Horoscopes: January 2019

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Horoscopes: January 2019

Monthly horoscopes by Candace Looft, of Beyond the Veil Tarot  / Collage by Janeva Zentz 


January 2019 Horoscopes


Welcome to your January 2019 Overview!
As 2019 begins we become more aware of the necessary tasks and resolutions at hand than recent years. The Sun joins serious Saturn in its home sign of Capricorn on New Years Day reminding us to actually commit to what it is we say we’re going to accomplish this year. The good news is there’s a LOT of astrological support to get it achieved. The first two months of 2019 is retrograde free and relatively smooth sailing (apart from the eclipses). So what does it mean? WE MOVE FORWARD. But, Capricorn, like the goat climbs up the hills, over mountains, up the sides of cliffs determined to make his way to the top. Thats how you’re going to need to look at your goals for 2019. Slow and steady wins the race, determination in the face of opposition is key. Be patient, Saturn does rule time after all. The 5th of January will debut a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn. Coupled up with the Sun and the Moon in the sign of Capricorn will be a whole slew of other planets. This is a not so gentle, between the eyes, tough love type energy. Many of us will be shifting between intense doses of reality, and the need to emotionally purge. Be thankful for lessons coming about now, it’s all happening to make you tougher in the long run. People always come and go during eclipse season, handle grief and lessons in letting go with yoga, hiking, and reconnecting to Mother Earth. Take note and listen to elders, mentors, and teachers as they will become a beacon of light for those feeling lost. January 13th will be creating the first of several astrological transits between Jupiter and Neptune in 2019. A wild ride of fantasy, delusion, and victim mentality can come about with aspects like this. Watch out for tall tales and issues with self-denial. Try to stay focused and centered in your own path. Be wary of those selling quick spiritual fixes, as it may turn out to be bad advice or plain old snake oil. January 21st bodes an interesting beginning of a new pattern forming in the skies this year. This will be the first of three Super Moons that take place at a 1 degree at its peak, and we all know what 1’s mean = new beginning. This Full Moon Lunar eclipse will be in the sign of Leo, asking you to take center stage in your life. Finishing up whatever the lunar nodes have shown you in recent months. This is an inspiring Full Moon with lots of fire and action. The only hang up is some brief squares between Saturn and Mars, where authorities or responsibilities in our lives can have a tendency to keep us on a short leash or feel overbearing. Regardless, continue on your creative paths. Keep chugging along, and let LOVE be a factor in all that you do this week. Venus Conjunct Jupiter the following day on the 22nd ensures that we are heading in the right direction, and receive some positive reinforcement form the cosmos. 
Important dates this month:
January 5th, 2019:  New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn- Getting down to business
January 13th, 2019:  Jupiter Square Neptune - Fantasy or denial?
January 21st, 2019:  Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo- The Start of Something New
January 22nd, 2019:  Venus conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius- BIG love
Queen of Wands- a passionate fire sign, energetic, and straightforward. 
Mars, your ruling planet is in your sign! This should have you active and feeling confident about any forward motion this month. Be that travel or a new fitness routine. Whatever your New Yeas resolutions are, they’re sure to stick. You just need to commit to an outlet for all this energy. The Solar Eclipse in your house of career is asking you what your priorities are. Big things are happening in your career, are you ready? Do you like what you’re doing, or do you wanna make a change? Some jobs will come, and some will go. The important thing to be aware of is how your position makes you feel. If you’re ready to take the jump, now is the time to do some reading up on new paths of education or self-promotion. Romantic connections can be made when you least expect them, especially if you find yourself away from home. Take time to have some fun towards the 21st, as the Full Moon Lunar eclipse is asking you to indulge in something playful or creative. This is an important lesson in work-life balance. Social situations and gatherings deem positive at the end of the month, bringing you closer to like-minded people. 
The Hanged Man- Letting go of the ego, transcendence, detachment.
You may find yourself working behind the scenes at the beginning of the month, this can be physically or mentally. Meditation and visualization on your New Years goal can help you execute tasks next month. The New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 5th will be shaking things up and helping you expand your horizons. Many of you will be planning trips or considering some new form of education. This is a very spiritual time as the 9th house opens up your perspective and helps you view the world in a more optimistic manner. Your mind may be on forms of writing, teaching, or publishing. This is a big communication month, so take notes and pay close attention, there’s some gold somewhere in your mind. Venus is visiting your house of relationships, bringing positive and loving interactions with others. Generosity from partnerships is expected, so be gracious. The Eclipse on the 21st brings up themes of your home life and potential moves. Don’t panic, hang tight until you get all of the details. Career is a major focus at the end of January as you begin to head in a new direction. 
Knight of Wands- Just do it!
Something is stirring within you that requires change on your end. If friends have been a bit of a drag, don’t hesitate to join new groups or collectives. Mars is activating your house of friendships. You’ve been closely examining your need for security, both financially and in relationships. The New Moon Solar Eclipse is asking you to dive deep psychologically and figure out what's missing? This is taking place in the area of your chart that rules financing, sexuality, and rebirth. Something about all of these topics will be more closely examined to uncover something astounding. Thankfully, it leads to better financial or emotional security. It’s possible that someone may want to help you or invest in a new business. Existing relationships will experience a level up and begin planning more so for the long term, as singles may be struck by cupid’s arrow. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 21st brings about changes in how you communicate or express yourself. Listening is also a big piece of the puzzle. When you put these two to good use, you could find yourself feeling more at ease than ever before. 
The High Priestess- Soul searching, Inner vision.
The New Moon Solar Eclipse is lighting up your house of relationships, indicating a possibility of a new beginning. This will be a very important time to move on from issues of the past and wipe the slate clean. Focus more on the progress you’ve been making. A big part of relationships is about being in alignment with yourself. 2019 will not be a year of feeling helpless and stuck in something emotionally draining. Jupiter and Venus will help you pay better attention to your health and wellness. Work situations are apt to change, but in a way that gives you more leniency and flexibility with your schedule. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is in your house of income, asking you to take a second look at your finances. Does something need to change to reflect your worth? Perhaps a budget or a shake up in your values are necessary to better achieve your financial goal. New streams of income are possible now, but only if you’re willing to give up old patterns. Pay very close attention to your intuition around the 28th, listen to your gut. 
Two of Pentacles- Finding balance. 
There is lots of reorganizing and preparing for work this month. You may find that a promotion or change of status is likely. The New Moon Solar eclipse is shaking things up where you work specifically, so if you’re having to change offices or location, don’t fret its apart of the plan. Be sure to lend a helping hand to those who need it now. This is also an excellent time to check in with your health and diet habits. If something isn’t working, be open to cutting back on certain foods, or adding a new physical activity to the list. Use this time to reenergize your routine. Your house of romance is off the charts this month, you may be finding yourself falling in love. Spend some extra time on a creative hobby, as it may open up and become something extremely therapeutic, but also lucrative. Around the 21st the Full Moon Lunar eclipse is in your sign! You may find yourself more emotional than usual, and becoming hyper aware of the changes you’re making within. Style and hair changes can be expected, and welcomed! This is wrapping the month with lots of relationship talk, or perhaps wanting to take the next step. 
Ace of Swords- Bravery and Courage, a contract. 
Romance seems to be on your mind this month. You’re bursting at the seems with the need to express yourself. The New Moon Solar eclipse will be bringing in themes like creativity, self-employment or children! Perhaps you’re giving birth to a new creative project, and in the preliminary stages of putting it together. Don’t fear showing your true talents to the world, and seek pleasure in all that you do! If you’re looking to start your own business or become self-employed, now is the time. Take the necessary steps to better prepare yourself to do what you love every day. It’s possible that you’re connecting more with your family, and decorating your space this month. Pick up some new furniture, textiles, or art to make you feel more at home. Your intuition is also bang on this month, so pay close attention if something feels off. The Full Moon Lunar eclipse is in your house of work and health. It seems as if you’re really sticking to any New Years resolutions and tuning more into what your body needs. 
3 of Swords- Grief
There are some major changes afoot with your emotional foundation. Many of you are beginning to take a closer look at your home or family situations. The New Moon Solar eclipse is in your home sector and can suddenly bring up situations that pertain to where you’re living or drama with the family. Have an appreciation for what changes are being made now, even if they’re challenging. I assure you this is just to bring you better security in the months and years ahead. Communications seem sweet and much easier than recent months. Especially if it involves siblings, a short distance trip or perhaps meeting someone new while away. If you’re curious about investing in a new course, or electronics, definitely do it and make the investment. On the 20th of the month, there is an eclipse in your house of friendships. It appears you’re wrapping up some final stages of “cleaning house” friend wise. It's possible that you’re outgrowing certain friendships and it’s ok to let them go. The end of the month you find yourself with new groups, and potentially going and having fun. Consider seeing some performances on stage. Take charge this month, and allow yourself to have some fun and balance out all the seriousness at home. 
Two of Wands- An enterprise grows up, limited achievement. 
This month can put a real spotlight on communicating with others more efficiently. Especially in the areas of siblings, contracts, and education. The New Moon Solar eclipse is lighting up your house of communication, and having you put in the work! Pay extra close attention to travel and vehicles at this time, as these areas can prove to be more challenging. Networking can also be very powerful, as connections to people can open up your career sphere. You may be picking up some extra skills business-wise, or be doing some work on the internet. Mentally, there is a lot going on around you, so be sure to pay attention to what’s important. Take notes or get journaling if you need to keep on track. Both Jupiter and Venus are helping you expand your financial outlook, just be sure to not over do it. Focus more on staying within range of your budget, and not being overly enthusiastic about a potential income boost. Buy a new fragrance,  clothes, or art as a gift to yourself if you must. The 21st will bring something big career-wise. Suddenly you may be considering making a change or starting a new business. Be sure to show up and be your authentic self, and align yourself with what feels right for your place in the world.
The Chariot- Picking a direction and sticking to it. 
Pay very very close attention to your values this month. Financially, you’re up for a major reset. This is the New Moon Solar eclipse taking place in your house of values. Perhaps the previous ways of handling money, or your self worth hasn’t been cutting it. Don’t panic, just focus on forwarding motion. Your financial gain is a direct result of your self-esteem as well as your usage of your natural talents and abilities. Have you fully explored all your options for HOW you can make money? Do some meditating on that. Your values and what is important to you is shifting, in a positive way. Jupiter has you within his good graces, as he links up with Venus and you find that people are warm and harmonizing with you. This can be a time where others are more generous than usual. Someone may be  very attracted  to what artistic abilities you have on display. The 21st brings opportunities for you to publish, or maybe take a very unexpected trip on short notice. There may be more of a need for you to connect to people in other places, so plan accordingly. Energy involving children or playfulness is necessary at the end of the month, so enjoy yourself. 
Judgement- Rebirth and renewal
There are major plans coming to light, and suddenly you’re in the driver's seat. What are you telling yourself that YOU are going to achieve? The New Moon Solar eclipse will be an excellent time to set these intentions, and then execute. Expect changes visibly, as there can be shifts in how you dress, feel, or present yourself to the world. Pay attention to your body, it may be more sensitive than usual, especially if you’re really burning the candle at both ends. Relationships are apt to take a shift in the coming weeks ahead, so stay calm. People either grow together or they grow apart. The more you’re able to honor yourself while staying committed to others the better you rebalance your scales. Mid-month you have opportunities to do some spiritual work behind the scenes, and find peace. Take time to meditation, or spend some time in nature. Trust that the universe has your back, and is keeping you protected. It’s not unlikely that someone from the past resurfaces, but remember the past sometimes needs to stay there. If there are some endings happening around the 21st, be sure to stay grounded. There may be more of a sense of the family needing you more than usual. 
9 of Swords- Anxiety or stress. 
Quiet time to pause and reflect is extremely important this month. Psychologically there are some major shifts happening that can take some time to process. Studying healing work, meditation, or anything metaphysical can be extra helpful now. You’re in a bit of a gestation period. Not quite sure where you’re going yet, but well on your way.  Your emotional and mental health is majorly impacted by whether you have the peace necessary to develop and process. Some of you will be experiencing major endings in this New Moon Solar eclipse early in the month. Heed messages that may come to you in a dream. Cycles are ending so you may be able to write a new narrative. Leaning on friends can be exceptionally important. Your ever-expanding group of friends can help you fill in the blanks and give support all year long. These people may come from near and far to be there for you. The Full Moon Solar eclipse brings major changes in your relationships later in the month. New patterns are emerging giving you a chance to see your intimate and business relationships grow. After the 21st of the month, the Sun shifts into Aquarius bringing you a much-needed sense of renewed energy. 
4 of wands- Social interactions and gatherings. 
It appears you’re getting more serious about your dreams and aspirations. It’s almost as if it’s within reach now, so keep pushing. Socially you may find that you’re taking stock and deciding who’s going to need to come and go in your life. You’re most like the people you spend the most time with my dear. If your social group isn’t matching up with your dreams in the future, shake it up. Surround yourself with like-minded people who are goal oriented, and want to help the world. Join a club or an online organization. Deep connection and compassion are the keywords for this month. Your career is experiencing some major expansion, and you are becoming more recognized and growing into a new set of skills. All year long Jupiter will allow you to truly enjoy what you do out in the world. Financially this will be an excellent time for you. The end of the month around the 21st, the Full Moon Solar eclipse is bringing your attention to your health and diet. How does your body feel? If you’re feeling sluggish, you may be mixing up your diet and fitness routine. Consider a dance class or something expressive. Don’t overdo it, and take the last week of January to get some extra sleep, meditate and reflect on the year ahead.

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