Celestial Insights: July 2022

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July 2022 Celestial Insights

Insights by Kerstin Hern of The Mirrored Lantern  / Original art for J. Southern Studio by Spirited Animals 

Celestial Insights    July 2022

Welcome to July and official summer, friends. For most of this month, we wade through the saltwater shores of Cancer season… A liminal space of its own, where dynamic and heavy ocean water ebbs and flows along stationary sand shores, slowly but surely bringing new treasure to shore and carrying out what has surfaced and is no longer needed out to sea. These salty sandy shores are where the crab explores the terrain, walking sideways--its most efficient direction. However, under the nearby water’s surface is a very volcanic energy stirring below this month… Fire eager to emerge, lava wanting to explode and hit the water to form flash steam.

All these nature-based metaphors can apply to us humans on energetic and spiritual levels: Our transformations and changes do not always happen in a straight, forward-moving line. Sometimes we must move sideways to explore the peripheries, sometimes backwards in time to revisit what remains stagnant, all to excavate the most meaning of our experiences in the spiral of time. Chiron and Jupiter stationing retrograde this month speak to this backward, peripheral, and internal exploration. When unacknowledged, the hidden fire within us can slowly, silently gain power until it is no longer in our control, and it erupts (sometimes violently) through our emotional (water) field. Think about this as the month kicks off with an intense alignment between Mars and Pluto… Remember, Pluto wants to transform, and Mars can be your catalyst using anger and fire energy as your drive. After the fire, welcome the cool saltwater waves to crash on your shores to dissolve what is no longer needed and purify your energy to continue healing and transmuting.

Most Cancers I know have very vivid dreams and are some of the most psychic people I know. Joining the crab medicine of Cancer season with dream symbolism, here are a few symbolic meanings across cultures to meditate on this Cancer season, be it in waking life or the astral as you dream:

  • defensiveness/self-protection
  • personal boundaries
  • adaptability/resourcefulness
  • wisdom
  • rebirth

Our monthly full moon is another super full moon, this month on the 13th taking place in Capricorn. Two big planetary players are Pluto and Mercury; Pluto sitting close to the moon and Mercury sitting close to the sun. Therefore, confrontation and communication with our ego’s defenses and expressions that keep up from growth are highlighted. If you look at the glyphs for Pluto and Mercury, it appears that the upward-facing arc that sits below the circle in Pluto becomes elevated through transformation into the glyph of Mercury, where it sits like a crown. Bringing awareness to and naming/communicating what is in the shadow is deeply anchored the medicine of Pluto and Mercury as a cosmic dyad. Capricorn highlights stability, so this work can bring us the security of Cancer’s sun and the stability of Capricorn’s moon.

The new moon in Leo on the 28th takes place about a week into Leo season, where we are rebirthed through fire from our watery intuitive crab shells into the majesty and might of the Lion in its mammalian form, who wants to see and be seen. Leo medicine always involves some levels of creativity and self-expression, and in this time we are living in, using your creativity and self-expression for the Collective can bring powerful transformation and connection. This is also relevant with Uranus getting closer and closer to the North Node… The last 10 or so days of July will be enormously powerful, setting the tone and impact for the remainder of 2022. Your new moon advice: Be flexible with yourself and others, connect to humility, expect and work with the unexpected with grace, and listen to and speak from your heart.

Make note of significant transits below to prepare for and work with the cosmic flow in July. Check out the new and full moons’ symbols, themes, each lunation’s tarot card partner, herbs for candle magick, crystals, affirmations, and more inspiration to personalize your own rituals around invocations and releases during those energetic portals.


Notable Transits:

  • July 1: Mars in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn (intense power struggles, possible physical altercations, violence among humans or the earth reacting violently in nature, kicking up emotional baggage to be transmuted)
  • July 2: Mercury in Gemini trines Saturn in Aquarius + square Neptune in Pisces (access to problem-solving and communicating helpful disciplinary ideas but also a spacey aspect w/ difficulty concentrating and focusing on minutiae)
  • July 4: Mars ingress Taurus + sextile Mercury in Cancer (grounded determination, intense stubbornness, fire [Mars] on earth [Taurus], plus a charming, social evening with spicy sexual undertones)
  • July 4: Mercury ingress Cancer (thoughts, ideas, communications have access to more emotion, depth, and meaning; but don’t take things too personally, feelings are fragile)
  • July 8: Mercury in Cancer square Jupiter in Aries (check yourself before you wreck yourself: being too cocky leads to catastrophe)
  • July 12: Venus in Gemini trine Saturn in Aquarius (Saturn wants you to get realistic about Venusian matters of love, money, relationships, and worth; compromises and releases for growth)
  • July 13: Full moon in Capricorn (humility, spiritual bypassing, detoxing, confrontation, healing through crisis)
  • July 13: Mercury in Cancer sextile Uranus in Taurus (unpredictable energy, unexpected ideas and changes, but Mercury’s sharp wit with access to emotional language is helpful)
  • July 13: Venus in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces (weak emotional/romantic boundaries, potential manipulation and delusion, but healing through authentic love language can be the medicine)
  • July 16: Sun conjunct Mercury in Cancer (very family-oriented day: family talks, reconnection, access to ancestor energy, ideas and communication around security and comfort)
  • July 17: Mercury in Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces (highly creative and psychic energy, access to intuition, vivid or lucid dreaming, access to communicating with Guides)
  • July 17: Venus ingress Cancer (deep, deep emotions, heart-felt and romantic connection, extra tender, extra sensitive, but also moodiness and clinginess)
  • July 18: Mercury in Cancer oppose Pluto in Capricorn (intense power dynamics, manipulation through words, forgive and remember vibes)
  • July 19: Mercury ingress Leo (bold, confident, and sometimes dramatic communications and ideas, creative flow and lofty ideas coming in, more movement with self-expression)
  • July 19: Chiron stations Rx in Aries (focusing on childhood wounds, deep inner chasms, reflections and revisits to past hurts for the purpose of healing)
  • July 19: Sun in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn (secretive, shady people getting caught, manipulators getting busted, hidden enemies revealed)
  • July 22: Sun ingress Leo (season of the Lion: playful, bold, confident, dramatic, expressive, creative energies available to all)
  • July 23: Mercury in Leo trines Jupiter in Aries (big fire energy bringing opportunities for expansion and growth and being recognized at work, in creative pursuits, and an excellent day to have big talks about what you're passionate about)
  • July 26: Mercury in Leo square Mars in Taurus (aggressive, paranoid energy, not good for initiating long-term connections or projects, harsh words, conflicting ideas, lack of cooperation)
  • July 28: New moon in Leo (accessing inner child for healing, access to creativity, and setting goals in spaces we want to be seen and known publicly)
  • July 28: Jupiter stations Rx in Aries (internal expansion through intense self-reflection in Aries’ 1st house energy, identifying new or hidden talents or part of self-identity)
  • July 28: Mercury in Leo square Uranus in Taurus (fiery words causing destruction in relationships: think before you speak!)
  • July 31: Sun in Leo trine Jupiter in Aries (incredibly lucky day, big solar fire energy heralding success, growth, healing, expansion)


July 2022 Lunations 

Super Full Moon in Capricorn
Confronting the Shadow to Detox the Self
Wednesday, July 13, 2022
@ 21 degrees of Capricorn
11:38 am PST // 2:38 pm EST



This super full moon falls on Mercury’s Day, auspicious for all forms of communication, insights, ideas, and connection to the psychopomp that guides us to the underworld and back for the purpose of death and rebirth. A lot like Capricorn, this moon has tough love energy due to sitting very close to Pluto (speaking of death and rebirth), who brings everything swimming in the depths up to the surface to be dealt with aka processed once and for all—especially if you’ve been actively tamping it down. Capricorn is the Devil card and can often embody Father archetypes, so confronting your inner demons and any gross patriarchal energy is underlined in red and circled with a highlighter.

On this Hermes’ and Mercury’s Day, our sun will be conveniently sitting close to planet Mercury, so communication and insight around your solar self/ego opposing the moon/your emotional self being activated by Pluto’s not-so-gentle nudging can feel very confrontational but very productive. The sun opposing the moon is what “makes” a full moon, so the closeness and brightness of this Cap full moon is serving to illuminate your Shadow during this deeply feeling and highly intuitive season.

Remember, these energies are available to you, happening for you, not to you. The medicine in this lunation is humility and the deepest healing can come from crisis and acceptance of truth. Relating to Pluto’s participation in this lunation, Jung said, “To confront a person with his shadow is to show him his own light. Once one has experienced a few times what it is like to stand judgingly between the opposites, one begins to understand what is meant by the Self. Anyone who perceives his Shadow and his light simultaneously sees himself from two sides and thus gets in the middle.” Like last month’s insights noted, the Middle Way is the place of peace.

Whatever you've been ignoring/dismissing will be coming up for attention, so allow this big bright moon to be your lighthouse shining on the shadows dancing along the Cancer ocean’s crests. Awareness is the medicine that will detox the Self.


humility, attention to spiritual bypassing, confrontation, stirring the pot, things heating up, detoxing (habits, spaces, or people), ego checks, healing through truth, healing through crisis, tough love, cord cutting, cleaning your house, long-term goals, career, father archetype, perseverance, practicality, structure, discipline, security, brown, gray, taupe, garnet, sea goat, goat-fish, mountain goat, ram, ibex, antelope, horns, sickle, cornucopia, mountain, earth, compass, Saturn



Find your sun or rising sign below to see what area of your life will be most impacted by this full moon:

  • ARIES: 10th House (career, achievements, public status)
  • TAURUS: 9th House (higher learning, teaching, spirituality, expansion)
  • GEMINI: 8th House (transformation, the occult/mystery, other people’s money)
  • CANCER: 7th House (intimate relationships, partnerships, known enemies)
  • LEO: 6th House (health, daily routines, pets)
  • VIRGO: 5th House (creativity, pleasure, children)
  • LIBRA: 4th House (home, family/ancestors, security)
  • SCORPIO: 3rd House (communication, student, community, siblings)
  • SAGITTARIUS: 2nd House (your financial and personal value, material possessions)
  • CAPRICORN: 1st House (identity, personality, appearance)
  • AQUARIUS: 12th House (the unconscious, psychic gifts, who/what is hidden, inner dialogue)
  • PISCES: 11th House (friends, social groups, your community)



  • Deities: Baphomet, Persephone/Demeter, Inanna, Tyr, Pan, Apollo, Kronos, Saturn + for this particular lunation: Hermes/Mercury
  • Tarot Card: The Devil (Shadow self, material desires, addictions, compulsions, impulsiveness, low vibration of Lovers card, self-induced imprisonment, giving away power, depression)
  • Candles: brown, beige, gray, black and white, Earth Element Candle
  • Crystals:(to wear or place on altar): lapis lazuli, blue sapphire, ruby, all agates, howlite, garnet, jasper, smokey and clear quartz, carnelian, chrysoprase, rainbow moonstone (full moon), moldavite for this lunation
  • Herbs + Oils+ Incenses: basil (use actual herb or essential oil to dress candle: wealth, abundance, healing), chamomile (cap/Saturn herb, prosperity, mental comfort, soothing, good for artists/artisans), comfrey (cap/Saturn herb, faithfulness, peace, abundance), wintergreen (cap/Saturn herb, lunar magick, healing, protection, good luck, money), rosemary (Cap herb, new moon, clarity, healing, protection)


In Capricorn, an earth sign, write out your full moon releases, speak them aloud facing north (earth element direction), then light it on fire and place in your cauldron or a fire-safe dish to burn to completion. Sprinkle salt into the cauldron/dish and mix in with your petition’s ashes to purify.


“On this full moon in Capricorn, I welcome in goat medicine’s perseverance and stability. I actively and intentionally shine the light of the full moon onto my Shadow to confidently confront what needs to be witnessed and named so I may heal more completely. I cull my humility so I may see my Self more clearly. I bring awareness to any spiritual bypassing I may have engaged in, and I pause at that space to sit with and befriend my pain. My awareness of these difficult truths is the knife that cuts toxic cords, imbues me with strength to leave behind what I no longer need, and the discipline to stay aligned with my truth, goals, and soul path. May I heal through accepting truths. May I heal by moving through crises, not around them. So mote it be!”


Capricorn rules the teeth, bones, joints, knees—all body parts that make us stable and hold our fixed structure so that the more malleable/creative parts of us can be expressed healthily. Getting exercise, stretching, and taking Epsom salt baths are restorative, as well as getting sun (safely) and eating vitamin D-rich foods. Yoga poses for bone health: cobra, triangle, bridge, chair.



New Moon in Leo
Electricity & Fire Activating Our Outer Expressions & Inner Expansions
Thursday, July 28th, 2022 @ 5 degrees of Leo
10:54 am PST  //  1:54 pm EST


The new moon in Leo always engages inner child energy—for some, it is for healing, for others it is reconnecting with playfulness to unlock more creativity and joy. This specific lunation, the Mercury/Uranus square is causing abrupt communication while Chiron Rx allows access to inner wounds. If you engage the Mercury/Uranus square in its high vibration, it can access creative expression that is unexpected but also anchored to the genius of Uranus. Here, conflict can bring much-needed powerful shifts. In a lower vibration, this can be abrupt, fiery communication, where you speak before you think, and then can’t take those words back. Leo is fire and Uranus is electricity, so grounding is key for staying in balance and avoiding destructive situations.

On this same day, Jupiter stations retrograde in Aries, which offers a portal for internal expansion through intense self-reflection in Aries’ 1st house energy. Here, we can set intentions and plant seeds for new roots to grow around new or hidden talents and/or unearthing and cultivating parts of your Self identity that have been hidden from view until now (likely after this month’s powerful full moon).

Use this introspective dark moon to access your inner child for healing, connect to creativity, and to set updated goals in spaces both within yourself and socially where you want to be seen and known.



fiery communication, fire moon, electricity, volatility, listen and speak from the heart not head, ego checks (yes, again!), indecisiveness, heart-centered talks, grounding with playfulness, solar power, solar masculine/feminine, vulnerability, showing off, The Sun, romantic relationships, creativity/art, inner child, the lion, the dragon, fire, bright lights, indulgence, royalty, self-expression, communication, changes, love language, authenticity, growth, Ra, Medusa, orange, yellow, red 


Find your sun or rising sign below to see what area of your life will be most impacted by this new moon:

  • ARIES: 5th House (creativity, pleasure, children)
  • TAURUS: 4th House (home, family/ancestors, security)
  • GEMINI: 3rd House (communication, student, community, siblings)
  • CANCER: 2nd House (your financial and personal value, material possessions)
  • LEO: 1st House (identity, personality, appearance)
  • VIRGO: 12th House (the unconscious, psychic gifts, inner secrets/dialogue)
  • LIBRA: 11th House (friends, social groups, your community)
  • SCORPIO: 10th House (career, achievements, public status)
  • SAGITTARIUS: 9th House (higher learning, teaching, spirituality, expansion)
  • CAPRICORN: 8th House (transformation, the occult/mystery, other people’s money)
  • AQUARIUS: 7th House (intimate relationships, partnerships, known enemies)
  • PISCES: 6th House (health, daily routines, pets)


  • Deities: Artemis/Diana (Moon rulers), Chandra (Moon), Annapurna (nourishment/feast), Bastet (Cat goddess of home and fertility)
  • Tarot Card: The Chariot (divinely guided, new beginnings, moving forward, protection, willpower, strength, determination, clear direction, self-control)
  • Candles: green, blue, turquoise, white, silver, Water Element candle
  • Crystals: any green and blue stones (such as calcite), moonstone, selenite, ruby, rose quartz, rhodochrosite, opal, aventurine + add seashells and sea glass to your altar
  • Herbs + Oils+ Incenses: ethically Sourced sage (cleansing, healing, wisdom, aids with digestion issues), lemon balm (Moon and water herb, healing, love, happiness, success in ritual), bay leaf (luck, wishes, healing, protection), chamomile (calming, peace, calls in blessings and prosperity, high vibrational energy), rosemary (purification, cleansing, fertility ritual, Venus energy), holly (protection, dream magick, balance), nettle and wild rose (healthy boundaries)


Write your intentions as specifically as possible on a small piece of paper, in the present tense, as if they are already happening or already happened. Fold it 3 times toward you, symbolizing bringing energy to you, and place on your altar under your crystals. You may also place your petition under your Fire Element Candle or chime candle before you light it. This is a fire moon, so you can safely light your petition on fire to burn your wishes into being.


“On this new dark moon in Leo, I travel into my innermost Self with the energy of this fire moon as my guide. I am consciously staying grounded in my body through using my breath as an anchor and sacred pauses to tread lightly in all communications. I harness the lightning and electricity of Uranus to spark my genius within while staying in conscious balance to not communicate, act, or behave in excess. In my inner darkness, may I discover hidden talents and creative energy. With intention for my highest good and harm to none, I plant these new fire seeds that will expand into beautiful blossoms of my ever-evolving identity and Highest Self. May I have the confidence to take up this new space that is rightfully mine, while co-creating a new space that is rightfully Ours, connecting to and being of aid to others in need. So mote it be.”


Leo rules the heart, our blood, circulation, spine, upper back. Focusing on the heart chakra by forgiving anyone, including yourself, will get this channel back open and flowing. Meditating with green and pink stones on your chest will be charging and balancing, as well. Chanting the bija mantra YAM (heart chakra) will clear and strengthen this chakra. Doing yoga that gently rolls the spine will help with flow, and Kundalini yoga movement and chanting to awaken your shakti is recommended! Picking up and re-engaging any creative passions that fell by the wayside is also cleansing and productive on this Leo moon.


Wishing you all a gently confrontational full moon and a creatively energizing new moon this July!






Kerstin from The Mirrored Lantern has practiced right hand path magick and tarot for over 29 years and has been a lover and learner of astrology for just as long… She is currently in graduate school for Clinical Psychology with a specialization in Spiritual & Depth Psychology and is a pre-licensed psychotherapist in Los Angeles. Follow her on Instagram @themirroredlantern for witch tips, tarot, occulture, and depth psych tidbits!

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