Libra: The Light Liberator & Harbinger of Harmony

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Libra: The Light Liberator & Harbinger of Harmony


The Light Liberator & Harbinger of Harmony
September 23 - October 22
by Cody Channel / Illustration by Stacey Newmyer  
“Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground” - Unknown



  • Planetary Ruler: Venus
  • House association: 7th House
  • Element: Air
  • Mode: Cardinal
  • Symbol: The Scales
  • Positive Traits: Peaceful, harmonious, aesthetically aligned, inspiring, liberating, balanced masculine and feminine energies
  • Negative Traits: Judgmental, materialistic, indecisive, codependent 
  • Compatible Signs: Gemini, Leo, Taurus, Aquarius, Pisces
  • Herbs: Burdock, cardamom, nettles, yarrow
  • Crystals: Fire Opal, Morganite, Phrenite, Celestite
  • Tarot: Justice, The Empress
  • Region of the Body: The lower back and kidneys
  • Color: Baby pink, baby blue
  • Famous Libras: Gandhi, Timothy Leary, Gwen Stefani, Amma



Around September 22nd and 23rd, the sun enters the heart centered sign of Libra where it will stay until roughly October 22nd.

The word Libra stems from the Latin word for scales. In Roman mythology, the constellation of Libra was originally seen as the claws of the Scorpio before the scales were adapted. Themis, the Goddess of Justice and fairness represents Libra while her daughter Astraea, the star goddess of Justice, has her roots in Virgo. Astraea is said to have been the last immortal on earth, bringing the divine masculine with her off-planet until we have collectively realized what she has done and are ready for our ascent. Themis is rumored to be reuniting with her daughter at the return of the Golden Age. While Themis and her connection to her daughter represent the fairness, equality and transcendence that we are often looking to when we speak of relationship at the highest level, there is another famous myth that also can help us further investigate this dynamic. Tiresias, known as the blind prophet in Greek mythology, earned his name by gaining the favor of the goddess Hera and her husband Zeus, who in turn gave Tiresias the chance to witness two serpents coupled together in the sacred Goddess grave. He asked Hera which serpent experiences the greatest pleasure and Hera couldn’t decide, so she allowed Tiresias to experience the female and male forms to decide for himself and report back. When he returned from female form he was unable to share his findings because he didn’t want to upset Zeus. Eventually he told Zeus that it was the female experience he preferred and Zeus struck him instantly; causing him to loose his sight and thus becomes the ‘Blind Prophet’. The blindness is a symbol of the innate psychic abilities that result from turning vision inward and the prophecies that can come from inviting in the feminine. Of all the signs, the Libra is the only one who is a part of both the Virgo and Scorpio constellations and enmeshed within its myths. The co-dependency and relationship oriented involvement of Libra dates back to the Roman times when Libra meant Balance. The highest manifestation of Libra can be seen as the sacrifice Astraea made to travel to earth to help us balance out our masculine polarities and instead realized that our earth wasn’t ready to face our consequences. The awakening to the Golden age has been prophesied in almost every religion and can be a sign of new heights being achieved soon for many of us as we usher in the Age of Aquarius. Bringing the love down from the mind to the heart. Libra can recognize both sides within his/herself.

To see Libra, you can look to the skies in the early summer months April-July depending on where you are in the globe. It can be best located by the fixed star Arcturus in the Scorpius constellation. To the left of Arcturus you will see the scales of Libra. Libra it is the only constellation that represents an object as opposed to a living being and is entangled between the stories of Virgo and Scorpio. It is as if Libra is being held or supported by the energies of Virgo and being stung or provoked by Scorpio. In any case, the Virgo constellation has deep ties to the Libra scales as the Goddess is holding them in her hand along with a sword in another. The Justice that is brought fourth by the scales can be delivered by way of Venus showing us the magical creativity that can occur when balance of the feminine is achieved. The constellation of Libra contains many blue and yellow stars that are full of heat but are fairly dim. The energy can be seen similarly in the expression of Libra as it radiates warmth and gentleness. Libra has the unseen force of feminine power as it negotiates and discerns what is in the highest benefit for the sake of the bond. The third energy that comes together when the relationship forms is what truly begins to brighten this otherwise dim constellation.

Libra is ruled by Venus. Venus also rules Taurus and is more associated with the values and self worth of the feminine as opposed to the balance and fairness of the feminine in Libra. In Taurus Venus can strengthen our worth and sense of attainment but in the Libra vibration, Venus is asking to form sacred bonds and to spend or share assets and spiritual gifts. Because we are spirit first and human second, it is no wonder that Venus wants Libra to balance the polarities within themselves  in order to achieve greater transcendence on this plane via relationships.  Venus is exalted in Pisces which means it will ultimately want to fulfill its wildest dreams in love by merging with the god source. Venus is in its fall in Virgo which means that it will not be able to express itself fully when there is an over emphasis on perfection and discrimination. The balance between service and compromise can be achieved through the intelligence of Venus. Venus is the second planet from the sun and the second brightest planet in the sky. Venus is also the hottest planet and 92 times more pressurized than the surface of earth.  The amount of passion boiling inside of Libra can only be expressed through the Venusian Empress archetype. 

Libra rues over the 7th house in the natal chart. The 7th house rules your mirror, your relating style, and the vibration surrounding your partnerships. The sign that rules your 7th house cusp will be the style in which you approach relationships. In Vedic astrology, the 7th house can rule the first marriage and in western astrology it is seen as all partnerships. Venus role in the 7th house can bring harmony, peace and strong feminine energy.  It is in the 7th house we can truly relate to others on a deep level and intuit the needs of another. It is the house that holds our desires, bonding styles and can bring us our greatest loves if mastered properly.

Libra is the 2nd air sign in the zodiac building on the mental capabilities of Gemini and enlightening us with the gift of relating well with another. Libra is the only sign that literally rules the physical traits of beauty. Libras are known to posses an air of mystery as they do not shed their emotions onto others and can be quite superficial. Libras are known to be mentally active and outwardly harmonious. Libras have very large and captivating eyes that could look like a sun is setting when they have decided they love you.  Libras have very balanced and angelic features. They can be some of the most romantic and flirtatious people at the party right up their with Leo and Gemini! Libras usually care a lot about their appearance and can get caught up in the societal conditioning and surface level of life pretty easily as they do not want to disrupt or make waves of change when they are not yet in their power. A powerful Libra will truly be a force to behold as they will have the kind of boundaries even an Aquarius could say are quite cold. Do not underestimate the sacrifice Libra has to make in order to be ready to become the relationship guru in this lifetime. They don’t want to relive the pain, they just want to move on and live harmoniously with their soulmates on earth; don’t provoke them to be something they are not. If you cross them unjustly, they will be whisked away with the protective winds of change.

Libras are here to bring about Venusian qualities and balance polarities of the feminine and masculine. This includes exquisite craftsmanship, music, home decor and fashion. Whether they are creating or purchasing, they value incredible attention to detail. Libras can be quite indecisive and judgmental and even keep their own ideas suppressed in order to keep the peace. Libras are amazing students, employees and partners for this very reason, but it can wear on them and cause them to eventually snap. In order to avoid burnout it is important for the Libra to acknowledge their own needs and desires before attempting to embark on their journey to justice. Libras have already mastered their intuition and can achieve high states of inner knowing with less effort than their peers. Libras can simply force the harmonious outcomes through their sorcery. Libras are meant to grow into their higher vibration which is almost blindingly prophetic and “just out of reach”as seen from their many adoring fans. Their highest vibration is so balanced and light, that they literally become manifestos of the divine prophecies that describe oneness, wholeness and world peace. The Libra can see the peaceful futures they wish to create and will be riddled with anxieties until they can see some forward momentum towards harmony.

The Libra child is peaceful, easy to be around and pleasant with their siblings. The Libra child is  placed into a relatively supportive family with a particularly close relationship to the opposite sex parent. The Libra child is one who will get sick easily as they learn to integrate balance into their bodies. Their anxiety stems from the inability to clearly make defined decisions for the first part of their life. They will naturally gravitate towards adoring themselves and finding an artistic outlet in their bedrooms.  They will have little sparkly piles of their “things” lazily strewn about but perfectly coordinated so they can find what they need easily. Their laziness could grow if they aren’t supported emotionally by their parents. The Libra will be a natural poet with their love notes coming on strong from a young age. They are called to learn confidence through trials in tribulations in relationship and will start dating and getting their hearts broken early on. For the Libra, relationships move them into new ideas and concepts that will become their arsenal for perfecting their dating lives later on.

Libra has to experience and activate all of their past memories in order to apply them into the world so they can clear karma in this life. With Libra, it’s not so much about sacrifice with the other but rather compromise and completion. Libras usually have a few very traumatic relationships that are followed by a long term and harmonious partnership in mid-to-later life. The Libra's most important role is to be balanced within so as to be ripe and mature enough at the soul level to witness and recognize their spirit brothers and sisters in both romantic and business ventures. The Libra will never fail to bring the divine gift of fairy tale love so long as they desire it! Polarity mastery is a part of Libra but it is more about creating and manifesting something with another that literally fills up the void they have carefully noticed and integrated within themselves. Libra appreciates the feminine aspects of life which include listening, psychology, and intuition. They can be the most shallow sign in their lower vibration and can put a lot of effort into their looks. It is the Libra who will spend the most on cosmetics and beauty products in order to soothe themselves. Both sexes have a very strong attraction to the other. In friendship, Libras generally have a hard time with their same sex early on and are naturally going to attract a lot of “friends”of the opposite sex. Libras have so many onlookers at a distance, and they will carefully choose which ones to allow into their inner sanctum much like Scorpio. Libras are called to balance their heart intelligence with their physical actions so as to create a steady stream of magnetism.

Libras in relationship is where they can truly shine. Since the Libra alone can feel quite dim without a counterpart. Libras are naturally attracted to other air signs and get along really well with Gemini and Aquarius. In friendship, the Libras best friend is a a Leo or an Aries. Libras require some fire under them in some form to create something from their highly active mental kingdoms. In romance, The Libra may have the hardest time with their opposite Aries when compared to the opposites of other signs. The Libra will want a fully dedicated partner and will want to grow new life with them. Many opportunities for addiction and codependency lie in the wake of a Libra relationship. Once the Libra has faced the surmounting piles of shadows they have collected, they are ready to truly build their life with someone and fulfill their cosmic destiny. The best romantic matches are Pisces, other Libras and Taurus. They can truly thrive with their own sign and Taurus if they want to have a beautiful mutually loving relationship. If they want to activate their Venus, they should seek someone with a Pisces Venus or a Pisces Sun to assist them in merging their energy with he divine. The energy that the Libra will give a relationship is so immense that they have to go back to their Virgo cousins and learn extreme discernment before allowing their pure love to pour in.

Libra invites us to look forward to the liberation that comes after justice has been served. Libras can get a bad reputation in modern astrology because so many of them can get stuck in their lighthearted loops of self protection. They simply have so much work to do that they would rather wrap it up in a pretty package and set it down somewhere only to explode at random in front of their eyes. Regardless of what it is they choose to acknowledge about their shadow it will come out one way or another. Once they have transformed, the will not want to revisit it.

Libras can be seen as the Justice archetype with both the mythological Astraea and the Justice tarot card representing the innate ability to bring about a situation to its just and karmically balancing conclusion. The Libra doesn’t want to be spending their time serving  Justice, they literally just doit because it needs to be done; it is innate within them. They have earned their right to be the light liberators of this timeline as they have much they have already built and transformed and are here for a specific purpose. Their purpose comes from the act of liberation that is the end result of fighting for equality and balance within their given areas of work. The true “light frequencies” of liberation begin to emit when the Libra has settled into themselves and is ready to bring balance in the form of giving back to their surrounding friends and communities. Once they have mastered a level of confidence in their abilities as healers, lawyers, artists or counselors, they will find themselves embodying the Empress. The Empress is displaying the Venusian qualities of Libra and yet also explains that their end goals are to achieve peace, harmony and an artistic lifestyle. Libras appreciate and dress themselves in jewel tone colors and are greatly affected by the colors and decorations around them. The Empress archetype represents the feminine being restored on earth much like the mythology eludes. We are all waiting for the day Justice in relationships can be served by the beautiful Libra and the divine masculine and feminine can dance with god and vibrate through the cosmos.

In conclusion, Libras are here to liberate us into the light. They are not here to have open boundaries or to go with the flow of current reality but to create a divine new one. Libras learn from their Virgo cousins to practice exquisite care for themselves and set up beautiful boundaries so they can get to work on creating their lives. They have several run ins with their shadow side and are given an opportunity to become immensely talented healers. In their highest vibration, they can unite with their other half and display what a divine union looks like. Their need to serve just causes and balance the equilibrium of earth is simply innate within them and they are here to use these gifts to help humanity. Through the god within, Libra can light up everything around them once activated. The Libra has already mastered their inner artist following Virgo, and is all about the execution and the form that takes shape when the Libra dances in the unknown void to their dreams. The Libra will figure out a way to achieve their ideal worlds regardless of limitations and will want to balance their inner enabling or codependent serpent inside of them. The two serpents in their mythology; one representing the feminine and one representing the masculine are the emblem for the relationship one has within themselves ready to transcend this reality. Perhaps the mystery that awaits us surrounding this highly evolved sign, will have to wait until the goddess Astraea herself returns to earth with light codes for the divine masculine.


Heighten your Libra experience!

As an air sign, Libra excels at mediation and communication, spiritual balance, harmony and inspiration. Try any of the below in your workings or meditations to manifest and elevate your Libra aspects:





Cody Channel is a holistic healer, evolutionary astrologer, massage therapist, and reiki master, as well as an electronic musician and sound healer. Find her on Instagram @codychannel or her website and read more of her entries on our blog Esoteric Insights.


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