December 2021 Tarotscopes

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December 2021 Tarotscopes

Horoscopes by Kerstin Hern from The Mirrored Lantern  / Original art for J. Southern Studio by Spirited Animals


December 2021 Tarotscopes


December greetings, and happy solar return wishes to all Sagittarius and early Capricorn folks! This month is big closure energy, as it is the final month in the Wheel of The Year, where we punctuate another cycle closing in the spiral of time. After a doozie of November intensity, we are comforted and blessed with an optimistic and expansive Sagittarius New Moon Solar Eclipse this month on the 4th. Solar eclipses are more invigorating versus emotional (like lunar eclipses), carving pathways of new opportunity and growth. The Full Gemini Moon on the 18th keeps the optimism going as we all have more wisdom and insight to bring acceptance to our final releases of the year, filling our cups with gratitude and whispering forgiveness to those near or far to let go of any final burdens accumulated throughout 2021. 

The majority of cards I pulled for this month were major arcana, reflecting the expansive energy of December, indicating long-term influence, effects, and closures for those signs. As I started to shuffle to pull energy in for the collective of J. Southern Studio querent (that’s you!), three cards flew out together. Three being a sacred number, I heeded their call for the collective: 10 of Wands, The Hierophant, and King of Swords wanted to be seen by all to call attention to putting down the baggage and burdens you’ve been lugging around throughout the year. Also, connecting to spiritual practices, ancient wisdom, teaching/studying, and upholding morals to process remaining issues, especially from the Taurus eclipse in November (Hierophant is the Taurus card), or to move toward wholeness and joy. Lastly, embracing King of Swords to live in the present (he faces you head-on in the card), cutting through the bullshit to bring clarity by invoking logic and truth (a Sag fave) to all relationships, and to master or follow through with conversations you are avoiding in order to bring closure, or at least understanding, to unfinished business. These are all very Sagittarius, wanting to be free of burdens and restrictions to spiritually and culturally explore while keeping communication open and present-centered to enjoy life exactly where you are at now. 

Stay tuned for the Celestial Insights blog for this month’s notable transits and the two major lunations with their symbols, ritual + altar inspiration, mantras, and more. 

Here are your tarot + astro messages: 
Tarot Card: The Lovers
This Major Arcana card (your 3rd in a row with Hierophant last month and Hanged Man jumper in October) is bringing attention to your most sacred partnerships, where, at the highest vibration, you mirror each other to see and bring out the best; at the lowest vibration, calling attention to where you may project onto them/each other shadow parts that want to be seen. Which one are you at this moment? There may be a choice confronting you around leveling up some important partnership(s) where are at a precipice, so be sure you feel reciprocity and fulfillment moving in both directions. If you are partnered and have been “doing the work” since the Taurus eclipse or before, your guides want to confirm your sacred union and highlight the love and commitment that are in place and/or sacrifices you both have made to build a life together. Giving gratitude for partners that support you and lift you up amplifies abundance and clears any stagnant energy between you two. In a nutshell: Check the mirroring/projecting piece from your perspective, recalibrate/balance where needed, and give gratitude for the abundance that is in place to clear any heavy energy. 

Astro Snapshot:
Jupiter is bringing expansion and luck to your social and friendship house until the 28th. Make all the connections and do all the hangs while this energy is potent to grow your connections, because there is/are some connection(s) that will open opportunity for you in 2022 related to a goal you have. Related to your tarot card, Mars is in the 8th house of intimacy and intensity through the 13th, so your sex and intimacy drives are fired up, fueling you toward deep connection. Note any tension to identify where any imbalance is so you can reach healthy mirroring and reciprocity The Lovers wants you to experience. 

Tarot Card: The Tower 
You had the 10 of wands last month, calling your attention to needing to release major burdens and transform… But since y’all can be stubborn, this card may be highlighting divine intervention coming in to move out what is still stuck that is causing stagnation or blockages. Your guides want to push you toward wholeness and freedom in some way, and that full moon lunar eclipse last month in your sign tried to do the heavy lifting. The Tower is highlighting some residual gunk from that lunation—so, ask yourself: “what happened around the full moon that I was being resistant to? What am I stubbornly holding onto that is ready to leave?” Try to get into an infinity flow with the universe, relinquishing controlling over what is not yours to control. Hold an image of the infinity symbol in your mind’s eye and try to breath into that flow. Try to consciously disengage with the resistance that does not want to travel into 2022 with you… Put down those last wands and walk away free. 

Astro Snapshot: 
I feel like some of you are resisting job/money-making/career paths but know that Jupiter in your professional zone until the 28th can bring extra good luck and opportunities for you to shine and expand—don’t fear something new, especially collaboration opportunities! The Sag new moon solar eclipse on the 4th is in your 8th house of other people’s money (and intimacy and connection) so it’s an opportune time for new opportunities around getting a loan you need/any money from an external source (or setting intentions for love connections). For some, the tarot and astro insights are saying, finally leave the reliable job and take a chance venturing on your own with your new business. Just keep in mind Venus goes Rx on the 19th, so wrap up money and love initiations prior to then since the Rx energy may bring clunkiness. 

Tarot Card: The Moon 
My tagline for this card is “not everything is what is seems in waking hours”—which may resonate for those navigating nebulous waters, but I feel more strongly that The Moon card for December is a nudge to continue to do shadow work, see with other senses other than eyesight to get the full picture, and to uncover hidden resources, Gemini. This Pisces card is also asking you to think and act creatively and spiritually to solve problems and bring empathy into situations that may be triggering, as well. A dear friend from school with whom I run a tarot group views The Moon card as letting your inner wild child out and encourages you to “howl at the moon”—I LOVE this… Get free! Sag season is the time to do it and our inner wild child can be viewed as our shadow with a voice, creativeness expressing itself to reach the wholeness you’ve been working toward in 2021, Gem buds.  

Astro Snapshot: 
The final lunation of 2022 falls in your sign: The full moon in Gemini on the 18th has an ouroboros effect in your 1st house of Self, bringing endings that usher in new beginnings. It’s aspecting Jupiter, creating more harmony versus intensity that some full moon can bring… Jupiter is in your 9th house (the house that it rules, all about spirituality, expansion, freedom, learning, teaching/student roles) until the 28th, so something associated with your spiritual practice, school, or travel is being activated. Also, if you’ve been tiptoeing around wanting to get something published or start teaching, this is your green light to pursue that endeavor. You’re at a threshold that moves you into success once you cross it, aligning you with a huge goal. Just let end what wants to end at your full moon to be sure you have enough room in your suitcase for this next adventure. 

Tarot Card: The Tower 
Hoo mama, you and Taurus both got this card. This is like final-final energy clearing before starting a new year… Whereas the Taurus Tower felt stubborn and stuck, I feel like you are uncertain. As a cardinal sign, you are a born leader and starter, and this card is flushing out stagnancy and uncertainty (perhaps a bit out of your comfort zone), but there is a new opportunity awaiting you on the other side if you can leave that comfort zone (your fave vibe, my sacred crab friends!). You just need some potentially uncomfortable but much needed celestial assistance to blast the calcified rubble out of the f’n way so the light can shine in, illuminating your path and charging your battery. Be optimistic and courageous, Cancers! A dream you have stirring in your sparkly waters wants to jump out and be seen! I just pictured a huge, beautiful whale jumping out of ocean water and arching in the air. Unless you’ve been seeking a sign whether to watch Free Willie again, methinks this is a big dream that has silent subterranean power and is getting ready to emerge. Trustfall into the arms of the universe, roll with whatever comes up, and know that there is major opportunity coming in once your old “comfort zone” tower crumbles. 

Astro Snapshot:
Love matters, from friendship to romance, are getting a cleansing boost of energy this month with Mars in your 5th house, bringing passion, stamina, and action to your romance and sex life and your creativity, so fertile and potent creative inspiration and artistic endeavors through the 13th. Focus on what YOU crave and desire and prioritize that. Use the Tower card energy to burn away anything that stands in the way of getting what you want and deserve—there is immense potential for romance energy (biggest in a WHILE). Venus, the planet of love and values goes Rx on the 19th which will highlight your relationships and the challenges and triumphs in love over the past 8 years (Venus cycle). Use the wisdom from heartbreaks and breakthroughs to enter a new more mature and emotionally secure chapter of romance and loving relationships of all fames. Venus Rx plus the full moon in Gemini is a wonderful time for forgiveness regarding past important relationships. Chiron stations direct the same day, so big healing around soul family people you may be missing or with whom you need closure.

Tarot Card: The Empress 
Creativity and creation are the themes for you in December, Leos! This could look like self-expression, working with the arts/music in some capacity, or creatively tackling goals for best outcomes. In the fellow fire sign of Sagittarius most of the month, you are getting major inspiration downloads, blockage breakthroughs, and regeneration coming in through this sacred heat. Some of you may be working with creation in terms of trying to get pregnant or finding out that you are actually pregnant, as The Empress is the sacred mother card. If you are seeking a sign whether to “create” something/someone… This is it, baby. Expect news around the solar eclipse if you’ve been waiting! For others: If you are restricting yourselves from pleasure or are operating from a scarcity mindset, this card is giving you the green light to call on Venus… Spend some money on yourself, spend time’/energy on what makes you feel beautiful, and engage in Venusian activities in line with your values. This is a super fun and beautiful card to get to wrap the holiday month! 

Astro Snapshot: 
Mars in your 4th house of home, family, security through the 13th is getting you motivated to make changes to your home, renovate, or physically move. This energy is great for getting things done around the house or more abstractly, with anything security-related or ancestor-related. Mars in the 4th can also be that fire energy around a relative (family), too. The second half of the month, the Fire God moves into your creative house of sex, fun, and children. So along with your Empress card, there is a LOT of strong energy around creation and creativity in the second half of the month. This is magnetic passion and action energy available to you throughout the rest of the month and into most of January 2022. Get out there and get seen and create! 

Tarot Card: 3 of Cups 
The final month of the year is highlighting your friendships, Virgos… Strengthening them, starting new ones, or adventuring and celebrating with friends all feel big this month. Celebrating birthdays or holidays with friends can be very restorative, especially if you have been more of a hermit (your card, after all) over recent weeks/months. Friends will put a pep in your step and bring some heart medicine for those who need it. Also, the lunations this month are in your 4th and 10th houses, so spending time with friends that bring you security and feel like family and/or working with friends professionally may be the message here for some of you!

Astro Snapshot:
Speaking of collating with trusted pals, Mars in Scorpio is giving you boost of invigorating inspiration, focus, and motivation in your 3rd house through the 13th, so if you are thinking about starting a writing or communication project around community, working with siblings/friends that feel like siblings, this is a great window to get going. Jupiter in your 6th will expand and bring luck to your daily grind, too, so this combo makes for great productivity. Venus Rx on the 19th in your 5th house will have you reviewing creative projects and matters of the heart, with the possibility of hearing from an ex. Use this time to revise, revisit, review, then build solid foundations in romance in creative pursuits. This transit also favors commitment in creative and romantic pursuits. 

Tarot Card: The Hanged Man 
Before wrapping the year, shift your perspective to see the big picture, Libra. You had 5 of Swords last month, so there may be some funky leftovers in your metaphorical frig from whatever conflict you had going on then. This card is asking you to either give in and sacrifice something (including ego hits) for the betterment of the long-term situation and personal growth, or at least put yourself in the other’s shoes to get a glance from their perspective. You may be tunnel-visioned and need to take this new perspective to let go of frustration or resentment. When you can see whatever frustration comes up this month from a new angle, you will be able to find something to connect on with whomever you are dealing with and potentially break an ongoing pattern. Get motivated by wisdom, not the need to be right. Also, this card can be representative of the person who “won at all costs” last month getting busted and “sacrificed.” Just putting that out there!  

Astro Snapshot: 
Venus, your ruling planet, will sweeten your 4th house of home, family, security, and ancestors, so if your 5 of Swords/Hanged Man cards last month and this month have to do with family or people you live with, this should help! Of note, however, is that Venus stations retrograde on the 19th through the end of January. This calls on slowing down, revising, revisiting, and perhaps re-doing relationships, money matters, and anything valuable to you, especially related to your physical home and family. This transit packs a punch harder for you because she’s your ruling planet, so some big situations (including closures and opportunities) in this sector are probable. Side note: When Venus is Rx, do not redecorate your home—some snags will likely occur; wait until February, if possible. Also: do not cut bangs! Venus Rx is not the time for cosmetic or beauty work. If you don’t believe me, check Instagram #bangs at the end of December and January and you will see a flurry of aesthetic devastation! 

Tarot Card: 7 of Pentacles
Your December message is to pause, reflect, and take stock of all your abundance and accomplishments from this year, Scorpio. Pausing and reflecting on your work and health also helps you locate any deficits, which you can then trim away and remove to start with optimal energy in 2022, which feels like a big year for Scorpios. Also, employ patience on whatever project you have going on, there is something around “best timing” and waiting until the new year to launch something, especially with Venus Rx 12/19 through January. Trust that all unfolds in divine timing for you and try to let go of stress or FOMO regarding a window of opportunity—you legit can’t miss what’s meant for you if you’ve done all the demanding work until now, so don’t frantically try to squeeze something into place if it’s not ready. You’ll know when it’s time! 

Astro Snapshot:
The next year and a half of eclipses will be on your and Taurus’ axis, so substantial changes will abound in 2022! The super new moon solar eclipse in Sag on the 3rd may ignite opportunities around work and money for you, so set intentions and take actions to expand and call in abundance around financial (and personal) values at this time. Having a Pentacles card does indicate a focus on work and money, so tie this card’s energy and the lunation together to grow your success. The end of the month is a different vibe though… The full moon in Gemini will cap the month exposing any lingering blockages or issues in your 8th house of other people’s/shared resources, taxes, and at this time, Mars will hit your 2nd, so really watch money spending during the last half of the month. Lastly, Venus Rx (money) the day after the full moon is a suitable time to revise spending and finances and pausing making any big investments. 

Tarot Card: 8 of Wands (Jumper: Princess/ Page of Pentacles) 
Happy bday season, Sag friends! It looks like fire is on your side in your season with the 8 of Wands actioning goals, encouraging communication you’ve been sitting on, and travel. You had the Page of Wands last month, where some of you had the inspiration or message to move a soul goal or creative pursuit forward, and now this month with the 8 of Wands, things are starting to move. This card is encouraging you to collate all the research and work you’ve done over the past several weeks and fire off those emails and phone calls. Put yourself out there, start connecting but stay grounded while your roots expand… The Page of Pentacles popped out as. Gentle reminder to work slow and steady enough to build a durable foundation and make sure you don’t miss anything. Also, as excited as you are, be sure to recharge and stay healthy to work smarter not harder. Pages as messengers can be you collaborating with an earth sign (or someone who is very grounded) on a huge project that is just starting with the potential to be something huge. Likewise, this is a travel card connected to family and community, so you may be traveling for the holidays (not a surprise, haha) but with the Princess of Pentacles, maaaaybe expect some delays. 

Astro Snapshot:
In your season, the Sun is shining extra bright on you, Sagittarius, so really check in with yourself on short-term and long-term goals and take action to get things moving while you have this solar power (and the 8 of Wands moving things along). Doors are opening to new opportunities around all things communication and short distance travel this month, so make some plans and get your ducks in a row now. Saturn is close by, so it may feel like start-stop energy, but sometimes slowing down can keep your mind anxiety-free and your project more developmentally sound. The new moon solar eclipse is in your sign this month, giving you an extra boost around new opportunities around the 4th, so take advantage of all this alignment in setting and achieving goals while being seen for all your brilliance! 

Tarot Card: Queen of Wands
Cap friends, you had the 6 of Swords last month, marking a time of moving through anxiety or fear and into spaces of release and calm, likely with the help of someone. This month, you are moving into activating that healing and/or new understanding around whatever was difficult, and entering a stage of following through with new, updated goals at this time. Focus on leaving the past in the past and make decisions based in the present, tackle obstacles head-on, and use your instincts coupled with your innate creative and magickal resources to see things through. My beloved Witch card has come up a lot in the monthly readings, so it seems many folks need the reminder to recognize and tap into your inner power and magick to get energized out of a slumber. Connection with family or community will help spark the fire that will engage your true will and soul purpose. Pay attention to anyone coming in like this, as well, especially any femme fire signs.

Astro Snapshot:
Venus moved into your sign last month, and hopefully you are feeling her blessings around love, pleasure, money, values, and beauty… But she heads Rx on the 19th through the end of January, causing a pause and reflection on her last 8-year cycle encompassing your relationships to money, love, values, etc. Past relationships may pop back up, whether it’s for the purposes of closure or rekindling, so make your moves it if feels right. Similarly, take note of any maladaptive patterns or cycles you have been in around money. This is the time to course correct for a successful 2022! 

Tarot Card: The Devil (Jumper: King of Swords)
Y’all have had a big year with Jupiter bringing all kinds of expansion in your sign, some incredible, some challenging, but all helping you to level up and grow your true sense of Self. Now, at the end of the year, The Devil is tapping you on the shoulder and asking you to identify any remaining power imbalance. Is there a part of your life that feels out of your control? Where are you giving away your power/who is taking it from you? What decision have you made impulsively? What thoughts are you compulsively thinking? As the fixed air sign, asking yourself these questions and actually answering them may help you get more grounded amid a flurry of changes. The King of Swords is your guide to help you answer these questions with truth, focusing on the present. I’m gonna psychotherapy at you now with the CBT triangle: In Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, you identify thoughts that cause feelings that then cause behaviors/actions using the CBT triangle. When you can identify a maladaptive aka shitty thought, write it down, challenge it with a more logical (King of Swords) thought. These negative cognitions keep you in a lower vibration state (The Devil) and no longer serve you. They are probably affecting your mental and maybe even physical health, and that is NO good. So just take the time to do some Pluto shadow work around beliefs and thoughts that make you feel crappy, challenge them, then confront and replace them with King of Swords logic, objectivity, personal authority, integrity, being present (mindfulness!), clarity, and truth. Also avoid making any decisions emotionally: Write down the issue with a pros and cons list to slow down and get centered!  

Astro Snapshot:
Jupiter in your sign has brought so much growth this year, and will be there until the 28th, so claim all your blessings and abundance this month! The parts of the year that felt rough were from Saturn close by, making things more about learning lessons and interjecting restrictions, but the push/pull of these two planets have undoubtedly brought monumental change for your highest good. Use the new moon solar eclipse’s growth and opportunity energy coupled with your lucky Jupiter year to seek and claim new opportunities that can start a long cycle of prosperity specific to you, Aquarius. Be social and network, because you will have serendipitous encounters (the solar eclipse is in your 11th house) and perfect timing that gets you in the right place and the right time if you put yourself out there. Fate is big right now for you, milk December for all its nectar!  

Tarot Card: 3 of Wands (Jumpers: The Emperor and The Tower popped out together) 
This is quite specific for some readers, but here it goes: Emperor feels like a timing sign, so springtime/Aries season if someone is looking for a date/timeline confirmation, and/or something unexpected may happen in spring that has to do with the plans you are focusing on now—that 3 of wands. For everyone else, you will start to see movement this month in whatever plans you have been working on, and you are encouraged to take the lead and not wait for things to fall into place, while expecting the unexpected and be flexible with plans. If you are fickle about moving something forward now, this is the month to step up and make a decision. Set plans into action, knowing that no matter what you do or choose, any decision will lead you to where you need to be if it’s meant for you. Again, expect the unexpected with The Tower, but know that it’s just moving obstacles out that you may not be able to identify from your vantage point. Stay confident in your work and passion and set serious intentions for manifestation around career on the 4th—this new moon solar eclipse in sag is lighting up your 10th house, so get the ball rolling now! Opportunities are waiting. 
Astro Snapshot:
Astrologically, this is a big opportunity month with the solar eclipse igniting new opportunities around work and recognition, and by using your signature creativity and intuition (which are extra potent all month), you will be operating at remarkably high abundance frequency. Mars fires up your 9th house of expansion, spirituality, education and more, so lots of progress in these realms is available the first half of the month, then carries over all of that learning and growth into your career and recognitions sector. Mars means movement and passion, so really use December to focus on learning and work goals to maximize your success. Venus Rx in your 11th house may have you revisiting or revisited by old friends or flings from the past 8 years—and it’s gonna be a good thing! This may connect to your resource pool of influential people to help you with those 3 of Wands plans you have brewing, or show up as a long-time crush romantic hang… All this astro portends a busy and fun start to 2022! 
Check out my weekly elemental tarot readings on Mondays @themirrroredlantern on Instagram for weekly insights to supplement this big monthly energy reading! 

Kerstin from The Mirrored Lantern has practiced right hand path magick and tarot for over 28 years and has been a lover and learner of astrology for just as long… She is currently in graduate school for Clinical Psychology with a specialization in Spiritual & Depth Psychology. Follow her on instagram @themirroredlantern for witch tips, weekly tarot, occulture, and depth psych tidbits!

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