October 2021 Horoscopes

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October 2021 Horoscopes

Horoscopes by Kerstin Hern from The Mirrored Lantern  / Original art for J. Southern Studio by Spirited Animals


October 2021 Tarotscopes


October is here, when the veil is thin and we all can feel a shift in the air—from the cooler weather to unseen energies, it always feels like something is stirring! Very happy solar return wishes to all the Libras and early Scorpios out there! Below is this month’s tarot message and astrology snapshot for each individual sign. There is a lot of celestial energy for most signs, so these are just snapshots! Be sure to read your sun, rising, and moon signs for the full narrative. If you don’t know your signs, you can generate your natal chart for free at Cafe Astrology.

The fire element was VERY prevalent in this month’s readings because I pulled A LOT of Wands, indicating changes, passion, creativity, community, and power are all important themes. Towards the end of October into Scorpio season is a time when the energy shifts into more liminal and shadowy spaces where magick is really alive for all.

Also, I’d like to note that Cancer suns, moons, risings have a big message this month. Your reading was very clairsentient for me. That said, I would also offer the suggestion that everyone check what house is ruled by Cancer in your astrology chart to see what part of your life may have a big choice, calling, and/or shift in it. I could have written 5 pages for that pull! 

Stay tuned for the Celestial Insights blog for this month’s notable transits and the two major lunations with their symbols, ritual + altar inspiration, mantras, and more.

Here are your tarot + astro messages:



Tarot Card- 2 of Wands (Jumper: The Hanged Man): The Hanged Man popped out, and as a Major Arcana card—a secret “key”—your tarot message is prefaced with the guidance to take a new perspective to get the whole picture, as well as integrating the understanding that sometimes, self-sacrifice is needed to gain more wisdom. Odin hung upside from the World Tree for nine days/nights to become enlightened… More metaphorically (and comfortably), maybe lay in a hammock or on a blanket in a park and do some perspective-shifting. Cancers also got The Hanged Man as a jumper, so check their reading or note any Cancers in your life. The 2 of Wands indicates some sort of planning in its beginning stages. You may be guided to revise and make a new plan around something in your life, or an opportunity for something new is coming in, but you aren’t quite there yet—meticulous research and blueprinting (and patience!) are required first for success before making moves. If you are feeling bored with what is in your hands (this card shows a person holding the world in their hands), change your perspective (Hanged Man) and you will discover a treasure trove to be grateful for.

Astro Snapshot: On the 1st, Chiron in your sign opposes the sun in Libra and trines the moon in Leo. This is relevant to all but especially potent for Aries folks during the time Chiron spends in your sign. Here, your deepest wounds of Self are spot lit by the sun in a sign that wishes to bring balance and harmony to all relationships, including with ourselves. Uncovering fears and pain to transmute it through the harmonizing fire moon in Leo, a sign of childhood and rebirth, is a fantastic addition to this transmutational transit. Then, on the 17th, Chiron makes an exact opposition to Mercury (also in Libra), bringing insights around healing, possibly from some outside source, which can show up like a trigger. Also, be aware that words can hurt—it goes both ways! On the 18th, Chiron conjuncts the moon, which will smooth over the painful triggers (that serve as useful info) by attracting emotionally comfy people and experiences to help you experience emotional peace and healing. It may still feel intense (the moon) but the edges will soften.



Tarot Card- Queen of Wands: You know I’m going to say it: Queen of Wands is one of my beloveds! This Fire Queen is not just confident and powerful (fire qualities), she is extremely creative and is connected spiritually to art and inspiring others through art and all forms of creation. This may be a person that is important for you in some way in October, or this is the type of energy you are encouraged to step into. Put her salamander cloak on, sit in her throne… What does it feel like? Powering up your battery of sacred inner fire in October is important, Taurus friends. I also feel like movement (maybe travel?) and passionate communication is in the air, possibly around partnering romantically. This Queen also harnesses sexual energy, so don’t tamp down your inner fire and passion, and try not to be stubborn or too fixed on “what ifs”! Let the Q of W ignite you and open you to receive. Queens are yin energy, that of receiving energy and/or abundance. As my “witch card” with black cat familiar in tow, she says you are protected and promotes being a participant in creating your own magick. 

Astro Snapshot: Uranus in your sign squares the moon in Sagittarius on the 2nd, potentially bringing some unexpected mood swings and impulse control issues either in yourself or others around you. Just remember this energy will pass shortly, so just be mindful of being mindful on these days! Uranus and Black Moon Lilith form a conjunction in your sign on the 9-10th, which ignites your most raw, innate urges and creative instincts craving to be surfaced. This can feel or happen unexpectedly (Uranus) but be helpful in breaking you out of a personal rut or stubbornness around some area of your life. Independence and dark divine femme energy coupled with the electricity of Uranus are the main vibes of this transit.



Tarot Card- Knight of Wands: The passionate protector, the Knight of Wands may be another person, or you, who is either defending/defensive in some way around the realm of community, creative pursuits, or where you are feeling lit up and impassioned in your life right now. Capricorns also got this card, so check their reading, as well, as you may be in cahoots with a Cap this month… Knights also show up to encourage us into taking action around where we have a deep sense of purpose. The Fire Knight is bold, courageous, and eager to move, so this also feels like travel is possible. This feels adventurous, whether you are going on an adventure in travel, or being adventurous in spirit to move forward a goal or desire without getting too much in your head (claaaassic Gemini, right?!). I would offer to use this fire as fuel to move and take action in some area of your life, but be sure you have a map of where you are going. Making plans before firing off will help keep you on course and focused this month while satiating this Air sign’s need for intellectualizing the “fire” with plans.

Astro Snapshot: The month starts with fierce Black Moon Lilith in your sign on the 1st, which amplifies energy around having your voice heard and speaking up for marginalized people AND yourself, especially around abuse and power. She brings divine chaos to disrupt, and conjunct the North Node at this time, this is fated and divinely guided. Ceres is also in your sign with these two, and she represents where and how we feel nurtured. This trio is back on the 17th-22nd, so this personal power theme of the divine dark feminine is of note. On the 23rd (when the Sun ingresses into Scorpio), the three are joined by the moon, forming a stellium in Gemini. This is big communication and idea energy rooted in our deepest emotional bodies and our social emotional selves getting expressed. Nurturing yourselves and others by fiercely expressing yourself and using the gifts found in your darkest spaces are the message.



Tarot Card- Judgement (Jumper: The Hanged Man): Ok y’all, shuffling these cards, I got really warm and my hands felt shaky, not like fear and anxiety, but buzzing… There is a lot of big, electrical energy around Cancers in October, and off the bat, I’d say there are major burdens getting released through making hard but important choices. For some, this is around work or what you’ve been putting lots of energy into, but for all, it feels like big cycles closing that will notably shift you into a new space. Shuffling, it felt like new beginnings or re-dos in some area of your life (Fool card energy). Back to the pulled cards, though: The Hanged Man jumped out and slid on the floor like “Yo!! Look at me, this is important!”. Aries also got this as a jumper, so some of you may be dealing with an Aries in some way or have Aries placements (maybe planets in your 1st house). This card calls on you to take a new perspective for your highest good, like flipping upside down and seeing the situation from a completely different vantage point to get new information, insights, or understanding. As I mentioned to Aries, this can also be some form of sacrifice, be it ego sacrifice or un-clutching something you are white knuckling that really needs to be let go so you can move forwards and upwards. Judgment (you have TWO Major Arcana keys to unlock doors in your world!) shows up when you have a major choice that is part of your soul path that can alter your journey. This may feel like a calling to process and move out something/someone from the past that is holding you down or back. Remember, there is no right or wrong choice, but heeding your intuitive guidance and going with gut feelings will help you make your idea of “the best choice” that feels vibrationally higher. This choice will move you through releasing one karmic lesson that will bring joy and peace. If you don’t, that’s ok, nothing bad is going to happen, and we always get to come back and try again in other incarnations. I know this sounds so intense, but I’m just keeping it real… Anyone who watches my weekly tarot videos knows I have some kind of intense connective energy with Cancers that always is really homed in (I have a stellium in my Cancer-ruled 8th house, including Mercury and Venus). Last comment: Judgment can often be “bringing something back from the dead” in my readings, so rekindling, forgiveness, amends, and trying again in some area of your life seems pertinent to mention, as well. Whew! 

Astro Snapshot: The only celestial body in your sign this month is the moon, from the 25-27th. However, she is busy: She makes an exact trine to the sun in Scorpio on the 25th (brings tensions to the surface, especially deeply hidden and unconscious Scorpio energy, and harmonizes yin/yang energies), then squares Mercury in Libra on the 26th (shines light on friction and conflict in relationship communication and current ideas about relationships), then finally squares Mars in Libra (competitiveness, aggressiveness with self-centered emotions and passionate expression) and opposes Pluto in Capricorn (a flood of emotions and intuitive insights around power and structure in both your world and all structures in which you are a part of; can be dramatic in relationships)—both of those on the 27th. That three-day period may be intense but a LOT of information and potential for healing is there, along with character-building and personal transformation.



Tarot Card- The Hierophant (Jumper: Ace of Wands): Immediately, “marriage” popped into my head when I pulled this card, so perhaps some Leos are getting engaged or married this month! More broadly, this Major Arcana card represents tradition, sometimes bringing to light personal outdated antiquated beliefs, but also spiritual advisors, counselors, and guru energy. In Crowley’s version, this card represents initiation, specifically around the occult, with a huge key in the hand of the guru. I would say some form of ceremony, initiation, or deep wisdom will be offered to you this month, and it is your choice whether you wish to accept and move through another passage of life. Education is also of note with this card, so up-leveling learning/higher-learning (especially spiritual learning!) may be a fated offering for your highest good OR a role that you may be initiated into as the counselor. Look out for a guide coming in or synchronicities that resonate with you and guide you to move through an area of your life with more ease and meaning. The flip side can be authority or “father” energy, which can be a more restrictive feeling. This may be where this card has a religious feel and conformity is the focal point, especially round breaking bonds formed through family, especially in childhood. Psychologically, I would make effort to bring awareness to the balance of your tripartite Self: your id (unconscious instincts and what is buried), your superego (your conscious self and moral conscience that considers others) and your ego (the subconscious mediator of the other two that forms your identity) to make important choices this month for your long-tern spiritual well-being. The Ace of Wands jumper is a spark happening within you, most likely around these aforementioned themes. Aces are new beginnings and insights from the Divine (a hand in clouds offering you something). In the Wands suit, it is around GROWTH that may be creatively offered/accepted and pertains to community. The Ace of Wands is a new beginning that offers you strength and power.

Astro Snapshot: Like Cancers, the only celestial body in your sign in October is the moon on the 1st-2nd and 28th-29th. On the 1st, the moon in your sign will trine Chiron in Aries and square Uranus in Taurus. This impulsive and highly stimulating activity brings up creative and intuitive opportunities to process emotional pain in unexpected yet transformative ways, suggesting to really follow your gut and intuitive feelings. On the 2nd, she’ll square Venus in Scorpio, highlighting personal relationships and love conflicts or tensions. On the 27th, your moon opposes Saturn in Aquarius and trines Chiron in Aries a second time, perhaps completing the healing story from earlier in the month, but with some darker emotions from Saturn, which can feel cold, lonely, and distanced. Try to use those low vibrations as information about where deficits lie. Finally, on the 29th, she opposes Jupiter in Aquarius, warming up those cold Saturnian energies, so nurturing yourself or others will close out this emotional period with optimism.



Tarot Card- Knight of Pentacles: Pentacles are quite the theme for Virgos this summer and fall… You got the Page of Pentacles last month, segueing you into the Knight in October, who has received the message, started the learning/teaching, and now is acting around receiving and defending their abundance on the material plane—be it through work, school, however you make/receive extra money, and physical health. I also feel a sense of clarity, like some confusion has cleared (or will clear up for you this month). This Knight moves slow and steady, so your message is to know that whatever big goal you are working toward may either take longer than you think or will involve hard work but be very rewarding. Slow and steady for this goal is key because that allows strong healthy roots to plant and sustain. All Knights like movement and adventure, but this Knight is more trepidatious and practical about what moves to make next. However, balance is always key, so being too practical and over-working can stray you from the abundance you have in front of you in the present moment, as well as connecting to emotion and intuition. Be aware of bringing balance where needed (very Libra traits in this Libra season!), and know that simplicity and unhurried movement/action are best right now. 

Astro Snapshot: Your emotional realm is like Leos in that the moon in your sign flanks the month, creating a narrative around emotional journeys opening then closing this period, leaving you with more wisdom and insight than you had before. The moon is in your sign on the 3rd-4th, and specifically on the 4th, forms a grand earth trine with Pluto in Cap and Black Moon Lilith in Taurus. This brings grounded balance, material fortune, and harvesting abundance through transformation around your emotions in relationships, your raw desire, and personal power. This highlights security, resourcefulness, and stability coming in. Then, the 30th-31st, the moon is back in your sign, loosely squaring both nodes on the 30th. This highlights that connecting with your emotions and using them as guideposts is how you will achieve soul growth. By being vulnerable and nurturing yourself (and others), you will move through any growing pains you’re experiencing at this time. Accept and even seek out situations where you feel emotionally raw and can experience vulnerability, because it is through that experience that you can genuinely appreciate beauty and emerge in butterfly form.



Tarot Card- 2 of Cups: Nice, Libras! What a perfect card for you in your New Moon month around new beginnings in love in your 1st house of Self! This can look like you meeting a soulmate (most likely romantic but can be any intimate partnership that is soul-centered), or whomever is in your life right now with the potential to be more, may move into a more intimate space in your world. In any case, some form of partnership founded on love and reciprocity is the theme for October. As I was shuffling, I felt “waiting for work” and “working hard” coming up, so this may be a fated work partnership of some kind, as well. Relationships are your jam, and whether they are a lover, friend, or business partner, it looks like there will be a commitment coming in soon. I would really pay attention to October 3-9 for partnership signs and synchronicities. I do want to note, the themes of unity in this card may also speak to the wholeness we reach in relationship to ourselves… If you have been doing work in therapy and processing pain, this card may show up for you feeling your fractured parts coming together and unifying in healing and wholeness. This card has Hermes’ caduceus, which represents wisdom and healing. Lastly, I want to mention the message “do not go it alone” to some of you.

Astro Snapshot: This is your season, Libras! The sun shines on you through the month til the 23rd. You have a stellium on the 5-6th with the sun, moon, Mars, and Mercury in your sign, and the sun and Mars are in exact conjunction on the 5th. This stellium brings a lot of energy into your sign around taking action/responding and having conversations (possibly for a second time) about relationships, especially being less fickle and taking action to move them forward. The new moon is in your sign on the 6th is all about starting new or expanding relationships, and/or rekindling past relationships (since Mercury is Rx). There is also a lot of sexual energy powered by Mars, so libido is kicked up a notch at this time! On the 15th, the sun in your sign trines Jupiter in Aquarius, a beautiful, harmonious aspect (some say it’s the best transit) that brings optimism, expansion, warmth, and growth in all of your relationships. Mercury goes direct on the 18th, but the energy is always clunky a few days before and after it stations direct since it has to slow down then start up again. Just be patient, transparent, and double check all communication three times before sending from the 15-21st. Mercury in this clunky phase will be directly opposing Chiron on the 16-17th, so this could be a time where old wounds are triggered, specially around not being heard.



Tarot Card- 9 of Pentacles (Jumper: 2 of Wands): I feel like Scorpios have been working hard on something throughout this year, whether it is actual physical/career work or some kind of emotional labor, and October (some of your solar returns!) is the month where the cycle will close and where achievement will be experienced. Your primary card is the 9 of Pentacles, a card symbolizing self-made abundance through discipline, financial abundance and security through hard work, and being in balance with your physical world in all of its forms: money, your body, and nature. Either you are in the throes of or are about to feel your success! The message of this card is also to maintain self-awareness and balance in the seat of success, as the person in the card is touching both the pentacle (money/wealth) with one hand and a bird resting on her other hand, representing not only the natural world, but the less tangible that also brings us emotional and spiritual abundance. There is a part of this card that also calls on the sacrifice made by having to compromise some things to this place. You may need to strike a compromise this month, or really step into a space of self-reliance to achieve the success you are after.

Astro Snapshot: The sun and Mars move into your sign on the 23rd (happy bday!!), highlighting your sign with the bright light of the sun. Mars ingress Scorpio adds an intense and compulsive action energy to this time period for all, but for Scorpios, you are feeling motivated, action-oriented, and passionate! On the 26th, the sun in your sign exact trines the moon in Cancer, making you confident and quite attractive to all sorts of folks, which can bring success and luck. This double-water energy is also so incredibly ripe for psychic insights and harmonizing/unifying your inner and outer worlds. On the 30th, the sun in your sign makes an exact square to Saturn in Aquarius. This can bring up personal challenges and cosmic tests that may dampen self-esteem, but after that trine on the 26th, may be humbling to balance out power, giving you some insights around what security means to you at this juncture.



Tarot Card- The Magician: Firstly, as I shuffled and cut the deck (and FYI, for each sign’s reading, I shuffle and cut for about 2 minutes straight, sometimes longer until I feel the cards are ready), I saw the 9 of Cups several times. So as a mini message, I want to share that whatever you are wishing for seems to be coming in soon but needs a bit more time, however fulfillment in some area of your life is near… The card I pulled is The Magician, which is a wonderful companion to the 9 of Cups regarding making your own wishes come true with all of the resources you have. To that point, take stock of all of the resources at your disposal—they are all there whether you see them or not. The Magician is yang energy that underlines action and consciousness to make your reality what you wish. The Magician is a creator and a manifestor, and when in balance using all the elements (earth, air, fire, water and their symbolic meanings), he can create something new and powerful. When you look at this card, it is clear that the human Magician is a conduit of Divine force and the material realm: as above, so below. Use your power to create and express yourself outwardly—do not hoard power or let it take you over. This goes for others, as well… Acknowledge where power lies in your life and where any imbalances may lurk, and reclaim yours, if need be. Really activate that solar plexus will power to spark your inner fire to make the changes you want to see and want to live. This is your message to take passionate action!

Astro Snapshot: Venus moves into your sign on the 7th, adding extra potent love and beauty energy to your sign, while also highlighting values and aesthetics. You also have a stellium (4+ planets in one sign) in your sign, including the South Node (your comfort zone but also what needs releasing in this incarnation), Venus (love, value, aesthetics, money), the Moon (emotions and intuition), and Juno (marriage/partnership) on October 9-10th. This means a lot of personal fire energy around feelings about love, partnership, and marriage. Pisces folks are on the other end of this, so this may include a Pisces relationship. This could either be your marriage or your feelings about what marriage/partnership means to you. Venus squares Neptune on the 26th, which can uproot insecurity about love and marriage, but the good news is there is also an exact Venus/Juno conjunction on Halloween (31st) and very close a few days leading up to it… This will really highlight and nurture love and partnership in your life, and will be easier to express love and commit to someone. This can be strong love attraction energy for single/looking folks!



Tarot Card- Knight of Wands: Gemini also got this card, so I would read their tarot message, as well, since you may be dealing with a Gemini this month. As I was shuffling, I kept dropping the cards and several would fly out at a time, my arms were buzzing, and I had a feeling of being overwhelmed or literally having my hands full. So, many of you may be in this type of energy early in the month (or were last month). Whereas I felt like movement and adventure were more prominent for Geminis, this Knight feels like defensiveness for Caps. This card still is asking you to take action around something, specifically where you are passionate or connected to many people, your community, but there is a piece here that deals with either you being stubborn and defensive or someone else is showing up like that to you. Just remember, this kind of passion means everyone feels like they are right and have the best idea for the group… Step back and assess all of the moving parts, all of the personalities involved, and what everyone has to say. If you feel put upon, there is nothing wrong with defending your ideas, it’s just how you do it that matters. Likewise, if you have been anxious (and I want to say for some, not sleeping well), you are holding your fire in and this is your message to let out your passionate concern, idea, or contribution. The bottom line is October means taking action around heart-centered pursuits!

Astro Snapshot: Pluto in your sign is active in power struggles with Libra this month, kicking up where you need to revise and review power in relationships… Specifically, Pluto makes an exact square to Mercury in Libra on the 1st (mental conflict, powers struggle around ideas, and influencing others thoughts), an exact square to the sun in Libra on 17th (getting easily provoked in relationships, personal raw power [shoutout Stooges!] emerging, and ego transformation), trines the Taurus moon 22nd (depth of emotion and relationships are apparent, along with powerful intuition, all which can transform relationships more peacefully), and finally a it squares Mars in Libra on 25th (some conflict that can have both passion and aggression/emotional outbursts, but overall, opening the valve and letting out any suppressed anger will be healthy). Just try to keep balanced and non-defensive to move through these upticks with ease. It’s all in the name of growth.



Tarot Card- 8 of Cups: Something or someone (most likely a relationship) has been weighing on you for some time, Aquarius friends. This is probably something/someone that already had one upset that caused pain, grief, or anxiety already (5 of Cups) and now this month, you are called to finally walk away for good. Literally move away from this person or situation, or emotionally release, to end this emotional burden or relationship. You know deep down you’ve needed to do this, and it’s hard, but now, this month, it feels the most right. For others, there may be some sort of cathartic breakthrough where emotional weight was released through therapeutic work, be it psychotherapy, personal journaling/narrative contemplation, or magickal practice. In any case, there may be a dual sense of loss and relief, because you know what you have to or had to do, but now you can and will move on. People are put into our lives as teachers and are part of our karma so we can learn about relationships. This has a Hermit feel to it, as well, regarding self-awareness and inner knowledge to attain wisdom. Accept the lesson, thank them, and let them go. I really feel like there is a huge light and weightlessness waiting for you once you move past this lesson.

Astro Snapshot: Jupiter (expansion) and Saturn (lessons) are both in your sign and have lots of interaction with Libra (relationships) planets this month. On the 3rd, Jupiter in your sign makes an exact trine to Mercury in Libra (adding luck and expansion in relationship communication using optimistic language, so you can bring balance and harmony through conversation). On the 15th, Jupiter trines the sun in Libra (immense feeling of well-being and harmony, lots of good luck and expansion in all relationships, and the potential for you connecting with others through giving them recognition). On the 18th, Jupiter trines Mars in Libra (ambition bringing success), and on the 30th, Saturn in your sign trines the sun in Scorpio (a sense of seriousness and fortitude coupled with endurance to make change and succeed, working well with authority and acknowledging power structures to your benefit).



Tarot Card- The Emperor: Pisces friends, you received the Major Arcana message to step into Aries energy! Not only does this feel significant because we have an Aries Full Moon this month, but you are the 12th and final sign of the zodiac—deep intuition, the unconscious, what is hidden, the shadow, and water energy and Aries is the first sign—the Self, the ego, being seen and heard, fire energy… So the word that comes up for me right now is REBIRTH. Although the Hierophant can feel “fatherly” in a spiritual way (it used to be The Pope card), The Emperor is the father archetype within family, and more broadly, society. Other themes with this card involve order and stability, so perhaps you are in or will be in a transformational state of rebirth into a new sense of stable self this month. I would say this also has a huge synchronicity with last month’s Full Moon in your sign, where major releases and closures happened, including deep parts of your self that you may not even realize have been processed and transmuted yet. It seems you are in a period of renewal that will bring more stability and thus, more of your creativity and natural essence to the fore. Additionally, some of you may be stepping into a position of power and leadership. Overall, you are all entering a phase of igniting personal fire on a new path that is changing part of your identity and how you are seen in the world.

Astro Snapshot: You have a handful of Venus and Juno (both in Sag) aspects with Neptune and Pallas (both in your sign) this month, and Sagittarius folks are on the other end of those partnerships, so you may be dealing with a Sag relationship. Neptune trines the moon in Scorpio on the 8th, which activates intuition, compassion, spirituality, and as a Scorpio moon: connection to the occult, then squares the moon in Sag on the 10th, pushing forth personal changes that unlock creativity and imagination and can feel like an escape from reality. Pallas in Pisces then squares Ceres in Gemini on the 15th, encouraging you to analyze and intuitively strategize how you need to be nurtured by your partner and express that to them. Neptune squares Juno in Sag on the 16th (be weary of over-idealizing your partner and only seeing/hearing what your fantasy wants to see and hear). On the 26th, Neptune in your sign squares Venus in Sag, which may uproot insecurity about love and marriage, and may bring up unrealistic views about yourself in relation to beauty… Remember: Not all thoughts are real and you are NOT your thoughts! Do not let anyone take advantage of you when you are in this insecure space coupled with your tender, compassionate heart. This is the “Fool In Love” kinda energy, so just having this awareness ahead of time will hopefully remind you to cut through the fog to get clear info and have your needs met.



Need ritual inspiration for the month ahead? Find more of what you need for your practice below! Also, check out my weekly elemental tarot readings on Mondays @themirrroredlantern on Instagram for weekly insights to supplement this big monthly energy!

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Kerstin from The Mirrored Lantern has practiced right hand path magick and tarot for over 28 years and has been a lover and learner of astrology for just as long… She is currently in graduate school for Clinical Psychology with a specialization in Spiritual & Depth Psychology. Follow her on instagram @themirroredlantern for witch tips, occulture, and depth psych tidbits!


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