May 2022 Tarotscopes

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May 2022 Tarotscopes

Astrology by Richard Contreras
Tarot by Kerstin Hern of The Mirrored Lantern
Original art for J. Southern Studio by Spirited Animals

May 2022 Tarotscopes

May greetings to all, and happy solar return wishes to Taurus and early Gemini folks! Below are your intuitive tarot readings coupled with insightful astro snapshots by Richard, per sign, for this month ahead. I am also pulling a card for the collective, which you can use in conjunction with your personal tarot card to create a more robust narrative around what is calling your attention during this monthly cycle, or as a clarifier for your zodiac’s card.

Of note this month are the themes of change and action. Everyone is going through major lessons, cycles, and shifts: The Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in Pisces last month likely cracked some things open, as well as slowed us down a bit (same with our entry into Taurus season). These sacred pauses are excellent checkpoints for introspection and assessing ourselves and how we are showing up in our lives. Now, May is bringing the Jupiter/Pluto energy of transformation, asking us to use our newfound insights to make necessary change, take actions, and claim awesome opportunities that present themselves. Some of the work here will also be around our spiritual selves and the energy we have been holding through many incarnations; see the collective reading below. This month’s eclipse will be auspicious for cutting some cords and chopping off dead energetic weight so we may fully embody the change we’re ready for!

To get the most out of these Horoscopes, please read them based off of your Ascendant/ Rising sign, as these are the signs that are the basis of our monthly breakdowns. Your Ascendant sign is the sign of the Zodiac which was rising on the eastern horizon at the time, date & location of our birth, and it provides us with a much more individualized view of our personal astrology. If you do not yet know your Rising Sign, feel free to find it here: Chart Drawing, Ascendant. All you will need is the closest possible time, date & location of your birth. For those not able to find an accurate Rising Sign, you can secondarily read these horoscopes by your Sun sign and thirdly by your Moon sign.

Stay tuned for the Celestial Insights blog to see what the stars have to say, along with lunar magick offerings!



Deck Used: Thoth Deck
Card: The Hierophant

The overall energetic message for this month that you can use to expand and clarify your personal card reading is: The Hierophant. Another major arcana card for the collective, which is also the Taurus card, speaking to the fact that we are all moving through major cycles of growth and change, pains and all. This card speaks to spiritual growth, old dusty inner doors getting unlocked/activated for the purpose of learning lessons and releasing karma, the theme of teacher/guru energy (and your inner teacher) coming into you or being expressed through you, and according to some symbols specific in this card; atonement and forgiveness are highlighted.

This card is Key 5: Vau, which means “nail.” There is a lot of symbolism here, but I will note a handful of things to think about…. You can see the nine nails piercing the snake over the priest’s head. The nails refer to atonement, snakes represent many things, one being transformation, love, and Kundalini energy. There is also a dove (peace and spirit incarnate) at the snake’s tail, which can point to the ouroboros and never-ending flow of life/death, spirit/matter and our souls’ evolution through these processes. He is also covered by a faint hexagram (macrocosm), is holding a large wand (manifestation/direction of energy + 3 rings = 3 Aeons), and his left hands is in the Prana Mudra (“spirit of life”, channels healthy flow of vital energy, and is also a blessing). The pentagram (Golden Ratio = perfection and beauty) in the center of his chest has a child within it, which I interpret as the inner child being healed/reborn (or in psych terms, reparented) through the transformational divination process of this card. Goddess Isis stands in front of the priest, in the form of the Scarlet Woman and fierce Venus. Also of note are the Cherubim (or Elemental Kerubim) in the corners, representing primordial energies and the 4 fixed signs, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius. These are also in the corners of the Wheel of Fortune card in the RWCS deck. 

The advice of this card would be to ground yourself and your spiritual learnings (Taurus = earth + stability) in the material world/your body, clean your energetic slate, have honest conversations with yourself and others, release ego blocks and stubbornness in order to understand your suffering or the suffering of others, learn any life/karmic lessons, and forgive those who come forth to you with an open heart. This self-honesty and humility bring spiritual healing and opens you to alignment with your Higher Self and enlightenment. Faith in your Guides and the Universe/Source energy may be testing you, which can be so frustrating and draining, but this is the tough love that pushes us to cull our inner resources and strength instead of looking outward.

Suffering seems very thematic these days on multiple levels and myriad layers… One of my favorite professors said yesterday that pain is real, but suffering is an illusion; an unconscious reaction to pain that is the abandonment of our inner Self (our “true home”). This is hard to sit with, but if you have been suffering, try to see it as a resistance to holding your pain, sitting in it, befriending it, and asking it what it needs or wants you to know. This is key in most psychotherapeutic work: moving toward the pain and the parts that are hurt by practicing mindfulness (curious nonjudgment) and compassion. Thich Nhat Hanh says that separation creates suffering… This can be separated parts of ourselves that need integration, but also separation from connecting with others. Reach out and touch someone, y’all. We all need it right now.



The first half of May sees us through the last of this year's first eclipse season. Ending April with a partial solar eclipse in Taurus, Mid-May we have a strong total lunar eclipse in Scorpio. Eclipse seasons are periods in time where the longer term growth and releasing patterns of our life become more visible. We may experience disturbances to the general flow of our life, become aware of something substantial that needs releasing or letting-go of, and feel a push out of our comfort zones into something new. Generally speaking, these periods are not great times to make deliberate efforts towards manifestation, and generally speaking, should be times of sitting back and paying attention to what may be unfolding. Once eclipse season comes to an end (after May 16th) we can take the information gathered and take action (within what is reasonable to do of course).

This May, we see an interesting play of energies. While we are rooted into Taurus grounded nature, we actually have a lot of stuff shifting under the surface with mercury going retrograde through most of the month in Taurus. May also sees Jupiter, the planet of faith, expansion and wisdom, move out of his home sign of Pisces, into Aries. This brings a strong energy of forward movement and drive, while Mercury looks to re-examine areas of our life which might be calling for a do-over or evolution.  



  • 5/10 Mercury Stations Retrograde in Gemini
  • 5/10 Jupiter enters Aries
  • 5/16 Total Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio
  • 5/21 Sun enters Gemini
  • 5/24 Mars enters Aries
  • 5/28 Venus enters Taurus
  • 5/30 New Moon in Gemini


  • Sun: Taurus & Gemini
  • Moon: Taurus- Cancer  
  • Mercury: Gemini- Taurus (RX)
  • Venus: Pisces- Taurus
  • Mars: Pisces-Aries
  • Jupiter: Pisces-Aries
  • Saturn: Aquarius
  • Uranus: Taurus
  • Neptune: Pisces
  • Pluto: Capricorn
  • North/ South Nodes: Taurus & Scorpio




Tarot Card: The Tower
Ok, before you get stressed—remember: there are no “bad” cards in the tarot! These are energies available to us… Furthermore, I had a revelation about the Tower card several months ago (I did a 2-part video on my IG if you are interested) about the Tower coming in as sacred Eris energy. Eris is Mars’ sister and represents Divine Feminine Anger, social justice, zero fucks about consequences when she is standing up for injustice. So, this card for you, Aries friends, is energetically connected to you as a sign ruled by Mars (and whose name comes from the god Ares). For some, this is an invitation to connect/re-connect to your sacred anger and speak out against anything that feels unjust. Eris work asks you to confront your and others’ shadows and do the work in those dark spaces. She has a Chiron vibe, where pain can be transmuted into fuel and power. You can check your natal chart and see what house asteroid Eris is located, and where she is transiting for a more microscopic look at where this energy is manifesting. For others, the more traditional meaning of this card can be that if you have been resisting confronting something that has been yelling for your attention, it is reaching a boiling point… Your denial can only sustain so long before the universe will send a bolt to jolt you into action or change, and it won’t be easy. If you have been putting some important action, conversation, or confrontation off, this is the last call for your participation before something outside of your control is going to make the change for you! You got this, Aries.

Astro Snapshot:

May has one key word for you and that is, Beginning! So much energy is coming out of your Pisces 12th house of introspection and endings, and comes charging into your Aries 1st house of starting new and initiation. Jupiter and Mars (your ruling planet) hype us this newness and initiation coming into your 1st house, and it is a great month to tackle a challenge you may have been avoiding, but more importantly, to put yourself out there! May’s astrology is all about self-expression, authenticity, and activity. However, what’s at play here with the eclipses, does put a focus on shifting something in your relationship with money and materials, so be mindful of what that might be for you and be careful to not go overboard with this. Something to be mindful of this month for you (especially towards the end of the month) is going overboard, being too brash and burning out. Anytime Jupiter and Mars are in the same sign, there can be TOO much hype, so just be mindful around that when it comes to areas of The Self and Ego.  


Tarot Card: The Sun

Taurus, what a wonderful card for this month, since for many, it is your solar return! This card comes shining through after some sort of culmination, closure, or completion last month for many of you, indicating healing, rebirth, and success. For some of you, it is also pointing to success in whatever you have been working on/wishing for… The message is to maintain optimism and confidence in your pursuits, be vulnerable in order to create connection, and know that vitality is coming in if you have had health issues. Overall, truth, success, and childlike freedom (or actually freeing your inner child through some recent emotional work) are highlighted.

Astro Snapshot
May brings forward for you quite a bit of progress in personal growth with so much happening in your Taurean 1st house of The Self and how you treat yourself. There may be quite a bit of uncertainty on the horizon right now, but under the surface, there is a deep-rooted sense of knowing something larger is at play. As Mercury retrogrades back into your first house this month, you may find yourself called to retrace your steps that you made through April, especially around matters of financial decisions, work and the ways you approach balancing out work with your personal need/ core values. This month’s emphasis on your 1st house brings a new level of personal power to things that you do, and directs that power to overcome, build and create.

Tarot Card: Death
Geminis, you have had some sort of poignant situation or realization recently, likely last month with that Page of Swords, which has opened up something needing to be healed and transmuted. The Death card is coming in to herald that composting of whatever old, outgrown, or stagnant energy in you or between you and another(s). Consciously confront what is ready to go and be released so that a healthier, stronger, more evolved part of you (or relationship) can be birthed. Change is needed somewhere in your life, and by being honest with yourself and others about what is ready to transform, you can start this process. The full moon eclipse in Scorpio is a great time this month to really do some deep digging (Death is the Scorpio card). Embrace this change; it is a sacred purification process that will clear space that you may have been holding lots of pain in through many lifetimes or even transgenerational trauma. There is a line drawn now where the “old” you (or “old” relationship, etc.) is in the past and the “new” can take form. This is the most cleansing card of the deck, so claim this medicine and shed your skin.

Astro Snapshot:
May is really about getting deep into studying your life and how you go about it. Mercury retrogrades back into your house which is associated with alone time, soul searching or even the ways in which we can be self-sabotaging. Pay attention to the patterns, habits and inner dialogue that take place in your life this month, especially if those matters may have also been active around mid-April. You have a lot of access right now to making breakthroughs in these situations and through that, create a great space for personal growth, rebirth & newness. There is also a noticeable presence of spiritual activity this month that may be turned up a bit, so call in what spiritually nurtures you, be it crystals, prayer, meditation, rituals or affirmations… All of this will be very important for you this month.

Tarot Card: Wheel of Fortune
Similar to Gems, this is another card about change… For many of you, there is a major cycle closing out and a new fated one coming in. It’s the Jupiter card, so associated with luck and expansion… This card speaks to a change fueled by getting in alignment with your soul path and destiny, so knowing that this energy is available, be aware of signs and synchronicities that point to personal fortune and be open to chance encounters and opportunities—and seize them! A big reminder for all from this card is that life is constantly changing, everything is in flux. Like a shark, stagnancy causes death, so we must move through it all with as much grace and gratitude as possible, seizing opportunities and joy as much as possible. What goes up must come down, and what’s been down will find its way back up. It’s also important to release control sometimes, trusting that the universe/Source/our Guides have our back.

Astro Snapshot:

May holds such a strong push towards sharing more authentic and self-expressive versions of yourself with the world around you. You may find this month that both the outer community around you, and your inner world will go through some reorganization or changeups. This is due to Mercury retrograding in your 11th house of community and society, bringing change and shifts to this area of life. You may also find that there is an emphasis to focus on personal ambitions right now, as Mercury calls you to retrace your steps in the area of life dealing with ambition, hopes and dreams. It might be a good time to check in with what truly brings you joy, and potentially clear away the voices of others that weigh in with their expectations or opinions of what you wish to build in your life.



Tarot Card: Ace of Swords
Clarity, new information, and/or truths are coming in for Leos this month. If you have been in a situation that has been nebulous, cloudy communication, or waiting for an answer, the Ace of Swords is coming in to cut through the fog and bring clarity. For others, there may be a communication on your end that needs to be expressed, so this is your sign to reach out speak your truth/the truth and provide clarity to someone. This card can also speak to mental clarity and focus, so the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in Pisces had to hazy, this month will usher in some cool winds to (I smell peppermint oil) to wake you up and help you focus better… And even feel less depressed if that has been resonant. Overall, the keyword is breakthrough relating to fresh energy, ideas, and info! Fill that diffuser with peppermint oil this month, Leos. 

Astro Snapshot:
So much of May is focused on forward movement and charging forward. You see a strong creative drive, a boost of confidence and a lot of what you have been doing lately will be pushed out into the public arena. This may bring a lot of public opinion and you may need to sort through what opinions are useful, and which might have a tint of negative projections on it, especially with Mercury retrograding in your 10th house of public image and public opinion. Another focus of this month for you is legacy, you might feel charged up and focusing on what you are building in your life that is long lasting, things that take a long time to build and achieve. It’s a great time to examine the details of how you are working on this and how you are allocating energy to the success of your legacy.
Tarot Card: Knight of Pentacles
The theme for Virgos this month is taking things slow and steady… The lunations are happening in your 3rd and 10th houses, so perhaps slowing down, revising planning, and having patience in matters related to siblings, learning/teaching, communications, work/career, and major achievements. Knights tend to be action-takers, bringing attention to taking action around work/finance or health matters, but in a deliberate and responsible way. They also carry in energy, so if you have been working on/expecting some money or work news, it may take longer than you’d like, but there is some movement there. This is a cautious knight, so protection of finances and/or health is also of note. For everyone, stay committed and try to be patient while tending to all of the tasks necessary to move toward your goal. Haste makes waste this month!
Astro Snapshot:
Breakthrough is on the horizon for you and you are just about there! May calls for you to access the power of your mind and your ability to use your mental faculties to organize what the other side of this breakthrough looks like. A lot of what this might be about for you may be around the ways you are trying to create something for your future but may be approaching that with old patterns of trying to achieve it. These coming months call for you to step out of that pattern and access Mercury’s childlike nature to experiment with something new. Trying new things and also, saying NO to certain things you previously said yes to, gives you access to a lot of what will refine your path forward.



Tarot Card: 5 of Cups
Damn y’all… You had 8 of Cups last month, offering you the advice to finally walk away from some relationship or drop emotional baggage that has been a pattern for you. This month the cycle moves back to the 5 of Cups, indicating the pattern recycling or a different situation that has you feeling some grief, disappointment, or loss. Please know everyone is going through some major shifts, growing pains, and emotional fluctuation… For you, relationships seem to be highlighted. Can you pause and explore what relationships may be out of balance (lack of reciprocity), out of alignment with your values, or that cause negative emotions in you? For some, there may be a disappointment this month, but this feels more like a cyclical relational energy that is calling your attention. You love balance and can often sacrifice your own comfort to make that balance happen, so it feels as though this card is asking you to look at places and people where you pour out your cup until it’s dry… For everyone, I would offer for you to reassess your expectations in certain relationships and also tend to the emotional baggage sitting your emotional basement. Bring that shit upstairs, dust it off, and unpack it with someone you feel safe with (therapist, counselor, family, friend). Lastly, remember that there are upright cups behind you, so changing perspective (perhaps after adjusting your expectations) can help reduce the grief and sadness you may feel at this time. Be sure to read the collective card reading of The Hierophant at the top of this blog for guidance on suffering.

Astro Snapshot:

May access vulnerability and the ways in which certain levels of vulnerability grants us space to step into experiences like love, authentic relationships and even healing. Instead of forcing yourself to be vulnerable, this month calls for you to instead take a look at your environment and alter things to create a better environment which is more conducive for the levels of vulnerability your spirit is seeking. Authenticity should be your guiding star this month and serve as a major focus for you. Don’t be surprised if May’s astrology put in your path the idea of needing to speak up for yourself, have some faith that what resides on the other end of speaking up may be something you previously thought was not an option for you or your relationships.


Tarot Card: King of Wands
May energy is all about sparking your inner fire, culling your confidence, passion, and oistros—your zest for life. This is an action and mastery card, bringing energy that aligns you with your soul purpose, encouraging creative and self-expression, taking responsibility for your own happiness, and strengthening your will. Someone may be important in helping you move into this fire energy, so be open to masculine fire signs that make you feel alive, offer help in getting a creative project going, or inspires enthusiasm in you. Inner work-wise, this card wants you to follow-through on a project or task this month. It’s less about planning and more about action, so if you have been seeking a message on whether or not to “Do” something, this is it: YES. The full moon eclipse is in your sign, so change and action around your identity, how you express yourself/present yourself, and personality/ego are all ripe for transformation and evolution.


Astro Snapshot: 
A lot of your relationships have gone through major shifts and now, as Mercury retrogrades back into your house of relationships, it's time to retrace your steps. It’s time to take stock of what is important for you with your relationships, what works, what doesn’t work? How do you want to step forward into newness here and get into something new within your relationship life? The Eclipses here in your relationship house has happened right on top of Uranus, which seeks to break old molds and find levels of enlightenment, so give yourself space to re-evaluate yourself in relationship to relationships. One thing you all struggle with, is letting go. This month's astrology helps you through this and helps you create something new for yourself.
Tarot Card: 10 of Cups
Wow, what a beautiful reading for you, Sag friends! Last month, the Ace of Cups, indicating a new relationship or opportunity for healing a relationships/emotional healing, came in. This month, the manifestation of pure happiness, love, and connection is now available. For some, this can look like engagement/long-term commitment/marriage/pregnancy (all relating to deep love in relation to family), for others, it is reuniting with family/folks that feel like family, with the Chiron rainbow bridge of healing arching over these jubilant people below. The full moon eclipse mid-month happens in your 12th house, where some big unconscious baggage (emotionally and spiritually) may finally be cleared out. This card really feels like reconnection, resolution, rebirth after this eclipse, leading to bliss in your most intimate relationships. For all, it highlights a culmination of emotional and relational abundance, balance, and stability.


Astro Snapshot: 
May has an interesting mix for you. There is a strong focus on needing to drive hard into staying organized, to see something through to completion and to hunker down into hard work, but ALSO has a major influx of people and new experiences coming into your life and a lot of space for a lot of social interaction. Even dating. Balance of these two is key for you during May, as both of these things come in together. Your ruling planet, Jupiter, enters your 5th house of joy, creativity and passion, so get ready for a lot of expansion in these areas of life. There is a strong desire toward the end of the month to create, to enjoy and to express yourself more boldly, you can thank Jupiter in Aries for this.
Tarot Card: Knight of Swords
Cap friends, your message this month is around healthy communication—be it watching your words and avoiding hasty conversations/jumping to conclusions, or the NEED to get the truth/your truth out with confidence. This card has a fierce and determined energy to it, which can be very helpful and empowering, but when out of balance by jumping to conclusions, not focusing on the facts, or using the past as a weapon in an argument with someone, can lead to undesirable consequences. Likewise, if you have not been assertive enough, this is your message to defend yourself or point of view by speaking up. This is also not emotionally fueled, but rather intellectually and logically fueled communication. Knights take action, so change/movement is key this month, but be sure to reign in your horse if it is too wild, narrowing your focus so much that you can’t see the bigger picture. You can be confident and ambitious without haste!

Astro Snapshot:  
As Jupiter moves into your 4th house this month, there is a building up of your energy that you can foresee using in the coming future to build and create. A lot of this has to do with your desires and the way that these desires align with what you are doing on a daily basis. Things like work, daily routine and the daily working of your life. Once this months Mercury retrograde is finished, there is a strong charge forward for you in creating and expressing these desires. May’s astrology for you is best utilized for you by being introspective and taking a look at what is either serving as a creative block OR what part of the world around you is not so matched with your desire to create. Allow yourself pleasure & enjoyment. While that should be a norm, this month really needs a reminder of that for you.
Tarot Card: 2 of Cups
Finally, a breath of fresh air for you, Aquarius! You have been moving through shifts and changes, likely internally and externally, and May brings in some harmonious emotional energy, especially highlighting new or existing intimate relationship abundance. For some, you have recently or will meet someone with whom you deeply connect karmically, where you both feel this connection and reciprocity in your partnership. For others, your Guides are bringing your attention to an intimate partnership and some inbound harmony this month. The full moon eclipse happens in your 10th house, so for many, this abundance, joy, reciprocity, and connection may be in relation to your work… So: teamwork and flow at work. For everyone, you are attracting healthy relationships and embodying happiness and fulfillment this month, so seek out and commit to relationships that make you feel this joy and harmony, there is auspicious and positive energy around relationships for you this month.


Astro Snapshot: 
Pay a lot of attention this month to what you can reasonably do, on what can lead to burn out and where there may be a programmed internal voice that is always saying you are not doing enough. As Mercury retrogrades back into your 4th house, you need to really take a look at this. There is so much drive to move forward and to charge into the future, but it can’t evolve into everything it needs to be if the motto is ‘work harder, not smarter’ or that you feel that staying busy with endless tasks is the way to achieve this. There are times where you need to work hard, but right now is actually more about taking a look at your approach and belief around this, vs. hacking away at your goals. Personally, I think this is what self care ACTUALLY looks like, and what better time to access this than while there is all this activity in your 4th house of Taurus.
Tarot Card: 8 of Pentacles
Continuing the theme of Pentacles this month, physical health, work, and finances are thematic, with the message of putting your head down and getting to work to make the progress you want to see, Pisces. I do want to say that with the 5 of Pentacles last month, you may still be in the process of closing out/processing some residual physical and mental ailments… Be gentle with yourself, take your time, prioritize your self-care and most important needs first, and do one thing at a time, Pisces. This card reflects that the theme of the month is work, whatever that may look like for you. After some contemplation and reevaluation, this is a card of action. Focus on skill building, whether it’s taking a workshop for your craft or doing CBT skills for your mental health. If your physical health has been front of mind, this is asking you to commit yourself to a new routine for self-care, putting in the work to make healthy change happen. If work/how you make money is highlighted, this can be more clients, a new gig, or other work-related actions coming in, so expect to be busy. For everyone, hard work is the theme, and the medicine, to make the most of May.


Astro Snapshot:  
It’s time to get down into the solid structure of your life as Jupiter, your ruling planet, steps into your 2nd house of the material. Its time to take all the dreaming and envisioning you have done over the last few months and turn it into something material and tangible. This might feel slightly off nature for you, but there is the need to shelf your nature to romanticize/ dream and pull out the day planner and set some goals. These next few months will give you a preview of the material and tangible growth you will do through most of 2023, so pay attention to what is building right now and what noticeable shifts happen for you this month as there is a lot of expansion coming for you, especially around finances, work and career.





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