January 2023 Tarotscopes

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January 2023 Tarotscopes

Astrology by Sera Timms
Tarot by Kerstin Hern of The Mirrored Lantern
Original art for J. Southern Studio by Spirited Animals

January 2023 Tarotscopes

January greetings to all, 2023 blessings, and happy solar return wishes to Capricorn and early Aquarius folks! Below are your intuitive tarot readings by me, coupled with insightful astro snapshots by Sera. Both tarot and astro horoscopes are per sign for the month ahead. There is also a card for the Collective, which you can use in conjunction with your personal tarot card to create a more robust narrative around what is calling your attention during this monthly cycle, or as a clarifier to your zodiac’s card. 

Tarot Highlights:

2023 is a Chariot year for the Collective, based on numerology: 2+0+2+3 = 7 —> The Chariot. This means the background music for all, and as a clarifier to your personal year card, (see below on how to do that) highlights the themes of movement, travel, action, being divinely guided, determination, connecting your will with intention, spiritual strength, success after challenges, and strong focus.
You can find your personal tarot card for 2023 by adding your birth month + birth date + 2023, then add up the individual numbers to reduce it to a single or double digit number between 1-22. For example, if you were born June 14, you would add 6 + 14 + 2023 = 2043 —> 2 + 4 + 3 = 9. The 9th card on the major arcana is The Hermit, which would be your guiding card throughout the year.
The repeat card I got for a handful of signs was The World. This makes so much sense! We have closed out the time portal of 2022 and entered into a new year with new energy and potential. Instead of deleting and forgetting the past, we integrate all the lessons and information into our worlds so we may embody success, abundance, and wholeness. We close out and release what is not ours to hold while also using the nectar of those experiences to nourish us. 
These readings were also interesting because I got repeats while shuffling and cutting the deck. Usually I get jumpers, but these repeat cards are still and stable, just showing up repeatedly as I split the deck into 2 piles, like they were waiting for me. They showed up synchronistically without the more frantic energy of the jumpers… This made me think that the less “in your face energy” reminds us we always have a choice about what energy we choose to tap into. It is always available, but ultimately we have free will to engage it.

To get the most out of these Horoscopes, please read them based off of your Ascendant/ Rising sign, as these are the signs that are the basis of our monthly breakdowns. Your Ascendant sign is the sign of the Zodiac which was rising on the eastern horizon at the time, date & location of our birth, and it provides us with a much more individualized view of our personal astrology. If you do not yet know your Rising Sign, feel free to find it here: Chart Drawing, Ascendant. All you will need is the closest possible time, date & location of your birth. For those not able to find an accurate Rising Sign, you can secondarily read these horoscopes by your Sun sign and thirdly by your Moon sign.

Stay tuned for the Celestial Insights blog to see what the stars have to say, along with lunar magick offerings…

Here are your tarot + astro messages. I suggest reading your rising and sun signs: 



Deck Used: Thoth Deck
Card: Knight of Cups

The overall energetic message for this month that you can use to expand and clarify your personal card reading is: The Knight of Cups

This card signals an opportunity for/offering of healing, forgiveness, and/or connection in some kind of relationship. In the Thoth deck, an angelic being is riding a white horse carrying a grail with a crab in it. The crab is the animal totem for Cancers, and we have a full Cancer moon on the 6th. I actually wrote that blog already, and the themes include reflection, forgiveness, and gratitude, so this Collective card seems to be driving those themes home!

There is also a blue peacock blending into the blue background (blue = emotions, peace, tranquility, healing). What I first think of is the masculine flex of the peacock to get attention in a superficial way. This peacock is almost ghostly, which intuitively for this reading, feels like ego dissolution of needing to “flex” and be attention-getting and is rather moving toward utilizing the feeling and intuitive states of Cancer energy in your relationships and connections. This may look like allowing buried emotions to surface into the vista of awareness and expressing them either to heal or to connect (or both). This knight is still guarded and protective, but he wields no weapons, just sacred water that cleanses, nourishes, and heals.

In the Thoth deck, specifically, this card represents fire-water, which is change and action connected to emotions. It rules the zodiac range from the 21st degree of Aquarius to the 20th degree of Pisces. The chalice of water is emotional yin energy with the Cancer crab atop, who is protective and works in the liminal space, so the unconscious connected to emotions is activated in this card, as well. Crabs are guarded but can release and regenerate new shells, meaning moments of vulnerability when unshelled, so think about vulnerability, flexibility, and updating your “shell” as you and your relationships evolve.

Entering the Piscean aspect of this card, the buried (possibly repressed or suppressed emotions) and guarded nature can signal using substances to cope or escape. Poor boundaries and weaving between realities can be part of the lower vibrations of this card if emotions are not allowed to surface and be named or expressed.

If you can peacefully tolerate the tension between opposites (fire and water) and muster the required patience needed to earn trust, this knight will eventually release their armor and reveal more of their depths to you.

Keywords: emotional healing through action, forgiveness, offering of reconciliation, emotional protection, buried emotions, power of the unconscious, escape with substances, releasing aggression, peaceful communication, guarded communication, gray area between opposing forces, new relationship commitment


Welcome to 2023! The days are getting longer, and we have not one but three planets turning direct after months of Retrograde. The Sun in Capricorn for most of December creates a stable grounded foundation for us to rediscover the momentum which was lost when Mars (10.20.22), Mercury (12.29.22) and Uranus (8.24.22) went retrograde. The warrior, the communicator, and the rebel return to the driver’s seat in December so you may clearly navigate towards your unique 2023 dreams and goals. Venus moves into Aquarius on the 2nd emphasizing the need for any romantic relationships to be based on friendship, and clear communication which allows for any unorthodox needs to be expressed in order for both parties to feel free. Full Moon on the 6th brings us deep into the family-choosen or otherwise-nest where we focus on nurturing and care. Are your needs being met? How can you cultivate even deeper self love which you can then share with those you adore? Our radiant sun moves into Aquarius on the 20th as we head towards Spring and consider the innovative renovations we will make to our lives this year. Who’s coming with you as you bloom into your future self, and who stays in the past? Love is the answer when Venus moves into Pisces on the 26th, and Botticelli’s Birth of Venus manifests into the reality that love can be innocent, pure and beautiful in each new moment of our breath.


  • 1/2/23 Venus enters Aquarius
  • 1/6/23 Full Moon Cancer
  • 1/12/23 Mars Direct in Gemini
  • 1/18/23 Mercury direct in Capricorn
  • 1/20/23 Sun enters Aquarius
  • 1/21/23 New Moon Aquarius
  • 1/22/23 Uranus goes direct in Taurus
  • 1/26/23 Venus enters Pisces
  • Sun: Capricorn-Aquarius
  • Moon: Taurus- Gemini
  • Mercury: Capricorn
  • Venus: Capricorn-Pisces
  • Mars: Gemini
  • Jupiter: Aries
  • Saturn: Aquarius
  • Uranus: Taurus
  • Neptune: Pisces
  • Pluto: Capricorn
  • North/ South Nodes: Taurus & Scorpio



Tarot Card: The World

Aries are in an ebb and flow of closure and stillness as you had the Wheel of Fortune closure/energy shift a couple months ago, last month was about security and stability, and now a final massive closure and cleansing is afoot so you may start a huge new cycle in the transition before becoming The Fool again. There is a back and forth energy but this is the full release and simultaneous holding of all the lessons and meaning and memories form the past. Allow a rebirth of an aspect of you to emerge and take up space. The full moon will likely be very powerful and meaningful to you, especially around family/ancestors/your home/the mother archetype . Expect some understanding to flow in around the full moon, as well. Overall, success, achievement, and integrating all of life’s lessons are the highlights for January. Taurus and Cancer got this card, as well.

Astro Snapshot:

You can expect accolades and praise for all the hard work you’ve done over the last year Aries! Your enthusiastic leadership skills can sometimes feel overlooked as you eagerly jump from one mountaintop to the next…but always, you are teaching and leading with your bravery and strength. Though you are not motivated by a need for external validation, you certainly enjoy inspiring others with your achievements. Work promotions, new leads, general admiration, and appreciation are all in store for you this month. Your ruler Mars goes direct in on the 12th enabling smooth communication, and shared goals with teammates to restart the motor of any stalled projects or goals. Uranus direct in Taurus on the 22nd and Venus in Pisces on the 26th allows you to take the freedom you need from partners or work while still enjoying the sensual pleasures and delights the warrior so needs to rest and recuperate!



Tarot Card: The World

Aries and Cancer also got this card, so big fresh starts and culminations are being co-created and co-experienced with your fire and water siblings. I also saw The Lovers a few times while splitting/shuffling, so big choices around relationships and/or how mirroring may be in place in some relationships can offer you some insight as to how this culmination and reaching ultimate success can come in. Notice where you see yourself in others, notice with whom and when you project onto others, and synthesize all of this info within yourself. The World card is a non-gendered and truly free light being that holds all the parts, all the lessons, all the experiences of the tarot to rocket them into ascension. There is a completion and possible ending, too, so allow it. It’s making room for a massive new cycle to initiate when the time is right. Claim your fulfillment and success, Taurus!

Astro Snapshot: 

The new year brings new inspiration in the form of teachers, wanderlust, and/or a quest to deepen the meaning of your life path. You take flight to obtain the Eagle’s Eye this month where you can see the world you’ve cultivated from above, and determine what you might want to add or subtract. Luxuriating in your own comfortable surroundings takes a backseat to adventurous explorations in the mind and body. Perhaps it’s time to start Yoga, travel to a distant land you’ve dreamed of, or simply purchase that Moroccan cookbook you’ve been eyeing. Full Moon in Cancer on the 6th opens up communication with friends and neighbors to create a more supportive home environment, and by the New Moon in Aquarius on the 21st you’ll be ready to buckle down and set some firm career goals and aspirations for 2023.



Tarot Card: Queen of Swords

Similar to Taurus, each time I split the deck to shuffle, I landed on the Death card 4 times. One of the times it was across from 4 of Wands and another time, the 4 of Pentacles, so there is a message around deliberate release and composting of something you’re clutching connected to a job, financial security, or felt security. It may also be letting go or moving from a home or even someone you live with. Queen of Swords is your guide, who offers to keep it real, clearly state your needs and thoughts, be forward-thinking about what’s best in the long-run and in the future, not dwelling on the past, and welcome in new info and facts to make decision. Acknowledge emotions but avoid allowing emotions to reign over important choices. The Death card is release, but involves participation of you un-clutching to create the release versus allowing a release to happen “at” you. Follow through with communicating your lingering thoughts and messages to whomever needs to hear it so you and someone else can get on the same page, and possibly release something together to both of your benefits.

Astro Snapshot:

You are somewhat plunged into the deep end at the beginning of the year with the Sun diving right into your 8th House of Life-Death-Rebirth transformations, hidden truths, and financial resources. This territory can challenge you with its demand that you thoroughly understand your motivations and drives, but it also reveals new and beautiful dimensions of your being. Large sums of money may come or go, and your emotional response to this is part of your power! Work on staying centered whether the excitement is joyous or anxious. Often you spend time with the wild flowers of abundance you happen upon in your meanderings, but this month you will learn the roots of your wealth and well being, and what sort of nourishment you need to bloom.

Mars retrograde has been holding you up since Oct 30th, but turns direct on the 18th allowing your rocketship to blast off once again! It’s likely to be a month of extremes so be sure to shoot for the stars this month Gemini!



Tarot Card: The World

Yo, I don’t know what’s up today but The World is coming in hot for many signs!! Aries and Taurus also got The World card. I also saw Judgment several times while splitting the deck, which is another anomaly happening in this reading for January. Most signs are getting lots of Spirit chatting… I would say Judgement is signaling a really important choice coming up that may involve someone or something/some opportunity form your past coming back in for a re-do. I picture you holding a bunch of things in your arms and it overflowing, so try to prioritize and do one thing at a time while also allowing all the lessons, information, growth, and growing pains from the past year to inform your current evolved Self to release the old. Putting down some of that “stuff” can allow a rebirth of some fame to happen but you must trust that you don’t need to carry all of that with you into the next phase. There is success with change for you. There also seems to be an important connection of some sort, involving a group or at least another person in your decision making or your transition into a new big phase. Use high vibrational judgment in the space of The World to see everyone for who they’e become if they are someone from the past. Allow your mind to let someone change if they earn your trust and re-enter your life with integrity.

Astro Snapshot:

2023 brings love and partnership to the forefront as the sun transits your 7th House of partners and balance. You are the ultimate nurturer Cancer, but when you don’t feel protected, you can turn into the ultimate unavailable hermit crab! This month is about coming into your true nature which begins with establishing a firm inner partnership of making sure your needs are met at a deep internal level so you will be able to care for that partner you so dearly love or seek. If you’re single you’re likely to meet a potential partner which may come through business, or dating. For the partnered Cancer you’ll be able to find a deeper harmony and commitment with your current partner, or realize that you’ve outgrown your mate if there is no room for growth. Expect much clarity on the Cancer Full Moon on the 6th…let your heart do the talking. Keep it simple. 



Tarot Card: 3 of Pentacles

Hopefully you closed out the year with some clarifying new info, even a decision being made, and now you are starting to action some plans you’ve had by getting collaborators on board. This looks like you doing the hiring or being the one hired for a specific skill set in a group setting in order to build something new and amazing. Put your self out there and let people know what you do and how awesome you are at it. Likewise, put it out there that you are seeking some specific needs and skills, and you will get the people you need to put your dream team together. This feels very practical, like starting company, building a house, contractor work and such. If that doesn’t ping, then the message is to collaborate to reach success and to make money. Focus on what you do best and work with others to grow something meaningful.

Astro Snapshot:

Expect to be prowling and playfully pouncing through the party as the stage of 2023 opens with you carrying your big heart like a gift for each guest you encounter. Your calendar will be full, and you will diligently check off each event like a lead character completing each scene in a choose your own adventure type of play. I cannot help but see you as the shining star in a Shakespearean Drama where your light serves to inspire and guide all those you touch this month. Venus enters Aquarius on the 2nd gracing your 7th house of partnerships. Grand romantic gestures are par for the course with any leonine love match, but what endures must fit into your community and also serve your larger goals and dreams. Think of a power couple who starts up a local theater for economically challenged residents…your heart will be amplified and magnified by your company and generosity this month Leo! 



Tarot Card: The Hierophant

I want to mention I split the deck on The Fool 4 times while shuffling, so there is a reset energy where you are cleansed of some old and outdated ways of doing, being, or thinking. Now your optimism and excitement for a new chapter in 2023 is promoting some awesome-feeling thriving, Virgos. You are ready for and expect the best, as you should. The Hierophant message brings attention to personal or social traditions that you are either engaging or releasing for your highest good. For some, there is a spiritual element to January where there is enlightenment or healing growth occurring alongside or inspired by a mentor or spiritual advisor, even a teacher or counselor with whom you have a deep relationship and connection. This is the Taurus card, too, so I feel compelled to say that late April and early May is a time frame that will be meaningful for some of you. Overall, giving and receiving wisdom and powerful lessons are themes in January for Virgos. 

Astro Snapshot:

Sometimes you find it challenging to let go of the intellect and just have a bit of childlike fun….but not this month! Your 5th house of play, creativity, and open hearted expression is activated by the Capricorn sun this month as a reminder that what sustains (Capricorn) must serve the heart. Expect to spend less time balancing ledgers and more time going to the movies, or collaging a dream board. Romance is also par for the course, and it’s wise to allow for some semi indulgent date nights with that special someone who lights up your heart. Venus in Aquarius amplifies your desire to help and heal those you care for, even if they may not fit the rational guidelines of someone who deserves your help. Let your charity flow freely, as all your generosity will return to you in one form or another. Mercury direct on the 18th clears up any foggy communication with friends and lovers, and the sun entering Aquarius on 1/20 activates your inner humanitarian. Choose your favorite charitable cause or simply gift some cash to someone in need and you’ll start the year with an overflowing karmic bank account!



Tarot Card: Knight of Cups

You were asked to keep it real and communicate directly last month, or acknowledge some potential passive aggressive behavior either on your end or someone else’s… Now that the dirty laundry has likely been aired, there can be reconciliation and some healing, forgiveness, and connection. This is also the Collective card, so I’d really take it to heart, Libras. This knight is not aggressive or hostile, they do not have a weapon, but instead offer nourishment and peace. They can bring up unconscious energy that may even feel spiritual, so titrating between defense and vulnerability can create personal growth and healing. There does seem to be some kind of choice, weighing out of options, or need for balance, I’m feeling, so use the tenderness and peacefulness of this knight, who privileges emotional wellbeing and relationship connection over money, work, or other life aspects.

Astro Snapshot: 

Creating balance and harmony are your superpowers, and this month you’ll see them working for you in your own home and with your family. In particular your Mother, you as a Mother, or the Mother of your children will be the focus. It is a time to cultivate nurturing and security in the home. Is the nest stocked for winter with nourishing foods, does everyone have the coats and boots they might need, and is it safe for everyone in the home to express their needs? If you live alone be sure you are allowing and cultivating familial and chosen family bonds to provide synergy of care and love. Full Moon in Cancer on the 6th brings your career achievements to the forefront and others appreciate all that you’ve done. New Moon in Aquarius on the 21st amps up your creative spark, appreciation of art and performance…don’t hesitate to book a night at the opera or simply get dolled up to go to your favorite restaurant.



Tarot Card: 4 of Pentacles

January is about bringing attention to what stability and security mean to you in the new year, Scorpios. Temperance showed up 3 times as well, which indicates taking the middle path and bringing balance into all aspects of your life, which may involve work/life balance and balancing your spending. That could mean reeling in indulgent and compulsive purchases, or it could mean not being so stingy that you are confined and not living and enjoying your life. Check in with yourself about money and work goals for the year ahead while also titrating giving and receiving to be in a state of more wholeness. Scorpio rules other people’s money, debt, taxes and such, so perhaps focus on how to balance these deep energetic exchanges you have with others and how money is a love language for some.

Astro Snapshot:

There is nothing you love more than to psychoanalyze a relationship and all of the underlying motivations and power dynamics that exist below the surface! January activates your desire to talk and learn about these things. Think podcasts-maybe you start one or maybe you’re just listening. Either way, you are in the flow of the mycelium like underpinnings of human nature, and learning what accumulates or depletes your power. Power is energy, energy moves in waves, waves are a form of communication. Our bodies are made of mostly water, and this month you are like Neptune in the psycho-spiritual depths learning to command the flow of emotion, imagination, and decipher the hidden whale songs of your own desires. Full Moon Cancer on the 6th sees you curling up in Plato’s Cave to connect with the Earth as teacher and Mother ie feminine teachers. New Moon Aquarius on the 21st helps you to balance your sharp mind with the softness of a nurturing home environment which allows you to be vulnerable and free.



Tarot Card: 5 of Swords

You may be revisited by someone you had a falling out with or some conflicting theme from your recent past, Sag, as the Judgment card popped up a few times during cutting the deck. It will be up to you to use informed judgement and make the best choice for the group, so pause, reflect, make a pros and cons list before making a choice. Your card is 5 of Swords, which is low vibe communication where either an argument has ensued and negative words were strewn about just for the sake of winning, or there is some other out-in-the-open argument or shit talking happening.,, These communications create rupture, and the best thing is to lay down your sword and walk away. Disengage. These could be actual interpersonal communications, but may also be intra-personal, so battling thoughts in your mind. Some are distorted and negative and do not serve… Practice acknowledging them and walking away from anything that is not a fact or grounded in integrity. Conflict is inevitable throughout life for all of us, but it’s how you handle it that is meaningful. Learn how to tolerate disagreements versus creating more rupture.

Astro Snapshot:

Open to receive Sagittarius! Your passion keeps your eye on the prize and your centaur legs at full gallop most of the time, but January 2023 activates your 2nd house of wealth, resources, and sensual pleasure. You’re likely to receive more of all of these things, as well as having your talents recognized and put to use. The Full Moon in Cancer on the 6th has you deep diving into hidden desire, and healing old wounds and power struggles. You are so strong and optimistic that you sometimes forget you have vulnerabilities that need care and transformation too. Mars direct in Gemini on 1/12 smooths out any tensions with business or romantic partners, and Mercury direct on the 18th opens up a new/renewed channel to the resources you need to accomplish your current mission. New Moon in Aquarius on the 21st opens up communication channels to helpful partners to help you accomplish your goals in unorthodox and clever ways!



Tarot Card: King of Pentacles (jumper: Ace of Cups)

For Caps, coming into January looks like reaping fruits of your labor, reaching mastery or leadership in work, and/or financial (or other) security. You may be receiving help or guidance in work, money, or health matters form another earth sign, or you may be the master of your own domain. However, the success and connection made in this work/health/money realm must happen with some form of emotional connection or healing to sustain. There is something relational connected to your abundance and success, like a new relationship or potential for connection influencing you. Lean into that, Caps, you don’t have to do this all on your own. You pushed through and persevered in something recently, as well as expressed healthy boundaries, now in this reset space, you can allow something new to grow by connecting with others. This month is about stability and ability, and they are both fueled by being in touch with your emotions and growing relationships of all fames.

Astro Snapshot:

Happy Birthday Capricorn!! Tis the season of the Mighty Sea Goat. Expect extra confidence and strength in your body and mind this month. On the 2nd Venus leaves your sign and moves into Aquarius illuminating new and unusual channels to experience your senses in heightened forms of art, music, or poetry…this can be of your own creation, or in taking in anothers’. Let this influence penetrate into your heart to soften your ever present and practical ambitions. A Birth Day is also a chance to re-birth. Yes, your work, career and accomplishments are important, but you alone without your Empire are also a gift to this world. You offer priceless wise perspective and also pleasure to those you choose to partner with, which will be highlighted by the Cancer Full Moon on the 6th. Mercury goes direct in your sign on the 18th activating forward momentum and renewed clear communication around your goals and ambitions. New Moon Aquarius as well as Sun into Aquarius on 1/21 and 1/20 brings financial opportunity in the form of potential seed-state opportunities which will need cultivation and nurturing over the next 2 weeks. On the 26th Venus enters Pisces and you discover a new personal romance language burgeoning in this Phoenix Rising version of yourself!



Tarot Card: 10 of Swords

Again, for multiple readings, I’ve been repeatedly cutting the deck and landing on the same card, sort of like a jumper but less aggressive! In your reading, Aquarius, I landed on The Sun multiple times before pulling your main card, the 10 of Swords. With these two cards combined, you are finally releasing and transmuting anxiety, worry, and mental hardships through a rebirth cycle by tending to your Inner Child. Speaking to and sending love to the young parts of yourself that have been wounded and affect how you think and behave can create attachment wounding repair. The Sun is all about vitality, health, optimism, play, and joy through being confident yet vulnerable. That brings freedom. It seems you were very mentally confined and now you have access to more mental freedom by saying “enough is enough” and making the choice to allow child-like energy to flow. Go ice skating, draw or doodle with no expectations, sing silly songs to your dog… Whatever makes you feel more free and kid-like will be healing. Also, allow an ending to play out and finish for good. It may not be easy, but you and your nervous system have had enough. There’s a rebirth portal awaiting you, and it’s been there all along, you just couldn’t access it with all those swords in your back. Now you can stand up and walk through into the light of The Sun.

Astro Snapshot:

Just a few more weeks till your birthday Season Aquarius! Capricorn season can be a bit challenging for a rebellious freedom fighter such as yourself w/ it’s Saturninan limitations and authority….but what is activated in these remaining few weeks will be deeply transformative to your entire unfolding purpose! The Capricorn Sun activates your 12th house of secrets, spirituality, and dissolution. You will experience parts of yourself dissolving and disappearing whether you are ready for it or not. Try to think of it as a time of purification which removes extraneous aspects of you which do not resonate with your pure and vital essence. You love to LIVE, and what is being removed or shed at this time is only that which keeps you in stagnation, and old patterns. 

By 1/20 when the Sun moves into your sign, and 1/21 New Moon in Sagittarius, you’ll be as fresh as a newborn, and ready to embrace your Aquarian Tarot Card true nature….The Star! You are indeed a harbinger of the Age of Aquarius!



Tarot Card: The Star

What a beautiful message to start the year, Pisces! This card encourages and heralds hope and renewal, a refreshing and empowering way to start a new temporal cycle. There is an essence of peace to this card, and I always mention I tie it to Galactic family, specifically Pleiades, as well. This card encourages engaging faith in whatever way it is meaningful to you, spiritually or otherwise, and use that faith and hope to continue looking forward into the expanse of possibility in your future. Dream big from that space. You are reminded that you’re always being gently guided by benevolent forces, and you are never alone. Use this card to hold that space for the future while reflecting on the blessings you have and blessings you embody, because energy flows where attentions goes. Focusing on abundance will increase abundance, and you may feel a rush of inspiration and creativity, as well. This card also has a shimmer of healing to it, so allowing peace and grace to flow by not resisting what is will activate healing. Remember, you are held by the hands of stars and Spirit and the cosmos. Put your hand on your heart and you will feel that cosmic energy flow from you, through you. 

Astro Snapshot: 

Your dreams will easily begin to manifest as the year begins with many helpful hands, and shared idealistic humanitarian views. You are not alone in your desire to make the world a better place this month, and this will set the stage for the whole year! Full Moon in Cancer on the 6th opens your big heart, and brings warm affection and childlike play to the forefront. You may need to set boundaries with anyone who has just come to your table to eat without bringing something to share…the good news is that you have plenty of supportive comrades to fill any vacant seats. Mars direct on the 12th solidifies a goal oriented community of Spiritual Warriors, and Mercury direct in Capricorn on the 18th helps you to articulate what you need clearly to your team, and to clarify your shared purpose. Sun in Aquarius on 1/20 activates deep thoughts, and serves to balance out your many external goals with alone time in the bath or meditation to nurture, care for, and cultivate your inner world of dreams and imagination.






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