October 2022 Tarotscopes

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October 2022 Tarotscopes

Astrology by Sera Timms
Tarot by Kerstin Hern of The Mirrored Lantern
Original art for J. Southern Studio by Spirited Animals

October 2022 Tarotscopes


October greetings to all, and happy solar return wishes to Libra and early Scorpio folks! Below are your intuitive tarot readings coupled with insightful astro snapshots by Sera, and both tarot and astro horoscopes are per sign for the month ahead! I also pulled a card for the Collective, which you can use in conjunction with your personal tarot card to create a more robust narrative around what is calling your attention during this monthly cycle, or as a clarifier to your zodiac’s card. 

Tarot Highlights:

Wands came out in five of the readings, so some major themes Spirit is bringing your attention to this month include: less talk more rock aka taking action, making choices, self-expression/your personality, connection to communities/family, creativity, art, spirituality, and all heart-centered activities. These themes underline personal empowerment and transformation, as well.

Also, many times while shuffling, I landed on The Hermit card. This major arcana card is bringing everyone’s attention to going within for answers… Do not ask others what you feel, what you should do, etc.—ask yourself. Check in with your inner compass and see where or to whom it is pointing you. Call on your Guides to receive inner wisdom through synchronicities or in your dreams. This is also the Virgo card, so a Virgo may be relevant in your personal stories, or 6th house themes maybe getting pinged this month (service, health, routines, pets).

To get the most out of these Horoscopes, please read them based off of your Ascendant/ Rising sign, as these are the signs that are the basis of our monthly breakdowns. Your Ascendant sign is the sign of the Zodiac which was rising on the eastern horizon at the time, date & location of our birth, and it provides us with a much more individualized view of our personal astrology. If you do not yet know your Rising Sign, feel free to find it here: Chart Drawing, Ascendant. All you will need is the closest possible time, date & location of your birth. For those not able to find an accurate Rising Sign, you can secondarily read these horoscopes by your Sun sign and thirdly by your Moon sign.

Stay tuned for the Celestial Insights blog to see what the stars have to say, along with lunar magick offerings…

Here are your tarot + astro messages. I suggest reading your rising and sun signs: 



Deck Used: Thoth Deck
Card: 4 of Cups

The overall energetic message for this month that you can use to expand and clarify your personal card reading is: THE 4 OF CUPS (Chesed: Mercy, Love)

In its high vibration, this card is about feeling stable in relationships and/or emotions, being in a state of reciprocity with love, as well as being protective of love, relationships, and emotions. There is a maternal energy with the 4 of Cups, via its title “Luxury.” This refers to the gentle flow of feminine energy that soothes, nourishes, and comforts, like mother’s milk to the child. In its lower vibration, it can be possessiveness, boredom/lack of pleasure, and fawning (people-pleasing by flooding others with love coming from a scarcity and fear mindset). Balance is key, as well as reciprocity. The four cups flow into each other, but no longer overflow into the larger body of water beneath them. They are contained yet dynamic.

At the bottom of the card is the glyph for Cancer, the mother archetype water sign that is very similar to Scorpio (the sign ruling the end of October). Libra rules most of the month, so these emotions may be connected to balancing (Libra) relationships (also Libra!). The crab moves on the shore where the water and sand meet; the liminal space of consciousness and the unconscious, moving sideways in and out of the periphery of consciousness. Cancers are also very protective and thrive in security, like Scorpio, its fellow water sign. In my experience, Cancers tend to dream very vividly, so paying attention to your dreams his month for more information around matters of the mother, where you give/receive feminine nourishment, emotional stability, and emotional reciprocity are highlighted, as this card symbolizes the moon (our emotions and unconscious) in Cancer.

This card also depicts a lotus at the top, from where the sparkling waters flow… Thich Nhat Hanh said, “no mud, no lotus,” speaking to the often thick, heavy, dense emotions and emotional experiences we must trudge through to root our emotional and spiritual growth that ultimately emerges from the mud and blooms at the waters’ top as a gorgeous lotus. This month may be where you move between liminal spaces of consciousness, as the veil is thin and access to the Other side and spiritual energy is more easy. Gather information in these spaces, harness emotional strength and nourishment to move through the thick mud, and reach your stability, maturity, and luxury in your personal lotus by exercising restraint/containment where needed, balanced by flow and movement of emotions through your psyche.

Again, this card is very connected to maternal energy and reproduction, much like the Empress, so mother themes and transformation in relation to creation are important to note. Asking yourself what emotional safety and security looks like for you, with whom you experience it, where you feel stagnant or bored in a relationship (and why), and how you were mothered/mother yourself are useful places of reflection. All in all, psychologically, I feel this is also deeply connected to inner child work and reparenting ourselves.

Keywords: emotional stability, emotional maturity, unconditional love, trust and care, reciprocity, protection of important relationships, relationship to mother, motherhood, nourishing the inner child, change in emotions, emotional confinement, comfort creating boredom, luxury in the unconscious, femininity, nourishing the feminine, moon in Cancer



October brings a sigh of relief on the 2nd when Mercury stations direct, and our business and personal meetings move out of the Tower of Babel, and into the house of intimacy. Pluto stationing direct in Capricorn on the 8th with Full Aries Moon on the 9th gives voice to hidden passion, and complex sanguine desire. The veil gets thinner as we approach the Day of the Dead, and our secret inner world more easily breathes its dream to life in the 3D matrix of reality. Mercury moves into Libra on 10/10 enabling us to clearly communicate the needs of our heart with grace and elegance. The 23rd packs a cosmic love knockout as the Sun enters Scorpio illuminating our deepest erotic needs for a trancendent love embrace as Venus enters Scorpio.  Saturn also turns direct in Aquarius on 10/23  allowing us to reap some benefits from the magical and karmic work we’ve been doing. New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on the 25th says to leave the coffins buried in the graveyard and dance naked under the stars aka let the old stuff go, and embrace or renew your wild and passionate self! Jupiter backstrokes through the Piscean seas on the 28th pushing the dreamlike quality of Halloween Season into full foggy banquet of seductive vampire delights…enjoy the sensuous treats which take form in your imagination, and find expression through your senses. Mercury in Scorpio says “Take no prisoners”, and swim in the deep end while you can because Mars Retrograding in Gemini on 10/30 will light the hearth fire, and have us craving hot chocolate and movie night as the ancestral spirits put away their dancing shoes. 


  • 10/2 Mercury Direct in Virgo
  • 10/8 Pluto direct in Capricorn 
  • 10/9 Full Moon in Aries 
  • 10/10 Mercury enters Libra
  • 10/23 Sun enters Scorpio, Saturn direct in Aquarius, Venus enters Scorpio
  • 10/25 New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Scorpio
  • 10/28 Jupiter Retrograde enters Pisces 
  • 10/29 Mercury enters Scorpio 
  • 10/30 Mars Retrograde begins in Gemini 
  • Sun: Libra- Scorpio
  • Moon: Sagittarius- Capricorn
  • Mercury: Virgo- Scorpio
  • Venus: Libra- Scorpio
  • Mars: Gemini
  • Jupiter: Aries-Pisces
  • Saturn: Aquarius
  • Uranus: Taurus
  • Neptune: Pisces
  • Pluto: Capricorn
  • North/ South Nodes: Taurus & Scorpio




Tarot Card: Justice

Aries friends, you got a major arcana card, speaking to a major cycle/theme for you around balance, likely in regard to a relationship or relationships, and for some, actual legal matters coming to the fore this month. Justice uses the sword of truth, honesty, and clear communication to get to the bottom of matters. It collects info from both sides, and objectively deliberates, sans emotion, to make choice based in fairness and equality. It is also the Libra card (we are in Libra season), which connects it to 7th house matters of intimate relationships, partner(s), and open enemies. This card is also connected to Judgement, so assessing past actions and their effects on the present are highlighted. This may be your actions or someone you are dealing with, but in any case, truths maybe revealed and wrongdoings may be getting righted. It’s a card about consequences, but on a less intense note, is also about bringing order and balance into your life. 

Astro Snapshot:

Your fiercely independent fire softens up in October, inviting a friend, lover or business partner to come closer and share intimate space of warmth and generosity. You tend to wear your heart on your sleeve, and October will be no different, except that you’ll be craving a more intense emotional connection in the bedroom, and you are ready to be seen not just for your strengths but also for your precious vulnerabilities. You’ll have no trouble addressing your needs, balancing and rewriting old contracts to fit your current goals, and sharing resources in a way that secures allies and friends as loyal team members who will help carry out your vision. The Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on the 25th pushes you deeper into your emotional waters than you are often comfortable with..but this journey into the depths allows you to see where your heart’s needs are not being met, and to set yourself free from any sexual repression or power struggles. Keep an open heart, and accept that helping hand when it comes a knockin this month. 



Tarot Card: 2 of Wands

Last month there may have been a major cycle closing, an ending, or a big shift moving you into a new way of being or thinking. This month, you are connected to the element of Fire that highlights family, community, passion projects, creativity, and spirituality. Around those themes, you are at the beginning of a new journey and are currently at a planning phase. This card is asking you to expand your vista of possibility… See the big picture AND dream big. Assess all possibilities around whatever is of most importance to you this month, and do not rush things. You are being asked to think about long-term goals and re-assess your expectations around certain themes connected to the heart. From this expanded and refreshed perspective, start blueprinting plans to achieve those goals. You are in a place of more freedom and agency now, so YOU get to choose what your future will look like from this point forward. Dream from the heart and your inner fire, not logic and intellect.

Astro Snapshot:

You always have access to so many resources, and will be inspired to share them with others this month. You may be feeling extra charitable, or end up helping a friend or family member to heal, or perhaps you cook a special dinner for your partner or a lover. 

Your calendar is likely to be packed, and you will bring your luxurious offerings of help and advice to every function you attend. Playtime with animals keeps your heart light when the Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on the 25th has you re-evaluating current business and romantic partnerships and taking a very close look at the investments you’ve made with these people. Relationships that are unbalanced or are not producing the yields you’d hoped for may need to be left behind to make room for new fertile partnerships which cultivate abundance and joy in a balanced way. Your diehard loyalty can sometimes keep you in an unsatisfying or stagnant relationship for too long, and you will see clearly that you deserve more if this is the case! You may find your desire nature taking a turn towards the hidden or forbidden zone when your ruler Venus and the sun slide into Scorpio on the 23rd. Allow yourself to be a bit experimental in the bedroom with a partner or independently…you might be drawn to tantra, sex magic, and the hidden psychological wonderland of sexual attraction and power dynamics. Let it flow! 

A special window opens for you on the 25th to mix business with pleasure, or to simply have your cake and eat it too…whatever that may mean for you! 


    Tarot Card: Knight of Wands

    Gem friends, this month you are connected to both inner and outer fire… Your inner passion, spark, and zest for life may be very invigorated, which is a wonderful way to be, but you are being asked to temper your outer fire if you are out of balance. The Knight of Wands is a protector and defender of one’s passions, family, and spirit, but when off-kilter and ungrounded, it can feed excess fire to the knight’s horse—his transport—creating a frenetic and out of control energy. The knight is no longer in control of the reigns and the horse is aflame, so the knight is getting “carried away.” This may look like going into past matters versus staying present and being “hotheaded.” On a more positive note, it can also look like you confidently making some movement around what is most important to you this month. You may be embodying more physical, mental, and creative energy with an adventurous attitude. If you’ve been feeling stagnant and lower energy, this is a wake-up spark reigniting your passion, connection to others, creativity, and confidence. This is a great month to make some dynamic changes and actioning plans that have been collecting dust!

    Astro Snapshot:

    Le Sigh…your tricky ruler Mercury finally stations direct on 10/2 after a month of missed connections, and speaking in tongues! The Aries Full Moon on 10/9 will activate your innovative creativity and friends and co-workers will be all ears to hear your brilliant ideas. Seeds for collaboration and teamwork are planted. The Libra Sun radiates in your 5th house allowing you to leave the confines of your intellect and step deeper into your physical and emotional need for affection. Don’t be afraid to let your inner lion out to play…leopard and tiger prints will serve you well this month. Creative projects and collaborations are on fire this month after they were dulled into glowing embers during September’s Mercury Retrograde. Your inner child is pulling plenty of puppet strings this month as you charm the various creatures of the masquerade ball with your radiant eternal youth charisma. The Scorpio Solar Eclipse on the 25th will have you downsizing any complex or entangled relationships. Think removing cobwebs, skeletons in the closet, emotional crutches, and vampires. “Play” is the key word for you this month to open up new doors and also to close some doors with a light and loving heart. 



    Tarot Card: The Fool

    Another major arcana card, Cancers! Last month was about movement and change, and this month is the fresh start energy to a whole new HUGE cycle for you…. The Fool card is the zero card that starts the entire journey through the tarot. This is like a rebirth energy, where you are unburdened by the past (there is no past) and can therefore freely jump into the unknown with vigor and excitement. This card asks you to take risks that feel right, have an optimistic attitude, and let go of old baggage. Just bring what and whom you need into this new phase. This card also symbolizes fresh potential and opportunities, so keep your eyes open and release fear, “what-ifs,” and “shoulds” from your vocabulary. Embrace new beginnings. There is much to learn ahead of you, and you are in an exciting growth phase that will bring joy and connection. 

    Astro Snapshot: 

    October escorts cozy Cancer right into the comfort zone….the home! Libra sun lights up your fourth house of family, your roots, where you live, relations with parents and your physical house. Conflicts between family members and especially parents are likely to be brought to the forefront so they can be healed or released. You are now the parent in your home whether with children or not….it’s time for you to decide who belongs in your loving nest, and set healthy boundaries to keep the bottom feeders in the sand where they belong. Yes, you can sometimes take some unsavory characters into your coral castle,  but they too have a place in your caring sea, as long as they are not defining you. Aries Full Moon on the 9th helps you to speak your truth and come out of your hermit shell to be seen and recognized for your achievements…whether that’s a demand for a well deserved raise, or a conversation with a roommate or partner about imbalances in the household. You take care of so many others, and it’s time to think about what you need this month. The Scorpio Solar Eclipse on 10/25 allows you to balance your need to provide care with your need to receive affection and care. Patterns of intimacy are revealed so they may be healed if need be. Time to take the throne Cancer…don’t worry, you will learn to serve your dearest ones from here too! 



    Tarot Card: 6 of Pentacles

    Your jumper was the Page of Pentacles last month, Leos, so the theme of material possessions, work, money, and/or health are continuing into October. Along with the Collective Thoth card, the 4 of Cups, balance and reciprocity are your keywords this month. The 6 of Pentacles is about giving and receiving, how you are in service to others, or how you may need to receive service from others for your highest good. This may look like giving or receiving a loan, balancing finances or health matters, or simply checking where you have overflow/excess of resources so you may distribute them more meaningfully. Overall, this card highlights being generous/giving gifts to others and/or receiving gifts from those are being generous towards you. We all need help sometimes, and accepting help can bring the medicine of humility and connection. This card reflects compassion and reminds us that wealth is not just material, but emotional, as well.

    Astro Snapshot: 

    What have you been wanting to learn Leo? October is the time to enroll in that poetry class, learn to write that script, or take that foreign language course. Your intellect is going to be very stimulated this month, and ready to receive new instruction. Your inner cat will be extra curious and chatty, meeting new neighbors, exploring new hidden corners of your city, and dialing in the quickest route home with that amazing new map app you just discovered! The Aries Full Moon on the 9th lights your fire to dive deeper into philosophy, explore foreign cultures, or letting your inner lion roam free in nature. You’ll have plenty of energy to double up on study time, or climb that mountain you’ve been sizing up. The Solar eclipse on the 25th has you digging deep into your family roots to gain understanding of your current patterns in love and power. Opportunity to see the imbalances in your relationships from a bird’s eye perspective helps you to come up with a solid vision of what a balanced partnership and family dynamic looks like to you now, and plenty of creative ideas to set the new pattern in motion. This is a month of reprogramming and learning so that your flame may burn extra bright as the colder darker months set in! 



    Tarot Card: Ace of Wands

    There is a new seed of opportunity being offered for you to plant and nourish around creative work, passion projects/work, family, and/or community. There is a new spark in you that has been lit by Spirit and is in service to you transforming in some way, empowering you, and definitely connected to soul healing. This new opportunity or insight you will receive will fan the flame of your healthy ego Self and personality, where you get to shine for being YOU. Wands are action cards, so there is potential (no guarantees here), therefore, you must make choices and take action around fresh starts. Also, employ creativity—either literally creative work or creative solutions to current challenges. Think outside the box, then light the box on fire and build something new from the ashes.

    Astro Snapshot:  

    You tend to be too practical to indulge in luxury, but October shifts your awareness from intellect to the senses. What are your senses needing to experience dear Virgo? You may find that the quality of a luxury item is worth the extra dollar for the added level of comfort it brings you. Your detail oriented mind is a gift and a curse, and October will free you from the curse with offerings of fine food, material wealth, and valuable and beautiful new possessions. October has tricks for some, but mostly treats for you! The Aries Full moon on the 9th illuminates your deepest and darkest desires. It would serve you well to allow yourself to indulge in sensory and erotic pleasures that you might normally consider to be selfish this month. You simply need to speak it into being. A romantic partner may serve as a mirror to help you understand deeper aspects of yourself that often stay hidden under your veil of service and duty. You have deep emotional and physical needs too! With the 10/25 Solar eclipse in Scorpio and your ruler Mercury entering Scorpio on 10/29, you are likely to pick up a book that helps you explore and understand your own psychology, the human need for pleasure, sexual politics, or find yourself diving into any number of hidden, esoteric, or taboo subject matters. Let your body be your guide this month! 



    Tarot Card: 8 of Wands

    The theme for you this month is action, action, action, Libras! This may be connected to communication—so having a conversation you’ve been putting in the back burner for a while. It may also be giving the green light for travel and/or some forward movement. In any case, this card is asking you to move yourself or move something in your life. Wands are fire that connects us to our creativity, our will, our passions, and therefore, connect us to our communities and families (of origin or chosen). If you have had to defend yourself, or have had struggles in your personal work spaces, this card is clearing out that energy and propelling you forward. Wands do require your participation, so make choices by connecting to your heart and what you are passionate about, then get it moving. The path is clear, you have more freedom coming in, and the speed of incoming changes is fast, bringing progress. Ignite your ambition, drive, and confidence and start those communications and to-do lists now!

    Astro Snapshot: 

    It’s your power month Libra! Along with the Sun in Libra through the 23rd, your ruler Venus enters Scorpio on the 23rd and conjuncts the Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on the 25th in your house of finances, assets and pleasure. The cosmic movements should have you feeling extra self confident and comfortable in your body, and adorn you with luxurious high quality additions to your wardrobe. Partnerships and romance should be harmonious and pleasurable until the 25th when you will deeply feel the Solar Eclipse which will push you to deepen your current intimate connection(s), or let go of more aesthetic connections to make room for something more meaningful. If you have any unresolved debts those will most definitely be highlighted so you may figure out a way to deal with them, as well as investments getting a celestial audit…if there is stagnation expect a bit of upheaval to get the financial flow moving, and or to release properties or holdings that are not helping you to grow in the big picture. In all likelihood you’ll get a raise, or some sort of surprise bonus this month w/ the Venusian Scorpio power boost in your 2nd house. October is likely to play out like an HBO special climaxing in the last week with all the drama of power, sex, and money! 



    Tarot Card: 4 of Wands

    Another four representing stability this month, Scorpios! The Collective card in the Thoth deck was the 4 of Cups (emotions/relationships), and your personal card being the 4 of Wands relates to stability in your family, home, or creative work. By connecting to your emotions and relationships and outlining what security and emotional nourishment mean to you, you will be able to use that wisdom and extend it to your home/family/community. This may look like creating a more stable living environment (signing a new lease, buying a home, moving out/having a roommate move out), or could simply be a positive relational shift with your family or housemates. You can create more stability and security in all relationships through creative and heartfelt communication and solutions. That means speaking and thinking from your heart, not logic, not the past, and not by reactive emotions. Once the emotional stability is embodied, you can access something deeper connected to your inner fire, your will, and your confidence. Speak from this voice. That may bring in the other meanings of this card, which include celebrations, marriage/proposal, a reunion, a party, and overall joy and peace—all centering around being social and connecting to others, where all are supported and stable.

    Astro Snapshot: 

    It’s a good thing you like intensity Scorpio, because October packs in some deep dives into your hidden abyss! The Libra Sun graces your 12th house bringing your subconscious into full awareness through relationships, and synchronicity and a bit of a hall of mirrors phase. You are a master of psychology, so if you approach this month as an opportunity to better master your own psyche, you will surely earn some alchemical gold by the time Venus enters your sign on the 23rd. Prepare for full submarine whale song journeys on the 25th when the Scorpio Solar Eclipse takes place forcing you to release anyone or anything that cannot fit or cannot tolerate the next phase of the journey with you. But there are gifts in all of this madness too…mastery of your own subconscious realms include a mastery of manifestation of dreams you want to create rather than the automatic matrix machinations you create to challenge you and keep you from boredom. You will be able to see all of the sharks in your deep waters, and harness them as sources of power. Your own hidden predatory power can be harnessed as raw energy to to level up your oratorial command when Mercury enters your sign on 10/29. Embrace the waters, surrender to the flow, and to your dreams. Your Phoenix begins to rise back up in the last week of October as the fiery orange and red leaves flock your steps! 



    Tarot Card: Queen of Swords (jumper: 5 of Pentacles)

    Last month, work and/or finances were very thematic, and this month, the 5 of Pentacles jumping out may be asking you to slow down or at least check in with your physical health connected to overworking. It may also be asking you to slow down spending if finances are out of balance. Usually, the 5 of Pentacles feels very health-related, so if you need to get a check-up, adjust your diet, or anything else in service to your physical and mental health and well-being, please slow it down and prioritize your health, Sag buds. This can also be connected to your primary card, the Queen of Swords, who is brutally honest, is future-focused, and is a master communicator who does not get distracted. She is mature and thinks logically and practically, priding clarity and truth over all else. She collects info and hen follows through on her plans, letting others know what’s up. Whatever you have going on this month, Sag, be sure to communicate clearly, honestly, and deliberately with yourself and others. Focus on truth and clarity, and any imbalances or issues will get aligned. This may look like having an honest conversation about money or health issues, or about seeking guidance and information about health or money from a wiser, mature woman. This card also reflects communication with maternal/crone energy to receive support this month. Caps got the King of Swords, so some of you may be in communication with a Capricorn.

    Astro Snapshot:

    In true form you will be the life of the party from neighborhood meet ups to masquerade balls with the Libra Sun lighting up your 11th house of community and networking. Lightning bolt innovations and creative solutions will put you on speed dial at work and among friends. You’ll enjoy socializing more than ever and when the Aries full moon on 10/9 falls in your 5th house of playfulness, love, and entertainment you will be enthroned by affection and adoration. Your heart is a flaming forge and your words are gold! The Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on the 25th will have you making a 180 to face inward and observe what you find in the black mirror when the party lights go out. This is where you get to the core of your ever present flame….what is the fuel that keeps your passion burning bright, and will it burn into eternity? This is where you meet the mortal questions, and seek the blue whirl flame which leaves not a trace of soot or smoke and leaves you with a crystal clear knowing of your eternal energy form. Think of it as an undersea adventure where you get to learn to speak a new language..and that is the language of your soul. 



    Tarot Card: King of Swords

    Sag folks got the Queen of Swords, so some of you may be dealing with a Sag. Both the king and queen are masters of their suit, therefore, master communicators who seek the truth, seek honesty, and have ideas that can be useful and supportive to you. This is the masculine energy of the two, where focusing on the present (not trudging up the past or overly thinking about the future) is key. This king is facing straight ahead, communicating face to face, so a civil and mature confrontation may be needed. This card’s energy also symbolizes intellect and using logic and information to inform choices, not emotion or passion. There is an aura of authority, as well, so there may be a masculine air sign you are working with in some capacity this month, as a teacher, mentor, even a judge. There is a bit of a chilly vibe to this king and queen, which is not always bad if you perhaps need to be more grounded and have better boundaries with someone you tend to people please. Overall, being honest with yourself and others, focusing on clarity and healthy communication, and gaining personal empowerment by speaking your truth in a straightforward way are all offerings to you this month, Cap. However, you do not want to tamp down emotions, but rather control them in a way so you can communicate clearly and honestly in the present. Mindful, ethical, and discerning communication are all key in October for you!

    Astro Snapshot:

    You are in luck Capricorn…the Libra Sun will make October a month of accolades, promotion, and career goals being met! You’ll also have extra luck in business partnerships, and when the Sun moves into Scorpio on the 23rd your social networking skills and shared innovations will be on 11. The seeds you plant in October will carry growth in fertile friend and ally connections stretching through winter into Spring. Pluto goes direct in your sign on 10/8 and you can expect some hidden motors to kick in to actualize any deep buried desires you’ve kept on the back burner for practicalities sake. 

    Full Aries moon on the 9th has you addressing any imbalances in the home or with your parents in a direct fashion…honesty is great, but keep your candor in alignment with the care of the 4th house the full moon is activating. Your ruler Saturn goes direct on the 23rd lending some serious jackpot energy to those career connections if you’ve kept a good name in your circle. The Scorpio Solar Eclipse on the 25th may have you making a new rulebook regarding community, intimacy, nourishing emotional connections, and group psychology. Think Age of Aquarius Utopian Community Guidelines. With your 10th house of career and achievement being activated, all eyes will be on you, so you may need to tighten up your public image, and cut out entangled relationships that muddy up your fertile crop. Own your words and actions with full integrity this month and your reputation is sure to make a quantum leap, giving you a power-up for many seasons to come! 



    Tarot Card: 3 of Swords

    Aquarius friends, where is your mind hijacking your heart? As an air sign, intellect and ideas are your good friends, but sometimes they can be overused and turned into coping mechanisms that disconnect you from your heart space (and other people). As the more “removed” air sign, this over intellectualization may be familiar and a comfort zone, but one that does not serve you in this situation… Often, this card is interpreted as the “heartbreak” card, which is possible, but it’s not a card about emotions. It’s about painful communication or thoughts that create disconnection, and possibly as a result of a recent choice that was made. This disconnect could manifest as rejection, betrayal, or really painful comments that can’t be unsaid. It may be a conversation that caused some harm, or more internally, thoughts that are causing pain. For me, this card also often represents some sort of triangulation around romance or any intimate relationships (so could be family or friends). My advice would be to be really, really honest with yourself and others about what you are experiencing and your version of the reality you all share. Also, reflect on the narratives you are telling yourself about yourself, about someone else, or about your relationship. Trace certain words or ideas within that narrative back to their source… What’s underneath the sharp words? Anger, disappointment? What deeper, older wound is it hitting? Then crack open some Rumi medicine with The 3 Gates and ask: “Is what you are saying true? Is it necessary? Is it kind?” All experiences help us grow, so no matter how chill or intense your 3 of Swords experience may be, just remember this is a learning opportunity and the clouds will always pass.

    Astro Snapshot:

    The rebel water bearer is not one to follow gurus, but October will certainly bring a spiritual teacher, yoga class, or metaphysical philosophy to expand your already innovative mind, and open your doors of perception. Even your neighborhood may feel a bit more expansive as the Aries full moon on the 9th has you chatting with new neighbors and maybe even joining in on a potluck bonfire night. Also, road trips, quick getaways, and educational adventures are cosmically encouraged As the sun moves into Scorpio on the 23rd along with Venus your career sector is highlighted and you will have extra magnetism to pull collaborators and clients into your fresh entrepreneurial enterprises. Your ancient ruler Saturn goes direct in Aquarius on 10/23 as well, freeing up the stagnation you’ve felt since June 4th. Utilize this energy by taking a leap of faith and embracing the Scorpio Solar Eclipse energy on 10/25 to allow deeper bonds to form with friends and allies in career and personal life. Relationships are the key to success in love and career, and your ability to curate and form enduring connections will be amplified through the end of the month. Your ideas can be too innovative for many, but in October you’ll find the perfect audience for both the tricks and treats you have up your sleeve. 



    Tarot Card: 2 of Cups

    Pisces, you are truly swimming in the waters of emotion and relationships during the transition of summer to fall… This month, your focus is on your most intimate relationship(s) and/or the values and desires you have in relation to what partnership means to you. For some, there will be an opportunity for a new romantic partnership coming in, as the seed was already planted a bit ago and in October, there is finally connection. This is still in a “potential” phase, though! You must show up and share from your cup, too. Reciprocity, union, and intimacy are all themes. For others, there may be a contractual union, romantic or otherwise, with someone you deeply trust and feel a soul connection with. It could be work-related or a friendship, not necessarily romantic, but there is a deep flowing spiritual energy between you two. Anyone who is already partnered, this may be a simple nudge to tend to your partnership with love and care by checking in on reciprocity and balance of energies… With so many Rx planets as of late, reassessing and revisiting can refill your cups if they have been dry.

    Astro Snapshot:  

    Proceed with caution Pisces…your beautiful waters may get a bit deep and dark with the Libra Sun activating your 8th house of sex, death, taboo, and other peoples money. This can bring up inheritance issues, taxes, debt deadlines, and psychological emotional imbalances realting to sex and power. But fear not! The Aries New Moon on 10/9 amps up your ability to plant seeds for financial growth, job promotion, asset value increase, and knowing your worth. Ultimately you’ve got the ingredients for deep and lasting transformation of your relationship to money, power, sex, and abundant fertile growth. I’m feeling the re-birth of some potent Empress/Emperor energy here if you play your cards right. Venus moving into Scorpio on the 23rd and the Scorpio Solar Eclipse on 10/25 lead you to learn something deeply transformative that you’ve had curiosity about for some time now. This may activate travel plans into foreign cultures, a new metaphysical or spiritual practice, or even a consciousness expanding adventure like a trip to Nepal. Let any chains sink to the bottom of your ocean, and trust in the lessons that come with liberating transformative gusto! Seachange is assured, and Jupiter retrograde in your sign on the 28th will reopen your sleeping dreams and give wind to the sails of your celestial mission.








    Check out The Mirrored Lantern on Instagram for magick, tarot, and astro insights! If you are in Los Angeles and are interested in seeking professional psychotherapy services, DM Kerstin @themirrroredlantern to connect about seeking sliding scale Telehealth psychotherapy sessions with her as a pre-licensed integrative psychotherapist, focusing on Depth & Jungian Psychology.

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