March 2019 Horoscopes

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March 2019 Horoscopes

Monthly horoscopes by Candace Looft, of Beyond the Veil Tarot  / Collage by Janeva Zentz 

March 2019 Horoscopes

Welcome to Your March Horoscope Overview!
Wow! We’ve got one pretty big month ahead. The month kicks off with Mercury, the God of communication and messages, moving retrograde through the deep mystical waters of Pisces. This will be starting on the 6th and continues until March 28th, when Mercury then goes direct. This particular retrograde can give us snippets of the future while bringing up situations or people from the past. It is apt to be more emotional, and confusing than most. There is a silver lining; to be better spiritually connected and trust your intuition. As with most retrogrades, you want to be extra careful with signing contracts, leases, and agreements. Moving, purchasing cars or making other major life changes should also be done with caution. Mercury retrograde can be a time where we are less likely to read the fine print or get the facts and details necessary. Often times if we aren’t aware, we will overlook minor mishaps that lead to bigger issues down the road. 
Remember: Revisit, Review, Revise, Renew, Reimagine!
This particular Retrograde is linking up with Neptune and the Sun in Pisces. This makes for a very spiritual, and otherworldly month ahead. Not all is what it may seem this month. Be careful what you read or hear, and whose advice you buy. Neptune represents ecstasy or agony. It’s important to identify which side of that you’d like to be on. Some may be feeling much more emotional than usual, while others may spiral a bit out of control mentally. Take caution with any substances or interactions with water. The light side of this energy is we are all apt to tap into our inner intuitive voice. The key is knowing when to step away, quiet the mind and tune in. This month Mercury and Neptune will deliver psychic insights through dreams, visions or meditations. This can also be an excellent time to check in with a psychic advisor, get a reading, attend a sound bowl meditation, or try hypnosis!
The New Moon lands on the 6th, asking us to examine what type of world can we imagine for ourselves. Many will find they need some time alone in isolation, or perhaps for some more sleep! Take note of what is and isn’t your emotional baggage. Focus on spiritual work, creative projects, and forgiveness. Musicians, photographers and artists alike will all really benefit the most from this dreamy energy. Just don’t hit snooze too many times, or forget to push your clocks forward! On March 10th around 2:00 am, we move into Daylight savings!
March 7th Uranus the planet of innovation finally moves back into Taurus and leaves the sign of Aries once and for all. We now start the seven years of total transformation of our earthly values. Expect a major jolt similar to that of what took place in May and October of 2018. Dramatic changes happen when major planets change signs. Many of us will seek new innovative ways to make, budget, and exchange our finances. Innovations in art, fashion and currency are all expected in the coming years. 
The Full Moon on March 20th sends us zooming into Spring! The balance of the Sun in Aries and the Moon in Libra is the Spring Equinox. This is the time we take a good look at our core self-responsibilities and how we work with partners. It’s a lot of “ YOU and I” energy. Make sure to tune in and be a solid reflection of what you want from others. Being that it is a 0 degree Moon, it’s the third of several New Moons at this degree, representing both a beginning and an end. It’s likely anything that felt sluggish or heavy early in March shifts away towards the end of the month. For many, this may be some type of resolution or conclusions in a relationship to something. This is also supported by Mercury going direct on the 28th of the month. Expect to feel the full effects of this next month in April. 
Important dates this month:
March 5th- Mercury retrograde in Pisces 
March 6th- New Moon in Pisces
March 7th- Uranus enters Taurus 
March 20th- Full Moon in Libra 0 degree, Spring Equinox 
March 28th- Mercury goes direct, end of Mercury retrograde in Pisces
Tarot Card: Ace of Cups- Cup runneth over, new love or relationships.
Networking and socializing with others seems extremely beneficial at the beginning of the month. New friends can be made, and reconnections with others you haven’t seen in a while is favored. Pay close attention to someone who may appear from the past. The retrograde may bring someone back to help you wrap up loose ends and release any hard feelings that need be released. Meditation and self-reflection are key, even if that means asking for time alone. Something is changing about your value system and how you handle money. Self-employment or other ways of making money are becoming more clear now. Do some research and don’t be afraid to do more work behind the scenes. The Full Moon puts a spotlight on your relationships from the 20th forward. There may be a completion or even a new beginning with a preexisting partnership. If you’re not happy, what can you change? Make the necessary changes on your end to find your bliss. 
Tarot Card: The Fool- A new beginning, a personal journey alone. 
Business and professional interactions deem very positive. It’s also a great time to integrate creativity into your daily routine. Venus in your 10th house sector wants you to get out in the world and find love all around you. The big news is Uranus moves BACK into your sign on the 6th, so review some of the changes that took place both in May and October of 2018. You may see similar patterns. It’s possible you’re feeling as if you’re being pulled in all sorts of directions. Possible disagreements or hurt feelings can come up with friendships, or others who you haven’t heard from in a while. Don’t argue, focus more on how that partnership or relationship makes you feel. If you are tired of the same old patterns, allow yourself to push through the tough stuff and let go of anything that is holding you back. Around the Full Moon, you’ll be very focused on whether or not you are having healthy relationships, or making some changes in your workspace. Should you change a location, be positive. Seek HEALTHY in all that you do. These will be good changes!
Tarot Card: 4 of Wands- a celebration, or temporary creative space.
This is an excellent time to focus on what expands your mind. Other cultures or places may seem alluring to you this month. It’s possible you’re considering planning a trip or connecting with someone romantically in another place. If you have an interest in self-publishing or promotion, pay attention. Continuing education or taking classes in areas that interest you will appear. Be cautious when it comes to business negotiations and agreements with Mercury going retrograde, take your time and really think everything over before deciding to sign anything. Really take time and focus on how your career makes you FEEL. Is your work out in the world benefiting your mental-emotional life? Things are apt to change or be in flux professionally. The Full Moon at the end of this month is all about true love and creativity. Expect lots of joy! Something new is beginning to emerge that makes your heart sing. 
Tarot Card: 8 of Wands- Positive, quick forward motion!
Business negotiations and agreements seem very positive this month. It appears you may be going back to something from the past. It’s possible that you’re giving new life to an old project that is suddenly/ finally moving forward. Welcome all the fresh new people and faces entering your life now. Suddenly the community is very important and all the right people start falling into place. These people are coming to help support you. The New Moon is all about traveling and being elsewhere. It’s possible you’re now considering sharing something or teaching others. Just make sure you work out all the details of travel plans thoroughly, as there can be some mixups. The Full Moon later in the month is all about a balance between the home and career. Do you feel like moving, or are you outgrowing your space? It’s possible you’re realizing things at home may be apt to change to better support your career. Be prepared to spend a bit more time working out of the house. When this comes up, communicate well with those closest to you, as not everyone will be understanding. 
Tarot Card: 8 of Coins- Working hard on a project or career.
Expect some very positive news earlier in the month when it comes to finances or investments. Venus is making some outstanding aspects in your 8th house of joint finances. It’s possible some financial breakthrough, inheritance or investment comes through for you. Others are more apt to give you something. The area of focus is security. What do you need for security, financially or sexually? Be very careful when it comes to any financial agreements or loans. If possible sign all contracts before March 6th, to avoid the Mercury retrograde static. If you’re needing more time before taking on a partnership, take it. It may be necessary to work out all the financial details and you can proceed forward next month. Your Work is likely to undergo some changes and suddenly you’ll have more freedom in the weeks and months ahead. It appears your career is in forward motion in a new and exciting direction. During the Full Moon at the end of this month, someone will work with you and help you achieve mental clarity. 
Tarot Card: Two of Cups- Partnerships and what you can offer each other.
At the start of the month, those in relationships may feel extra tender and in love. Venus is making harmonious aspects in your partnership sector. Those of you single, be cautious in pushing for a commitment this month. All of you are apt to potentially hear from partnerships of the past. Be sure to really think through any communication, there will be some people who belong in the past. Listen carefully to those you’re close to. Are you really hearing what they are saying this month? It’s possible a partner could be having a hard time expressing themselves, or undergoing some kind of stress. Opportunities in travel, education, and expansion in a profession now become possible. Think outside of the box and be open-minded to what new tools you could utilize. The Full Moon at the end of the month shines a light on your partnerships and values. It’s possible you’re focusing more on a budget or communicating with a partner about finances. Tackle any tricky debt issues that may have been looming if possible. Be sure to pay close attention to any tax preparation or change in income, seek assistance if necessary. 
Tarot Card: Two of Coins- A balancing act between two choices, juggling to find balance.
Romance peaks up for you this month. Developing new creative or business ideas are very positive now. It’s important to have fun and enjoy yourself this month. Friendships and love seem abundant. The Mercury retrograde will be heavily focusing on your health, or perhaps your work life. You may suddenly feel like organizing or cleaning things up, including your diet or fitness routine. If necessary, look into ways to find balance in the mind and body. If you’re bored with your current routine, shake it up and do something different! You’re digging deep to see what will be better for supporting your energy. Stability is now coming to your relationships. Uranus is moving into your 8th house of others’ energy. If you’re feeling the need to be more independent or resourceful, go for it! Unexpected spiritual experiences can come out of the blue. The Full Moon is all about relationships, and the role you play in them. Remember: the better connected you are to yourself and your needs, the easier it is to decide if a relationship is right for you. This can be complicated for you Libra. Put yourself first for once. Reflect on how you feel without someone, then make the decision.
Tarot Card: Temperance-  Healing, divine timing, and balance.
Big changes are coming in regards to how you relate to other people. Uranus is now moving into your partnership sector giving you a major jolt of new energy! Mercury is moving backward asking you about your personal goals and aspirations. When it comes to romance, be sure to take the month to thoroughly communicate with other people. If you’re seeking something more serious, don’t rush into quick decisions this month. There is quite a bit of back and forth happening with others. Wait out any serious talks, or decision making until next month. Venus is helping you focus on your emotional wellbeing. The New Moon can bring in childlike or creative energy.  Good news from family can also come now. It’s possible you are considering buying some new art for your home and redecorating. The Full Moon is allowing you to wrap something up and take some time alone to reconnect and reflect. Any health issues can be a reflection of something emotional that hasn’t been acknowledged. Consider meditation or a spiritual healing to get realigned. 
Tarot Card: The Chariot- a move in the right direction.
Time to prepare and reevaluate some major aspects of your life this month. You have some opportunities to communicate more efficiently and hash out any issues with others that may have been lingering. To better communicate, be sure to make a note of things or journal. This can help get all your thoughts in better order. There are apt to be changes with your physical health and employment. Take risks and break out of your comfort zone. Things are changing for you now, emotionally. You’re digging deep and reflecting on how you feel about your home or family. On the 6th of the month, there is a New Moon and a retrograde in your home and family zone. It’s possible someone is coming and going from your home. Perhaps you’re suddenly realizing you want to make a change in where you live. Whatever it may be, take the month to do what you can and stay calm if there’s a crisis. Decisions may need to be made about a lease or purchase of a home. Its recommended you hang tight until the 29th when this period is over. The Full Moon brings you back to your friends and partnerships. It appears you’ll have a great deal of support right when you need it most. 
Tarot Card: 7 of Wands- Striving to get ahead, or be on top. 
Slow down and read the fine print Capricorn. This entire month is about contracts and negotiations, especially when it comes to what you’re getting paid or some sort of credit in the work sphere. It appears one of your talents may pay off this month. There’s potential to do more writing, journaling or communicating. The key here is to be sure that you’re being clear with your boundaries or expectations. Signing contracts should be handled prior to the 6th. You may want to use the month to renegotiate then make changes after the 28th of March when Mercury retrograde is over. Independence is a huge theme for the month of March, allowing you to pursue your dreams. The New Moon can bring up a lot of short distance travel, so be sure to prepare accordingly and check all travel plans twice. After the 21st of the month, you find yourself balancing home and work. It’s possible that you’re reorganizing or decorating something within the home. The Full Moon shines quite a lite on your Career. It’s possible you get quite some recognition now!
Tarot Card: 4 of Coins- Not holding onto anything too tight. 
Take your time to really focus on your self worth this month. Your value system and finances will be under the microscope all month, allowing you to make some shifts and changes with how you go about handling money. It’s possible you’re really getting clear about your budget and expenses. Taxes and debt can be tackled now as well. If you must start something this month, its recommended you wait until after the 28th when the retrograde is finished. Venus is in your sign early in the month, bringing you lots of beauty and pleasure. You’ll appear much more attractive and stylish now. Uranus is linking up with Mars in your 4th house of home and family. You may feel restless and want to have more freedom. Family situations are apt to change unexpectedly. Handle any hurdles with care, it seems that this turbulence is really happening to help release you from situations that hinder happiness. The Full Moon is all about developing a more public appearance, publishing or travel to far away places. Spiritually you’re open to going deeper within yourself. Trust the process. 
Tarot Card: The Hermit- needing time alone to reflect. 
There is a whirlwind of energy and potential confusion around you this month. It’s important to stay optimistic and grounded. While others may be spinning out, you will handle this energy much better. You’re more so use to all the Neptunian energies and will be much more tuned in than usual. The question is,  what do you want for yourself this year? It’s time to reassess how you want to be seen by others out in the world. It's possible that after a solid month of reflecting on what you want and need, your relationships to others will change. Be extremely careful about signing contracts and agreements. Take time away to sit and meditate on how changes in partnerships or contracts make you feel and sign after the 28th. You’re on the verge of breaking through and changing patterns in your life. The New Moon is all about you, and the wishes you have for the future. Later in the Month, the Full Moon is all about shining a light on partnerships, taxes, and investments. The Sun brings good news, but also requires you to ask for more. Focus on what makes you feel safe.


Candace Marie of Beyond the Veil Tarot has her degree in Cultural Anthropology with a minor in Theology, and studied at the School of Evolutionary Astrology. She is also a graduate of Sacred Crossings Death Midwifery School, and a root worker and herbalist. Read her bio here, and catch more of her work on Beyond the Veil Tarot.
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