Horoscopes: July 2018

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Horoscopes: July 2018

July 2018 horoscopes

Monthly horoscopes at J. Southern Studio brought to you by Candace Looft, of Beyond the Veil Tarot  / Collage by Janeva Zentz 


JULY 2018

Overview: Get ready and buckle up, because July is about to get real. With two Eclipses, a Mars retrograde, and a Mercury retrograde, this month may be one of THE most important months of all of 2018. The most important thing to remember is to be flexible and roll with the punches. When eclipse season is upon us, it’s like a karmic vortex opens up. Some people come, some people go. This is the universe’s way of cleaning house and keeping things moving. Endings and beginnings are expected, but it’s all apart of a grand plan. 


Let’s start off by marking these days on your calendar babe:

July 4th: Chiron retrograde in Aries = turn inward and address childhood wounds.

July 10th: Jupiter goes direct in Scorpio = Abundance opportunities 

July 12th: New Moon, Solar Eclipse in Cancer + Pluto opposition = Major family/ work dynamic issues, power struggles. 

July 22nd: Sun enters Leo 

July 25th: Mercury goes retrograde in Leo = reviewing matters of the heart, dealing with our egos.

July 27th: Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius, with Mars + South node conjunct = Major revolutions, internally and politically. Potential drama with friends and the need be independent. 


This month we can also expect to see some major duality in our lives. This is thanks to the Sun and Mars opposition (themes of 2003 return), and Sun and Pluto opposition- dealing with authority and power struggles. The Sun is in Cancer the first three weeks of July. You may notice you’re more emotional than usual, so be gentle with yourself and others. This is an excellent time to connect with your home, your roots, or family. Draw yourself a bath, go to the beach, or curl up on the couch with a good book. Just be aware that with a few planets in Capricorn, this Cancer season won’t always be easy. There’s some sense of being pull in two directions, between work obligations and our innermost needs. 


On July 4th Chiron goes retrograde for four months, bringing up our inner wounds that need some TLC. Don’t hold back when it comes to addressing any inner child needs. In Aries, Chiron is a warrior for self-healing. Scenes and images of those who are less fortunate should strike a major chord in the latter half of July. For those who are more empathic than usual, I’d recommend a good old fashioned salt bath. Think about ways you can reach out and offer support to others, maybe through donation or volunteer work. On July 9th, Venus moves into Virgo, amplifying our feelings to be of service. 


On July 12th, the New Moon/ Solar Eclipse in Cancer arrives. Grab cover, and get your kleenex handy. Although most new Moons are a time of planting seeds, this is not. Situations arise to show you how to make changes and deal with your emotions. Because this Moon opposes Pluto, avoid conflict and power struggles at all cost. Some people will be just looking for a fight, but that doesn’t mean you need to partake. Bosses, elders, and authority figures are likely to be more aggressive than usual, so keep your chin up and try not to take things too personally. Intense and intuitive connections are made aroundJuly 22nd. The sun moves into Leo then shortly after. With the Sun in Leo, now is the time to be brave, dramatic, and play. Turn into your creative self, make something, and bask in the Sun. Romance can be at an all time high. Just be wary around the 24th, when Venus in Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces, you may run into some sort of disappointment in love or finances. Not all is what it may seem. 


On July 25th, the Sun in Leo makes a harsh square to Uranus in Taurus. This is a good time to watch your pride and check your ego at the door. Unexpected things may pop out of nowhere that test you. That same day, Mercury goes retrograde in Leo. As always, retrogrades are times to REwork, REevaluate, REview. Be cautious when signing contracts, buying cars, or electronics. In the case of a retrograde in Leo, we are reexamining whats important to us. There can be some romantic entanglements and drama, so beware. 


Last but not least, is the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius on the 27th. This day packing a major punch. With Mars following closely in this lunation, it's important to not be in a haste. Remain calm, don’t give into explosive, or angry feelings. Be careful with machinery, or motor vehicles. Many people are apt to be hostile now, so back down from confrontations that may get out of hand. A revolution is brewing inside of many of us. Remember the macro and the micro are one in the same. Venus in Virgo will trine Pluto in Capricorn, which should result in some deep feelings about financial security. Expect to see some rather intense energy politically, as the world braces for some major economic changes, as well as shifts in power. The changes we see internally are happening around us but on a national and global scale. Be the change you want to see in the world. 


ARIES:  Queen of Pentacles: Distinguished woman, an Earth sign, someone who is focused on her material goals.  

The month kicks off with a continuation of your ruling planet Mars going retrograde. Now is the time to slow down and allow your creative self to shine. Pacing yourself in the realms of creative projects and romance is the key to satisfaction. Expect some good work news around the 10th of the month. You should find your workspace and relationships with coworkers to feel more positive. There possible changes in a shift in physical work or living space that proves to be beneficial. Connecting to your family history may serve you well now. You’re putting roots down and feeling more optimistic about the future. Later in the month get creative with your romance. Planets are in motion in your 5th house of joy. Entertainment and fun become the main focus. If you feel slightly bogged down at home, consider creative projects that improve your personal space. Dig through an old craft closet, or consider picking back up on a hobby from the past. Expect some changes in your friendships and social sphere as your apt to always see eye to eye to others. 


TAURUS: 6 of Pentacles: Generosity, charity or kindness.

You’re currently under construction and adapting to Uranus’s recent movement into your sign. Remember as you change, so do the relationships around you. The person you’re slowing becoming may not necessarily connect with the same old people. Be patient with yourself and acknowledge the new personality traits that are are slowing coming to the surface. Romance is in the air this month as Venus your ruling planet moves into Leo. Financially you may be feeling a little bit riskier than usual.  You’re better bet is investing in some new technology for your home, planning a short distance trip, or connecting with a sibling. This month you’re learning to connect emotions to words and finding ways to better express yourself. Towards the end of the month, you may consider making some changes in your living situation. Now isn’t the time to make the change because of the mercury retrograde, but it is a time to be proactive and make plans for the future. There can be a bit of a pull between work obligations and domestic situations. Try to find your zen by working your spiritual beliefs and perspectives into your work life. You need excitement and freedom now, welcome it with open arms. 


GEMINI: Page of Pentacles: Opportunity, discovery or manifestation. 

Home is where the heart is this month. Take a look around and see what needs to be spruced up or upgraded in your home. Mid-month financially things change and suddenly you have more options than you ever did before. The themes of saving or investing are important now. Now that your home is in order, mid-month you’re feeling stronger and more secure than ever. Have boundaries and protect what is sacred to you, physically and emotionally. If you have any important documents to legalize, sign, or agree to be sure to get this completed prior to the 27th. You’re coming into mercury retrograde time. Slow down and be sure to allow for potential travel delays. A possible unexpected, unplanned short distance trip may arrive. If your schedule permits do go. Break out a journal and jot down some thoughts. Studying and editing personal work is excellent, especially if you get some time alone. Your thoughts are very much connected to your higher self, listen to what it has to say. 


CANCER: King of Pentacles: Career-focused man, handling business, feeling abundant and business savvy. 


Happy Birthday Cancer!


Get ready for some very powerful energy this month. The Solar eclipse in Cancer helps you jumpstart new beginnings and opportunities for yourself. You may opt to make some radical shifts in your personal appearance, be that your hair or clothes. Your powerful creative energy shines bring this month. Communications and meetings with others go pleasantly thanks to Venus. Be on the lookout of love and admirers in the most unexpected places, like running a few errands. If you’re a bit of an entrepreneur be sure to share ideas with others. Your way of expressing yourself in business is clear and imaginary. Between now and the end of August 2018 your financial situations are under review. You may wrap up and money owed, and work towards improving a salary. The eclipse at the end of the month brings you closer to your intuition and inner knowledge. Pay attention if something feels off with a partner, they may be keeping a secret from you. 



LEO: 10 of Swords: Endings that tend to be a long time coming. 

Focus more on YOU this month Leo. Others are likely to oppose your will and test you in the month ahead. Don’t let them get a reaction from you. This is an excellent time to turn inward and put that energy into a personal project. You have so much energy now, the trick is to find where to funnel it into. The first half of the month is quieter. Meditation and self-reflection are important until after the 23rd, when the Sun moves into Leo and you’re shining bring. Be sure to treat yourself to something nice and new. You’re stepping into you power period in July and it runs until next month. Handle any financial contracts, investments or agreements prior to the 27th of this month when Mercury goes retrograde in your house of income and security. Relationships may be showing you some things you aren’t crazy about. Don’t be too hasty and end partnerships, rather wait until September 2018. The changes you want to see in others, start with you. 


VIRGO: Knight of Cups: Advancement, healing, emotionally fulfilled.

The first ten days of July are extremely spiritual, sexy, and downright connected. Don’t miss the opportunity to spend some downtime with a lover, or creating behind the scenes. Be aware that whatever starts off clear this month may get foggy. Don’t get too ahead of yourself. Just be present. Your social circle is about to expand and take off mid-month. Your friends are shifting, some are coming, and some are going. Be flexible and open to the new wave of others who begin to arrive. These new friends have something valuable to offer you, perhaps a much-needed lifeline. Social media or gatherings prove to be the the main connecting source for you. Later in the month, you’re taking some space alone to undergo for some personal tune-ups. Mercury will retrograde through you 12th house and help you make peace with the past. Be sure to focus more on releasing rather than returning to it. Photography, meditation, or a short retreat may be all that’s needed to wrap your head around what the next Solar year has to offer you.


LIBRA: 2 of Wands: Focus, decision, discovery, and planning. 

This is a very important month for you Libra. The universe is asking you what you’d like to do in the world? Eclipses are doing a number in your career sector, suddenly the things you always wanted to do seem more possible. The following weeks ahead believe in yourself, because you're about to embark on some major accomplishments. Time alone is necessary to be able to really do your research, study, and meditate on your course of action. New projects will be launched soon and all eyes will be on you. If you’re feeling a bit detached professionally, you now have an opportunity to reach out to a group or community and feel apart of something. Momentum grows because of the support of your friends and colleagues. Expect to hear from friends from the past. It will seem like its time to evaluate relationships, both romantic and platonic. Focus more on those encourage your creativity on a regular basis. Since joy and pleasure become the most important factors this month, don’t get too caught up in routine. You will be finding ways to infuse creativity and joy into your day to day life. Once you figure out the secret formula your happiness knows no bounds. 


SCORPIO: 9 of Pentacles: Luxury, success, reward.

This month is all about long-term goals. The month begins with Venus in your friendship sphere. You may find yourself questioning whether you’re just friends or something more? Be sure to check in with your heart and not your head. Travel should be on your mind now. It’s an excellent time to actually plan that trip you’ve been wanting to go on forever. Allow your mind to drift in and out of your happy place. Where is your happy place, is it a foreign country, or maybe even a spiritual destination? You may publish something personal, or want to check in with a spiritual advisor. You’re feeling much more tuned in than usual, just be sure to stop and breathe, don’t over think the messages. Mid-month work seems to be buzzing. There are lots of emails, messages, meetings with others. You’re gearing up for something big in the Fall. Be aware that you are reworking, revising something in your career life until nearly September 2018. Jupiter has woken up in your sign of Scorpio. Now you’re more focused on what you need to change to create more security. Moving, relocating, and family are larger themes at the end of the month. Be sure to make sure everyone is on board before you make a big decision. 


SAGITTARIUS: Queen of Wands: A powerful creative and sexual woman. 

There’s an opportunity this month to generate more revenue. You’re creative and thinking on your feet when it comes to finances. Between venus in your career sector, and an eclipse in your house of karma and sex, you begin to realize how valuable you really are. Open up and diving deep into what you need to feel safe. A slight change to your salary may just do the trick. If you need to get some extra guidance, consider consulting with a psychic or breaking out that deck of tarot cards. The magic word this month is: receive. Be open to what other people have to offer you. Later in the month, there are major opportunities to learn something new or teach something valuable to others. Reflecting on your long-term goals is important. You’re a lot more aware of the meaning in your life. If you’re needing to agree to anything or sign contracts, be sure to get this done before the Mercury retrograde in Leo on the 27th. The full Moon on the 27th brings your a higher state of mental clarity. Be sure not to lose any of the great ideas that appear suddenly. Jot down any notes, ideas, or plans that come to mind. 


CAPRICORN: Lovers: Duality, options, sensuality. 

Love abroad? Watch out if you’re traveling, because cupid might strike when you least expect it. The eclipses are lighting up in both your self-worth, as well as your relationship sector. As you change, so do your new potential partners. Because of the changes you’ve made in the recent months, you’re apt to be rewarded in the coming weeks with a potential new beau. Partnerships offer you the balance you seek between work and play. Sex can definitely be a way to blow of some steam, so don’t be so quick to decline a tempting offer.  Later in the month, you’re feeling more vulnerable than usual. Be sure to be on top of any banking, financial, or tax situation. Once that is handled it’s smooth sailing ahead. New potential business partners may appear out of nowhere. Think on your feet and be prepared to pitch a grand idea, someone may just want to finance it. This deal could take some time to work out the details, but proves to be positive. If you find your head spinning, try to go hiking and stay grounded. The most important thing now is to focus on your goals and maintain your sense of self-esteem. People will pay you only as much as you feel you’re worth. 


AQUARIUS: The Moon: Intuition, what you don’t see, emotions coming to the surface. 

Pay close attention to the details this month Aquarius. Take your time, and don’t rush. Something is changing in regards to your daily routine, or workspace. You may be in-between spaces or even jobs! Mid-month all of this could change suddenly. Your health is the number one focus for July. Mars is in your sign retrograde, while your health sector is lit up by the eclipse. Stomach, digestion, or any other health issue should be taken seriously. Do check in with a doctor if need be, For the rest of you, you may be contemplating making changes to your diet or physical routine. Your health is very important and vital for being able to keep up with your busy schedule! Relationships become the focus later in the month. Reflecting on your relationships is necessary in July. It’s possible you may have to be rehashing old issues with a mate. Your temper is higher and more sensitive than usual so do your best to be patient. Ask yourself, “ Am I actually listening or waiting to speak”? Listening to others reveals some very important lessons. The lunar eclipse in Aquarius later in the month allows you to hit the restart button on a number of things. Release anything that just isn’t doing it for you. Freedom is your middle name. 


PISCES: The Magician: Consciously creating your own world. 

Romance is in overdrive! You should be spending the month in a creative and sensual state of mind. The planets in motion are triggering your 5th house of creativity and the relationship sector. Surround yourself with uplifting and creative people, it will rub off on you. Your mood is joyous. One area of focus that comes up now is your time, and how you are managing it. Organization and cleanliness are big topics for you and your home. To better create, you need a neat, decluttered, and organized space. This will help you think clearly and complete whatever it is you’re working on. You may decide to get active, maybe switch up your physical routine and take a dance class, or something expressive. With the eclipse and the retrograde at the end of the month, you’re thinking about making some work changes. Keep in mind whatever changes started now completes this coming September. If you need to make some diet changes or are feeling a bit sluggish, consider switching up with you eat. Listen to your mind and body. Mars is going retrograde in your hidden realm. Whatever is stuck may become unstuck, with the help of meditation, hypnotherapy or some time alone in nature. 


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