June 2021 Tarotscopes

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June 2021 Tarotscopes

Horoscopes by Kerstin Hern from The Mirrored Lantern  / Original art for J. Southern Studio by Spirited Animals


June 2021 Tarotscopes

Hello friends! Your June Tarotscopes are here to bring you celestial and archetypal energy guidance for the buzzy, social month of June. Balance is a big theme this month!

Please read your Rising (Ascendent), Sun, and Moon, and if you are experiencing major life shifts, I recommend checking out your North Node, as well. If you don’t know your personal signs, you can generate your natal chart for free at Astrodienst!

Stay tuned for June’s Celestial Insights blog for a deep dive on this month’s lunations, symbols, ritual and altar inspiration, too. 

Check out your tarot messages below: 



Tarot Card- 4 of Pentacles: This card highlights where you may be clinging to something that is keeping you off-balance, including your relationship to control. Whether it’s a job, something financial, or body/health, this card is bringing your attention to this refusal to let go and asking you to think about what security looks like if you were to let go… Try to reframe your view and see release as liberation. At the very least, try to stop hoarding physically, emotionally, or energetically, Aries friends!

New Moon in Gemini: This lunation activates your 3rd house of communication, siblings, and community. Where can you relinquish and/or share control within these systems? Balancing and sharing wealth of any kind will help you clear stagnancy. Learning something new and getting detail-oriented are also beneficial around this moon for you. 

Full Moon in Capricorn: This full moon lights up your 10th house of career, honors, and public image. If you are feeling stagnant in your work/public life, think about where you can give to get (by sharing money or resources) or where you can loosen the reins over certain projects or groups to get more flow and balance. The spotlight is on you, Aries!

Astro Snapshot: Your fire energy is asked to slow down this month while several planets are in retrograde… Revisit and revise relationships and beliefs when opportunities arise. Chiron is also in your sign the 3-5th, so these few days are an opportune time to go deep into emotional spaces, perhaps back to childhood, for insights and clearing.



Tarot Card- 8 of Pentacles: Your tarot message for June is all about work work work! If you are looking to change jobs, set intentions around this new moon because new work is a highlight this month. If you are gainfully employed, you may get busier this month, but it is going to bring you satisfaction and pride. You may be refining your skills or get the opportunity to show them off, as this card is not just about physical work, but the mastery and talent you possess to uniquely do it. Stay dedicated because you’re on track for abundance!

New Moon in Gemini: The Gemini New Moon and solar eclipse activates your 2nd house of finances, value, and worth. Getting the “work and talents” tarot card, this month’s energy is focusing on your talents making you money and increasing your self-worth and personal value in every way.

Full Moon in Capricorn: The Full Capricorn moon hits your 9th house of higher learning, beliefs, spirituality, as well as travel. You may feel adventurous but work is calling… Try to give equal attention to work and fun to get emotional and mental balance to avoid burnout.

Astro Snapshot: Try to stay flexible and not fixate on one idea or goal this month, as we are in retrogrades wanting you to revise certain ideas or plans. This flexibility and switching of gears could open you up to new opportunities, especially since Uranus (awakening, change) and Black Moon Lilith (intense power and transformation through hardship) are both snugly in your sign--BML in the 1st half of the month. Focus less on the material/Venusian and more on learning, ideas, and inner growth, and you can transform, evolve, and even reinvent your sense of self.



Tarot Card- King of Cups: Your June message revolves around emotional balance, control of emotions, and a generous, empathetic helper to keep you calm. Last month you had the Queen of Cups, so this is similar energy (possibly the other parent or partner from last month) who will provide comfort but also a rounded perspective on healthy emotional habits. This may be an elder or a male-identifying friend, family member, or partner that will be comforting and helpful to you this month.

New Moon in Gemini: This New Moon solar eclipse activates your 1st house of self, your ego, and how you are seen in the world. In relation to the masculine elder energy coming in, this lunation may be focusing on wisdom, stories, or insights from those that came before you to help you understand yourself better.

Full Moon in Capricorn: Your 8th house of death, taxes, other people’s money, and the occult is highlighted, so a give and take of energy, money, resources, and even deep feelings are highlighted. Likewise, a balance of power and releasing control and blockages around these themes are suggested. There may be loss in your world in some form, possibly related to the elder male energy. Not necessarily a death, but maybe a transformation or rebirth of a relationship that felt dead. 

Astro Snapshot: This month’s solar eclipse in your sign is redefining and reshaping your ego and personality. It’s asking you to take note where you may be out of balance in the context of self and others. The first few weeks of the month, North Node, Mercury, Black Moon Lilith, and the Sun are traveling together, so destiny, communication/ideas, powerful transformation, and your sense of self in relationship will be highlighted.



Tarot Card- 2 of Cups: The sweetest soul mate card, this tells of fated lovers and soul mate energy as a highlight this month. Whether you are attached or looking, there is happiness coming in, fated partnering, healthy relationships, and auspicious romantic energy available throughout the month for Cancers!

New Moon in Gemini: This annular solar eclipse New Moon travels through the hidden, secretive 12th house. Be open to messages around revelation of truths and unearthing what you’ve maybe buried in a protective way in the past. Finding and accepting the truth will help you find and secure healthy connections. Setting intentions around increasing intuition and psychic ability is also auspicious.

Full Moon in Capricorn: The Full Moon light will illuminate your 7th house of relationships. Similar to your tarot message and new moon work, this lunation is ripe for releases around blockages and control issues in your most intimate personal relationships. Partnership balance and recalibration is needed somewhere, Cancer, so be sure to re-evaluate all of your intimate relationships (even with intimate enemies or “frenemies”). 

Astro Snapshot: First half of the month, Mars is in your sign--not your favorite vibe, but brings attention to your sense of inner self, encouraging taking action to make adjustments, coupled with Mercury retrograding in your 12th house of hidden, deep, unconscious spaces. Use this energy to excavate and process old memories, thoughts, energy, and relationships instead of burying and hiding in your protective shell, sweet Cancers. Speaking of sweet, Venus enters your sign on the 2nd to balance out the Mars energy there. Once the Sun enters your sign on the 21st next to Venus, your emotions and intuition will be extra heightened. Be gentle and pay attention to messages around this time.



Tarot Card- 8 of Cups: There may be a relationship or even internal emotional pattern that has not served you in the past and now you are finally ready to walk away. This card’s energy is to assist you in leaving behind what holds you back so you can seek your truth. Similarly, if you are the one feeling abandoned, try to accept this transition that is out of your control. This fated circumstance is for you both to do self-improvement.

New Moon in Gemini: This lunation activates your 11th house of friends and social groups. The “walking away” may be from a friend or group that you have outgrown, or I want to say, that maybe doesn’t appreciate you or maybe misunderstands you. That’s ok! Leave it/them behind and be excited about the unknown territory you are about to enter.

Full Moon in Capricorn: The Full Moon highlights your 6th house of health, everyday tasks, and pets. With whatever you are leaving behind, releasing, or cleaning out, be sure to tidy up your health routine, eating habits, and daily mental health, too. Taking care of your physical health is highlighted, especially bones, teeth, and skin. Same with your critters! Be sure their health regimen is on point. 

Astro Snapshot: Your month is about love and money, Leos. Mars enters your sign on the 11th, so you’ll get an extra boost of invigorating energy, sex drive, and confidence. This is also a beautifully aspected month for love, with both Mars and Venus in your sign on the 27th, great for making commitments! But really all month long you have Jupiter expansiveness in the heart (and money) department.



Tarot Card- 10 of Wands: It is time to release the burden you’ve been carrying, Virgos. You may be feeling burnt out and like you have many obligations and responsibilities, either in work, relationships, or just in your own mind. But if you step back, you will probably find ways to release some of those duties. If not, ask for help, redistribute, or reorganize so that you can gain balance and control and put self-care first. You are due for some!

New Moon in Gemini: This annular solar eclipse New Moon energy is enveloping your 10th house and work life. If you are feeling burdened at work, set intentions and employ healthy, clear communication in your emails, texts, or conversations, because some folks may not know you are feeling this way. Re-evaluate and reinvigorate your work goals, and speak your truth to get clear on your priorities.

Full Moon in Capricorn: This Full Moon lights up your 5th house of creativity and pleasure (and sex!). Your moon medicine is to treat yourself to fun, a day trip, a romantic getaway, or immersing yourself in art, music and all things creative. Your work world is most likely teetering on the heavy side, so balance out by having some much-deserved fun.

Astro Snapshot: Career and work are the themes this month, Virgos. The Ascendent is transiting your sign, highlighting how you are seen, and sits next to your 10th house. Mercury will be Rx here, so be sure you are very clear in your communication at work, but also use this transit to pause and reflect on your career path; where you were and where you are going. Make revisions and changes where needed, and focus on long-term behind-the-scenes actions that will make a strong foundation for the future. With all this work/career focus, be sure to give time and energy to family and home life to keep things smooth and balanced.



Tarot Card- 10 of Pentacles: This card is both a family-oriented card, highlighting multiple generations, and a card about wealth and abundance. I’ve recently pulled this for other air signs, so I feel that this will resonate with many… There may be an inheritance coming in or wrapping up, or family assistance, either financially or with less tangible wealth, like reminiscing, stories, or even doing “23 and Me” sort-of ancestor research. Libras will be connecting with family in some form this month!

New Moon in Gemini: Your 9th house is the focus of the New Moon, so set intentions and practical plans around new routines that promote growth, expansion, learning, and even some traveling. Communication and learning are Gem themes, and teaching is a Sag theme, so maybe learning/teaching a new language or engaging with other cultures will bring you joy and rich experiences this month! 

Full Moon in Capricorn: The Full Cap Moon illuminates your 4th house of family… So, back to that 10 of Pentacles card, there may be a loss or transition that creates some sort of inheritance or family reunion with this moon. Saturn rules Capricorn, and Saturn = father figures, so not necessarily literally, but figurative transformation or release with father energy may be highlighted around this lunation. Also issues of control in your home life or family life may come up so that they can be processed through to reach that balanced abundance energy. 

Astro Snapshot: The new moon highlights your 9th house of higher learning and spirituality, ruled by Jupter, so this is a great time to expand your skills and knowledge outside of both your comfort zone and personal identity. This could help with work, as the last couple of weeks in June will bring a focus to your career and how you are seen by others in your work spaces. Be sure you are presenting yourself and your work clearly so there are no misinterpretations or miscommunications, especially with Mercury Rx all month long. Also keep communication with family and home life clear and honest so you stay attuned, keeping gentle energy in those relationships.



Tarot Card- 10 of Swords: Oh Scorps, you may have been super anxious or overwhelmed in recent weeks, but the worst is over! 10 of Swords can show up wearing many masks—from betrayal to surrender, but in any of those cases, this is a card of completion. It’s important to remember we cannot control everything (I know this is hard for fixed Scorpios!!), and once we release the need to, we can remove these swords that pushed us into defeat, oftentimes by our own thoughts. Accept the collapse/ failure/ ending and when ready, stand up and prepare for the transformation you are amazing at enacting by using the wisdom from your painful experience

New Moon in Gemini: Speaking of transformation (you can’t make this stuff up), your 8th house is activated with this Annular Solar Eclipse New Moon. This Scorpio/Pluto house rules death and rebirth, transformation, and power. Clear the mental clutter, cut the chains of power, and rise above with clarity and optimism, setting intentions around transformation for your highest good. 

Full Moon in Capricorn: Your 3rd house of siblings, communication, learning, and community is illuminated here, so you may be feeling pulled in many directions and be busy busy busy, so use this moon to release the extra weight (or sword) that knocked you down in that tarot card so you can find some balance and stand back up. Having important talks with siblings that may be irking you is important now, too.

Astro Snapshot: No planets are rolling through your sign this month, but Jupiter trines your sign, bringing harmony, luck, and expansion to your life. Mercury will be retrograde in your home sign of the 8th house, so reviewing, revising, and revisiting themes and relationships to power (especially around the New Moon) may help you find some deeply buried insights. Likewise, be extra clear around communication in this realm (taxes, other people’s money) since Mercury Rx tends to be clunky.



Tarot Card- The Devil: This is the Capricorn card, so you may be dealing with a Cap relationship at some point this month, but in general, this card is about unhealthy obsessions, addictions, dependency, and feeling powerless. Where are you out of balance, enmeshed, or overly dependent in relationship? Your planet, Jupiter, loves to expand things, so if you have an unhealthy focus right now, try to focus on “reeling in” energy, balance, and boundaries.

New Moon in Gemini: This New Moon wants you to communicate with your intimate partners and close relationships with the truth and passion that you’re known for, Sag. 7th house highlights new relationships that are also possible if you can get in balance with healthy boundaries. Be open to negotiation and diplomacy for growth and healthier partnerships of every kind.

Full Moon in Capricorn: Your 2nd house of finances, value, and both physical and self-worth are highlighted with this lunation. Again, your relationship to power is highlighted—do not give it away or let it control you. Intimacy issues may come up, as well as pleasure, or lack thereof. Introduce give-and-take energy, and find the balance between your needs and others’ needs without having to be in total control or giving up your power.

Astro Snapshot: Mars trining your sign this month gives a helpful boost and pushes you in the right direction, especially if you have been doing work around relationships of all kinds, including with yourself and sense of worth. The eclipses fall in your sign and Gemini this year, with the South Node in your sign, so you more than most are feeling karmic cycles ending and releases of many kinds. Keep up the introspection and release work because you are transforming, Sag!



Tarot Card- 3 of Pentacles: This is a wonderful collaboration card, inviting you to partner and bring your expertise, talent, and vision to a project. This is auspicious for making money in a team, starting a new job in a team, or even starting your own business in guess—yup! A team. Whether it’s friends, work, or family, be sure to remember that everyone has unique gifts and important contributions, so don’t control the crew too much! Collaboration will get you all the best results.

New Moon in Gemini: The house activated by this lunation is your 6th house of everyday tasks, health, routines, and pets. Make new plans and set schedules that accommodate everyone in your team, communicate clearly and compassionately, and do not neglect your physical and mental health while you’re getting into this work mode. Water, healthy food, and sleep are important!

Full Moon in Capricorn: This Full Moon is shining on your 1st house of self, your ego, and how you show up in the world. You might be feeling like you want more attention, but that 3 of Pentacles is reminding you to stay humble, stay collaborative, and work on releasing control issues in shared spaces. Release blockages around power struggle/control issues and bring in balance with assertiveness and structure that you’re awesome at, just not *too* much.

Astro Snapshot: Pluto Rx is in your sign, so you are going through major changes and shifts, Caps. Flow with the death/rebirth energy and try to daily bring into conscious awareness where power plays out in your life, and how you can bring balance to that. Jupiter and Uranus aspects will help with your personal growth, as well. This Full Moon in your sign will be a culmination of this daily work and all the transformation you’ve been experiencing for some time… Take responsibility on micro levels to experience rewards on macro levels.



Tarot Card- The Magician: Wow, Aquarius! You have immense manifestation energy this month. Your willpower (this is your solar plexus, so maybe do some chakra work here to energize), concentration, and innate skills all combined are going to help you creatively alchemize your wishes into realities. Your outer world reflects your inner, and vice versa, so health and balance of every kind will keep you powered up.

New Moon in Gemini: Speaking of creativity, the New Moon charges your 5th house of creativity, pleasure, and kids, bringing “new beginning” energy to all of these realms. This is auspicious for planting seeds of intention and doing magick or practical work around “birth”—be it of a human, an idea, a business venture, an art project, or anything else that fills you with joy to create. Romance is also energized, so get creative and playful with your boo, too.

Full Moon in Capricorn: This lunation illuminates your 12th house of what is hidden, secrets, the unconscious, and even hidden enemies. With all of the power you wield this month, stay in balance, but also let what has been buried bubble up to the surface for release. Truths may be revealed, and they will lighten the load. You are the manifestor this month, so pay attention to dreams and intuition, and spend time alone to recenter when you need it. 

Astro Snapshot: Aquarius friends, you are in Saturn school for a minute… This month is the beginning of a 4-5 month cycle of karmic debts and rewards, responsibility, and boundaries. Everyone is experiencing this, but in your sign, this hits close to home. Use the Sun and Mercury conjunction on the 10th to bring some clarity, balance, and harmony to communication and relationships. Also, the Sun trines your sign throughout the month, adding some inner harmony and strength of will.



Tarot Card- The World: The final card of the tarot journey before returning to The Fool, The World card symbolizes completion associated with achievement, ascension, harmony, and wholeness. You have moved through many cycles and now you are welcoming in the blessings and belonging you deserve, Pisces friends! This may also involve some sort of travel for some of you… In any case, the world is your oyster and success is waiting wherever you are or wherever you go! 

New Moon in Gemini: The blessing of The World card indicates a new beginning and new opportunities, so pay extra attention around this new moon, as well as setting specific intentions around what you wish to manifest. Your 4th house of family and home is highlighted, so you may be welcoming in a new family member, getting pregnant, buying the house of your dreams, or similar. Expect movement and change around this time!

Full Moon in Capricorn: Your 11th house is lit up by this Full Cap Moon, so although there seems to be much optimism and celebration, there may be a release or restructuring in your friend or social groups. In a different light, you may be called on by a friend for help, or you could end/release an argument with a friend. Remember, the time leading up to a full moon is about abundance, so reaching out a few days before the peak to a friend you lost contact with may bring a beautiful reunion.

Astro Snapshot: Jupiter, Neptune, and goddess asteroid Pallas are in your sign the whole month, bringing expansion of intuition, spirituality, creativity to you all month long. Pallas is born from Jupiter (she cracked his head open and leaped out), so there is a theme around fatherly figure relationships this month, as well as femme strength and will in rightful war and battles. The shadowy side of your home planet Neptune traveling with Jupiter is that not everything is as it seems, so impart extra effort to see through the haze and romantic mists you’ll be coasting on this month when it comes to practical matters. Jupiter goes Rx in your sign on the 20th, adding an extra powerful opportunity for your sign to level up spiritually and evolve your beliefs. Many of you may be feeling spiritual awakening energy, so be gentle with yourself and know that this is a wonderful growth spurt in your ascension journey!




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Kerstin from The Mirrored Lantern has practiced right hand path magick and tarot for over 28 years and has been a lover and learner of astrology for just as long… She is currently in graduate school for Clinical Psychology with a specialization in Spiritual & Depth Psychology. Follow her on instagram @themirroredlantern for witch tips, occulture, and depth psych tidbits!


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