Gemini: The Divine Communicator & Inspired Shapeshifter

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Gemini:  The Divine Communicator & Inspired Shapeshifter


The Divine Communicator / Inspired Shapeshifter
May 21- June 20
by Cody Channel / Illustration by Stacey Newmyer  


“Time cast a spell on you but you won't forget me, I know I could have loved you, but you would not let me. I'll follow you down 'til the sound of my voice will haunt you, you'll never get away from the sound of the woman that loves you”
― Stevie Nicks


  • Planetary Ruler: Mercury
  • House association: 3rd House
  • Element: Air
  • Mode: Mutable
  • Symbol: The Twins
  • Positive Traits: Communication wizard, ever evolving, builds connection, genius, channel of light and dark.
  • Negative Traits: Trickster, shallow, own worst enemy, avoidant attachment, emotionless, ungrounded.
  • Compatible Signs: Capricorn, Scorpio, Libra.
  • Herbs: Lavender, Licorice, Milkweed
  • Crystals: Apophyllite, Celestite, Emerald, Pearl
  • Tarot: The Lovers, the Magician
  • Region of the Body: Upper Respiratory, Arms and Hands
  • Color: Royal Blue, Yellow, Multicolor
  • Famous Gemini: Marylin Monroe, Tupac Shakur, David Byrne, and Teal Swan



On May 21st, the sun enters the enigmatic sign of Gemini where it will stay until June 20th.

Gemini originates from the Latin word which means twins or double. The constellation of Gemini can be seen in the sky as the twins containing the stars Castor and Pollux, the Greek mythological twins. These two half brothers named the Dioscuri, hatched from their Mother, Leda’s, eggs. Castors father was the mortal known as Tyndareus, King of Sparta. Pollux’s father was Zeus, god of the sky, who disguised himself as a swan to impregnate Leda. When the brothers were both attacked by Idas, Zeus struck him with a lighting bolt, saving his son Pollux. Because they were so attached, Zeus gave Pollux the option to split his immortality with his brother by rotating between Hyades and Mount Olympus. In ancient Chinese mythology the twins are represented by the Yin Yang symbol. The stories of Gemini can be seen in the concept of twin flames where one guides the other as they rotate from Heaven and Earth; longing to feel whole and connect and transcend the Earthly realm with their other half.

Gemini is the 3rd sign in the zodiac and is widely misunderstood because of its often mystical and elusive powers. Gemini is ruled by Mercury along with its more nourishing, feminine and grounded friend the Virgo. Mercury rules over communication, the written word, knowledge, transportation, siblings and is known as the messenger and processor of information. Mercury’s energy is mutable, quick and intelligent. Mercury retrograde is a well known occurrence where the planet appears to be moving backwards signaling a caution to us all; be careful to proof read those emails, delay signing of contracts, and stay away from purchasing electronics or cars. Mercury is the second fastest moving planet, taking only 88 days to fully orbit our sun. 

Gemini rules over the 3rd house in astrology which rules over communication, social media, email, early education, neighborhoods, and short distance travel. It is in this house that many of us develop or form our mental world and our personal communication style. Opposing the 9th house of spiritual traditions, the law of attraction, philosophy and esoteric knowledge, the 3rd house encourages equality, accessibility and connectivity within smaller more intimate groups.

Gemini is much like a wireless receiver, it receives downloads or becomes inspired through breath. The contents of what the Gemini will do with the knowledge and inspiration is largely due to the vibration and clarity of their vessel hosting and processing the energy. Geminis will often be the life of the party because they can shift their energy to match the frequency or mirror those around them, but they need to be careful to cultivate their sense of self, before fully immersing in their expansive social life. They are notably very charismatic and could very well lead people down a trickster path painted in puns.

You can spot a Gemini straight away by their flirtatious demeanor, playful wit and lazy eyes (think Marylin Monroe). They will be the ones in the crowd dazzling everyone and simultaneously interrupting themselves all in the name of multiplicity. The term flirt means to show genuine interest and Gemini wholeheartedly loves to connect with others. Gemini rules over the central nervous system, the upper respiratory system, as well as the arms and hands. Geminis tend to speak with their hands and can find great joy in becoming handy with those hands (many great composers are Geminis). Gemini energy exists in a world of their own, often being mystified and confused by what they are hearing themselves until they have matured.

Gemini children have incredible imaginations and can download and retain information from many different inputs which can create an openness and malleability in their personality. More than any other sign, their dual nature can cause them to flee any situation and become masters of escape if anxious. They are exceptionally tied to the patterns of their parents and peers and can parrot their voices exactly. They have many questions and may be exhausting at times so for these children, multiple parents or communal living may be in order! Gemini children may very well be spooked by how dark their minds can become and will need extra care and explanation about what truly dwells in the dark crevices of their closet. Laughter will be the best medicine.

Gemini cares for their friends and finds a grounded identity in friendship circles that can assist in further tethering them to this earth. For Gemini, it is what they are connecting to that acts as a grounding force. Ruled by the air, they can move around quickly between worlds. Geminis collect information and sometimes (or often) forget the source of their brilliant rants. In a higher vibration, Gemini lives in harmony with their soul purpose and can laugh at their eccentricities and fast paced life and use their abundance knowledge to inspire those around them.

Geminis walk with a magic stick, paving the road with possibilities like the Magician tarot card. Geminis make great spiritual teachers, directors, composers and social media experts. Honestly, with the many multiples of talent hidden in their dual natures, there is nothing they cant do. Working with them may prove challenging as they may move quickly in a language that only makes sense to themselves, often accidentally leaving their colleagues dumbfounded or shocked. On the contrary, many Geminis can communicate with flying colors as soon as they turn the right dial of their receptor. Geminis do best at having complete autonomy over their careers and should consult their mercurial friends Virgo to help them find balance in their work and life as well as clear away negative work environments or superficial ideas. They love to have total control over their creative experiments so as to test it out before brining it to their large following of friends. 

Gemini is reflected in the Lovers tarot card which resembles twin flame energy and duality of yin and yang. The romantic energy a Gemini exudes can be yet another wild card depending on their mood (and vibration). One energy that is often present is that of gender bending and open or platonic relationships. Much like their air cousins Aquarius, they may have a harder time with the more traditional relationships until they meet their air cousin Libra, who can show them how true romance and partnership is done. The Gemini may undergo many changes including partners before finally settling into a more serious relationship. What they truly desire is a partner that can keep up with them mentally and hold their wandering attention. Geminis are great teachers in relationship because they pick up on the habits of others like a mirror, enabling those on the receiving end to be faced with some often profound truths about themselves.

In modern superficial astrology, Gemini is can be mislabeled as evil, mental or two faced. Because our world is still learning, Gemini has to take a leap of faith and teach us all what it means to dance with polarity. Because of the ability to walk between worlds, the sudden shift from smile to frown will scare the unprepared and send them running. No one will truly understand the Gemini because they will never truly understand themselves. The best advice for a more peaceful life for the Gemini would be to meditate daily and keep the central nervous system stimulated and nourished with grounding foods. Gemini is dual in nature and will spend many periods of time clearing out their data and rebooting themselves so to speak. More than any other sign, they have the capacity for mental overload and need to learn to meditate and clear their data banks. They are social creatures who talk out their feelings and can be especially detached from their truth or trick themselves out of tranquility if they are spiraling. A monkey mind phenomenon, when the Gemini mind plays tricks on itself.

In the higher manifestation, Geminis can be prophetic healers; weaving worlds of both shadow and light. They do best when meditating on their over active crown chakras and third eye. They will be able to download information instantly from whatever channel they are plugged into. They posses an openness that creates room for collaboration which will prove highly beneficial during the Aquarian age of which we are experiencing on Earth. Gemini reminds us to to remain open in our opinions and develop a flexibility in regards to polarity. They can be a conduit between light and dark and ultimately can assist us in transcending 3d polarity. Gemini has a sense of humor that can move us beyond this dimension.








Cody Chanel is a holistic healer, evolutionary astrologer, massage therapist, and reiki master, as well as an electronic musician and sound healer. Find her on Instagram @codychannel or her website and read more of her entries on our blog Esoteric Insights.


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