Celestial Insights: November 2022

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Celestial Insights: November 2022

Insights by Kerstin Hern of The Mirrored Lantern  / Original art for J. Southern Studio by Spirited Animals 

Celestial Insights    November 2022

November blessings to all! This month, eclipse season closes, but we are still in the very ethereal yet palpable season of Scorpio through November 23rd. November is a harvest and gratitude month, along with transformational shifts occurring above and below, within and without. The nodal tome of the Scorpio and Taurus story slams shut on the 8th with just some sparkly dust left in the air… But as the dust settles, we have an opportunity for a clarifying beautiful new moon a couple of weeks later exacting at the 1st degree, which is as “new” as you can get in a zodiac.

Leading up to both the full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus and the subsequent new moon in Sagittarius, it may be useful to make time for self-reflection, releasing stubbornness, getting out of your comfort zone, goal setting, planning action around those goals, and gratitude.

The Taurus eclipse feels like it will be very electrical and technologically oriented with Uranus buzzing nearby, so there is a polarity of the very Taurean grounded, earthly, organic, natural space opposing the innovative, fast-moving, tech-electricity of sudden change that is characteristic of Uranus. This dialectical relationship is the reality and nature of modern human existence. Meaningful insights and growth-change can happen when you seek out and sit in the tension of those opposites (also the work in Jungian individuation). It’s not gray between these two black and white poles, but rather a marbled swirl of black and white, like the yin yang symbol. This work includes using “both/and” in your thinking and vernacular this month!

This full moon peaks on the 8th, along with some other astro weather with the sun, Mercury, Uranus occurring on the same day. So themes around unexpected communication and/or insights around truths and secrets revealed may occur since the catalyst zodiac is Scorpio.

You can also picture an infinity sign as the buzzing, electrical, living current. Move and dance in this tension and flow state to shake off final releases and burn off energy from your body (Taurus). Give any anxious energy back to Gaia by grounding your feet in dirt or sand, pushing that unwanted energy into the earth where it may transmute into energy for plants. Then tend to your own garden with care, as that is all that is under your actual control.

Since these lunations are very strong shifting portals, I would be sure to check your sun and rising signs, then use this info to get an idea of what each lunation house is calling on you to do:

Cardinal signs (houses 1,4,7,10): INITIATION—Take bold action; be a self-starter
Fixed signs (houses 2,5,8,11): PURPOSE—Maintain security/stabilization; be rooted
Mutable signs (houses 3,6,9,12) TRANSITION—Be flexible and move toward and/or make change(s)

Make note of the specific full and new moon energy and other significant transits below to prepare for and work with the cosmic flow in November. Use the full and new moons’ symbols, themes, each lunation’s tarot card partner, herbs for candle magick, crystals, affirmations, and more to personalize your own rituals around invocations and releases during those energetic portals.  


Notable Transits:

  • 11/1: Samhain (Witches’ Thanksgiving) + Dia de los Muertos (honor + remembrance) until the 2nd
  • 11/5: Venus in Scorpio opposes Uranus in Taurus (tension, irritation, unexpected dramatic moves in relationships; likewise, unexpected dramatic moves in money)
  • 11/6: Venus in Scorpio square Saturn in Aquarius (friction around commitment issues in romantic and financial relationships; possible endings)
  • 11/6: Daylight Savings ends (roll those clocks back an hour!)
  • 11/8: Full moon Lunar eclipse in Taurus (unexpected, lightning-fast shifts in physical/material space, money matters, earth; shake-up in security)
  • 11/8: Sun and Mercury in Scorpio conjunction (excavating information, secrets, truths, info and having convos about negotiating commitment in relation to personal needs)
  • 11/8: Mercury in Scorpio opposes Uranus in Taurus (flood and flow of info, especial via technology, very impatient energy so slow down and collect facts then prioritize)
  • 11/9: Sun in Scorpio opposes Uranus in Taurus (earthly shake-ups, unexpected weather)
  • 11/10: Venus in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces (harmonious, dreamy, romantic aspect, but keep clear boundaries up and tend to personal security)
  • 11/12: Mercury in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces (investigatory Hermes is digging and collecting info: Get to the bottom of nebulous info, whether through your dreams or in waking life)
  • 11/13: Venus in Scorpio sextile Pluto in Capricorn (taking care of business with no bullshit and all strategy and ambition, especially with money)
  • 11/14: Sun in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces (getting out of creative comfort zone, pushing  deeper into dream and unconscious material for personal growth)
  • 11/15: Venus ingress Sag (love and value for all in the expansive, multicultural sign of Sag; adventurous frisky romance and keeping’ it real with the lover-of-truth Sag promoting honesty)
  • 11/16: Mercury in Scorpio trine Jupiter in Pisces (very compassionate and helpful aspect through words and writing, just be careful personal boundaries don’t get crossed)
  • 11/17: Mercury ingress Sag (communication, thoughts, ideas have an optimistic shine, writing about spirituality, other cultures, travel writing, comedy/stand-up, philosophy study/writing, starting grad school, teaching)
  • 11/18: Sun in Scorpio sextile Pluto in Capricorn (committed, ambitious, driven energy to transform work into success; watch out for obsessions and compulsions though!)
  • 11/19: Mars in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces (confusion or shady vibes may propel angry words; work solo today!)
  • 11/20: Sun in Scorpio trine Jupiter in Pisces (expansive, lucky, giving vibes centered on reciprocity and benevolence; give to receive)
  • 11/21: Mercury and Venus in Sag conjunction (excellent for partying, flirting, friend hangs/getaways)
  • 11/22: Sun ingress Sagittarius (Sag season is upon us! Adventure, optimism, travel, connection to spiritual energies)
  • 11/23: Jupiter stations direct in Pisces (empowered intuition gets externalized and applied toward dreams and spiritual path work that brings in healing, creativity, and compassionate connection with others)
  • 11/23: New moon in Sag (optimistic, generous, healing, hopeful energy in this reset/rebirth new moon)
  • 11/28: Mars in Gemini trine Saturn in Aquarius (action and planning in double Air: confident and honest communications coupled with hard work set the stage for success)
  • 11/29: Mercury in Sagittarius sextile Saturn in Aquarius (excellent days for expansive thinking partnering with grounded planning, judgment, and clear communication)
  • 11/30: Venus in Sagittarius opposes Mars in Gemini (class of expansive freedom-love romance with fiery words creating passion but potential for some Martian war)

November 2022 Lunations 

Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus
Techno Timeline Shift of Financial & Material Transformation 
Tuesday, November 8, 2022 // @ 16 degrees of Taurus
3:02 am PST // 6:02 am EST


“To let go means to let be.” -Jack Kornfield

Well friends, the story of the Bull and the Phoenix comes to a close… This is the final eclipse of the Scorpio/Taurus axis story on the Blood Moon (full moon in Taurus) and ends eclipse season for 2022, so we have about 6 months of eclipse-free energy before new narratives and life focuses emerge next year.

This lunation is partile with Uranus, meaning the same zodiacal degree and proximity, so the aura of the full moon will be absorbing some strong peripheral electrical energy creating sudden changes and innovations around Taurean matters (finance, the earth, the body, luxurious items, security). Money is very central, and both material and financial transformations may happen in the blink of an eye via technology and apps. I am feeling something like a timeline shift or timeline jump for many of us around this portal. It’s like a push of a button and student debt is gone! Sudden technological transformation = Uranus and money, material goods, and earth, herself = Taurus. You can put those puzzle pieces together in a way that is meaningful for you.

Participate in your releases—unclench and let go with deliberation; it’s empowering! If not, the eclipse portal coupled with Uranus will make clear what needs to go, light it up, and will zap it out for you. By reflecting and accepting what is, you can take the reins on your growing pains.

After the full moon eclipse dissolves into the energy of waning luna, eclipse season wraps, and we can step off stage from being in the spotlight and running adrenaline and excitement of performing our nodal roles. The intensity dissolves and energy grounds into a more a positive, peaceful flow state, albeit with some intensity bubbles popping off here and there.

To that point, Mars Rx is a bit spicy, especially when he squares off with Neptune in Pisces on the 19th. Stay clear and direct with how you communicate info and be compassionate in your communication to avoid aggro confusion (a truly atrocious combo). There is this undercurrent of tension, as Mars is like the Wands suit in the tarot; action and movement, and in Rx it’s like he’s trying to run with sandbags on his ankles. Use this temporary tension and stagnation to gather info and see things from every angle while you’re wading through some quicksand of the psyche.


End of eclipse portal, major pinnacle energy, final releases, shift in finances, money magic, earth rumbles, shake-ups, electrical energy, major releases, cycle closures, physical shifts, abrupt endings, financial resets, destiny, material releases, karmic endings, life path checkpoint, awareness of security deficits + attachments, emotional release and reset, transformation, new 2-year cycle, Venus, beauty, money, love, values, peace, grounding, stubbornness, practicality, sensuality, forest bathing, aesthetic changes, Gaia changes, roses, poppies, the bull, the beaver, the bear, pink, pastel colors, periwinkle, violet, Aphrodite, Venus, Freyja, Pan, Aje, Lakshmi, Plutus



Find your sun or rising sign below to see what area of your life will be most impacted by this full moon: 

  • ARIES: 2nd House / WORTH (your financial and personal value, material possessions)
  • TAURUS: 1st House / SELF (identity, personality, appearance)
  • GEMINI: 12th House / COMPLETION (the unconscious, psychic gifts, who/what is hidden, privacy, inner dialogue) 
  • CANCER: 11th House / CONNECTION (wishes, friends, social groups, belonging, community)
  • LEO: 10th House / ACHIEVEMENT (career, endeavors, public status, ambition, the father) 
  • VIRGO: 9th House / PURPOSE (higher learning, teaching, spirituality, expansion, travel, law)   
  • LIBRA: 8th House / TRANSFORMATION (occult/mystery, other people’s money, commitments)
  • SCORPIO: 7th House / BALANCE (relationships, partnerships, contracts, known enemies)  
  • SAGITTARIUS: 6th House / HEALTH (wellness, daily routines, skills, service, pets) 
  • CAPRICORN: 5th House / PLEASURE (creativity, fun/recreation, expression, children)
  • AQUARIUS: 4th House / HOME (family, ancestors, security, the mother)   
  • PISCES: 3rd House / SHARING (communication, student, community, siblings)


  • Deities: Aphrodite, Venus, Freyja, Pan, Gaia, Mother Nature, for financials abundance: Aje, Lakshmi, Plutus
  • Tarot Card: The Hierophant (yang energy to The High Priestess, teacher, spiritual guide, sacred traditions, ancient wisdom, ancestral knowledge, morality)
  • Candles: pink, pastel colors, periwinkle, violet, black and white candles for the eclipse, Earth Element candle
  • Crystals: sunstone (represents eclipse energy/the sun/yang energy), rainbow moonstone (eclipse energy and full moon stone/yin energy), selenite (full moon clearing and gentle guidance), emerald (Taurus + Venus stone, patience, balance, wisdom), rose quartz (unconditional love, healing, empathy), kunzite (honesty, peace, compassionate communication), copper (use pennies, which is good for financial focus, or other copper objects to ground you, activate lower chakras, bring security, “conductor energy” for sensuality, balance) 
  • Herbs + Oils + Resins: rose (Venus herb for Taurus self/universal love energy + protection), hawthorn (healthy boundaries, protection), mugwort (Venus lunar herb that’s great for cleansing and protection + dream work), skullcap (release anxiety, heightened nerves, racing thoughts), lemon balm (calming, soothing, renewal), dried willow bark (lunar magick, goddess energy, healing, romance)


For this earth moon, write out your full moon releases or those you want to forgive on a small piece of recyclable paper, speak them aloud facing north (earth element direction), and then either bury it in earth or light it on fire and place in cauldron to safely burn. Add salt (earth + cleansing) and mix with ashes to purify your intentions and complete the release.


“Under the light and electricity of this full moon lunar eclipse, I bask in sacred tension between all opposites in my life. I learn and heal and grow in this space. I accept changes that are out of my control and ask Spirit to guide me to see higher purpose where needed. I claim all Taurean abundance and beneficial releases, especially within my finances, my body, and stability in all its forms. I passionately tend to my garden, plucking the weeds of the past, thanking them, and releasing them to the compost. I trust the work I have done is enough and is aligning me on my path. I know that this portal will recalibrate my path and my energy as needed, and I welcome all high frequency changes and shifts that serve my highest good. So mote it be.”


Taurus rules the neck, vocal cords, throat, thyroid gland. Practice chanting solo or with a loved one to clear and charge your throat chakra, wear blue and/or black stones around your neck for throat chakra and protection and transmuting old energy. Drink rose-peppermint tea to activate your vagus nerve for emotional regulation while infusing yourself with the love and protection frequencies of rose and the healing and clarity of peppermint. Get your feet in some dirt, sand, or grass.



New Moon in Sagittarius
Walking Through the Flames of Healing Violet Fire
Wednesday, November 23rd, 2022 @ 1 degrees of Sagittarius
2:57 pm PST  //  5:57 pm EST

Pronoia: A state of mind that is opposite to paranoia.

New moons are always checkpoints for settling into lower energy and retreating, and this post-eclipse season lunation can be used for deep integration of all that was kicked up and chopped out during the full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus.

Jupiter is still Rx but almost facing forward, so this moon feels like “luck (Jupiter) is about to change” energy woven with optimism and, dare I say, peace! This lunation reminded me of the word pronoia (see above), which is a term I have been living by through the Underworld journey of this past year. This is the first lunation post-eclipse season and is the earliest “babiest” degree at 1, so there is a very new, refreshing, resetting vibe to this dark moon womb coupled with a clear and expansive vista a la the worldly and adventurous Sag energy. Sagittarius is also connected to spirituality as the 9th house ruler, and with spiritual and soul focuses comes healing.

Expanding this healing portal are Mercury, Venus, and Chiron creating a harmonies signature—Venus and Mercury in Sagittarius are conjunct and trining Chiron in Aries. This is major healing through fire! Sag is the wise spiritual guru and Aries is the rebirthed creative ego. This looks like transmuting pain and ushering in healing through communication, new stories we tell about ourselves, self-love and all forms of love, relationship focuses, and engaging our love languages in bold, creative ways… All lit up by the fire light of Aries and Sag in communion.

This reminded me of something I read about caterpillars in chrysalis, and how they “think” they are dying in the claustrophobic cocoon, but then the rebirth happens, after sitting close to what felt like death, and they see that they have completely transformed into a butterfly and are truly free (and beautiful!). This Chiron/Venus/Mercury signature feels very much like the trust (Sag) and healing transformation (Chiron) that can happen during this lunation after the chrysalis of both last month and the recent full moon when you tap into loving communication and express it in all directions.

Sag is all about expansion and exploration, so use these themes to bravely and curiously travel to old wounds and kiss them with sweet, healing words, speaking your post-eclipse spiritual rebirth into being.



luck changing, integration, expansive vista, exploration, freedom, emancipation, material + astral travel, spiritual healing, emotional healing, powerful love languages, honesty, authenticity, justice, idealism, optimism, adaptability, teaching/learning, philosophy, spirituality, multiculturalism, passion, fire magick, working with Guardians of the South direction, spell + mantra chanting, strong inner fire + will, growth, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, Chiron, fire, the archer, the centaur, the salamander, falcons, hawks, monkeys, owls, caterpillar in chrysalis, Pegasus, Hermes


Find your sun or rising sign below to see what area of your life will be most impacted by this new moon: 

  • ARIES: 9th House / PURPOSE (higher learning, teaching, spirituality, expansion, travel, law)  
  • TAURUS: 8th House / TRANSFORMATION (occult/mystery, other people’s money, commitments) 
  • GEMINI: 7th House / BALANCE (relationships, partnerships, contracts, known enemies)
  • CANCER: 6th House / HEALTH (wellness, daily routines, skills, service, pets)   
  • LEO: 5th House / PLEASURE (creativity, fun/recreation, expression, children)  
  • VIRGO: 4th House / HOME (family, ancestors, security, the mother)   
  • LIBRA: 3rd House / SHARING (communication, student, community, siblings) SCORPIO: 2nd House / WORTH (your financial and personal value, material possessions)
  • SAGITTARIUS: 1st House / SELF (rebirth, ego, identity, personality, appearance)    
  • CAPRICORN: 12th House / COMPLETION (the unconscious, psychic gifts, who/what is hidden, privacy, inner dialogue)
  • AQUARIUS: 11th House / CONNECTION (wishes, friends, social groups, belonging, community)
  • PISCES: 10th House / ACHIEVEMENT (career, endeavors, public status, ambition, the father


  • Deities: Jupiter, Zeus, Thor, Chiron, Nergal, Dionysus, Bellerophon, Isis, Athena, Tyche, Fortuna, centaur
  • Tarot Card: Temperance (moderation to bring balance, patience, Middle Path, peace, calm, harmony, health/healing, soul connection)
  • Candles: lavender, violet, blue, silver, Fire Element candle
  • Crystals (to wear or place on altar): black moonstone (new moon, fertility, hope, intuition, magick work), turquoise (healing, communication, grounding, calm, aligns chakras), lapis lazuli (enlightenment stone, self-awareness, knowledge, harmony, compassion), sodalite (truth, emotional balance, calming, compassionate communication), amethyst (grounding yet spiritually expansive), malachite (creativity, heart chakra, travel), green aventurine (abundance, confidence, new opportunities), labradorite (manifestation, witchcraft stone) + sunstone for the eclipse 
  • Herbs + Oils + Resins: basil (use actual herb or essential oil to dress candle: wealth, abundance, healing), Eucalyptus (healing, moon magick), Frankincense (introspection, purification), Yerba Santa (spiritual healing and protection), rosemary (new moon, clarity, healing, protection)

Write your intentions as specifically as possible on a small piece of paper, in the present tense, as if they are already happening or already happened. Fold it 3 times toward you, symbolizing bringing energy to you, and place on your altar under your crystals. You may also place your petition under your Fire Element candle or chime candle before you light your candle. This is a fire moon, so you can safely light your petition on fire to burn your wishes into being. 


“On this new moon in Sagittarius, I claim both peace and excitement in my mind, body, and environment. My luck is changing and expanding, and I am so grateful for all of the new beginnings I am nearing. I expand my vista to optimistically see all possibilities that promote my personal growth, healing, and transformation. With these words, I walk through the violet flame that spiritually and energetically cleanses me so I may vibrate at gold. I am the entire universe and the entire universe is me. So mote it be!” 


Sag rules the hips, thighs, legs, and sciatic nerve. We store trauma in our hips area, so yoga poses to gently open these up, like legs up the wall, is effortless and stretches the back and thighs (also the sciatic nerve). Go for walks with friends or pets, connecting your body to the earth while your mind roams and dreams free. Sit by a campfire, hearth, or even a candelabra and do meditative fire-gazing then journaling.


Wishing you all a powerful timeline jump at the full moon and spiritual butterfly wings at new moon this November! 


Kerstin from The Mirrored Lantern has practiced right hand path magick and tarot for over 30 years and has been a lover and learner of astrology and tarot for just as long… She is currently in graduate school for Clinical Psychology with a specialization in Spiritual & Depth Psychology and is a pre-licensed psychotherapist in Los Angeles. Follow her on Instagram @themirroredlantern for witch tips, tarot, occulture, and depth psych tidbits! 

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