Horoscopes: February 2019

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Horoscopes: February 2019

Monthly horoscopes by Candace Looft, of Beyond the Veil Tarot  / Collage by Janeva Zentz 


February 2019 Horoscopes

Welcome to your February 2019 Overview!

The month kicks off with a bit of a power struggle between Pluto and Mars. These are the two badasses of our solar system. The first can be a day of learning to bite your lip, and not throw down with whoever decides to give you a bit of a hard time. Let whatever flares up today go, and trust that the cosmic forces will handle it for you. Avoid and conflict at ALL COST. The second of February is a very lovely and often times surprising transit, where Venus makes aspects to rebellious Uranus in Taurus. Something may catch you off guard, happen suddenly, or land in your lap. This could be a financial breakthrough, a new love interest, or perhaps a streak of luck.  
The New Moon in Aquarius on February 4th is definitely going to be a time to get things moving and shaking. Aquarius loves to be innovative. Often times group intention setting that involves putting your head together with a few like-minded people can be just what the doctor ordered. Connect to your tribe, community, and friends. This so happens to be taking place in conjunction with the Chinese New Year on the 5th. This is the year of the pig, which favors wealth and luxury. Just be sure to not allow yourself to fall into patterns of laziness or disorganization this year. Hard work will be rewarded as long as you put in the effort. Mid-month Mercury moves into dreamy Pisces, where we are asked to cut through any mental fog or murkiness. Instead, listen to your intuition. Adopt a new meditation routine, or check in with an intuitive or spiritual guide. You’ll be surprised by how in tune you really are. 
Valentines time this year seems a tad bit… iffy. Mars and Uranus are meeting up on the 13th just before the love struct holiday. Uranus is explosive, while Mars can be aggressive. Put the two together and it’s like a bomb is going off! Some signs may find themselves being a little sensitive about flying solo on Valentine's day, while others may find themselves at odds with their beloved. Once again, keep your cool. Aries is where we have a tendency to have issues thinking outside of ourselves. Be careful while driving, or traveling as this can be a time riddled with collisions or confrontations. Slow down, and take your time. Thankfully this cools off just after Valentine's day when Mars moves into cool, calm, and collected Taurus. 
On the 18th the Sun moves into Pisces for the next month. This is making way for perspective, and spiritual wellbeing. On the 19th you have a Super Full Moon in the earthy sign of Virgo. Similar to the Full Moon Lunar eclipse in Leo last month, we also have a Full moon at a 0 degree. This indicates a new beginning, a reset so to say. Something has come and went, and now we are really on the precipice of change. Often times people connect Virgo to crisis management, making things better, being of service. What people aren’t often aware of how is how intuitive and grounded Virgo energy can be. They are ruled by Mercury after all. Pay close attention to themes at the end of February. We will be having Mercury roll back through these waters next month on the 7th of March bringing something to the surface from your subconscious.
Important dates this month:
Feb 1st, Mars in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn- Anger management!
Feb 4th New Moon in Aquarius, 15 degrees- New Moon, new perspectives. 
Feb 13th- Mars conjunct Uranus in Aries- Volatile day in the neighborhood. 
Feb 19th- Super, Full moon in 0 of Virgo- Messages from beyond. 
Tarot Card: 6 of Coins- helping one another, give and take. 
There is a lot more wanting to connect to others this month than usual. You may find yourself reassessing who you relate to, or what types of groups you want to belong to. With aspects between Venus and your Sun this month you’re feeling more in need of attention or affection. Much is changing in terms of your self-esteem now. Rather than feel the need for a partner to make you feel complete. The New will bring renewed optimism and a sense of positivity.  If there is an organization that can you can benefit from socially or professionally, I highly recommend starting the process to join. Your intuition is majorly tuned in mid-month as planets move into Pisces. Be sure to pay attention to your inner voice, and follow the guidance given. Later in the month, the Full moon helps you hone in on organization and health routines. Something about how or what you eat may change, and you’ll find support with the help of technology. 
Love Meter: ♥♥
Tarot Card: The Queen of Wands- A sexy, creative, confident woman. 
This month you’re open to trying something new, especially when it comes to how you handle work or career obstacles. Insights into subliminal messages and body language of others help you better understand people and know how they tick. Psychology and spiritual teachings can be extra insightful now. Creating an incentive can be an excellent way to create a better work environment. The New Moon helps you see the bigger picture and plant new seeds in the professional realm. Mid-month there is a lot of mental chatter, and opportunities to get work done. If any frustration arises, be sure to try and channel it into physical activity or lovemaking. You’re feeling confident and sexy mid to the end of the month. The Full Moon on the 19th of the month gives you bursts of opportunity to be extra in tune to a romantic partner and perhaps feeling more flirty than usual. 
Love Meter: ♥♥♥♥♥
Tarot Card: The Chariot- moving forward and getting everything in alignment. 
This month is overloaded with communication. Be sure to take your time, and thoroughly hash out any agreements prior to signing on the dotted line. If you’re feeling rushed for whatever reason, pump the breaks. There is room for misunderstandings this month, so be sure to ask all the questions necessary. Your psychic/ intuitive insights may begin to really pick up steam this month, so if something feels off take note. The New Moon makes you feel like just about anything is possible. You may find yourself organizing a future trip with friends, or signing up for a new course study. Romance seems very possible and it may very well catch you off guard this month. The Full Moon brings your attention to your home and family. Perhaps you’re getting ready to move or in the beginning phases of helping a family member with an emotional issue. Partners seem a bit more giving than usual, so be open to receive. 
Love Meter: ♥♥♥
Tarot Card: 7 of cups- Weighing out your options, illusions or addictions. 
You may feel a bit like hiding out this month. It’s important not to let yourself fall too far into the hideout zone. Work may not seem so appealing, and there’s more of a want to indulge than usual. Keep an eye on overdoing it with food, or substances. For those of you singles love is around the corner, but only if you go looking for it. Sexual encounters and “trying something new” seem more likely in the month ahead. There may be a sense of you trying to figure out what you “need” to feel safe on the New Moon. This may be emotionally, financially, or sexually. Later in the month, there’s a lot of action with siblings, contracts, and transportation of some kind. Many of you may be editing or perfecting something, setting up meetings, or getting a jump start on a new writing endeavor. Expect some unexpected news all months on the professional level, something may catch you off guard. This is only leading to new beginnings. 
Love Meter: ♥♥
Tarot Card: Temperance- patience and harmony. 
It’s possible you are feeling a little bit more self-assertive than usual. Something is shifting gears in terms of how you choose to live your life. You’re still coming off of the recent eclipse last month in your sign. Something should have become incredibly clear when it comes to how you see your life going including your relationships. If you’ve recently broken free of an old love hang up, you’re about to be rewarded. The New Moon this month is an opportunity to plant some new relationship seeds and set intentions for what you hope to allow grow this year. The key is to let love in, and let it take its sweet time. You’re laying a new foundation. If you do, it will prove to be longer lasting and stable. The end of the month your mind is on your money and self-esteem. Be sure to review a budget or major purchase price before deciding to buy. 
Love Meter: ♥♥♥♥♥
Tarot Card: The High Priestess- all knowing, intuitive and someone who waits and sees. 
This can be a month where you have a few question marks. With planets moving into your polar sign of Pisces you’re more so at the mercy of others than usual. It’s important to be patient. Anxiety and restlessness about “not knowing what may happen” can happen. However, believe it or not, the end of the month makes way for new beginnings for you. The New moon brings a great deal of busyness at work or some sort of reorganization. Perhaps a friend is going through a crisis and needs your helpful advice. Pets health should also be carefully watched. Whatever happens, and whatever others throw at you just take your time. Partners are more apt to speak their mind about what they need this month. Do your best to hear them out especially if it helps you work on strengthening your relationship. The Full Moon at the end of the month is your sign, letting you reap all of the benefits of getting the validation, and renewed energy you deserve. 
Love Meter: ♥♥
Tarot Card: Justice- finding balance, mirrors in relationships, fairness or equality.
There is a slow subtle build going on that's making you feel the need to break free. Pay extra close attention to tensions in the home/ family or relationship interactions a mid-month. For some of you, this may be a breaking point, for others this is the moment of overcoming the obstacles. Regardless, let the chips fall where they may. Should romance get dicey, then trust that the universe has someone else in line later this Spring/ Summer. Your New Moon is in the house of creativity and may be just what you need to feel reconnected to personal projects. Try something outside of the box, and let friends lend a helping hand. You could use some quality friend time, get out and enjoy yourself. For those of you who are single, the end of this month and most of March/ April is excellent to meet new people in social gatherings. The Full Moon at the end of the month is helping your focus on your dreams and intuition. It’s possible you’ll be letting something go that has been causing some anxiety. 
Love Meter: ♥♥♥
Tarot Card: The Hanged Man- Letting go, detachment. 
You may find yourself thinking more about making changes in your living situation than usual this month. Be that dreams of moving to a new location, or perhaps issues with your current living situation. Be sure to exercise caution when it comes to dealing with other people mid-month, as they will be more likely to challenge you than usual. Not everyone, including partners, will share your same vision. Examine your budget and set goals for where you would like to be in about six months time. Much is changing with your house of values, and your relationship with money is getting finely tuned.  It’s very possible you will be receiving some sort of financial benefit or gift this month. Be open and grateful, the universe will bless you. The Full Moon in your 11th house of friendships may spark a friend having a crisis, or perhaps an ending to a friendship. Stay calm, and let it play out. You can’t save everyone.
Love Meter: ♥♥♥
Tarot Card: 8 of Pentacles- Job satisfaction, hard work, perfecting one's skill. 
It appears there’s some exciting news coming your way. Schedules are apt to change and it’s important to just roll with the punches. Opportunities in working with like-minded people to help you complete agreements or travel plans are likely. The New Moon is lighting up your house of communication and giving you the green light to make some of your dreams a reality. There may be more of a challenge to get tasks completed than usual, but that's alright. With aspects from Mars, you are feeling confident and capable of anything this month. Venus is also making lovely aspects later in February, helping you appeal to someone special. There may be a sense of trying to keep a romance on the down low or behind the scenes. That is fine, especially if you’re still trying to feel it out. This can be an excellent time for creatives. The Full Moon Lands in your career sector later in the month, and is bringing all eyes to you. There may be an unveiling or completion of a special project. Get ready to shine. 
Love Meter: ♥♥♥
Tarot Card: The Knight of Wands- passion projects, charisma, and moving forward. 
Increased personal charm is very likely this month as Venus moves into harmonious aspects with Mars and Uranus early in the month. It’s possible something about your love l=or financial life takes a major turn for the better. It all comes down to your self-esteem and values on the New Moon. If you’re striving to make more, consider looking at what you FEEL about what you do, or your worth in the world. Money talks this month. Your directness and sense of self will get you noticed in a good way. Something may pop up in terms of your living situation, and realizing something is apt to change. Don’t fret this will be handled in the months ahead. It’s possible you’re organizing a trip or travel plans around the time of the Full Moon. You may also already be in transit at this time. Make sure everything is in order and ready to go ahead of time. This is also an opportunity for you to learn a very valuable spiritual lesson. Listen close, something (or someone) higher up is trying to tell you something. 
Love Meter: ♥♥♥
Tarot Card: Death- endings, change, and rebirth. 
The good news is change is FINALLY COMING. More so than most signs, I have noticed a major sense of frustration from Aquarians in recent months. The New Moon is in your sign! This is giving your birthday an extra oomph! Be sure to really sit down and thoroughly write down all of your intentions around the 4th of this month. The changes you initiate you will begin to see happen later in February and the week ahead. Avoid any issues with others that are not necessary as it will lead to some conflict that can really affect your mental state. You may notice you’re attracting different sorts of people now. This is to help influence changes in your day to day and relationships. The end of the month makes you feel quite attractive and spontaneous. Expect some sort of surprise around the Full Moon, someone or something may very well end. If it feels like a relief, then it really was time for that ending to take place. Set everything free with LOVE.  
Love Meter: 
Tarot Card: The Star Card- Healing after the storm. 
This month feels much easier when it comes to self-expression. It appears you will be feeling much more active, or mentally alert than usual. I foresee you really going the extra mile to let someone know you care. The New Moon in your hidden realm may bring about some news about a friend having a challenging time. Perhaps you lend some psychic friend advice or find that you need more sleep. Transits here always help you access higher levels of intuition. Romantic feels are all around. The Full Moon is in your house of relationships. It seems like relationships can hit an all-time high, or even “level up” should you be feeling like you need more. It’s very likely a partner will express themselves more so this month. It’s important to hear them out and hear what it is they have to say. They may let you in on some information which will help you better tend to their needs. 


Love Meter: ♥♥♥♥♥


Candace Marie of Beyond the Veil Tarot has her degree in Cultural Anthropology with a minor in Theology, and studied at the School of Evolutionary Astrology. She is also a graduate of Sacred Crossings Death Midwifery School, and a root worker and herbalist. Read her bio here, and catch more of her work on Beyond the Veil Tarot.


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