Horoscopes: September 2018

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Horoscopes: September 2018

septmeber horoscopes
Monthly horoscopes at J. Southern Studio brought to you by Candace Looft, of Beyond the Veil Tarot  / Collage by Janeva Zentz 


September 2018

Congratulations, you made through the astrological thunder-dome of last month! Now it’s time to tune into clean-up mode. The Sun spends the first part of the month in Virgo where it loves to serve. There are stabilizing Earth trines happening between Saturn and Uranus that help you analyze what needs to be tweaked. Saturn and Uranus work together to help you get down to business and find healthy, and dependable approaches to just about everything on your to-do list. Organize your home or office, check off some of your to do’s, start a new diet etc. Taskmaster Saturn finishes his retrograde on September 6th, allowing you to move forward in career or personal goals. Be mindful of any illusions on the 7th, as the Sun in Virgo opposes Neptune Pisces making for some murky waters. Not all is what it appears to be, so hold off on making any financial or major decisions until the New Moon in Virgo on the 9th. This will be a rather positive New Moon in Virgo. Jupiter will be giving its blessing with harmonious aspects to Pluto. Transformation is key mid-month. Now that the retrogrades are over we have a better idea of where our focus needs to be. How we can better serve ourselves, and others. So the question is, What is HEALTHY? Mentally, physically, financially speaking. How can you better serve your goals? Meditate on these questions until the 17th of September. Take note if you’re feeling irritable or strong waves of anxiousness around the 18th.  Mars in Aquarius is moving into its final square with Uranus, except this time you know how to better integrate this energy. For some, it may feel like strong urges to break free and act rebelliously. Be mindful of how you choose to use this dynamic energy. Be prepared for new and exciting, and often downright genius ideas. The month wraps up with a Full Moon in Aries. This particular Full Moon may be a bit of an ouch! Because of the squares, it makes to Saturn, this lunation can feel heavier and more depressing than usual. With Chiron closely tied to this moon, avoid tension and outbursts, as they may lead to headaches and triggers of childhood trauma. Keep your chin up. All the organization and self-awareness earlier in the month is preparing you for this Full Moon!


Hot spots this month:

Sept. 6th, Saturn retrograde ends: Back to business. 

Sept. 7th, Sun in Virgo oppose Neptune: Be clear, honest and avoid deceptions.

Sept. 9th, New moon in Virgo: A healthy state of mind.

Sep. 12th, Jupiter sextile Pluto: Uncovering the power of transformation.

Sep. 18th, Mars squares Uranus: Growing pains. 

Sep. 24th, Full Moon in Aries: Self Healing.


ARIES: Ace of Wands-  a new opportunity that inspires energy and enthusiasm.

Career and responsibility are major lessons this month. Be patient and keep pushing forward with work projects. You have lots of new ideas coming to you, the key is how to deliver them. You may swing between feeling two obligated with work, and not enough time with the relationship. There's room for some spicy feuds at work, creating some intense situations with a coworker or boss. The New Moon of your six house is creating a better balance and harmony with coworkers. It's also an excellent time to cross off a few things on your to-do list. You're feeling sexy and passionate as Venus moves into your eighth House. Be mindful not to get caught up in an affair. Your social circles are buzzing with Mars there. It's important to choose to be a leader and not just somebody who's overly competitive. Let your ideas in mind speak for themselves. The full moon in your sign is full of energy and passion. Just be mindful of being overly boastful at work with others.


TAURUS: The Moon - illusions, and visions-good or bad.

You're now free to move forward with much more adventure! Travel, educational plans and more can push ahead. You're feeling ready to grow into new experiences. Mars can still be making you feel a bit hasty, so be mindful of your overzealousness this month. Watch out for being overly critical, and potentially coming across too blunt. Someone's feelings may get hurt in the mix. The new moon is all about your pleasure and bringing in a new potential lover. As Venus moves through you're seventh house, you're drawing in very intense and sexy partners. Don't be afraid to let go of her past relationship in exchange for something new. Just make sure that someone new is being honest, keep a look out for a surprise. Be patient, it'll stabilize later in the month. Major work projects move forward with ease now, allowing you to get a great deal done. Health goals become more important later in the month. Watch out for the Full Moon in Aries, be careful not to get too carried away with habits or indulgences. These need to be monitored, everything should be done in moderation. Your energy is better spent in meditation or self-reflection. It's important to keep your body pure now.


GEMINI: Four of wands-changing your lifestyle in an exciting way. 

Saturn is finally done with its retrograde in your intimacy sector. Man, has this been a challenging transit. The whole point was for you to examine, and clean up any karmic issues. You're getting your groove back, so don't worry. If There's been some frustration in your sex life it's bound to clear up. With Venus in the fifth, you're feeling very romantic and sexy. It's time to get back out there and date or catch a romantic flick. Family oriented themes come about as Mercury moves into your home sector. Spontaneous dinner parties with friends and family may be taking place in your home. Moving may be possible because there are some changes in your home zone. It's a good time to clean up some issues with a family member or connect with elder relatives. Be mindful of an intense back-and-forth situation that can strike up some jealousy or obsession with a partner. Be calm, and be sure not to overreact. Instead, seek the truth. You're feeling much more confident around the 22nd when the Sun moves into Libra. Tune into the full moon around the end of the month, it's about you finding ways to better express yourself and help others. You may receive a message about how to better contribute to your community.


CANCER: Five of cups- struggling against loss, finding it difficult to move on

Be patient, all of the changes that you have been manifesting are now coming to you. This has been a very darkness before the dawn period. Relationships have been very challenging recently. It seems as if you've been put through all sorts of tests in that department. Whatever has ended has ended for reason, and you have to trust in that. Your security is coming back now, and you're feeling more content with what has come and gone. This is a good time to speak with a counselor or asked for some direction early in the month. Expect lots of emails, conversations, and chitchat with others. As the Sun moves in the Libra, your focuses on home and family. You may find that you have an interest in redecorating or doing some deep emotional cleanup, both are encouraged. Be sure to stand up for yourself around the 24th, and don't let other people push you around. The Full Moon at the end of the month brings you a psychic message about your career and helps you feel inspired about the future.


LEO: Nine of wands- pulling yourself together for one final hard task

I'm sure you're a bit exhausted from all the extra responsibilities of last month. The good news is your confidence is coming back and you're getting ready to get out of a rut. Vitality is key this month so take good care of your diet. It's possible that some dietary or physical/Fitness goals are necessary to move forward. These changes should be easier now and help you seek the mind-body balance you're looking for. Time to talk money and focus on your security while mercury is in your house of income. It's very possible that there will be a job opportunity or a raise. The new moon is also in this house, giving you a fresh sense of worth and more material opportunities. Later in the month, expect lots of new ideas and communication. You will be feeling very passionate about your expressions or writing. The Full Moon on the 25th is in your house of travel, it's all about adventure and the potential of planning a solo trip. 


VIRGO: King of coins- a consummate business person. 

Happy Birthday Virgo! Get ready for your year ahead. Creativity comes in strong this month. You're feeling refreshed and renewed. Last months relationship issues still may linger. Keep an eye out for any illusions with partners if it still seems rocky. Happiness is your main goal this month. Mercury is in Virgo, and it's making it easier for you to get your point across and speak your mind. Trust that this is the first step to the process of finding your happiness. The new moon is in your sign this month. This means new cycles are heading your way. Treat your birthday like the new year, and set an intention. You may find yourself deep and creative projects, or spending time with children. From the 23rd of the month forward, you'll be focusing on making more money and stepping into your self-worth. The Full Moon is in Aries in your 8th house, giving you an opportunity for a rebirth. Primal energies run wild now. Don't be surprised if some drama or secrets arise around this full moon, listen to what your intuition tells you.


LIBRA: The Lovers- a long-lasting passion.

If you're wanting to join a club or an association you may want to hop online. It appears new groups and affiliations are presenting themselves to you. Much of this is to help further your personal and professional goals. You're coming out of a few tough weeks of some intensity with your home and family. Now is the time to take a step back and be more focused on taking care of yourself. Positive home and family changes are coming, just focus on making the right decision for you. Set financial goals and feel secure. Be mindful of overspending and keep to your budget. Psychic intuitive gifts and spiritual feelings seem to be important to this month. With the new Moon in your 12 house, a very psychic and romantic side of you begins to evolve. If you’re single go out with some friends or try out a dating app to meet someone new. From the 22nd onwards, Mercury and Libra make you very charming. The Full Moon in Aries at the end of the month brings about major themes of partnership and compromise. The question is; are you compromising your hopes and dreams for another? I would hope not…


SCORPIO: Six of coins- generosity brings its own rewards.

Ideas flow much more freely to you now. It's almost as if your throat chakra opens up and you're free to communicate much more easily. Serious conversations this month can actually get you somewhere. Be mindful of when you're speaking in public because potential new collaborators maybe listening. On the 12th of the month, Jupiter sextiles Pluto, making for extraordinary conversations. Your social Circle is expanding, and it's time to network. Money talks as Venus moves into Scorpio. This helps you feel bold and powerful when it comes to owning your security. It also makes fora  nice time to spruce up your beauty routine and wardrobe. You're super passionate about your home and family this month. Avoid any unnecessary arguments with family members if possible. As the Sun moves into your 12th house, be open to the messages from your subconscious. Waves of emotions can crash over you. Meditate on hopefulness. Just don't lose yourself to escapism.


SAGITTARIUS: Two of coins- juggling many things at once.

You can breathe a sigh of relief, as financial anxieties start to fade away. Now you're feeling more secure and capable of committing to financial arrangements. You've had some time to reflect on what is necessary to feel supported. Mercury will trining Saturn on the seventh, giving you an opportunity to speak up. If you take this chance it may very well benefit you in a big way. Mars keeps your busy with short distance travel, contracts or communications. Write whenever you’re feeling inspired. The New Moon is in Virgo in your career sector. Perhaps you're looking for a new job or organizing your resume. Be cautious about taking a job without getting all the details. This month is all about you becoming more aware of the type of job you would like to have. Be mindful of your thoughts, your intuitive self is telling you to have faith. Thankfully relationships feel secure and stable. Surround yourself with like-minded people that support you and share similar beliefs.


CAPRICORN: Knight of Wands- optimism, and energy.

You're being rewarded for all the hard work over the past few weeks! Adventure and inspiration calls. Trip planning to faraway places may be on your mind. Consider taking your sweetheart somewhere and enjoying yourself. You're learning to trust in the universe more now. You're beginning to learn more about having fun and enjoying your life. All work and no play can make you dull. Be sure to watch out for unwanted arguments at work around the 8th of the month. Try not to upset or ruffle anyone's feathers and keep the positive vibes going. The new moon is in your house of travel, so if you are planning a trip. Thoroughly research any educational plans, don't get suckered into something foggy. Be open to shifting gears, and creating space for the unexpected. Venus moving into Scorpio later in the month can help you meet new acquaintances. Think outside the box and mingle outside of your usual hangouts. The Full Moon in Aries is in your home and family zone, you may want to be prepared to lend a helping hand with a family member. Do your best not to get frustrated, you may be one of the only ones who are capable of helping. 


AQUARIUS: Temperance- moderation and balance. 

Your empathic side comes out this month. The universe is aligning you with deep connections to other people. Part of it is you’ve asked for some sort of support on an emotional or spiritual level. You’re wrapping up a month of some major mental unloading, and even perhaps kicked a habit. Pay very close attention to any psychic intuitions or dreams, they are wanting to reveal something to you. The New moon is all about your intimacy and sense of power. What makes you feel secure? What is your bottom line? Topics of money or debt can appear out of the blue. Be sure to research any investments thoroughly before jumping in too quickly. Venus is getting ready to move into your career house, giving you an extra boost with the boss at work. Expect a positive change here, or to be learning about something new in the workforce. The Full Moon in Aries is all about powerful conversations. You're coming across very passionate and feeling inspired by the idea of a short distance trip. Get to planning!


PISCES: 3 of Cups- a harmonious group of people.

Time to step back into your social scene. You’re feeling a bit better this month and looking to connect, collaborate, and hang out. Mingle with new friends and social groups this month. You’re more open and go with the flow than usual. When Mercury moves into your intimacy zone and you find yourself surrounded by lively, inspiring, and deep conversation. Creative projects and beautiful scapes should be all around you. Be sure to take time to stop and smell the roses. Reflect on being decisive about romance. The New Moon helps you set intentions on your relationship commitments. Some of you may want to let something old go. Take a chance, and take a break with some friends and think it through first before breaking off a partnership. The Full Moon in Aries the end of the month is all about taking care of YOU. You’re focusing on your finances and what security means. Expect a dream or sign to point you in the right direction.



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