May 2019 Horoscopes

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May 2019 Horoscopes

Monthly horoscopes by Candace Looft, of Beyond the Veil Tarot  / Collage by Janeva Zentz 

May 2019 Horoscopes

Welcome to Your May Horoscope Overview!

Thankfully this is one of the few months of the year with some relatively calm astrological happenings. The Sun has eased its way into the strong and beautiful sign of Taurus. This is setting up for some lovely trines to planets in Capricorn, a fellow earth sign where we see the hard work of the previous four months translate into physical changes, and abundance. 

The earthy New Moon on the 4th is helping us plant some fertile new seeds in the sign of Taurus. The Moon in Taurus is considered exalted, making it extra joyous. Partnered up with support from Saturn and Neptune, this lunation encourages us to construct and enjoy what we build. Intentions set now will very much be labors of love in the coming months. Inspiration and creativity will make way for some exciting yet sturdy new creations. 

Shortly after this New Moon, Mercury, the great communicator moves, into Taurus and conjuncts Uranus helping us see the world in a different, and more innovative way. It’s possible you receive a sudden download and learn how to shift your perspective. On the 15th Mars enters the watery sign of Cancer, and Venus enters Taurus. With both of these sign changes in harmony with one another, self-expression and values become passionate. You may find yourself becoming more clear about what you need for security in the world. 

The Full Moon on the 18th is in the deep intense sign of Scorpio, polarizing Taurus’s earthly grasp. Sensitive information is expected to come to the surface with this Full Moon. It’s possible that you prefer to handle any conversations, or interactions in person. Be prepared, do your research or go digging for information prior if need be. Not everyone will be willing to give up the details during this Moon. Endings and transformations are Scorpios territory, so be ready to shed some outlived situations.

On the 21st of the month, both Mercury and the Sun move into the mutable sign of Gemini. Expect information to fly. Letters, emails, messages galore will be exchanged. If you’re having to schedule meetings or plan for travel, be sure to make the most of this energy before the 27th when communication goes a bit haywire. 


Important dates this month:

May 1st- Beltane celebration (red more here)

May 4th- New Moon in Taurus, steady ground 

May 6th- Mercury enters Taurus, building clearer communication 

May 8th- Mercury conjunct Uranus- sudden insights 

May 15th- Mars enters Cancer, emotional drive 

May 15th- Venus enters Taurus, feeling abundant and lovely 

May 18th- Full Moon in Scorpio, skeletons in the closet

May 21st- Mercury enters Gemini, chatty much

May 21st- Sun enters Gemini, time to get social 



Tarot Card: Two of Coins- Balancing situations 

This month expect to be weighing out your priorities more than usual. The New Moon in Taurus is making your finances a top priority. Whether it’s saving for a rainy day or planning for long term investments, be sure to get right with your budget around the 4th. By the 8th there could be an unexpected financial situation that catches you by surprise, but don’t worry it’ll all balance out by mid-month. You may find yourself preparing to move, or cleaning house. Take your time, and avoid any conflict with someone you share a space with The Full Moon on the 18th will help you purge any negative emotions or skeletons out the closet. Make some time at the end of the month to cut loose and take a short getaway if possible. Mercury and the Sun in Gemini will help you strike up a conversation and make new friends in the most unexpected of places. 



Tarot Card: Death- An ending making way for a new beginning 

New Moon, New you! This month gives you a special opportunity to create some powerful new beginnings and looks for you. Allow yourself to splurge a bit on some new clothes, or cosmetics. Things may feel a bit rocky in terms of how you connect to a partnership on a romantic level. Saturn is making some tricky angles to Venus and could have you feeling like you’re not enough. Hang tight until the 15th when Venus your ruling planet, moves into your sign. This will surely give you your groove back. The Full Moon in your relationship sector is sure to bring out a partner's true feelings, and maybe even their greatest fears. Be patient and hear them out. The end of the month brings you opportunities to streamline a new form of income, be sure to put yourself out there to reap the rewards. 



Tarot Card: Ace of Coins- Health and Abundance 

Your patience and sanity are bound to be tested early in the month. Keep calm, and choose your words wisely. Saturn is really putting the pressure on Mercury causing you to have anxiety about an impending situation. The New Moon is a wonderful time to chill behind the scenes and meditate. You may be feeling the need to use fighting words if someone challenges you, but you’re encouraged to bite your tongue until the time is right. Keep positive and your nose to the grindstone. When Mars enters Cancer it’ll be time to talk numbers and ensure you’re getting your money's worth. Big purchases or even salaries are coming your way. Be sure to be clear and concise with others, and everything should go smoothly. 



Tarot Card:  The Emperor: Being in charge, authority

Feeling in a rut? Friends may lend you their ears and be full of knowledge and guidance early in the month. Your thinking becomes calm once you’ve had a little one on one with them. Sometimes a fresh new perspective is all it takes. Mars moving into Cancer will go one of two ways for you; emotionally reactive, or mobile. If you’re feeling crabby (pun intended) be sure to get out and about. Get physical or get in some water and take a swim. Others aren’t likely to get along with you well, due to challenging aspects to planets in Capricorn. Business and romantic relationships may prove challenging. Focus on being an actor, not a reactor. You may surprise yourself and others with your new found ways of better channeling your emotions. The Full Moon has you feeling sexy, so don’t be surprised if witty banter helps you snag a new lover. 



Tarot Card: Knight of Cups: Prince in shining armor, a water sign 

You’ve experienced a lot of growth in recent months professionally. The New Moon on the 4th paves the way for planting new professional seeds. If you’re going out on your own, you’ll have the support necessary to start the process. There are more opportunities again on the 13th to do some heavy lifting, organizing, or sorting out of your schedule. The Sun and Mercury move into your social zone, allowing you to connect and network with a new group of people. Just make sure you let others share their thoughts, because there may be a piece of vital information. Watch out for some tricky Mercury Jupiter transits on the 30th, as you’re bound to overbook or overlook something leading to errors. This can be avoided with some planning in advance. 



Tarot Card:  Four of Coins: Sitting tight, saving 

Watch the ego on the 2nd of the Month. Pluto and Mercury will be squaring off testing your ability to express yourself appropriately. It’s possible on some level, you’re having to take notes as to where there’s some room for personal growth. Plans get big later in the month when you start sharing ideas or preparing for some sort of travel. If you’re looking to publish something or take a new class, this may be the time. Mercury and Neptune will be in harmony, bringing those who can help you in these areas of life. You may have opportunities to share something with the world this month. If someone comes to you inquiring about your skills, be confident you’re at a point where you can be beneficial to others. Spend the end of the month playing catch up and paying off some bills. The Sun and Mercury can help you get back to basics with your budget. 



Tarot Card: Eight of Coins: Working hard on something special 

A continuation of your tests in relationships continues early in the month. Saturn will be making a challenging angle to Venus kicking up some dirt on the 7th. There is a focus on letting go of certain situations to better make room for what actually nourishes you. The key is actually believing that the best is yet to come. Pleasure and indulgence may take over a bit mid-month. The Full Moon has you thinking about bringing in more sex appeal and abundance. Expect some exciting news around the 18th when Venus links up with Uranus, and suddenly shakes up your love life. It’s possible you’re becoming more open-minded, and willing to let love come to you. On the professional front; you’re preparing for quite a bit of work this summer. Be ready to get down to business when Mars enters Cancer on the 15th of the month. Pay close attention to details and don’t skimp on planning. 



Tarot Card: Justice: A balance of fairness between two  

Relationships are about to experience a restart. This could be a new business or romantic relationships. Uranus is meeting up with Venus and Mercury this month helping you wake up and snap out of it. If something isn’t  a fit in the long run, you’ll have opportunities to set things free peacefully. Not every ending needs to be a knock down drag out. Seek out others who bring balance and stability to your life. New financial advisors are favored now. Mars is helping you do some deep thinking and research. It’s excellent placement leading up to the Full Moon in Scorpio. You may be finding you’re getting ready to travel or publish. By the end of the month you’re excited to be breaking out of your comfort zone, and feeling a lot more clarity about how YOU feel. 



Tarot Card: The Moon: Intuition, and sometimes bewilderment 

This month provides you with all the momentum to take a project to the next level. You’ve been working hard on something that almost complete. Listen up, others will be interested in your point of view or projects and may lend a helping hand. Any negotiations or agreements prove fruitful the first half of May. You should be feeling joyous and optimistic about the future. Mars is moving into a sensitive part of your chart making you a bit more protective or argumentative than usual mid-month. You’re likely to defend those near and dear to your heart, but remember that healthy, communicative conflict resolution is ideal. Choose your battles wisely. Not everyone will share your frame of mind at the end of the month. Bite your tongue if need be. 



Tarot Card: King of Wands: Charismatic and creative, a fire sign 

The New Moon is bringing joy and creativity front and center. If you feel inclined to spend a bit more time and develop a hobby into something more, DO IT!  Not everything has to be all work and no play. The time off, can really do you some good and give you a much needed new perspective. Mars in your house of health is also helping you focus more on your wellness, course correct your diet or proactiveness on the job. It’s possible you’re juggling a list of things to get done all at once. Romance can also be sparked, and bring you someone or something completely unexpected. On the 18th, it’s possible a friend or new social group introduce you to someone new. 



Tarot Card: Six of Cups: Giving and receiving 

How is your home life feeling? There’s a great deal of focus on your home base and family this month. The New Moon is coupled up with Uranus giving you an opportunity to switch your environment up a bit. Be that moving, traveling, or cleaning house. Sometimes a bit of change is all you need to shift some stagnant energy. By doing so, you open the space and welcome people over to spend some quality time. With Venus here, you may connect with family more, and be feeling sentimental. It’s an excellent time to consider some new decorations or art in the home. Esthetic is everything! The Full Moon will have you thinking about recycling, decluttering, and making space. It’s possible you’ll need it with the number of professional happenings taking place!



Tarot Card: The Sun: Confidence and success 

Get ready to get to work, things are about to really take off this month. You have brand new opportunities to share information with others, and get the word out. It’s possible the New Moon is bringing you new social groups. The universe wants you to mix things up a bit and connect with like-minded people. Surpassingly they may be someone close by, and near within your hood. Day or weekend trips are favored mid-month and may require a bit of spontaneity. It’s going to be quite the balancing act between work from home, and work on the road. The Full Moon later in the month helps you publish something, or complete a major project. It’s possible it’ll get a great deal of exposure, so it’s time to celebrate. Mars in your 5th house is encouraging you to celebrate a series of small victories later in the month.  



Candace Marie of Beyond the Veil Tarot has her degree in Cultural Anthropology with a minor in Theology, and studied at the School of Evolutionary Astrology. She is also a graduate of Sacred Crossings Death Midwifery School, and a root worker and herbalist. Read her bio hereand catch more of her work on Beyond the Veil Tarot.


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