Virgo: The Portal Priestess & The Precious Purifier

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Virgo: The Portal Priestess & The Precious Purifier


The Portal Priestess & The Precious Purifier
August 22/ 23 - September 22/ 23
by Cody Channel / Illustration by Stacey Newmyer  
“I can only show you the door, you are the one who has to walk through.”- Keanu Reeves, ‘The Matrix’



  • Planetary Ruler: Mercury
  • House association: 6th House
  • Element: Earth
  • Mode: Mutable
  • Symbol: The Virgin
  • Positive Traits: Discipline, attentive to detail, purifying superpower, vast awareness, awakener, ascension guide
  • Negative Traits: Critical, judgmental, skeptical, self- stifling, sickly
  • Compatible Signs: Taurus, Pisces, Capricorn
  • Herbs: Lavender, caraway, pine, fennel
  • Crystals: Moss agate, Sapphire, Dumortierite, Purple Jasper
  • Tarot: The Magician, The Hermit
  • Region of the Body: The brain, the gut, and the circuitry of intelligence flowing through the body
  • Color: White, Indigo, Lilac, Kelly Green
  • Famous Virgos: Beyonce, Goethe, and Keanu Reeves



Every year around August 22nd, the sun enters the expansive and mindful Virgo where it will stay until approximately September 22nd.

The word Virgo stems from the Latin word for girl. To personify the Virgo, we will begin with Greek Mythology and the tale of Persephone, the Goddess of harvest and the daughter of Demeter and Zeus. Persephone was a young and budding alchemist and “virgin.” One day when she was picking flowers in the Sicilian countryside, Hyades decided he wanted her as his wife. Hyades rode in on his 4 horse chariot and snatched Persephone, earth opened up and sucked them down into the underworld. Demeter went to the god Helius to gain insight to the happenings of her daughter and was horrified to learn that Hyades abducted her daughter. Hyades tricked Persephone to taste a pomegranate that would bind her to the underworld. Zeus granted Demeter's wish to be united with her daughter however because she had tasted the forbidden fruit, she was forced to split the time between earth and Hyades. 6 (some say 4) months out of the year she would go to the underworld where she planted seeds and then the following 6 months would be spent tending to crops and harvest alongside her mother. In the fall the seeds are buried and in the spring the crops are harvested. The story of Demeter and Persephone is symbolic of the changes from summer to winter and the return of life in spring as seen in agriculture. Because modern western astrology follows the seasons, we can look to the energy of Virgo to light the torch and pave the path to physical ascension through our Virgo placements in our charts. The secret mystery cult of Elusinian became devoted to the study and cycles of Demeter and Persephone as well as the secrets they contained. All of the initiates of the Elusinian were bound by oath to have their rituals remain a mystery. The Virgin Virgo is worshiped with an ear of corn, and a torch depicting the range of health and innovation they can bestow to those who can take the time to practice the art of healing and upgrading the body through carefully awakening the intelligence within. Many practices used by modern witches can be traced back to the values and practices of the Virgo vibration.

To get a look at Virgo in the sky you will want to wait until spring and even then you will have to look very carefully to see it. Spika is a bright blue star that is easiest to see as it illuminates this rather dim constellation. Virgo is well known for the largest black hole (that we know of) called Messier 87 which swallows the equivalent of 90 earths a day in the form of gas. The idea of a black hole can be linked to the energy of Virgo as it is expansive and purifying and perhaps more magically potent than anything we have experienced. Arcturus, Regulus, and Spica form the Spring Triangle which can be best seen during spring as a reminder of harvest. Spica represents a bundle of wheat symbolic of the great harvest that Persephone brings each spring. This story illustrates the purity, beauty, power and magic that the Virgo energy bestows.

Virgo is the 6th sign of the zodiac and is ruled by the planet Mercury. Mercury rules over intelligence, communication and connectivity. Mercury helps us to receive and tune into the rhythms of the natural world in order to restore health and abundance in our universe. Mercury is the messenger of the gods who loves to instantly download us with divine intelligence. In the instance of Virgo, we can see that they receive constructive, expansive and devastatingly helpful information and then create their own expression of various services and creative pursuits to intelligently relay their god given talents to the world. Thought forms are supercharged through the vibration of Mercury and Virgo can experience this highly potent clair cognizance (inner knowing) much like their Gemini cousin. Mindfulness and the practice of quieting the mind and exploring the vastness of their giant auras, will become a favorite pastime for the Virgo. Virgos don’t realize how much power their thoughts have and because of this Mercury medicine can often use the Virgo in a sacrificial way when have they not yet figured out how to “own” their thoughts. The line is thin between surrender and service for this highly mutable energy. Working with visualization techniques and banishing rituals will assist with preparing the virgo for their eventual mastery.

Virgo rules over the 6th house in the natal chart which rules over work, medicine, co workers, and daily routine. People with planets in their 6th house will be called to focus on work, day to day tasks, and to develop a healthy relationship with their bodies. The 6th house describes your approach to work, your relationship with medicine, and the way you approach your daily tasks. To better understand your 6th house you will want to take a mental inventory of how you approach these themes and then compare them with the energies of the sign on the 6th house cusp. The 6th house is one of the most important houses to assessing your approach to accomplishing goals and manifesting your dreams. The 6th house is prudent to manifesting dreams and so often can be the area of most resistance for the airy fairy types. It is here where much of the internal “work” is done by purifying the intelligence surrounding the gut and mind which are inextricably connected.

The term cleanliness is godliness was invented by a Virgo as they are the precious purifiers of the zodiac. Virgos are here to master their inner world through mental and bodily clarity to eventually reach the phase where they can assist others and to be of service with their abundant and highly skilled harvesting hands. They can guide the way or work in harmony with others but they cant become two people at once or be used up without support or they will become very ill. The Virgo is much like a deer spirit, gently loving the world with their innocence.

Virgo is the 2nd earth sign in the zodiac building on the earth loving Taurean archetype. Virgos can be seen as shy because they exercise great discernment before placing themselves into new situations. Virgos are complex, dynamic creatures with a fastidiously charming demeanor that acts like a protective bubble. Virgos purify their surroundings so naturally they will gravitate towards balanced and harmonious situations to save themselves from “working” unnecessarily. Virgos have razor sharp minds like their mutable mercury cousins the Gemini and can pick up very intensely on the vibrations around them. The virgo isn’t weak by any means, but like their opposition, Pisces, they have a natural ability to heal those around them and can use their intelligence to transmute energies. They earn the name “portal priestess” when they assist others to undergo an awakening with a firm grasp of their own to draw from for energy. 

You can recognize a Virgo by their impeccable style, symmetrical features, and overall stunning beauty. They have very reflective eyes like pools of truth peering into your heart. The nervous energy they exude can be soothed with percussive beats or music as long as its in good taste and is well executed. If you have them over make sure to keep them busy otherwise they may just nervously drink all your wine or clean out your closet with all the time they don’t know how to waste. The Virgo is fickle and not quick to become your best friend, however they are taking notes on you and will not forget that thing you said until one day you open the most beautifully soulful gift from them comprised of years of studying you and it may bring you to tears. Upon first glance, the Virgo will appear neat and carefully styled with a secret affinity for the bonus mirrors to do a quick double take or a shoulder “dust off”. They will be embarrassed to admit this but have a vanity that they are called to outgrow and when they begin to focus on internal health it can lead them to their ultimate radiance! Virgos usually prefer intimate small groups and will open up a lot when around familiar faces. Virgos are messengers of divine healing and are always right about that they say. They have no room for mistakes in their life and use the same rule of thumb when roasting themselves over something trivial.

Virgos could be resistant to Astrology altogether if they are cut off from their abilities. They may experience this because they themselves are less in tune with the unconscious rhythms of natural healing waves that they emit, they may not understand that they themselves are the gateway to building better worlds. Much like the m87 black hole, the vastness of their constellation and the ability to bring the harvest, the Virgo didn’t come to earth to do a mediocre job. The Virgo energy runs deep, clean and pure and is ever evolving. The Virgo will be able to accomplish great things if they can first smooth over their self critical thoughts and learn to enjoy their accomplishments. The Virgo will be the best employee as they are known for having a dynamic balance of feminine and masculine needed to be of service. The Virgo will naturally be of service in whatever they do and will be less likely to spend time reveling in the spotlight as they view time as currency and their energy is a precious diamond. We live in a world where the potent magic of the zodiac can sometimes be glossed over and Virgo may be one of the most negatively affected signs from this. Virgos could learn to take more time cultivating their own confidence so they don’t end up wasting away under the control of someone else.

The Virgo child is born with a very highly sensitive taste and a memory like a hawk. The Virgo child will remember a highly detailed account of their childhood and will learn the value of discernment at a very young age. Their refined palates become relegated to actual taste for more than just food, they begin to collect, craft and create beautifully curated spaces and clothing styles for themselves to bring outer harmony in their world. The Virgo child needs to feel protected and cared for, otherwise they may develop critical and bitter loneliness that could cause them to break away from people. They just cannot hang around for long with families or peers who abuse them. The Virgo child will be eased by nature as they can finally let their guards down. The Virgo child loves to communicate with plants, animals and the fairies. They can be soothed by percussive instruments and will have a natural affinity for music and gardening. In school they will be a teachers favorite but should be wary as to not become a pleaser and to learn about their needs from a young age. As adults they may choose vocations associated with medicine, herbalism, teaching, music, and fine art. The Virgo is incredibly imaginative but their stream of conciseness can easily be blocked by a traumatic or intrusive event. The Virgo will want to either be the star student and employee or will take the opportunity to become an outsider on the fringe of society. Ultimately the Virgo becomes the teacher of something and cultivates immense patience and practicality to withstand virtually anything this mixed up world may throw at her.

The Virgo is highly misunderstood, and is ever evolving into higher states of magic. The Virgo will often choose to downplay themselves until they are sure of something because their perfectionism can get the best of them. The Virgo will ebb and flow with their own personal world that in intrinsically connected to the energies surrounding them. Because of their natural ability to heal a situation or person around them, they will want to develop emotional boundaries to protect their precious minds from imploding. They can get nervous and overstimulated by crowds, so they tend to enjoy and benefit from frequent bathing as a form of self love. The Virgo will have the most clean, and inspiring kitchen filled with natural medicine or even pharmaceuticals if that is their thing. They will be intuitive with plants so whatever they may be doing in their careers, essential oils, herbs, and teas will help propel them to greatness. As they are so cosmically connected to intelligence that often cant be seen, much of their anxiety can build up without an outlet. They will need to learn how to spiritually clear their aura which is quite large and this is a huge breakthrough when they realize they are the human body guardians of a cosmic gift. The Virgo measures time as money and they develop a lot of guilt if they aren’t living up to their personal standards of achievement. The Virgo needs a steady stream of goals and structure to allow for their many gifts and talents to shine through. The Virgo energy is so pure and clear that they have an innate ability to manifest things instantly and because of this they can be said to be ascension operators or portal priestesses.

Virgos are well aware of the problems in the world and will often shut down inside their body creating blockages in their own digestion. One pro tip for Virgo if they are feeling on the verge of a spiral would be to drink some warm ginger or fennel tea so that they can spare those around them from a critical outburst. The Virgo body is a visceral and sensitive work of art designed to sync with the patterns of the natural world. Their gut instinct could write a novel about intuition and digestion. The reason Virgo have earned the reputation for being overly critical of others stems from their vast amounts of mental energy and their ability to see the truth of situations that can get misplaced onto others. They are often blind to their own shortcomings as if some sick curse placed them in a perpetual state of amnesia in regards to their own inner workings. Maybe time for a divorce from their mythological husband? Don’t worry though, the Virgo is ever moving and growing towards clearing away stagnation and improving their life. 

Virgos more than any other sign, are being primed for perfection and they have sensed this from birth. They will eventually experience extreme burnout from being the “perfect” worker or partner showcasing their boundless services only to receive nothing nourishing in return. They have a gift of exponential growth and can learn the art of detachment as they welcome in their yearly harvest cycle. They often keep themselves so busy that they can miss out on their own gifts of creating a more healthy and balanced world. When addressed on issues they feel most passionate about the Virgo will have a long list of carefully scrutinized suggestions to help awaken those around them. They are full of information and they will never spill to just anyone but when they do, you may need to get out your scroll and plume. The astute Virgo can pierce through to the truth of any story and would do well with any type of investigative work. The Virgo can be seen like a magnifying glass that is highlighting what is nearing extinction and is needing to be transmuted by deep purification. There is no one who can offer Virgo anything unless they have figured out what it is they want which is hard for Virgo since they can overly focus on others and become burdened by the very thing they set up. When in relationships, they show affection by cleaning, being of service and taking care of you when you are sick, but their sensitive aura can become worn down if not met with the support they need. This is when the Virgo archetype can become the spinster or the Queen of swords, the person who is too smart to let their body go through another heartbreak from someone they do not trust.

Virgos love to be in relationship and they strive for a long-term and mutually beneficial relationship. The Virgo pairs well with her earth cousins Capricorn and Taurus as well as her opposite Pisces. The Virgo is as vast and ever evolving as her giant constellation which is full of mystery. Because much of the Virgos mission is linked with helpful service, it is only natural that her partner represent a balance or a positive polarity to hers. Because the Virgo is in no hurry to ruin their life, they may date a few bad eggs and then move onto a stable force to grow a Utopian future. It is in the Virgos best interest to supercharge their personal awakening by learning from the Pisces, who will be well equipped to match their service levels and comfort them along the way. The Virgo will need to learn their own personal preferences and write them all down in the form of a spell or a list so as to not become estranged from their true needs.

Virgo can be seen in the Hermit and the Magician tarot archetypes which can help assist us in uncovering the life of a Virgo. In the Hermit card the themes are of personal evolution, personal space, and the path of initiation which is further played out with the Magician who takes their talents to new heights as they achieve greater mastery over their personal world. The magician shows a journey filled with many opportunities for manifestation. Virgos are here to initiate us into ascension by gently guiding us into the process of purification. Virgos are natural witches by definition as their core values are often rooted in the protection of earth and the cultivating of medicines and agriculture. Once they master the mundane, they most certainly can become masters of magic.

The Virgo far surpasses the mythological Virgin archetype and is undoubtedly so much more vast, intelligent and capable than she is made to be aware. It is because of this that we must protect and encourage our dear Virgos to become more self centered in a healthy way so they can build a connection between their own intelligence and what they can create from it. The mythology of Persephone guides us into the initiation and application of modern magic through the energy of Virgo. Like a large, vast clear blue chalice, the Virgo is here to serve and contain the massive transformations taking place all around us. It is Virgo that taught us all about the initiation into secret societies. For better or worse, Virgo can keep their magic a secret even unto themselves.

Perhaps we can all take a page out of the Virgos book and take a few months off every year to visit and tend to our respective underworld and in turn heal our world. Unfortunately the Virgos cannot physically change people and for that they will have to be patient with the growth of those around them. When they mature, the beautiful seeds they have planted begin to grow into a body of work that will stand the test of time as they are welcomed into their roles as teachers of manifestation and ascension. If you are thinking of starting a coven, make sure to get your favorite Virgo involved and ask them to share the ancient secrets they have been so cautiously holding onto. The alchemical capabilities within the Virgo are waiting to be expressed for the greater good of humanity.








Cody Channel is a holistic healer, evolutionary astrologer, massage therapist, and reiki master, as well as an electronic musician and sound healer. Find her on Instagram @codychannel or her website and read more of her entries on our blog Esoteric Insights.


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