New Moon in Aries, March 24, 2020: Brand New Dawn

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New Moon in Aries, March 24, 2020: Brand New Dawn

Moon insights by Candace Looft, of Beyond the Veil Tarot  / Collage by Janeva Zentz 

New Moon in Aries: Brand New Dawn 

March 24th, 2020
New Moon @ 4 degrees of Aries
2:28 am PST / 5:28 am EST 
  • Sun in Aries conjunct Chiron
  • Sun and Moon in Aries square the Nodes 
  • Mercury in Pisces sextile Uranus in Taurus 
  • Mercury in Pisces trine the North node, sextile the south node
  • Venus in Taurus trine Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn 
  • Venus in Taurus sextile Neptune in Pisces
  • Mars in Capricorn trine Venus in Taurus 
  • Saturn in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus
  • Uranus in Taurus sextile the North Node in Cancer 
  • Uranus in Taurus trine the South Node in Capricorn 
Look out for/ work with: Self-healing, strength, purification, new beginnings, new opportunities, courage, leadership, power, turning points, protection, getting out of your own way. 
This New Moon is a fierce one, with more than just a little bit of heat behind it. Aries, the cardinal fire sign, is the very first of the zodiac. It’s a sign known for its independence and willingness to forge on. This is the very first New Moon in the astrological new year. This begins once the Sun moves into Aries, as it did a few days ago on March 20th. For astrologers and those from the Northern Hemisphere, we call this the Spring equinox. This is the welcoming of new energy and new life. Those of you wanting to set new personal “new year” goals, now is your time. I promise they’re more likely to stick than the ones set in January!
With a heavy dose of Aries energy conjunct Chiron, a significant theme is personal healing. With that comes the responsibility of accepting our role in healing, moving away from a victim mentality. Chiron is a fixed star that speaks to psychic healing and alchemy. Ultimately it points the way to moving out of pain. Be that concerning your physical body or emotional body. I encourage you to reflect on ways to better assist and commit to yourself. Both the Sun and Moon form a square to the Nodes of Fate. My interpretation of this angle is a crossroads. Many will be dealing with a fork in the road, where we act decisively. One path represents the past, while the other is the future. To achieve this destiny, one must decide to give up or let go of an old or outdated way of being. The key is it’s up to YOU to choose, not anyone else. 
Mercury is harmonizing with both The Nodes as well as Uranus, suggesting important and sometimes unexpected information may appear. This may be in the form of a message, email, or an intuitive hit. Pay close attention to strange yet significant signs from the universe you’re on the right path. Venus forms powerful trines to Mars, Jupiter, and Pluto, enhancing financial or romantic matters and ultimately helping us form stronger, longer-lasting bonds. It’s formations like this that are extraordinary, and often the building blocks for long-lasting professional or romantic partnerships. Financial planning, budgeting, and investment strategy can be strong at the time of this New Moon. These planets are all in earth signs, suggesting stability is on the horizon, and long term planning will have material results.
A significant energy change during the time of this New Moon is Saturn’s recent move into the sign of Aquarius. Saturn is in a positive aspect to this New Moon and encourages us to lean on like-minded individuals. This is a planetary change that happens nearly every three years—Saturn in Aquarius echos themes of collective evolution. Many people are entering into a phase where they’re striving to make significant changes in their lives. Suddenly we begin to realize that working together with a common goal in mind goes a lot farther than our self-absorbed interests. Changes in our own personal perspectives and the willingness to band together become a powerful force to be reckoned with. 
Commit to a plan to assist this shift for the greater good. Make small changes on a personal level to support this global change. Think about your impact on the world, within a community, or even a social group. Support a common cause. Help save the planet, even in small ways. Protect our environment. Be the friends you want to see in the world. Help make this a better place for everyone. If everyone thought this way, maybe there’s some hope for a brighter future. 

Ritualistic Inspirations

Try This:
New Moon in Aires Fire Intention Ritual + Protective Salt 
You will need:
Simple Steps:
  1. Time this ritual for first thing in the morning March 24th, 2020, when the New Moon has just taken place. Burn protective incense or dragons blood resin. 
  2. Open sacred space before performing your ritual. 
  3. Lite your single candle and focus on an intention for you specifically, something new you hope to achieve. Take your pen and paper and write the intention out. Use phrases like “I AM, I HAVE, I ACHIEVE,” etc.…
  4. When you are finished, fold the note into a smaller square. Bring this note to your forehead and tap three times on your third eye, repeating your intention out loud. This is to activate the intention in your consciousness.
  5. When you are ready and focused, carefully lite the intention note with a match and allow it to burn. Be sure this is done in a well-ventilated space, and left to burn in a fire-safe dish. 
  6. When finished, keep the ash. This ash may be mixed with pure sea salt to create a powerful and protective black salt. Mix ash and sea salt together, and run the mixture over protective incense. Praying to your guides and Mars invoking fiery protection. Keep in an airtight jar. This may be used and kept as a protective salt. This can be left in front of doors or windows as a magical barrier, or for other spells that require protection.
  7.  Close sacred space when your ritual is complete. 


Candace Marie of Beyond the Veil Tarot has her degree in Cultural Anthropology with a minor in Theology, and studied at the School of Evolutionary Astrology. She is also a graduate of Sacred Crossings Death Midwifery School, and a root worker and herbalist. Read her bio here, and catch more of her work on Beyond the Veil Tarot.


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