Celestial Insights: July 2021

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Celestial Insights: July 2021

Horoscopes by Kerstin Hern from The Mirrored Lantern  / Original art for J. Southern Studio by Spirited Animals


Celestial Insights    July 2021

Happy birthday month to all the Cancers and early Leos out there… It’s getting hot literally and cosmically! Below are your July 2021 Celestial Insights to move through this month with ease and grace. 

The major highlights of this month include: Mars at the helm in the early days of July bringing both confidence and fiery combustion energy to the Saturn/Uranus relationship; we are officially out of eclipse season, but still picking up speed, so some push/pull energy; a cozy and harmonizing New Moon in Cancer to cool the heat; 4 Rx planets til October or later, so lots of inner focus/work; an electrifying and transformative tough-love Full Moon in Aquarius; and Mercury movements end of month that aid in deep psychological awareness, thus availability for processing and healing.

Check out all of the notable transits below. Plus, get ready for rituals around the new and full moons with themes, symbols, and tools to use for your manifestations and releases, along with what house will be most affected for you, per lunation. July blessings, keep your body and soul hydrated!


Notable Dates and Transits:

  • July 1: Mars opposes Saturn, square Uranus (insecurity and frustration plus rebellious energy)
  • July 5: Mercury squares Rx Neptune (sluggish energy laced with paranoia and possible gossip)
  • July 9: Moon conjunct Sun (New Moon in Cancer)
  • July 11: Mercury ingress Cancer (intuitive communication around family, home, and security)
  • July 11-13: Venus conjuncts Mars (sex, intimacy, passion, balancing yin and yang energies)
  • July 12: Mercury extract trine to Jupiter (optimism, serendipity, lucky news, signing contracts)
  • July 22: Sun ingress Leo (Welcome to Leo season! Joy, courage, pride, strength energies)
  • July 23: Moon opposes the Sun (Full Moon in Aquarius)
  • July 24: Mercury trines Neptune (very spiritual, intuitive, creative transit, great for artists/actors)
  • July 25: Mercury opposes Pluto (getting to root of issues, mental conflict, obsessive thinking)
  • July 27: Mercury ingress Leo, trines Chiron (goal-oriented insights to heal psychological pain)
  • July 28: Jupiter Rx into Aquarius (2nd opportunity for luck/expansion in your Aquarius-ruled house) 



New Moon in Cancer: Building a Home in a Stream of Healing Water 
Friday, July 9, 2021 @ 18 degrees of Cancer
6:16 pm PST // 9:16 pm EST

THEMES & SYMBOLS: Security, home, family, emotions, Mother archetype, the crab, water, intuition, the moon, scarab beetle, sphinx, turtle, white rose, silver, white, violet, seashells 

Unlike the last new moon with a square, this new moon is harmonizing with Neptune. This brings with it a sense of flow and inner peace, so doing meditation work during your ritual will align you with this lunation’s intention-setting energies around deep connection to home, family, and even intimate relationships, since Venus and Mars will be conjunct in Leo days after this dark moon. Cancer rules the moon, so there is deep subterranean connection with our emotional bodies at this time. Do ritual using water on your altar (ocean or lake water, if possible), or physically being in or near water, especially the ocean. As Cancer connects us to security and comfort, doing a food ritual, like gathering with friends and/or family in your home and hosting a dinner party, cooking, clinking glasses, and eating together, is great for energy cord connection! If you are feeling solo empowerment vibes, retreat in your “shell” by doing house cleaning/throwing out and donating what you don’t need to clear your space, prepare or order your favorite fancy meal, buy yourself fresh flowers, then light a Water Element candle or New Moon candle and incense and submerge yourself in a salt and herb soak.



Find your sun or rising sign below to see what area of your life will be most impacted by this new moon: 

  • ARIES: 4th House (home and family)
  • TAURUS: 3rd House (communication and community)
  • GEMINI: 2nd House (your financial and personal value)
  • CANCER: 1st House (identity and self)
  • LEO: 12th House (what is hidden)
  • VIRGO: 11th House (friends and social groups)
  • LIBRA: 10th House (career and honors)
  • SCORPIO: 9th House (higher learning and spirituality)
  • SAGITTARIUS: 8th House (transformation and the occult)
  • CAPRICORN: 7th House (relationships and partnerships)
  • AQUARIUS: 6th House (health and daily work)
  • PISCES: 5th House (creativity and pleasure)


  • Deities: Artemis/Diana (Moon rulers), Chandra (Moon), Annapurna (nourishment/feast), Bastet (Cat goddess of home and fertility)
  • Tarot card: The Chariot (divinely guided, new beginnings, moving forward, protection, determination)
  • Candles: green, blue, turquoise, white, silver
  • Crystals: Wear or place on altar any green and blue stones (such as calcite), moonstone, selenite, ruby, rose quartz, chrysoprase, opal, aventurine + add seashells and sea glass to your altar
  • Herbs + Oils + Incenses: ethically-sourced sage (cleansing, healing, wisdom, aids with digestion issues), lemon balm (Moon and water herb, healing, love, happiness, success in ritual), bay leaf (luck, wishes, healing, protection), chamomile (calming, peace, calls in blessings and prosperity, high vibrational energy), rosemary (purification, cleansing, fertility ritual, Venus energy), honeysuckle (abundance, money and love spells, masculine energy to balance out feminine Cancer)

          Witch Tip: Visit our Shop for a wide variety of crystals, incenses, herbs, and other altar tools to enhance and inspire your practice!


          Write your intentions as specifically as possibly on a small piece of paper, in the present tense, as if they are already happening. Fold it 3 times toward you, symbolizing bringing energy to you, and place on your altar under your crystals. You may also place your petition under your water element candle or chime candle holder before you light your candle. 


          “I am deeply connected to my intuition and emotions. I safely feel all that is coming up so I may process it out to make room for the new. I easily manifest my intentions, or better, for my highest good. I am safe, I am secure, and I am grateful for all that is coming into my life. So mote it be!” 


          Cancer rules the diaphragm, stomach, chest/breasts, uterus, and ovaries. Focusing on the sacral and solar plexus chakras by doing massage around our hips and stomachs, eating nourishing foods, drinking lots of water, and meditating with yellow stones on the solar plexus chakra and orange stones on the sacral chakra will be balancing. Chanting the bija mantras VAM (sacral) and RAM (solar plexus) will clear and strengthen these chakras.



          Full Moon in Aquarius: Karmic Plowing & Divine Planting on Fertile Ground for a Bright Future
          Friday, July 23rd @ 1 degrees of Aquarius
          7:26 pm PST // 10:36 pm EST



          THEMES & SYMBOLS: clearing out, surrender, karmic lessons, new structures, community, humanity, technology, future, electricity, The Water Bearer, owl, orchids, all shades of blue

          Sitting snugly between Saturn, karma police and taskmaster, and Pluto, explosive house cleaner through death/rebirth, these two planets that are encompassing this full moon in a sign that tends to the Collective create Tower Card energy. This intimidates some, but it is divine intervention coming in to both clear out old structures and start building new ones—for the benefit of all. It’s not all work, though! Mercury is in Cancer on the Full Moon, adding warmth and compassion to communication, and just one day after the Full Moon peak, Mercury trines Neptune in Pisces… This transit increases ideas and communication about spirituality, intuition, and creativity to fill the newly plowed (or bulldozed) spaces from the full moon. If you release resistance, you will receive a wide expanse of information that will help harmonize you. Since Aquarius is an air sign along with a very active Mercury, clearing your thought patterns and communicating with compassion are key. How’s that for alliteration? 

          As always, releases and forgiveness are key actions to take after the peak of the full moon within three days while its energy is still abundant.



          Find your sun or rising sign below to see what area of your life will be most impacted by this full moon:

          • ARIES: 11th House (friends and social groups)
          • TAURUS: 10th House (career and honors)
          • GEMINI: 9th House (higher learning and spirituality)
          • CANCER: 8th House (transformation and the occult)
          • LEO: 7th House (relationships and partnerships)
          • VIRGO: 6th House (health and daily work)
          • LIBRA: 5th House (creativity and pleasure)
          • SCORPIO: 4th House (home and family)
          • SAGITTARIUS: 3rd House (communication and community)
          • CAPRICORN: 2nd House (your financial and personal value)
          • AQUARIUS: 1st House (identity and self)
          • PISCES: 12th House (what is hidden and your psychic gifts) 



          • Deities: Prometheus (humankind), Athena/Minerva (wisdom, strategy, and war), Aquila (the Eagle who carried Zeus’ lightning bolts AKA Ganymede, the cup bearer) Saturn (rules Aquarius) Hapi (Egyptian pantheon), Hermes (Mercury/communication)
          • Tarot Card: The Star (celestial assistance + connection, spirituality, hope, the future stability)
          • Candles: blue, gray/silver, green, white
          • Crystals: apatite, azurite, lapis lazuli, celestite, garnet, onyx, amethyst, hematite, moldavite, emerald, lepidolite
          • Herbs + Oils + Resins: rosemary (cleansing, purification, healing) valerian (purifies, protects from lightning), clove (love, abundance, clarity, repels negativity, connects to spiritual vibrations), comfrey (Saturn herb, travel protection, healing), skullcap (supports nervous system, releases frustration, repels fear, grounding), lavender (Aquarius + air sign herb, calms, harmonizes, purifies, deflects negative energies), myrrh (spirituality, healing, consecration, divination, ancestors connection)

          Witch Tip: Visit our Shop for a wide variety of crystals, incenses, herbs, and other altar tools to enhance and inspire your practice!


          In Aquarius, an air sign, you can write out your full moon releases on a small piece of paper, speak them aloud facing east (air direction), and safely light the paper on fire in a cauldron. Mix the ashes with salt in the cauldron then blow the ashes into the wind facing east.


          “I accept the fated releases Spirit is bringing into my life for my highest good. I intentionally release all structures, both internal and external, that no longer serve me or humanity’s highest good. May all blockages between me and my soul path be gently cleared away. My soul soil is now nourished, I give and receive communication with ease, and I am building sustainable new beginnings founded on love and light. I am free. So mote it be.” 


          Aquarius rules the knees, calves, shins, Achilles, and circulatory system. If physically able, go for walks in nature to warm up the legs and do the bound triangle yoga pose and chair pose. Drink lavender and chamomile tea to soothe the nervous system. Aquarius is the eccentric rebel, so get weird and express yourself through wild dance, wearing a full sequin outfit out one night, or make a bucket list of 10 things you want to do in this incarnation and make efforts to complete at least one this moon cycle. Humanity and social justice are paramount for this sign, so get active in your community any way you can to promote equity and equality!


          QUICK TIP: Our Focus & Awareness Ritual Kit has all the essentials needed to work with this full moon!


          Wishing you all a comforting New Moon and a breakthrough Full Moon this June!

          Kerstin from The Mirrored Lantern has practiced right hand path magick and tarot for over 28 years and has been a lover and learner of astrology for just as long… She is currently in graduate school for Clinical Psychology with a specialization in Spiritual & Depth Psychology. Follow her on instagram @themirroredlantern for witch tips, occulture, and depth psych tidbits!

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