Horoscopes: June 2018

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Horoscopes: June 2018

June 2018 Horoscopes
June 2018
Monthly horoscopes at J. Southern Studio brought to you by Candace Looft, of Beyond the Veil Tarot 
 Collage by Janeva Zentz 


Overview: In the month of June there’s some major preparation going down behind the scenes. It’s important to take note of where Aquarius falls for you in your natal astrology chart. Projects and themes in the very first three weeks of June are very significant and it’s important to get certain things moving now prior to the Mars retrograde. Once the retrograde begins, things slow down majorly and we may experience delays or frustrations. Later in September once Mars has done direct this clears. At that point then things begin to move more freely in a forward motion. Mars will also be in a challenging aspect to the transiting nodes and Uranus creating a sort of cosmic gridlock that urges us to break free of old patterns. The trick is to find the tried and true method of clearing things out; patience and determination. 


Mars is the planet of action and vitality. It’s about passion and our ability to fight for what we need or believe in. When Mars is fully functional and at it's best, we see vitality, movement and a lot of enthusiasm. When Mars is turning inward, we are more prone to arguments, impulsiveness, and frustration. Being that Mars also rules cutting, from the end of June moving forward until September 2018 it is not a time to be purchasing mechanical equipment (cars and motor vehicles) without a warranty, participating in an elective surgery or starting legal disputes. We are asked to slow down and be patient. Watch out for being reckless and falling victim to accidents. Mars in the sign of Aquarius conjunct the south node, speaks of major upheavals in government and the need to overcome issues in group fashion, although not everyone may agree. 


Uranus has recently moved into Taurus and finding itself in a challenging aspect to Neptune in Pisces. This is creating issues of self-doubt, elusiveness and an inability to make decisions. It’s important to think everything over thoroughly now and not make any hasty choices when it comes to finances or security. More information will be presenting itself over the following weeks and months ahead making it possible to then have some clarity. Thankfully Venus will be making some positive aspects to Jupiter as well as Neptune at the beginning of June, creating a very creative, loving and dreamy energy. 


This month we welcome the Sun into Gemini and can expect a lot of important information being put out there and conversations to be had. On the June 6th and 7th of June be careful whose advice you buy. With Venus making a challenging aspect to Pluto, it may seem as if you’re being put to some sort of test. Serious conversations are to be expected. Stay calm and grounded. Thankfully days later, Mercury enters Cancer and allows us to speak from our hearts. 


On the June 13th, we have the new moon in Gemini. This new moon is an opportunity to plant new seeds in communication, and have opportunities to speak our hearts desires in a brand-new way. On June 16th, similar themes of earlier in the month and conversations had with loved ones are brought back to the surface. Pay close attention to your intuition now because messages come in very clearly in a state of meditation and openness.


The Sun then enters Cancer on June 21. Time spent at home, with family, or entertaining friends and family are welcomed. Following shortly after on June 27th, we have a full moon in Capricorn. This full moon is a time of completion and accumulation. Be patient though on the June 26th and the 27th, as it may be stressful. The lessons that are coming up now are a vital part of what you need to continue to work on for the next two years. Saturn is very much tied to this full moon and it requires you to be responsible and deal with karmic matters. Take a look at all the lessons you have been learning since Saturn entered Capricorn at the tail end of 2017. Chances are you will pass this test with flying colors. 



ARIES:  King of Cups- Emotional situations to be dealt with, expect a positive outcome. 

Your month begins with a rather active social schedule. Mars is lighting up your sect of friendships and group activities. You may find it challenging to make time for work and play this month. Connect with others you haven't seen in awhile or make use of this energy with joint creative projects. Be sure to tune into any intuitive messages about who you can and can’t trust with your finances, you may find out a partner is keeping financial secrets. Any money loaned to a friend or relative may take longer to to get back, if at all. Later in the month there’s some frustrations with financial agreements with others that may lead to disagreements. Be transparent with a partner if you’re making join investments or plans to save. The new moon on the 13th is all about sending emails, catching up on correspondence or interactions with a sibling. You may opt to spend a short period of time out of town to catch a break from the busyness of the office. Spending time with family, or sprucing up your home is likely now. If you’re feeling like staying in, make a meal and invite some friends and family. Pleasure projects and creative activities with friends is an excellent way to relax at the end of the month. Work will be very demanding now, and bosses or superiors will have their eye on you. Just be sure to watch out for some disagreements with someone that may catch you off guard.   


TAURUS: Justice- a rebalancing of the scales. Karmic situations unfolding. 

It’s time to do some major reassessing of your work sphere. Take a look at where you are now to get a better idea of where you want to go. Ideas that come together now give you a goal of what to work on now  through September of this year. Rome won’t be built in three weeks Taurus. Try not to get ahead of yourself. Layout a strategic plan for what needs to be accomplished prior to a potential launch or presentation in September. The universe wants to give you some extra time to execute. You’re very ambitious now and ideas should be swirling  in your minds eye. But be very careful and watch your ego, conflict at work and arguments with superiors is possible. Watch to not be too competitive with others, but more in a state of working together. Anxiety can creep on you now, maybe you’re having some doubts about your future. Don’t fret just keep your eye on the prize. The new Moon in Gemini is all about your self worth and security. Mid-month is a great time to set financial goals for the fall, be that saving or requesting a raise. Your values are changing now, make space to save some funds for a rainy day. If you’re noticing any changes in your health, consider speaking with a holistic practitioner or having some energy healing. Your body is still adjusting to the new Uranus energy and it can be making you feel slightly off. The Full moon is a time of major changes for you later in the month. Be prepared to make some travel plans, commit to a education plan, or perhaps you’re finally graduating. 


GEMINI: 9 of Wands- Devotion. Strength to keep going. 

Happy Birthday to the darling twins of the zodiac. All eyes are on you this month, even if you’re not so sure you want it. There’s much testing you now. Your ideas and belief systems are center stage. Perhaps you’re considering a destination birthday this year, get as much planning in earlier in the month if possible to avoid any major travel delays later in the month. Workshops, group lessons, or professional training is in the air, so if you’re looking to gift yourself a retreat just do it! Hold off on any major publishing or self promotion as you need more time to reflect before you make these launches closer to September. Uranus is in some tough angles to Neptune to you, this may create some anxiety about your business goals. If you’re working closely with a partner make sure everything is crystal clear and transparent. You need more security now. Take some time to kick back and relax in the beginning of the month. This can best be spent in meditation, or study. Focus on releasing self doubt. The new moon is in your sign and will bring you some much needed energy and vitality. With Venus moving through your house of income, you establish what you need. Others are beginning to see your worth, and this can be an excellent time for new financial opportunities. Make time before the 26th to get away and spend some time out of the house, be sure to invite a few friends. The full moon in Capricorn later in the month has you accessing joint ventures and partners. Because its in close proximity to Saturn it may involve joint finances or a negotiation for a raise. 


CANCER: 7 of wands - Overcoming struggles and gaining a vantage point. 

This month is all about what’s going on behind closed doors. The month kicks off with a lot of action in your “unseen” 12th house sector. It may seem like something is coming, but you can’t quite put your finger on it. Pay close attention to dreams or intuitive hits. The new moon may bring you a psychic message on the 13th. This gives you some insight as to how to better approach more serious situations. Mars is moving through your house of joint ventures and sex. It’s likely you are discussing funding, paying off debt, or considering making some more luxurious purchases. Don’t be too spendy and talk purchases over with those you have joint finances with. You may have some upheaval later in the month when it comes to joint bank accounts, debt or money owed. Don’t get sucked into fears of not having security. You’re learning how to budget and prioritize. There can be some disappointment in regards to travel plans, education goals and self marketing. Try to pace yourself and handle these situations in a calm manner. Some things are changing now that you have no control over. The good news is your financial structure is strong, and you get what you feel you deserve. Your love and financial life is very much a reflection of your self worth with this month. When it’s comes to your love life you may just not be feeling the love in the first half of the month. This is setting the stage for an intense full Moon in Capricorn on the  27th, when you may be making some major decisions whether you stay with a partner, or opt to walk away. If you do, expect to spend the months ahead disputing a division in assets.


LEO: Ace of Coins - New Opportunities that prove valuable. 

Relationships are majorly under construction this month and the months ahead. Negotiating partnerships, agreements or even terms of a new romantic commitment is likely. The key is to learn to meet others in the middle and find some common ground. You can expect people to test your boundaries, so be sure to be an actor not a reactor. The more transparent you are about your goals the more others will be straight with you in return. Be wary of promises until its all on paper or properly agreed to. The new moon lights up your friendship sector making it a favorable time to socialize and potentially meet someone new through a friend’s social gathering. For those of you coupled up, bring them along and integrate your babe into your social network. Expect to see a new spark between the two of you. There’s lots of intensity with some Venus and Mars opposition, making flirting and passion a sure thing this month. Take some time for some spiritual work and meditation on the 19th and 20th, Mercury has some messages for you. Be careful and watch for some over indulgences around the 25th when it comes to home purchases. Don’t put off any routine health checkups this month. It’s possible a doctors appointment or specialists help may be needed out of the blue. Anything you want agreed to, do your best to seal the deal prior to the 27th. Keep in mind even then things can throw you for a loop when the full Moon in Capricorn is closely tied to Saturn demanding more last-minute requests from a coworker. This could be extra time at the office, or a costly fix at home.  


VIRGO: 7 of coins- Planting seeds and prioritizing your time. 

Be flexible as possible this month, literally and figuratively. Things are shifting about and very busy this month in the office or workspace. It’s going to be a real balancing act making time for everything. It’s possible you may be looking or considering a job change. Your best bet if this is the case  is to begin the search now, before the end of the month. Either way there will be some sort of change in your daily routine. For some this will take the form of a new diet or health/ fitness regimen. Be sure to take extra care of your ankles and be sure not to get too in over your head. You’re apt to be a little hasty now, perhaps more anxious or downright moody. If that’s the case funnel that into some physical exercise.  There’s opportunity to get some work done around the house as well. If it’s recognition at work  you’re looking for say no more. This is an excellent time to be considering taking up new on the job work skills, updating electronics and focusing on skills that help you stand out and become more self sufficient. The new Moon is a time to plant new seeds for your career, and you may begin exciting new projects. Do your best to work with others and take input. Be sure if any purchases are made, or any routine mechanical maintenance needed,  it’s done prior to the 26th of June. There’s some room for conflict with you an a partner, and perhaps something that limits a preexisting plan to get away. Be understanding of the situation, as it isn’t intentional. You’ll be feeling weary about a love situation, or need some downtime later in the month. Don’t fret. The full moon in Capricorn on the 27th should clear up any misunderstandings. However, expect to redefine a relationship, or discuss the need for more balance in shared responsibility with children.


LIBRA: The Lovers - Indulging in romance and sensuality. 

It’s time to get creative. This is a month of play time and self expression. Challenge yourself to take chances in new creative endeavors. Although you may not finish everything you start, follow your hearts desires and give it a go. Consider an art class, or other various forms of creativity in a group environment. For those of you who are single, you may see more dating action this month with the Venus and Mars oppositions. Go to friends social gatherings, or consider online dating to connect with someone new. Love certainly feels more romantic and available now. This doesn’t last long, so strike while the iron is hot. Be cautious about gambling or taking chances financially that may not pay off as much as you think it may. Consequences of overspending hit hard later in June if you’re not careful. The new Moon is in your house of travel this month. Plan a trip getting away and doing something adventurous for later in the Summer with friends. Just don’t be surprised if a few people fall through as it’s likely this will take place. Consider new ways of marketing yourself or your series, talk to professional if need be. You’re developing ideas that are better launched in the months ahead closer to September. Don’t try to rush things now. Venus is moving through your career sector bringing lots of praise for a job well done, and potentially attracting more money. Pitch sales early in the month. Take time to enjoy yourself and part with friends around the 25th. The Capricorn full moon is in your home sector close to Saturn, and things get serious. Expect a situation around your home or family to happen. Perhaps you need to help out a family member, or possible realize its time to move. 


SCORPIO: King of Wands- Mastering your energy, directing it in a positive way. 

Spring cleaning is here. The focus now, and for the next four months is physically and emotionally cleaning house. Cleaning, organizing and disposing of whatever you don’t need is ideal. You may find yourself wanting to move, or updating something about your physical home now. Maybe you’re looking to buy or sell a home, but need to clean it up, renovate or make improvements first. Others are likely to come stay, visit, or be at your home now. It can get a tad hectic, so remember to keep your cool. Now is a great time for planning, but be aware that any major projects may lead you through the Summer with some delays. Watch out for electronic breakdowns at home, and appliances that may need to be replaced. Your house is also a reflection of your emotional self, and you’re much more prone to being irritable. If you notice yourself feeling this way you may want to take some time to get out of the house. Uranus is in harsh aspect to your relationship sector so relationship issues may surface this month. Watch out for arguments as your emotions may spill over. Partners are likely to voice needing help with children or joint projects. Do your best to hear them out and find a middle ground. The new moon is in your house of joint finances. It’s ideal to be very calm and open when discussing how you’re going to afford these home improvements. The full moon in Capricorn on the 27th is closely linked to Saturn and is likely to bring up travel plans or some more serious conversations with a family member. Take some time throughout this month to check in with yourself if you’re feeling overwhelmed. All the emotions coming out now need to be recognized. Consider soaking in the tub for some much needed relaxation. 


SAGITTARIUS: Ace of Wands- New seeds for creative ventures planted

Pay close attention to your words this month. There’s a lot going on and it’s important not to make any promises you can not keep. Mars is lighting up your house of short distance travel, siblings and communications. Many ideas are in the works now. You may consider job interviews, or better ways of being able to sell or market your ideas. Things slow down later in June, so network now before this happens. You’re much more assertive than usual. This can be excellent for executing tasks at hand. Be cautious of your ego, as not everyone will understand where you are coming from and may become competitive. It’s important to leave any arguments over finances at the door. Some may be wary of making agreements if you appear too eager or pushy. Take extra time when it comes to traveling and especially driving. Give yourself ample time to get places, as your more apt to accidents and delays. Interactions with a sibling or even a family member can become disappointing. Don’t let this bother you, you have the Summer to work it out. The new moon is in your 7th house and it’s an excellent time to get to know a new love interest more. Venus places in a very sensual area of the chart suggests a bit of sexiness behind closed doors. This is an exciting opportunity to network with new clients. This may be developing into you starting your own business without even realizing it. Uranus lights up your sixth house, so don’t second  guess any intuitive decisions about taking it seriously. The full Moon is in your 2nd house at the end of the month, and money matters have a more serious tone. Expect a bump in your income, but with that comes more responsibility. 


CAPRICORN: Page of Wands- ambitious, energetic, and active

Keep your eyes on the prize. Mars is making moves in your financial sector making you a little more spend-happy than usual. Social outings, meals out, and excess spending needs to be closely monitored. You’re in a time where it’s money in and money out. There’s a lot of ambition that surfaces now for creative ways of making money, or opportunities that you hear of from a friend. Later in the month these opportunities aren’t as fruitful and your budget gets a reality check. You may experience a need to budget and closely monitor your cash flow. You are highly focused on ownership, but what may surprise you is that opportunities to sell or doing away with things for some extra cash can really benefit you. Focus on not letting things of value rule your life. If you’ve loaned some money out to a friend, be sure to not expect it to be paid back for some time. Be extremely cautious when it comes to investing in ideas. Because finances may not be ideal until after September, a get rich scheme is the last thing you need. Get all the proper information before making any hefty investments or purchases. The Sun in Gemini and the new moon is all about your health. With Pluto, Saturn, and the new Moon in your house of health, body maintenance is key. You may feel more sluggish than usual. Go hiking, and get moving to get out of any funks. Your relationship sector feels warm and fuzzy, so expect some extra love this month when the time is right. Social situations turn romantic very quickly. New relationships may start off foggy in regards to where you stand with one another, but this settles out later in the month. The Full Moon is in your sign of Capricorn. Don’t be too hard on yourself around the 26th and 27th, you’re very visible now, and superiors will take note of how well you’re performing. 


AQUARIUS: 8 of pentacles - Putting in the work to perfect your craft.

 Pace yourself this month! Mars is moving through Aquarius giving you a burst of energy. You may find yourself more active than usual, traveling back and forth or making some major changes in your physical space. Any home improvements or relocations may seem far-fetched. If you’re not able to complete them by the end of June, it’s best to hold off an wait before taking on a major renovation or buying/ selling of a home. You’re much more accident prone than usual. Slow down and watch what you’re doing. Be careful when handling or operating heavy machinery. You’re likely to be more aggressive and combative than usual, consider putting this extra energy into a physical work out routine. Just be sure to thoroughly stretch prior to this to avoid any injuries. The Sun in Gemini makes you extra crafty. Blow off some steam playing with your children, spending time on creative projects or taking a vacation if your schedule permits. The new Moon on the 13th ensures you’ll be having a ball. Romantic connections grow stronger this month. It is very likely you may feel as if the stars are aligning and you’re falling in love from the 19th - 25th. You have excellent opportunities to establish new and better relationships at work, and should expect some sort of proposal from a superior. If you’re presented with new opportunities in the workspace, be sure to take it. Updates in technology may be needed to accomplish this task. The Full Moon in Capricorn is in your hidden sector this month, and can leave you feeling like somethings happening behind your back. There’s likely to be a disappointment from the 27th- 29th. Meditate and choose not to focus on negativity. More information will surface soon. Wait until after the Full moon to regroup and reassess new goals.   


PISCES: 7 of swords - Be wary of deceit, trust your intuition if something feels off.

Tune in to your higher self, it’s trying to awaken something. Mars moves through your deep subconscious making things extra hazy at times. It’s likely you’ll feel stuck, physically or mentally. Mind over matter this month is the motto. Being “stuck” is a frame of mind, and it’s only as limiting if you tell yourself it is. Make plans to launch new beginnings later in September. Things are still brewing, ideas coming together before you make your big break at the end of Summer. Be mindful of any health issues, because your body is running on overdrive and much more sensitive than usual. Hospital stays, mental health breaks and extra sleep may be major topics. Don’t hesitate to seek the help of a practitioner if needed. Make changes in your diet as needed to help with any lethargy. The new Moon in centered about your home and family, spending time with siblings or taking a short trip to visit relatives. Creative projects with children will warm your heart. Your sixth sense is awakened with feelings of something coming. Listen closely because your psychic abilities are strong . It would be a good idea to look into forms of meditation and mindfulness this month. These skills will come in handy and help you develop your intuition in the months ahead. Neptune is making a harsh aspect to Uranus which could feel dreamy and fluid. While this energy is extremely beneficial for design, creative projects and writing music, it’s exceptionally difficult to get this all down on paper. You’re having to work harder to stay grounded. Rational thinking seems challenging, so be mindful of keeping your feet on the ground. The Full moon in Capricorn highlights organizing and committing to your goals, perhaps with the help of a friend. Just be sure there isn’t any conflict within that friendship, otherwise you’re likely to find out the two of you may not see eye to eye. 

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