Horoscopes: May 2018

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Horoscopes: May 2018

May 2018 Horoscopes J Southern Studio

May 2018
Monthly horoscopes at J. Southern Studio brought to you by Candace Looft, of Beyond the Veil Tarot 
 Collage by Janeva Zentz 


Overview: May 2018 is jam packed with some major changes. We find ourselves examining our value systems, both literally and emotionally. Uranus changes signs, and enters Earthy Taurus on the 15th of May. This will create some explosive new creative and financial stirs. On this same day we experience a fierce new Moon in Taurus that tunes us into our own inner security. Many of us will be evaluating partnerships, and the give and take necessary to maintain harmony. Take caution to anything you may be overly attached to this month, as things are apt to suddenly change. Power struggles, conflict between superiors, and arguments are in the air. You are asked to step away from the drama, and tune into your own personal power in a very bold way. At the end of the month, on the 29th, a rather adventurous full Moon in Sagittarius illuminates some very spiritual lessons. Be sure to reflect on how far you have come. Remain optimistic, and don’t get suckered into playing the victim.


ARIES: The Ace of Coins- Financial new beginnings and stable ground. Abundance and security coming your way. 

The action this month is in your financial sphere, where Uranus makes a move into your house of material possessions for the first time in seven years. With the Sun in Taurus, your mind is on your money and aspects of beauty. You may find yourself taking more financial risks than usual. Proceed with caution before spending a chunk of change in a hefty investment. It is important to expect the unexpected, and be ready for any unaccounted financial expenses. Your social sector heats up as invitations flood in to spend time with friends, should your schedule permit. Later in the month is an excellent time to get away for the weekend, spend some quality time with siblings, or purchase some new decorations for your home. 


TAURUS: The 6 of Pentacles- Give and take. Balance and the theme of “you get what you give”.

Happy Birthday Taurus! New year, new moon, new you. With Uranus and the Sun shining in your sign this month, things are sure to start off with a bang. You're focused on reinventing something about yourself this month. Innovative unique styles, and new forms of self-expression are coming your way. Don’t be surprised if a partner has a hard time keeping up with your new sense of self. You’re asserting yourself in new ways, and any relationships that can’t grow with you may grow apart. You may have some things changing in the work sphere this month. With a bit of hard work, you can expect the support of your peers. Be weary of investments or financial arrangements without getting all the details. 


GEMINI: The Hanged Man- A pause. Being held in suspension. Reflection before making a move.

While your birthday is right around the corner, you have a few loose ends left to tie up before hand. With a full moon in your house of relationships, you may not be feeling the love. If something feels off about a partner, use the beginning of May to tap into your intuitive abilities. Meditation. or some time to yourself is key. You will be much more intuitive than usual. An off feeling, or impending ending may come to you in a dream. Remember, the transits at play are only teaching you to trust the universe and let go. Meditate before taking any action later in the month. Avoid power struggles over a partner. Put your energy into a physical practice, or group exercise class. Later in the month, you will be feeling clearer and more yourself. Then, you will be up to meeting new people and feel more in sync with others. 


CANCER: The 7 of Wands- Challenging circumstances that you will over come. Getting a higher vantage point. Acting defensively. Picking your battles wisely. 

This is a month where you should be conscious and aware of how you come across to others. While emotions may be at an all time high, you want to focus on getting the point across in a respectful way. You could find that you’re at odds with yourself, wrestling internally with whether you want to approach a superior or partner. If there has been a recurring issue at work the past few weeks, use the beginning of the month to squash it. Remember, loving yourself sometimes requires you to level with other people and stand up for yourself. Try to keep the ego out of it and you will be fine. Take some quiet time away later in the month to recharge, or volunteer some free time for someone in need who could use your help. 


LEO: The 6 of Swords- Being in limbo or transition. Going from one place to the next. Temporary situations. Leaving old issues behind. 

Keep your eyes on the prize this month. Everything requires more organization and careful planning. You are gearing up for some radical changes in your professional sphere. Planets are in motion suggesting flexibility, should there be a shake up in your routine this month. Maybe you finally decide to give up a habit, or opt to make a change in your diet. Be sure to shake off any conflict with coworkers or tricky schedule constraints. Pay close attention if you are getting a little too close to someone at work, as a casual fling could blow up, or someone you have trusted could prove to be not so trustworthy after all. If you find yourself in the middle of office drama, remove yourself. Make time for some creative or romantic time away to balance out such intense energies at work. Prepare a meal, or spend a night in wooing a sweetheart over a private dinner for two. 


VIRGO: The Sun- Happiness and joy. Warmth and appreciation. Being noticed by others. Masculine energy. 

This month you shine. Everyone seems to be taking notice of you. Interactions with superiors prove to be fruitful, and your creativity is leading the way for success. This is an excellent time to be making travel plans, and taking in a new culture that inspires you. It looks like you are finally scheduling some much needed time off in the weeks ahead. Be sure to use this time to scope out a place of spiritual rejuvenation, with a dash of spirituality. Keep on the lookout for potential new positions to be opening up at work, as there may be some changes or renovations in the office. Towards the end of the month, you may find yourself handling a family situation, which can be tricky. Make sure you and a partner, or roommate, are on the same page about any changes around your living situation. 


LIBRA: Death- A rebirth. Transition. Endings necessary for new beginnings. A difficult situation to let go of. 

You are coming into your true power this month. Your focus becomes laser sharp as you hone in on what you truly value. Conversations about long-term goals with romantic and business partners are brought to the table now. Who is investing in you? You may be seeking the help of a spiritual or financial advisor to better prepare for the weeks and months ahead, in order to achieve the home life of your dreams. Shocking and unexpected financial gains can appear mid month, so be sure to be open to receive. Family, or home obligations can seem heavy. Be sure to ask a partner for their help, and not take the burden on on your own. Later in the month, your focus shifts to learning a language, studying psychology, and  having conversations with siblings. It is possible you are looking at launching new projects at work, and begin the first steps of this now. 


SCORPIO: The 2 of Cups- Partnerships. What love, appreciation, or affection another has to offer you. A new relationship. 

New partners await you, Scorpio. You may find that you are outgrowing certain relationships. Focus more on your own personal value. Clinging to past relationships for security may not prove to be beneficial, and become unhinged later in the month. If you are finding yourself in a repetitive circle of having the same conversations with the same people, break the cycle. Avoid arguments if possible, and lean on good friends for sound advice. Now is a good time to focus on long-term goals. Patience and optimism are important factors for financial goals, as the full moon shines a light on your financial sphere later in the month. Pay close attention to how you communicate. You will get farther with honey than vinegar this month. 


SAGITTARIUS: The Ace of Wands- Exciting new creative energy. A burst of divine creativity and action. New job or a new way of acting. 

Kick it up a notch this month, Sagittarius. This is the time to kick old routines to the curb. Organize, clean, and get things done around the house. If you have been putting off some things on your to-do list, May provides you with all of the energy to get them done. You may consider a change in the way you handle your diet, or budgeting. Making small changes in what you spend on food or other fluff expenses prove to be eye-opening this month. By the end of the month, you will feel reborn. Partnerships seem warm and affectionate, as your relationship sector is lit up with Venus and the Sun. Perhaps your new improvements are rubbing off on a partner. Do not be surprised if others are asking you what your secret is!


CAPRICORN: The 9 of Pentacles- Fruition of goals. Spending time enjoying the fruits of your labor. Time alone and indulging. 

Rest and relaxation are going to be your favorite words. All work and no play makes Capricorn a dull boy! Be sure not to work yourself into the ground. There is some intense whirling energy around you this month. When you get the chance, slipping away for a much needed getaway or retreat, is ideal. You are much more tapped in this month than you are aware of. Meditation can help calm your frazzled mind and energy. It is really easy to get in your own head. Try to put off making any major decisions until later in the month. Your time is better spent trying out a new hobby, or creative venture. Let your inner child run free with a creative imagination. It will help keep your mind off of all the work at hand. 


AQUARIUS: The Moon- Things we can’t see or explain well. Hidden parts of our emotional selves. Dreams, repressed feelings, or intuition. 

Home and family seem to be your area of focus this month. The new moon is lighting up new intentions around your home, and your emotional security. Many of these plans are still being worked out in your mind, so be sure to communicate effectively with others. It is hard for those you live with to read your mind. By expressing your innermost fears and desires, you can better share a space with others. You may need more time away than usual to process any emotions or dreams you are having now. You are slowly restructuring your emotional world, and this takes time, so be patient. Turn to meditation, or tweak your sleep schedule this month to better wind down. 


PISCES: The World- Long awaited successful completion. Something to celebrate. Happily ever after. 

You may find yourself more mobile than usual this month, Pisces. Find creative ways to add some stylish and comforting decor to your home. That way, when you are home, you feel even more zen than usual. This should be a busy month that asks you to zip about, and be more communicative. Your self-expression is on fire. Catch up on responding to emails, texts, and planning the weeks ahead. With a full moon in your career sector later in the month, something big is coming. Travel for work can take you near and far. Be on the lookout for big news with your creative endeavors, as a passion becomes fruitful. 


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