New Moon in Gemini, May 22, 2020: Future Planning and Problem Solving

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New Moon in Gemini, May 22, 2020: Future Planning and Problem Solving

Moon insights by Candace Looft, of Beyond the Veil Tarot  / Collage by Janeva Zentz 

New Moon in Gemini: Future Planning and Problem Solving 

May 22nd 2020
New Moon @ 2 degrees of Gemini 
10:38 am PST// 1:38 pm EST


  • Sun and Moon in Gemini square Mars in Pisces 
  • Sun and Moon in Gemini trine Jupiter in Capricorn 
  • Sun and moon in Gemini trine Saturn in Aquarius 
  • Venus retrograde in Gemini conjunct Mercury in Gemini 
  • Mercury in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces
  • Venus in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces
  • Mars in Pisces sextile Uranus in Taurus 


Look out for/ work with: improving communication, expressing new ideas, options, creative pursuits, cooperation, helping those in need, reevaluating one's perspective, dealing with the past, writing, learning, developing new language skills, short distance traveling, divination, rebuilding, finding security through communication, taking time and space for reflection. 



The New Moon makes her monthly appearance at two degrees of the mutable air sign, Gemini. Gemini is the mercurial master, the magician, negotiating deals and lending a helping hand finding the middle ground. Gemini excels in relating and often encourages us to consider various perspectives in any given situation. New Moons give us the monthly opportunity to set intentions revolving around new beginnings, and this lunation is exceptionally potent for these types of intentions. Seeds planted now will begin to blossom at the end of this year. This New Moon is solid coming in at two degrees, and in harmonious aspect to Saturn. Here we may hear whispers of what the future may hold. Saturn keeps a watchful eye in Aquarius, encouraging us to have meaningful conversations about the future. Saturn is going retrograde and will spend the next few weeks in the earliest degrees of Aquarius before dipping back into Capricorn one last time. Until this happens in July 2020, we have a brief moment in time where we write, talk about, and imagine a new and improved vision for our collective future. Older relatives or friends may prove to be valuable guides, likely providing meaningful and essential insights. Leave it to a New Moon in Gemini to get the conversation started. 

Jupiter is now in a lovely "out of sign" trine to the north node in Gemini. Jupiter provides optimism (even if we can't see it yet), and expansiveness. When I see Jupiter, I think of unexpected opportunities for growth and strokes of good luck. Wishes often can be associated with Mercurial Gemini, and no, I'm not talking about birthday candles! (Unless you're a Gemini of Course, then HBD!!) I encourage you to think about wishes that involve long term goals. Writing these down or verbalizing them out loud will be spells in themselves. Manuscripts, new forms of education, as well as planning short distance road trips all bode well here. Granted, Venus is in retrograde, so for some of you, you will benefit from ensuring your travel plans are REFUNDABLE, so you're covered in a worst-case scenario. You will also benefit from ensuring all of your budgeting is correctly planned in advance. Ensure there isn’t any “limits” to where you opt to visit. I’m sure cabin fever is getting the best of most after several long months of quarantine. For some, this may be a lunation having some of you ready to hit the road! If you're looking to improve website visibility, study a new language, or even pick up a new book, this may be the time!  

Now that the North Node is in Gemini, we benefit from looking from time to time at aspects in the skies involving Mercury. Mercury Rules Gemini. During this New Moon, Mercury is in his home sign exactly conjunct Venus moving retrograde. (If you did not read my previous monthly horoscopes for May 2020, you might want to do so now. I go into detail on what you may expect.) When we see Mercury (the mind) meet with Venus (relations), we see important conversations revolving around relationships or finances surface in our lives. These conversations will come about naturally; all you have to do is pay attention to the subtle messages from the universe. It may be something as simple as a song on the radio, or perhaps coming across an old love letter. To some extent, this will be the theme collectively throughout this Venus retrograde until nearly August 2020. Venus, along with Mercury, will be in harsh aspect to Neptune in Pisces for the better part of the next several weeks. Mars moves into a stressful tight square to the New Moon as well. I fully expect mixed professional opinions on health information concerning the Pandemic and likely public confusion. Caution should continue to be taken to prevent any further spread or exposure, as the cosmos suggest we remain in a delicate balance for the next month. Emotionally, this will cause feelings of passive-aggressiveness, paranoia, or jumping to conclusions. Aggressiveness is likely, but can be avoided with proper communication, and possibly even taking a BIG step back. Frankly, some situations will be best put on the back burner to mull over until next month. So when in doubt, wait.  

When we see these squares, what comes about is miscommunication, sometimes even misinformation. Things feel hazy and unclear. People spiral, sometimes others "ghost." If this is how you want to handle delicate situations of the heart, understand that not everyone responds well to dead silence. Do your best to communicate, even if that means asking for space. Not all is what it may seem, and many will benefit from keeping this in mind in the weeks ahead. People are just beginning a phase of "working" something out. Neptune can lead to ecstasy or agony, imagination, or disillusionment. The choice is yours, really. The truth is, this energy is far better off by leaning into our intuition or creative side. Here we have an outlet for all these Venusian/ Neptunian energies. Photography, metaphysics, and art can all be salvation. If you're an artist, this may very well be a dream. Considering Venus's current retrograde, one may suggest many people will be reflecting or reminiscing on previous loves, or "better" times. Often relationships from the past come to mind, and we may run into these people unexpectedly. Being in the sign of Gemini, it may happen through social media or mutual friends. Some may feel a genuine longing to communicate or connect with those from the past. Many will have some sort of strange, unexpected occurrences take place that requires you to deal with your past, just observe. Keep in mind this is part of the process of the retrograde.  

Some things are meant to come right back to you like a boomerang, likely for you to rework and probably even set free. After all, if you love something, set it free. If it comes back to you, it may just be meant to be. This will be a turning point collectively as we move further into 2020 and see what the north node in Gemini can teach us about detachment and trusting our "glory plan."


Ritualistic Inspirations


Try This:

In honor of the New Moon in Gemini and having OPTIONS, I'll let YOU choose your own adventure!

Try something like…

  • Write a love letter to your future self. Fill it with all the things you love and admire about yourself. Include any personal intentions you have for the months ahead. Date the envelope, sign it, and seal it. Let it set on an altar space with correlating crystals for intent. Open it on or around the Full Moon in Gemini at the end of November later this year.
  • Like that idea? Write to anyone else you LOVE a love letter, and drop it in the mailbox. Social distancing doesn't mean you can't send some love via snail mail.
  • Pick up a new stationery set, or a fancy new pen.
  • Spruce up your car and give it a spring cleaning.  (Pro witch tip: cars like smudging and crystals too! Try the Cleansing & Renewal Ritual Mist or Lavender Ritual Mist- it gets the job done sans smoke, and smells divine!)
  • Give yourself a manicure. Soak your hands in jasmine or lavender water to enhance the experience and connect to the sign of Gemini. Pick a color like light blue or tangerine. 
  • Try a breathwork tutorial.
  • Create a digital vision board for your wallpaper on your phone, laptop, or tablet. Utilizing a collage app, piece together all the things that make you feel loved.
  • Brush up on learning more about a form of divination like tarot or oracle cards.
  • Give offerings to both Venus or Mercury. (Hint: they BOTH like chocolate, Money, and alcohol)
  • Check out an app and commit to learning a new language. Ideally, for a minimum of 30 days, but even better if you can invest for six months worth of learning. 









                    Candace Marie of Beyond the Veil Tarot has her degree in Cultural Anthropology with a minor in Theology, and studied at the School of Evolutionary Astrology. She is also a graduate of Sacred Crossings Death Midwifery School, and a root worker and herbalist. Read her bio here, and catch more of her work on Beyond the Veil Tarot.


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