Spirited Animals

November 2022 Tarotscopes

November greetings to all, and happy solar return wishes to Scorpio and early Sag folks! Below are your intuitive tarot readings by me, coupled with insightful astro snapshots by Sera. Both tarot and astro horoscopes are per sign for the month ahead. I also pulled a card for the Collective, which you can use in conjunction with your personal tarot card to create a more robust narrative around what is calling your attention during this monthly cycle, or as a clarifier to your zodiac’s card.

Tarot Highlights:

There were no big, bold repeats, save for Taurus and Gemini both getting the same card, but there were several low numbers (2, 3, 4), including the Collective card: 2 of Wands (Dominion). This speaks to “starter” energy, initiations, and potentials for various signs. 2s are about joining, balance, reciprocity; 3s are about creation and collaboration, and fours speak to stability and security.  All are early numbers in their respective suits, meaning that there is still work and experience awaiting ahead! Also, I got a couple of clear “snapshots” in mind while shuffling for Capricorn and Pisces, so they got some extra messages that will only be pertinent to some.

To get the most out of these Horoscopes, please read them based off of your Ascendant/ Rising sign, as these are the signs that are the basis of our monthly breakdowns. Your Ascendant sign is the sign of the Zodiac which was rising on the eastern horizon at the time, date & location of our birth, and it provides us with a much more individualized view of our personal astrology. If you do not yet know your Rising Sign, feel free to find it here: Chart Drawing, Ascendant. All you will need is the closest possible time, date & location of your birth. For those not able to find an accurate Rising Sign, you can secondarily read these horoscopes by your Sun sign and thirdly by your Moon sign.

Stay tuned for the Celestial Insights blog to see what the stars have to say, along with lunar magick offerings…

Here are your tarot + astro messages. I suggest reading your rising and sun signs: 



Deck Used: Thoth Deck
Card: 2 of Wands: DOMINION

The overall energetic message for this month that you can use to expand and clarify your personal card reading is: THE 2 OF WANDS (The Lord of Dominion)

In the Thoth deck, this card brings attention to initiation in the spirit of Fire. This is movement of energy, action, Will to Force. The glyphs of Mars and Aries are on this card, indicating energy flow, assertiveness, passion, action, and will coupled with the Aries energy of rebirth and exploration as a leader and initiator.

This can look like having the drive and passion to make change without an attachment to the outcome. An explorer has an urge to quest and venture, but does not know, nor can they plan for, exactly what or whom they will find. Our will is spiritual in nature, as are Wands, being our Oistros and fire “spark” within. Wands are about our passionate purpose and often lead to an experience of healing and empowerment.

The 2 of Wands is Masculine/yang in nature, but the 2 implies a joining of opposites, a dialectic and being able to sit in the tension to gather information and then create forward motion. This is a card about expression and communication from the heart. Mars is exalted in Aries, so the energy emanating from this card is very powerful and speaks to some alignment that “feels right”—innate urges and instincts aligning with truths and goals. This balance is the foundation from which plans can be made and actioned and although the end result is unclear, there is trust that it is for one’s highest good.

I feel this card speaks to agency and power brimming from within you. You have a strong will, even urge, to make change and/or find the courage to explore new options without that attachment to outcome. There is a sense of clarity, focus, and confidence that you are being asked to step into. Remember, Aries is an initiator/cardinal sign and rules the 1st house. Some major cycle may have closed out recently and now you have the work before you, waiting to be explored with fresh eyes and possibly a new identity.

Keywords: strong will, changes, courage to change, movement, bold actions, clarity, confidence, agency, courage, sacred destruction, driven by Spirit, passionate work, creative drive, making plans, initiation, empowerment, a new quest, a new identity



October closed out with a grand fiery finale of Samhain flame dancing, and hidden passions unmasked. November brings us a week of relative cosmic calm before launching us right back into the Shakespearean dramedy of Eclipse Season. Nov 4th is a lucky day as the sun joins Acrux, the smallest star in the Southern Cross constellation, bringing abundance, blessings, success and honor. Drink up the nectar because on 11/8 the chalice may hold something a bit more intoxicating with the Full Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse bringing a dramatic end to the 2022 Eclipse Season. Be prepared to say goodbye to your passionate cycles of suffering, and hello to the exalted libertine Babalon Goddex sleeping inside of you. Destiny is calling. For the more cautious among us, the eclipse will aspect Mercury, Uranus and Saturn which will direct our speech to communicate what we truly need in terms of love and money, and to release relationships to people and things which drag us down. Say goodbye to Vampire season! Then we’ve got Mercury, Venus, and the Sun entering jovial Sagitarius the 16th-22nd encouraging us to enjoy the journey, and feel the love of the you-niverse as your personal teacher. The lesson of the Saggitarian archer is to shoot for the stars, but to remember that your power is your focus in each moment. The New Moon on the 23rd also in Sag clears the slate, and makes room for optimistic seed planting in alignment with the new dreams we’ve unearthed through the 2022 eclipse season.


  • 11/8 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus
  • 11/16 Venus enters Sagittarius
  • 11/17 Mercury enters Sagittarius
  • 11/22 Sun enters Sagittarius
  • 11/23 New Moon Sagittarius
  • 11/23 Jupiter Direct in Pisces


  • Sun: Scorpio-Sagittarius
  • Moon: Aquarius- Aquarius
  • Mercury: Scorpio-Sagittarius
  • Venus: Scorpio-Sagittarius
  • Mars: Gemini
  • Jupiter: Pisces
  • Saturn: Aquarius
  • Uranus: Taurus
  • Neptune: Pisces
  • Pluto: Capricorn
  • North/ South Nodes: Taurus & Scorpio




Tarot Card: Wheel of Fortune

Aries folks, you had a major arcana card last month speaking to balance and fairness, and this month, a cycle is coming to a close with luck on your side that is potentially related to that. The Wheel of Fortune is the Jupiter card—the planet of expansion, luck, and growth. If you have been struggling, this is a sign that the struggle is coming to a close, because energy is constantly moving, for better or worse. The message with this benevolent card is to focus on the good to expand it. Energy flows where attention goes. Being optimistic and trusting the universe’s changes will serve you… All things are in motion, and with this card, the shifts are connected to fate. We all have free will, but sometimes the path and work we signed up before being reincarnated really speaks to us through signs and synchronicities at certain life points. This card reminds you that you are always being divinely guided, that you don’t have control over a lot, but that engaging trust in your own intuition and instinct will get you where you need and want to be.

Astro Snapshot:

With your ruler Mars retrograding in Gemini, and the Sun gracing your 8th house of epic transformation cycles, prepare for some deep reflection. You’re not normally one for peering into deep dark waters, but this time those deep waters hold the keys to your next cycle of power. The warrior retrieves the hidden sword from the lady in the lake. The Full Moon Eclipse on the 8th helps you to let go of emotional crutches, and re-evaluate your relationship to money and property. With so many planets entering Sagittarius you may want to transform your career into one which can be done anywhere ie “work from home” so you can travel with your work, or to create a position which allows you to explore the world more freely, and climb those foreign mountains which beckon!



Tarot Card: 3 of Cups

This is a jovial card speaking to friendships, budding relationships that bring you joy, and having something to celebrate. If you’ve been waiting for news of some fame, this card indicates there is potential good news, since these folks are dancing and drinking in celebration. This card may also be a nudge for some to get out of the house and connect with friends or community that brings you joy. Cups are emotions and relationships, so perhaps meeting up with buds will burn off the low, dense energy you may have had around you and/or you will have some sort of friend reunion this month (or should!). If you’ve been thriving and flowing, then the 3 of Cups highlights starting a collaboration that is very satisfying. Cheers, y’all! PS: Geminis got this card, too!

Astro Snapshot:

Who’s holding your hand Taurus? Are they helping and supporting you in cultivating the beautiful life of sensual pleasure, loyalty, and beauty which you so desire? You love partnership, and deep supportive affection…but if it doesn’t include loyalty and some form of commitment, it’s just not for you. You will be doing a bit of an audit with your partners this month, be it in business or pleasure. In all likelihood you’ll get clear insight about who can stay and who needs to go, but if not you can be assured that the Full Moon Eclipse in your sign on 11/8 will send cosmic help. Self worth is key, and the mirror of partnership will show you the areas of your life and self which you need to value more. The good news is that the moon is right at home in your sign, so the eclipse will also open up the gates for beautiful, harmonious, and sensual encounters which bring in the proper adoration you so deserve.



Tarot Card: 3 of Cups

Wow, so Taurus folks also got this card right before you… So I would put attention on connecting/re-connecting with a Taurus in your life, or perhaps collabing or celebrating with a Taurus. Here’s the overall message: This is a jovial card speaking to friendships, budding relationships that bring you joy, and having something to celebrate. If you’ve been waiting for news of some fame, this card indicates there is potential good news, since these folks are dancing and drinking in celebration. This card may also be a nudge for some to get out of the house and connect with friends or community that brings you joy. Cups are emotions and relationships, so perhaps meeting up with buds will burn off the low, dense energy you may have had and/or you will have some sort of friend reunion this month (or should!). If you’ve been thriving and flowing, then the 3 of Cups highlights collaboration that is very satisfying.

Astro Snapshot:

You’ve got a bit of a bi-polar month ahead of you, but what Twin doesn't love a bit of polarity? The sun illuminates your 6th house bringing inspiration to serve others with your many gifts, and to look at the details you sometimes gloss over, re-evaluate health routines, and establish a sense of ritual. The butterfly that you are, loves to wander outside the constraints of time and order, but this month you will find your hidden mastery of mapping out the garden, and regularly returning to the flowers which bring you joy and inspiration. The Full Moon Eclipse opens up a whole new can of worms so to speak, and remember that fertile soil needs worms to grow the healthiest flowers! You may find strange attractions opening up, and loosen your boundaries regarding sensual pleasure, and hone in on the art of keeping a secret. A deep well opens up to quench your thirst for spiritual manna of unknown origin. A mystery is a gift that keeps on giving to a mind that insists on knowing everything! Embrace the messenger of mystery..for it will reveal the deepest hidden waters to keep your butterfly garden healthy and beautiful.



Tarot Card: Queen of Cups (jumper: The Fool)

Your primary card last month was the Fool, so this jumper seems to be continuing your story around new beginnings, taking risks and chances, and starting huge new cycles. The Queen of Cups is my “therapist” card, so if that resonates, therapy work (as a clinician or client) may be starting, but more broadly, this Queen is the master of emotions, has a flowing healing energy, and is compassionate and empathetic. This may very well be you, Cancers, as a water sign that is connected to the Mother archetype. It may also be someone coming in with femme energy to be this nourishing, healing, helping, emotionally focused person in service to your needs. November will definitely be centered in and around the emotional realm for you, so perhaps getting in touch with yours is the work. This Queen is very intuitive and spiritually connected, especially through dreams, so inner healing, reparenting, and self-compassion are also calling your attention.

Astro Snapshot:

Time to play, Cancer! November is a month of friendship, community, open hearted communication, and creative inspiration. Your cozy nest is likely to attract many visitors who bring gifts of cherished company, and innocent nostalgia. This will help you to find clarity regarding your most supportive circle of friends, and to figure out whom is adding to the harmony and joy in your campfire circle of song, and who is just dropping in for a bit of your warmth without adding to the melody? You have much to offer, and always do…but it’s time to suss out the sweet puppy from the opportunistic coyote. Your true friends will support and comfort you if something or someone needs to go. Your ruler the Moon feels right at home in Taurus on the 11/8 Eclipse, and will most certainly bring in the Taurean Bull to protect your loving heart, and clear the path for only those who will cherish it.



Tarot Card: Temperance

Last month was a card about balanced give and take with money, work, and the material realm. This month, Temperance is highlighting getting in balance by curbing behaviors that are knocking you off kilter or that no longer serve. This could be spending or other actions but could also be connected to emotions. This is a card about alchemical transmutation of old/outgrown energy by releasing what does not serve while also being present, mindful, patient, and taking the Middle Path in your interactions with others and in your own thinking. In DBT, Mindfulness is the core skill folks learn, and within that is Wise Mind. I really connect this card to Wise Mind, where one acknowledges their emotional mind, their reason mind, then meets the two in the middle of that “mind Venn diagram” to make choices. Check in with your body and thoughts, and although the choices or curbing of certain behaviors aren’t easy, you will feel settled about them and feel peace in your heart.


Astro Snapshot:

A mighty lion requires a lovely den! November highlights the balance between your courageous achievements, the strength you bring to your career and family, and how you nurture, and re-charge yourself after sharing so much solar power with the world! The 11/8 Full Moon Eclipse will add a power boost to your ability to shine in the public eye, and may clear away any distracting moths to your flame. While you may have enjoyed the company, those who aren’t adding to your illumination at this time are revealed as shadows upon your radiant heart. The world needs your light Leo! There may be some change ups in career, and true colors of friends and associates may be revealed as different than you thought…a wolf in sheep's clothing, or visa versa. You have an expansive territory to watch over, and you need to know what’s what to do your job properly. Regroup in your home, and with your biological or friend family which will feel like loving firelight in your den. Release all fears of your own power, and take on the leadership which is inherently yours. Your home is your protection. 



Tarot Card: King of Wands

Virgos, y’all are movin’ and making changes, carrying over the Wands energy of last month into the master realm of Fire with the King of this suit. This King takes ideas and inspiration and makes actionable change. The Queen is often the Creatrix and “idea guy” that collabs with the King, who puts things in motion in an almost effortless fashion that ends in success. Tap into your masculine/yang energy this month to embody confidence and follow-through with goals and tasks. Movement and change are keywords, and they are likely occurring in a realm connected to something/someone you are passionate about, creative work, family or community. This can also look like you stepping into a leader role (check the Collective Thoth card, this is similar) or getting more responsibility and/or control over a situation. I’d also offer that this master and doer of the Wands also takes risks to promote their own growth and positive change… So if fear has been holding you back from taking a leap, this card says go for it with confidence! 

Astro Snapshot: 

As above so below. Your Mercurial nature is hard at work in the alchemy of your soul’s purpose this month. November is a month which is sure to illuminate your miraculous mind, Virgo! You are an embodiment of Rodin’s “The Thinker”. The 11/8 Full Moon Eclipse activates change in your philosophical values, and your attachment to tradition and practicality. While these are parts of you that can serve you very well, sometimes they limit your potential growth. Get ready for learning experiences through travel, course correction, and perhaps even some ‘hot for teacher” moments. You will be open to change with the sun in your communicative and curious 3rd house, while conduits of higher learning and brilliant minds approach with crowning glory. You get caught in the details at times, and this month you shall be whisked up to the mountain where your mind may contemplate and contribute to building the conscious architecture of the dawning Age of Aquarius. Yes Virgo, you are more of an innovator than you know when taken out of your comfortable role of servant and placed on the Mountain where the eagle eye rules!



Tarot Card: 2 of Pentacles

I pulled the 2 of P, but my finger also pulled The Empress out a bit, so although she didn’t jump, she wanted to be seen! 2 of Pentacles can bring your attention to making a choice between two different jobs, or between any two things you are juggling in the material realm, like money or your health. It also calls attention to getting into a flow state with your work or health (though this feels like work). You may be busy, but you can do it all if you plan ahead, make some lists, and do some time management. If you have a lot of your plate, shimmy some stuff off, at least temporarily, so you can get your priories straight and get recalibrated. The Empress is very Taurus-esque energy, also an earth sign like the Pentacles, so bringing attention to self-care, luxurious moments for yourself (good food treat, long baths) to help get you in balance. The 2 reflects being busy but not overwhelmed if you can meaningfully balance your work and personal worlds, as well as finances and personal health. Both worlds are important, and The Empress may be saying “Hey! Slow down and take a nap, take some ‘me’ time or friend time.” She’s also the forever-pregnant Venus goddess, so creativity and creation/birth are also themes. Pregnant people, get off the laptop—work can wait a minute; go do a foot soak and eat some ice cream! 

Astro Snapshot:

What do you have, and what do you want? We know you want harmony, but at what cost? What is your true value dear keeper of balance, and where do you go to fill your own cup after pouring so much of your time and energy into making sure everyone around you is satiated? If you have not yet learned how to receive from your loved ones, and accept deep and intimate love from a partner, then this is your harvest for the month of November. Your emotional needs are valid. Prepare for Superhero transformation…you may meet a whole new side of yourself, Libra. Passion, sensuality, and property. You have a right to receive these gifts and the door will open to these earthly delights when the Full Moon Eclipse activates your 8th house on 11/8. Any investments you've made financially or emotionally will be balanced. This is a karmic gift which can sometimes feel abrasive, but I can assure you that what you’re feeling is only the pick axe which reveals the hidden diamond.



Tarot Card: 2 of Wands

More wands, Scorpios! This is also the exact same card for the Collective, but this card from the RWCS deck vs. Thoth has a different spin, but same ballpark. This card is about planning and creating blueprints for a goal you have. It calls attention to expanding your vista to see the whole picture and shine light on spaces and opportunities you didn’t think you’d have access to, but absolutely do. Dream big and start mapping out plans to move into action in the coming months around a dream goal, a passion project, something connected to family (a trip maybe?), or some way you will be involved in your community in a passionate, connective way that can bring healing and empowerment. This is about long-term goals, so get clear and granular (also gotta say I’m feeling Q of Swords vibes, which is clear communication with others, honesty, clarity, and future-oriented energy), and follow your heart, not just your logical mind, in deciding what is possible. Again, travel may be the foundation for some, so that looks like a big trip or a big move, like another state or country.

Astro Snapshot:

It’s your season!! You are a master of transformation, of effortlessly weaving your way through the masquerade ball of life, of adapting to and/or deconstructing the masks which others present to you for their pleasure or yours. Tis the season to dig deep. The 11/8 Full Moon Eclipse reveals the true face of your partners in business and in love. But this is like a carnival mirror trick where what you see is what you are, dear multi dimensional Scorpio. Your higher form is the Phoenix, but this requires that the scorpion climbs into the fire. What this means is that when you see an adversarial face in a partner, it is a cue to reflect, instead of to sting. The reflection of what you see reveals your shadow, something hidden in that deep enchanting well of yours…a mask you may not like or want anyone to see. But alas, your true power lies in the mastery of your depths, and this is what the carnival mirror reveals this month. If you can see your partner-whomever that may be this month-and all their flaws as a mirror of you, then you enter the alchemical fire. By the 23rd when the Sun is in Sagittarius and Jupiter is moving forward in Pisces you will be taking your phoenix form and perceiving a whole new dream opening up with this new perspective.



Tarot Card: 4 of Pentacles

Sag friends, this feels like a two-part reading for two different groups. If you’ve been struggling financially, you are coming into a period of financial stability and security this month. Perhaps a check came/will come through, you got a gig or will start a new job, or a big chunk of debt got paid off. For others who are financially stable, your attention is being brought to where you are almost debilitated by saving money (or being greedy) that you can’t enjoy your life. If you are too stingy and clutching really tightly, you won’t be able to enjoy what you have. Try to gently check in where this mindset is coming from (is there an internalized shame voice making you feel bad that may not be yours??). Bring attention to any scarcity mindset you notice and see what’s underneath. For others, this may be more related to health matters, like strict dieting. If you are white-knuckling something so intensely with such rigid boundaries, you will be detached from joy and other wonderful emotions that we all know you love to experience!

Astro Snapshot: 

This girl (guy/person etc!) is on fire! Venus, Mercury and the sun are moving into your sign from 11/16 to 11/22 and your magnetic charm and bombastic fire will be off the charts! You love an adventure, and this month is sure to be one which requires you to put all your focus upon where you are aiming that fiery little cupid arrow of yours. The Full Moon Eclipse on 11/8 activates your karmic relationship patterns in love, sensuality, selfless service, and personal values. You can be quite a wild child, but also a hard worker when you believe in the task at hand. This eclipse has you combing through your Centar mane with a fine tooth comb…think “I’m gonna wash that man right outta my hair” carry people forward with your optimism and energy. Anyone you’re carrying who’s not respecting and appreciating you is likely to get bucked off this month! Also, your fiery speech will come back like a boomerang if it comes from your ego! Keep your heart in the game, and seek synergy with rather than mastery over others. 11/23 New Moon Sag has you dancing with your fate like a satyr under the stars.



Tarot Card: Hierophant

I want to mention something specific that may not be for all: I split the deck 3 times on the 10 of Pentacles, so there may be a connection to an inheritance from a father/fatherly person for some folks. For all, there may be a connection to family money or work, through FOO or marriage. Ok, back to the primary card… This is the Taurus card in the major arcana who is the yang energy to the yin of the High Priestess. This card is often reflective of traditions (societal, like marriage, or personal family traditions). The Hierophant is spiritual in nature, so this can be a guru, spiritual teacher, or mentor connected to school, church, or any other traditional institution. You may receive a message or reach-out with guidance and assistance from someone that sounds like this, or, you may be encouraged to do the reaching out. The vibe of this card is also very fixed and stubborn (hence tradition AND Taurus), so this may be calling your attention to someone you are in relationship with showing up like this (rigid in their religion or rules, for example). It may also be you who is in that energy in relationship to someone else. If you feel like you’re flailing, then perhaps moving toward this energy with deliberation will help you be in grounded balance. In any case, there is a nudge to “do what you’re supposed to do” in the context of what that means in your work or other community. Integrity is key.

Astro Snapshot:

Your success comes from your community this month. It’s said that one's ultimate financial success is determined by one’s ability to maintain healthy relationships. This is due to both the problem solving which comes from having a network of supportive friends and allies as well as financial opportunities which come to you through your network. The 11/8 Full Moon Eclipse illuminates your generosity, and the kindness in your heart. Sometimes you are your own worst enemy due to the Saturnian canon of law and order which you bind yourself too…this can prevent you from freely expressing yourself through that potent heart energy you keep on a leash. But this dear Capricorn, is your secret weapon to the success which you crave. Cultivate it by joining hands with the one(s) who inspire your heart, the ones you want to be proud of you, the ones that you enthrone with love. This month your wealth is cultivated through the courage of trusting your heart, and amending your codes of law and order to serve and protect those loving connections which open new avenues to your true abundance over time.



 Tarot Card: 7 of Pentacles

Aquarius, this month you are asked to take sacred pauses in your life. In those liminal and sometimes uncomfortable spaces, be contemplative and reflective. Look back at the work you’ve done, the health moves you’ve made, or any other material realm scenarios, and take stock of all that you have learned and how much you’ve grown. This is a moment for self-appreciation and naming your gifts and skills so you can move forward after this contemplative stage with updated and clearer goals. Recommit to yourself, your work, your health, or any other goal that you feel has gotten fuzzy. I often connect this card to Virgo, so using healthy communication, getting granular with detail, and making lists may be useful tools to practice this self-reflection. Take a break and name all the excellence you see to manifest more of it. This may help those who have been running negative narratives about their current situation. Ask yourself what you REALLY want and rewrite your goals to align with that. It can be yours.

Astro Snapshot: 

The spotlight’s on your career this month Aquarius. Your achievements will be recognized and the unique flavor you bring to your professional endeavors will be appreciated this month. However, the 11/8 Full Moon Eclipse is also activating karmic debt or payload in your family sector. Are you able to balance your work and home/family life? Are you repeating a work ethic inherited from your family, or have you formed your own work habits which align with nurturing and care? How does your family, friend family, and extended family see you, and do they value what you value about you? If the work you're doing aligns with your highest creative human expression, be prepared for new opportunity, and public notoriety or promotion. If however you’ve been phoning it in, be prepared for change! It’s time for you to align your skills with that which brings you a deep sense of purpose, and provides you with not only financial resources, but also with an outlet for your humanitarian heart, and innovative approach to this world. Venus, Mercury, the sun, and New Moon move into your 11th house of friendship and community from 11/16-11/23. Expect aligned career opportunities and direction to be revealed through friends, and new friends to come through career!



Tarot Card: 8 of Swords

Ok, straight up, I got a clear message while shuffling that is very specific. For some, there will be unexpected news/unexpected event in a close relationship. It may be falling out or break up, or something that shakes things up but it’s because something/someone is ready to go and needs to cycle out (the images were Tower, 2 of Cups, Lovers, Death cards). The card I pulled for all Pisces folks is the 8 of Swords, whereby your thoughts are creating a cage around you. Reality test what you’re thinking, how you talk about yourself/others, and any other communication that is negative or stressful in nature. Is there proof for these narratives or beliefs? Are you jumping to conclusions? Mind-reading/assuming what others think? Black and white thinking and ignoring the nuance of the gray area in most matters? Practice mindfulness and self-compassion (Dr. Kristin Neff is a great resource for this). Pisces folks can easily get lost in the nebula and dissolve boundaries between reality and fantasy, which can be awesome, but in low vibrations, can be debilitating. This card, for me, often speaks to you creating the unwanted separation from others by your unchecked thoughts and falling into false helplessness (or learned helplessness). You are not helpless or powerless! If you can put some space and diffusion between your thoughts and your Self (with a capital S), then you will see you are not your thoughts, and your thoughts aren’t always real. In that space you have choices. This is interesting because a colleague/friend in my supervision group today was discussing a client and basically said all this… That space is where you can see there is a way out and you DO have options. Name this repetitive cycle to tame it, then close it out.

Astro Snapshot:

We all know that the world is your guru, Pisces, and that hierarchical structures are really very outdated in your idealized egalitarian sea or reality. The Sun is however taking up residence in your 9th house of philosophy, higher learning, religion, and travel while the 11/8 eclipse deeply activates your curiosity and itch to explore. Your pure hearted loyalty to those you love and care for is a gift that gives both ways, but can also keep you in one little swirl of experience in your epic sea of opportunity. Don’t be surprised when you get the call to step into a new learning adventure. The feeling is that of an exchange student who’s fully immersed in a foreign culture in order to learn and gain new experience. This is how you find new outlets for your lofty and creative goals, as well as finding and aligning your infinite sea with a useful status quo structure. Maybe you start writing that book, or take a painting class to express that dream vision…follow you bliss. November casts you as both the student and the teacher.







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