August 2019 Horoscopes

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August 2019 Horoscopes

August 2019 Horoscopes

Monthly horoscopes by Candace Looft, of Beyond the Veil Tarot  / Collage by Janeva Zentz 


Welcome to your August 2019 overview!

The month starts with us working out of the retrograde shadow. Although technically it’s over, Mercury will cross back into Leo and over specific degrees, he stopped in. It’s safe to say the emotional effects of the retrograde in Cancer will be wearing off by mid-August. This means communications clear, leases and business agreements get the green light! On the 7th and 8th of the month, Jupiter makes positive trines to both the Sun and Venus in Leo. Romance, joy, and creativity will be given a significant boost these days. Be sure to mark your calendar and be open to these energies as they only come around every few months. Jupiter wakes up and ends his retrograde on the 11th, making way for expanded outlook and overall optimism. Some of you have been waiting to start something new, plan a trip, or commit to continuing education and this should be much easier now. Uranus moves retrograde on the 11th, turning inward and asking us to question our inner values, as well as our own unique vision. 

On the 14th the Sun will conjunct Venus making it a lovefest! Be sure to look where Leo is in your natal chart to get an idea of who or what may fall in your lap. You never know when cupid may strike. While this is a sweet aspect that favors women, beauty, and children, serious Saturn makes a funky “eliminating angle”. Take the good with the bad, and trust that whatever takes place it’s making way for something real. Regardless of the transits, the universe always supports true love. The Full Moon in Aquarius makes it’s debut on August 15th, highlighting social causes, friendships and where we better ourselves by working together. With the aspects between Mercury and Uranus, its possible not EVERYONE will get along. 

Mid-month a slew of planets move from feisty Leo to earth minded Virgo. Time to wrap up the Summer, and get back to business. The aspects between inner planets and Saturn/ Pluto in Capricorn intend on grounding out your end of the year goals. On the 18th Mars enters Virgo helping us get down to the details. Shortly after on the 21st, and the 23rd both Venus and the sun move into Virgo. This is excellent energy for re-organizing, getting healthy, and practical! On the 24th of the month, star crossed lovers Venus and Mars meet up in Virgo. This is fabulous energy for serving others and feeling particularly picky about who or what we love. This is also perfect energy to head to your local animal rescue and adopt a furry loved one, or perhaps volunteer for a cause you love! Mercury joins the bunch on the 29th, and the Sun trines Uranus. This is using innovation or technology to get crafty and better organized. Many of you would benefit from a scheduling app, a new physical fitness app or diet tracker. 

We wrap the month with a beautiful New moon in Virgo on the 30th. I know last month was a whirlwind of things taking place. Many of us are still dealing with the effects of what came and went from our lives. Rest assured you will be feeling better grounded and will love the energy this moon gives.  It will help us hone in on how to better prepare for our new state of living, an offer us the organization to better plan. This lunation also lends it’s energy to physical and or emotional recovery. Those who need some sort of assistance, it will appear, and those who are capable of lending a hand will step up. So if you’re recovering from a fall out with someone, a break-up, a sudden move or job change, this is where things start to feel safe and aligned again. Then you’ll begin to see WHY the universe shook things up last month; there were bigger,  better things in store for you.  

Dates to note in August: 

  • August 07 -Sun in Leo trine Jupiter in Sagittarius
  • August 08-Venus in Leo trine Jupiter in Sagittarius
  • August 11- Jupiter direct in Sagittarius, Jupiter retrograde is over
  • August 11- Uranus retrograde in Taurus
  • August 14- Sun and Venus conjunct in Leo 
  • August 15- Full Moon in Aquarius
  • August 16- Mercury in Leo square Uranus Taurus
  • August 18- Mars enters Virgo
  • August 21- Venus enters Virgo
  • August 23- Sun enters Virgo
  • August 24- Venus in Virgo conjunct Mars in Virgo
  • August 26- Venus in Virgo trine Uranus in Taurus
  • August 29- Mercury enters Virgo
  • August 29- Sun in Virgo trine Uranus in Taurus
  • August 30- New Moon in Virgo

To make the most of my astrological forecast please do read your ASCENDANT sign, as well as your Sun and Moon sign. The Ascendant tends to be very in alignment with your natal chart, the Sun is your ego and goals, while the moon is the emotional side of things.

Don’t know your natal placements? Check out a birth chart calculator, or schedule a reading with me! 



Tarot Card: The World- Tranquility, enlightenment, evolution. 

Finally, things on the home front seem to be stabilizing and winding down. If you’re still possibly in search for a place to call home there may be a breakthrough happening soon. If you already moved, then expect to feel more so at home.  It’s important you make the most of this month and get organized! All this Virgo energy is ideal for reorganizing your office space, garage, closet, etc. Whatever is low vibe get rid of it! Keep an eye out at work, someone new may come around and catch your attention. The Full Moon is an excellent time to hang with friends, or perhaps make a new one! There may be a celebration going on and you for sure want to be there! Jupiter is waking up making it possible to feel clear about a travel plan. The New Moon at the end of the month is the best time to set intentions for some healthier habits, or perhaps spend some time with a pet!


Tarot Card: 8 of Coins- Working hard on your craft.

Something big is happening with your career, so be ready! You may be impressing a boss or VIP, or perhaps pitching a business project. The Full Moon puts a spotlight on your career. Your creativity is on FIRE! Keep working hard, it’ll pay off. Expect to put in some long days this month, and maybe even some long nights. But it’s not all work no play Taurus. There’s so much fun energy being lit up by the Virgo transits. True love comes in many forms, lovers, projects, and children. Be cautious because this is EXTRA fertile if you know what I mean. You’re wrapping up contracts, miscommunications with someone or travel delays. If you’ve had issues in these areas trust that as long as you speak clearly and read the fine print you’re ok. Jupiter is waking up to bring you lots of sex or unexpected abundance. And everyone could use more of that right?  The Key is to be ok ASKING FOR MORE. The New Moon may bring in a new lover so watch out. 


Tarot Card: 2 of Wands- Planning, coordinating. 

It seems as if your financial challenges are finally clearing out. Last month should have taught you that your self-esteem is heavily tied to your money. Planning is key, take all the necessary steps to make sure you're staying within your budget this month. The full moon on the ninth is making aspects to your sister sign in Aquarius. Perhaps maybe you're trying to save a little money to travel more with friends? Relationships deem positive from this month forward, as Jupiter allows you to connect with people from all over. This month and in late December you will be gifted potential partnerships. There's lots of activity in the home this month, be that having people over and entertaining or redecorating. The new Moon at the end of the month can help you freshen up your living space. Try to do a deep cleaning if you can. If you're on the hunt for a new place to live keep a lookout! It’s possible you may be well on your way to someplace new. 


Tarot Card: The Chariot- Full steam ahead, finally finding a path. 

Last month was quite a colorful month for you wasn't it? The good news is you're better grounded in August. If you have found yourself second-guessing yourself a lot, are questioning who or what you want, this should be just about done. The theme of this month is to be decisive! It's not so much about what your family, coworkers, or partners want. It's about what you want! The full moon or the beginning of the month can bring up some intense interactions regarding a partners finances, or your debt. You're being tested now, and the question is what do you need to feel safe? There's lots of room for new opportunities in your career, and reorganizing your schedule. It seems like you've been pretty mobile try to better balance out your schedule for work and play. If you're looking into fixing up a vehicle, trading in a car or buying something new this can be an excellent time for you. Spending time with siblings and short trips around town should be joyous. The new moon is in your third house allowing you to be heard.


Tarot Card: The Queen of Cups- A loving emotional water sign woman 

Beginnings and endings will take place early in the month concerning relationships. It looks as if you're making some decisions about what you want when it comes to your committed relationships. What are you manifesting?  Be that professional or romantic. Expect serious conversations to come about the first few days in the month around the Full Moon. You're wrapping up any fears or subconscious/psychological issues that took place in July. Your sleep schedule should just about come back to normal. If you see your anxiety popping up, try to meditate. If you recently parted ways with a partner, Jupiter is looking out for you wanting to bring you a new love. The key is you have to be willing to go out and have fun to find it. Creative projects flow more effortlessly now. Your self-esteem is ramping up. Take yourself out to buy some new clothes or cosmetics, just don’t overspend! Your cash flow is on fire and you’re hustling to bring in more. But remember money in, money out. 


Tarot Card:  Ace of Pentacles- New tangible financial beginnings, health. 

This month is all about you Virgo! You're apt to be much more vibrant and stylish than usual. If you're focusing more on the physical body and you're Health routines they should go well. With Mars and Venus in your sign, you're likely to be very passionate this month, attracting people from all sorts of places. Just don't being too much of a rush, slow down and take your time. The full moon is in your sector of workspace or health. There’s likely to be some things changing here, so just hang in there and remain calm. You should be catching up with friends more so than usual this month, it seems as if they have some good advice for you. There's lots of expansion in your home zone, so if you're looking to move Jupiter waking up just may help you find the perfect place. If not, this is about traveling home, or planning travel. This also should expand your sense of emotional stability. The end of the month’s New Moon is in your sign, giving you a fresh start and a new perspective. 


Tarot Card:  Strength- Strength in all forms, overcoming the odds. Perseverance. 

This is an excellent month for socializing and romance. Just what the doctor ordered after all of the craziness last month at work. Things are going to move a lot smoother now. Take time to mingle and reconnect with friends. You may be surprised an unexpected romance comes from going out. There is a possibility that a friend is interested in more than just a friendship. You may be hesitant to tell others, and want to keep it private. The Full Moon lights up your true love sector, it will be granting a wish. New opportunities at the beginning of the month for travel appear. If you are traveling within the first two weeks, you are likely to have a fabulous time. Jupiter is expanding your house of communication. The second half of the month has you feeling like taking a step back. With a handful of planets in Virgo you’re looking to detox, unwind, and check-in with yourself. This is an excellent time for fine-tuning your sleeping habits, learning more about psychic development, or even going on a retreat. Lots of rest and work behind the scenes are taking place. This is for you to reflect and renew before your new cycle begins on your next month. 


Tarot Card: Page of Coins- A new financial opportunity, a younger earth sign. 

The Full moon at the beginning of the month will be bringing a lot of focus to your home and family life. It’s possible you may be letting go or releasing something. This can be finally realizing you need to move to a bigger place, or going through closets you need to purge. If you have been contemplating whether or not you want to plan a trip to a far away place, continue your education or publish something, these areas of your life will move forward. There’s room for new financial opportunities as Jupiter comes out of his retrograde in your house of income. Be aware that you still need to stick to a budget, as you only stay in the positive by being frugal. Investments are also possible now, just make sure you get all the facts. It’s possible you may be attending some sort of work function to sharpen your professional skills. If you get this opportunity go. The New moon at the end of the month has you celebrating with friends. Perhaps you want to join a new social club, or learn more about astrology! Make time to mingle, and set your intentions on expanding your social horizons.


Tarot Card:  The Sun- Happiness and Joy, youth. 

The Full moon at the beginning of the month to promote something you have written and want to share with friends. This could be on social media or your website. Whatever it is get ready to get some feedback. Last month was challenging in terms of finances especially concerning a partner. The good news is you're coming out of this, and the two you should be stronger than ever! With your ruling planet Jupiter waking up, you should be feeling more optimistic about the future. Remember, life throws you curve balls so you grow in the experience. Most likely whatever you've gone through this previous month will be an experience that you use to teach others. There's lots of activity in your career sector, many of you will be setting up a new business or promoting your business in some way. If you’re getting ready to launch, do the work this week, and launch after the new moon at the end of the month. More ideas and organization needs to happen first. Be prepared to give presentations, or talk with the VIPs unexpectedly. All eyes are on you now. 


Tarot Card:  Two of Coins- a balancing act between two. 

The Full moon at the beginning of the month lights up your financial sector. It's possible you're coming up with creative and unconventional ways to bring in cash flow. The key is you have to rely on your intuition. Let Jupiter light the way and help you better connect to your higher ideas and self. Last month could've been all sorts of drama with your partners. Whomever and whatever had to go LEFT. Let them stay there. The good news is, it's just about done. However, some of you may be struggling to find yourselves doing ok on your own. When in doubt turned to meditation, getting lots of rest and releasing anxiety. You need to keep a close eye on your health as the physical body reacts to fear. The new Moon at the end of the month is about spiritual lessons and travel. There's lots of activity here, so if you're looking to get away and get a break, now is a perfect time. Some of you may be dealing with traveling for work, it's possible to have both business and pleasure!


Tarot Card: Ace of Swords- A New beginning involving a conversation, or contract. Intellect. 

All eyes are on you during this month! This is an amazing energy to get noticed. The problem is… it may not set well with a partner. Try not to take it personally, others may be confrontational and argumentative with you this month. It's best to walk away from any conflict, especially if it involves jealousy or finances. You're wrapping up a lot of busywork in the office or regards to your health. Whatever changes you made last month becomes visible now. There are lots of new opportunities to connect with old friends. It's possible that you plan a trip with someone to a faraway place later this year. Friends may be celebrating and inviting you to exotic locations. The new moon at the end of the month has you tapping into your sixth sense. This is a new opportunity to expand your intuitive abilities, as well as your sex drive. Or you could opt to to pay off a debt. There's lots of action here with Mars and Venus making it possible to have a very lusty month ahead. Others are likely to give you gifts or lavish you with attention. Soak it all up!


Tarot Card: The Magician- Co-creating with the universe. Manifestation.

The Full moon may have you feeling emotional and uncovering a secret. I see your card is the magician this month. Be aware that the magician is both for manifesting the good and the bad. Often the magician tends to be a trickster. Don't let your eyes or ears deceive you, be very careful with who you trust this month. You're wrapping up any conflicts that you have had with creative projects or potentially a lover. Things should move much more smoothly now. There's a beautiful new Moon in your house of relationships, along with Mars and Venus moving in. It's possible that others are more likely to pursue you romantically. It could get hot and heavy, or intense. You've got a lot on your plate professionally and in terms of your career this month, things are going to move forward in a very quickly. Be open and honest with your partners if you need to prioritize work first. It’s important you reap the benefit of the last few months of Jupiter expanding your career house. They’ll understand.  



Candace Marie of Beyond the Veil Tarot has her degree in Cultural Anthropology with a minor in Theology, and studied at the School of Evolutionary Astrology. She is also a graduate of Sacred Crossings Death Midwifery School, and a root worker and herbalist. Read her bio hereand catch more of her work on Beyond the Veil Tarot.


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