Light the Fire of Gratitude with the Red Cauldron

November 18, 2020 0 Comments

Light the Fire of Gratitude with the Red Cauldron

by Sera Timms


What's in a color? The color red is symbolic of passion, energy, action, and love, and in cauldron form it acts as the vessel of these traits, delivering it straight to our beating heart! ❤️

Did you know that the number one cause of human suffering is desire for something other than all that we have in the present moment? Welp, the anecdote to this distress is GRATITUDE, which so happen to be our theme for November 💕✨ When we stop our mind from spinning into the past and future, and instead carefully catalog all the blessings we have right at this very moment, we see that we are already the blooming rose we may be wishing for 🌹

When we can see our desire clearly from this place of peace in our mind, we can channel it into energy for change! Observe your fire, and put it to work for YOU, from this place of presence and love. ⁠


Ritualistic Inspirations

〰️ Write all of your deepest longings on a piece of paper. ALL of them-even if that means ice cream, escapist dreams, or delusions of grandeur. ⁠
〰️ Choose your favorite resin(s) to ignite in your cauldron. ⁠Find a plethora of resin options here, and our cauldrons here!
〰️ While thinking of all your desires, safely light your list on fire with a match or candle flame, and let it burn to ash as a sacred offering into the cauldron. ⁠
〰️ The ash of your desires mixed with the offering of incense purifies your desires, and aligns them with your highest purpose. ⁠
〰️ Now close your eyes and think of all that you are grateful for right now. If you can't think of or feel this, you might need to fake it till you make it! Be grateful for your breath, or your body, your lunch, or even the internet! ⁠
〰️ Now, from this place of gratitude, invite your desires to manifest in accordance with your deepest fulfillment, and abundance. ⁠
〰️ Repeat this anytime your heart's desires entrap this way you become the Master of your own own heart. ⁠







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