Horoscopes: November 2018

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Horoscopes: November 2018

Monthly horoscopes by Candace Looft, of Beyond the Veil Tarot  / Collage by Janeva Zentz 


November 2018 Horoscopes

Welcome to your November overview! We’ve got a lot happening this month; an intense New Moon, a VERY chatty Harvest holiday, and a whole lotta luck. 

The month kicks off with Uranus’s retrograde back into the headstrong sign of Aries on the 6th. Suddenly aspects of yourself you’ve been working on for the past two years come to a head. People are apt to be reactionary when it comes to personal needs. Tensions will rise as as the nodes of the moon move into a cardinal square  with Uranus. The new nodal placements of Capricorn (south node) and Cancer (north node) signify and new change in our lives for the next year and a half collectively. We are being asked to move into a space of healing and nurturing. Slowly we will begin to bring better attention to our home and family units. 

On the 7th of the month, we have a very watery New Moon in Scorpio. It’s really a time to dig deep, decide what can be recycled, re-used, or what just may need to go. Expect to clean all the skeletons out the closet for this one. Scorpio is the sign of rebirth, and this New Moon is especially important. It’s taking place right before Jupiter leaves its year-long visit in Scorpio and heads into its home sign of Sagittarius. Jupiter in Sagittarius is considered a “lucky star”, bringing knowledge, culture, and travel to all that it touches. Venus ends her several weeks retrograde and goes direct on the 16th  in Libra. Maybe you’ve reevaluated your relationship with someone, or refinanced a credit card. Regardless of what changed with your values, I can assure you, you’re much better off. This same day Mercury, the God of communication goes retrograde. This will allow three weeks of introspection on your part, as he retrogrades back into Scorpio highlighting everything Jupiter taught your in 2018. Be EXTRA mindful of scheduling holiday traveling now. Consider that trip insurance in the off chance plans suddenly change in November/ December. Be mindful of contracts, agreements, leases, and legal endeavors during this time. Don’t worry, this period ends around the 6th of December and you’ll move forward with ease.

Be extra mindful of the energy on and around November 19th. Mars in Pisces squares off with Jupiter in Sagittarius. It’s a bit of an “asleep at the wheel” type of time. Take your time when traveling, be sure to be alert and aware of your surroundings at all times. Avoid any mind/ body altering substances while driving. This energy bleeds into the 22nd of the month. It’s then on the 22nd we have the Gemini Full moon. The Sun moves into expansive Sagittarius, opening our hearts and minds to endless possibilities. Harvest Day proves to be a rather chatty day among others. There is a new and exciting energy to this Full Moon. Many may find themselves engaging in new traditions, and educating others about their beliefs. It’s with an open mind and heart we connect with others. On the 24th, Neptune ends his several month period of a retrograde. It’s now we put our dreams more so into action. If you’ve been noticing some sleep disturbances the past few weeks, they may subside. If you’ve been taking note of some personal habits you’d like to kick, this may seem a lot easier now.  

Finally, on the 25th of the month, the Sun makes it’s once a year conjunction with Jupiter. By some astrologers, this is considered to be the luckiest day of the year! Take note of what’s coming up for you. It’s a good time to know what house is Sagittarius in your natal chart. Whatever sign, message, idea or omen appearing now may very well give you look into what’s about to expand in your life in the coming year. Be sure to write down a wish, or vision. Maybe you’ve wanted to take a trip to a foreign place, take a class, or dive deeper into a spiritual practice. Whatever it is, Jupiter is listening, so go big or go home. 


Important dates this month:

November 6th, 2018, Uranus moves back into Aries= Breaking free

November 7th, 2018, New Moon in Scorpio: Time to clean the skeletons out the closet

November 8th, 2018, Jupiter moves into Sagittarius = The beginning of one lucky year

November 16th, 2018, Venus Retrograde ends= New relationships and business can move forward 

November 16th, 2018, Mercury goes retrograde in Sagittarius = Revising your plans

November 19th, 2018, Mars square Jupiter = Intense and confusing energy 

November 22nd, 2018, Gemini Full Moon = Colorful conversation at the dinner table 

November 24th, 2018: Neptune retrograde ends = Seeing clearly 

November 25th, 2018: Sun conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius = The Luckiest day of the year!


Aries:  The Knight of Cups: Entering into a new relationship

Things are really beginning to go your way at work. With planets shifting into your outer worlds you’re preparing for several months of being on top. The energy in your 8th house this month represents a sense of a major mourning. Whatever has transformed recently was dead weight that really needed to go. The New Moon is all about this process. The impending success will be proof that you made the right call. Some of you will be reevaluating if it’s really worth resurrecting something from the past, sexually or financially. Travel, education, and a religious/ spiritual calling becomes the theme for the next year. The Full Moon helps illuminate where you’d like to go, or what you intend on learning. Keep an eye out for an unexpected romantic connection around the 29th, it may take you by surprise.


Taurus: The Moon: Intuitions about what's beneath the surface, intuition or a dream

This is a big month for relationships for you. It seems everything is coming down to you and your security. Pay extra close attention to any sudden dreams or intuitions, Uranus has a few more messages for you. It’s awakening your hidden sector, bringing unexpected insight from above. Things still feel as if they’re shifting, be patient. Partners may come back around for one last final conversation mid-month. The question is, can you trust them? If someone has recently reappeared it’s important to question why, and where he or she ran off to? Do you REALLY feel comfortable letting them back in? The New Moon brings new relationship seeds. Jupiter in your 8th highlights your need for sexual healing. It’s also shining a light on your future financial wellness and can help you tackle some personal or student debt. Be sure to stand up for yourself, and your values around the 22nd. A financial change is coming. 


Gemini: Two of Coins: Options, balance, possibilities 

You’re being graced with healthy habits this month. Your schedule and diet/ exercise routines should come full circle.  Whatever isn’t working, scrap it and try something new. Soon you’ll be functioning like a well-oiled machine. Get going with the organization of your home and office. Consider selling or donating anything that's taking up extra space. Jupiter is moving into your relationship sector this month for a one year stint, helping expand your one on one time with romantic partners. You may find yourself wanting to explore with them or take a trip. Jjust be sure to thoroughly look at your calendar/ schedule. Travel plans are apt for some changes with the Mercury retrograde. A friend or partner may have an unexpected health or work issue that delays something planned. The Full Moon is in your sign, it’s time to put a spotlight on you! Don’t be afraid to express your individual needs now, many are listening. 


Cancer: Four of Coins: Rest, structure and recuperation 

Time to shine and reap all the rewards of recent accomplishments. The New Moon is highlighting children and new creative seeds are being planted. Perhaps you’re still coming off the high of a recent creative endeavor and are feeling inspired. Others are very welcoming to your public work now. Your schedule may seem a little hectic and all over the place this month. Be patient and go with the flow. The organization is key early in the month. Jupiter is moving into your work and health zone giving you an extra boost here for the next year ahead. Some of you are looking for new positions, so aim high. It’s also a perfect time to look for a new dietician or fitness coach. The Full Moon highlights your need for alone time, meditation and, rest. Mental exhaustion or travel could take a toll, and make you feel under the weather. Don’t hesitate to take a step back, overbooking yourself now can send you into a tailspin. 


Leo: Four of Wands: Generosity and fun with others

It seems like you’re very inspired when it comes to your home. In recent years you have either traveled to other places or become very culturally developed. Let your inspiration shape how or where you live. The New Moon is in your living sector is inspiring a change in your home. Others are cleaning house physically and emotionally. Jupiter is now moving into your house of romance and creative projects or business expansion. Explore new ways of self expression, take up a new hobby or creative endevor.  Partnerships look good, with the help of Mars you may be doing some research on a joint project. The Full Moon is in your social sector helping you enjoy time with friends, or bringing in very important networking opportunities. Expect some sort of acceptance to a new group. They are appearing now to shower you with support. 


Virgo: 10 of Coins: Focusing on wealth and legacy 

You’ve had quite a bit of change in recent months. It appears things are beginning to mellow out for you here soon. The New Moon brings lots of new ideas and conversations. It can be an excellent time to learn a new skill or look over contracts being offered to you. There are changes afoot with your living situation when Jupiter moves into Sagittarius. You will be spending a whole year potentially reexamining your emotions, spending more time with family, or spending time in a foreign place. All of these changes are learning experiences. Hold off of any moves until after November if possible. Use the retrograde to make repairs or updates to the home.  The Full Moon is all about how you communicate what you want from your career and others. Be sure to speak up, and let others know you’re up for a new challenge. 


Libra:  Two of Swords: Opposing forces, indecision. 

Between now and March 2019 you have a decision to make about relationships. Do they stay or do they go? You’re still flushing out conversations over this past month in regards to others. Be patient, clarity is still coming. Focus on your finances, and new solutions for your budget. The New Moon brings new business opportunities or a gift. Your creative expression is on overdrive, so put it into a labor of love. Jupiter is shining a light on learning a foreign language, traveling or teaching. You’re getting ready to voice new ideas to like-minded people. Work and new physical routines are positive mid-month. Your ruler Venus goes direct on the 16th, and you’re feeling the love. Be careful with computers and contracts using the retrograde this month. Things can really go haywire for you. The Full Moon is in your sector of travel. Connect spiritual and travel interests, immerse yourself in a new and inspiring culture. 


Scorpio: The Hanged Man: Turning your back on routine and searching out answers

Review different ways of being able to shake up your routine this month. Uranus is back in your sector of work and health. Between this and the New Moon in Scorpio, you’re dwwp your rebirth period. Setting personal goals mid-month is very important. Your confidence is necessary for believing in your ideas. Jupiter is moving into your abundance sector for the next year. This brings opportunities for a higher wage, but only if you believe. Budgeting this year will prove to be extra important. Mars and Neptune are asking you to be creative an self-expressive. Artistic endeavors are favored now. The retrograde asks you to take time away to reflect. Meditation can be extra helpful. The Full Moon is in your intimacy sector and things are hidden. The question is do you feel secure, be that with a partnership or finances? 


Sagittarius: Ace of Wands: A new creative project or passion 

Get ready, you’re about to start a new lucky cycle. Jupiter is bestowing his blessing in his home sign of Sagittarius. Good news is he will be there all year, until December of 2019. Uranus is retrograding into your house of creative endeavors. You may be going back to relaunching a project that never quite seemed like it was the right time to launch. Just take your time and allow the Mercury retrograde to happen first. The New Moon is in your hidden sector. Use this as an opportunity to have one last hoorah with bad habits, and shed your skin before embarking on new endeavors. There’s a lot of action within the home and family. Keep a look out for a sick loved one or a pet. There’s an opportunity to emotionally flush out any fears in a therapeutic manner. The Full Moon creates a big change in relationships. Don’t hesitate to ask for some time or space if you’re not getting what you need from someone. 


Capricorn: The High Priestess: Intuition or a vision  

You’re going to be connecting with lots of new people in the following month. The New Moon is very much associated with networking and socializing with some fresh faces. You’ll be making connections with other associations who share a common interest. Uranus is moving back into your home sector, giving you a final chance to make some changes about your home or breaking the ties of a limiting family situation. Jupiter is looking over you in your hidden realm, helping you feel more dreamy and optimistic, but more importantly, protected. Intuitive development, astrology, or meditation can be helpful in the year ahead for betting tuning into secret knowledge. The Full Moon at the end of the month is highlighting any health issues or bad habits. A balanced mind is necessary now. Mercury retrogrades on the 16th and helps you make a choice, but the answer may come to you in a dream or meditative state. Pay attention. 


Aquarius: Wheel of Fortune: Changes in luck 

You’re feeling busy and ready to bring in new business opportunities. You should be feeling curious and inspired. The New Moon shines a light on what new intentions you’re setting for your career life. Just be sure to hold off on launching any new major projects until after the Mercury retrograde in December. Jupiter is moving into your friendship sector for the next year. Expect to connect to groups of people who share a common spiritual or cultural interests. Enjoy some play time on the twenty-second of the month. The Full Moon is all about lightening up a little and enjoying yourself. A creative project can be lucrative in the weeks ahead. Financial gains can be made possible by opening the lines of communication and offering a good or service online. When Venus ends her retrograde on the sixteenth, you’re free to move forward with education or travel plans. Don’t get too hung up if you’re feeling disconnected with friends this month. They may seem a bit tied up, but this energy shifts back to normal in December. 


Pisces: The Chariot: A steady focus on a particular direction

If you’re looking to get out there internationally for work or travel get ready! Jupiter is moving into your career sector for the next year bringing you abundance and good luck professionaly. Many things will grow in regards to your career in the months ahead. The New Moon helps your focus on publishing, finalizing travel plans and more. If you’ve been dealing with any legal issues, expect things to become more manageable in the weeks ahead. Mars is moving into your sign later in the month, helping you feel energized and better focused. Expect a pleasant financial surprise or a gift from someone around the sixteenth. The Full Moon on the twenty-second is highlighting plans with family. If you’re looking to move, buy, or sell a home this may come about now. There is a lot of encouragement to be emotionally vulnerable and open to change.  Things will go your way, have faith.

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